Kulturkampf – Homer’s Odyssey

The Kulturkampf hosts discuss Homer’s sequel to the Iliad and the primary themes involved within the poem’s structure namely the importance of hospitality and loyalty to one’s home and family.

the authorKulturKampf
Kulturkampf is a podcast dedicated to the preservation and promotion of European philosophy, literature and high culture. We here at KK believe that our struggle is first and foremost a cultural one and for us to achieve victory we must have a more complete understanding of our people's hearts and souls. We strive to better understand ourselves as a people and to perfect our hatred of modernity. The opera isn't just for our grandparents, Hegel isn't just for crusty academics and Goethe isn't just for the Romantic at heart. These are our cultural heirlooms, they are the products of our civilization and they ought to be cherished.


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