Trump’s Latest Black Pills

The only good news of the day was that Based Stickman is organizing a military defense wing of the Proud Boys.

I’m just going to give them to you straight:

1.) We’re going to keep DACA because “this is a case of heart.” In fact, (((Steve Schwarzman))), the CEO of Blackstone Group, a hedge fund billionaire persuaded Trump to break his campaign promise.

2.) Mike Pence is coming back from Australia with 1,250 Syrian refugees which are being dumped on us.

3.) Angela Merkel convinced Trump to support a free trade deal with the European Union.

4.) Apparently, Trump has no objection to indicting Julian Assange.

5.) After campaigning on the fate of our civilization being at stake in the 2016 election, Trump and the GOP Congress are gearing up to spend the political capital on (what else?) tax cuts.

Note: The only good news of the day was that Based Stickman is organizing a military defense wing of the Proud Boys. The moral of the story seems to be you can’t count on politicians.

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  • Guys, here’s a very interesting analysis I think you should all watch. In my opinion a very convincing one too. I can’t say for sure that that is what is actually happening but imo the likelyhood is comparable to our current “Trump under fire/manipulation by deep state/kushner/ivanke/neoncons/…” insight.

    It might be false hope, but I really think he is onto something here.

  • This might be the best thing for our movement. Maybe if the “God-Emperor” goes full cuck, heritage America will stop waiting for Superman. If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it. We don’t need the politicians, bankers or judges, they need us.

  • If our budget permits and we have enough people in the DC area, we should protest immigration and replacement in front of the Kushner Palace. It work and the orange man takes notice.

  • “When a politician is in opposition he is an expert on the means to some end; and when he is in office he is an expert on the obstacles to it.” ~ GK Chesterton. ILN, 4/6/18

  • Trump sealed his fate. He’s a one term president. He surrounded himself with awful people. He’s breaking his campaign promises left and right. He’s focused on all the wrong things. Having said that, I wouldn’t change my vote. We tried.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure. The Democrats have dropped the ball and have no serious candidates to go against him. I mean, Elisabeth Warren?? Seriously?
      Besides, Trump has home ground advantage and unfortunately, a lot of the yahoos love it when a president kills people in other countries with missiles.

      But this is not all bad. Trump, for all his flaws is far better for our collective moral than Hillary fucking Clinton would have been. Plus, it’s hilarious to see the libtards chimp out 24/7

        • Only for leftists. She’d lose out with the rank and file democrats in the same way that Bernie did if she ran against a neolib. And in the general election, there is no way she would triumph over an incumbent “conservative”

          • Trump *barely* won with high enthusiasim and lots of old white votes against the worst candidate the dems have put forth. We barely scraped this election due to the electoral system. It was a hail mary, trump was our big shot to turn the country around normally. In four years more of the old whites will be dead, enthusiasm for trump will likely be extremely low, I’m predicting at George Bush Jr levels. Almost any leftist candidate will be able to annihilate him with ease. I may be wrong but I don’t think so. His main support seems to be the boomers and their power is past its peak, especially in 2020

          • We shall see.
            In any case, we need to start organizing ourselves. We also need a pro-White charity organization like Golden Dawn in Greece.

  • In Trump’s defense:

    1) Deporting the dreamers was going to be politically iffy. The media would have followed young people to Mexico City (or other parts of the world) and sent back video of them trying to cope with a language and culture they don’t understand. Lots of Americans would become emotional over these scenes.

    2) The deal to swap refugees with Australia was made by Obama. We know Trump wasn’t happy about this, but Australia is a friend, and apparently Trump was afraid of damaging our relationship.

    3) A trade deal with the EU is not as bad as the TPP. The European Union has rule of law, and real environmental and health and safety regulations. I believe that the poorest EU countries are richer than the poorest Asian countries. Perhaps Trump can negotiate a mutually beneficial deal.

    Hopefully, Trump will eventually crack down on H1B visas, and do something to reduce legal immigration. Some members of Congress have already proposed bills to slow legal immigration. I wish Congress would try to pass an amendment to end birthright citizenship, but Republicans might fear a Latino voter backlash.

    • 1. Why do we need these friends which dump their undesirables on us?

      2. We have a huge trade imbalance with the Merkel-land and other European “Allies”. That needs to be fixed. The orange man campaign on it.

    • All he had to do was silently enforce the law WRT the “DREAMers.” Even looking at this from a purely outdated partisan standpoint, the fact is that letting these people off the hook will kill the Republican Party, as “people of color” now own the DP.
      If Trump were so scheming as to be playing the Left by projecting one policy and secretly enacting his original agenda, he would have my admiration (I’ve thought for years now that the only way the Right will effect change is by rising to positions of power with stated “moderate” positions cloaking our true intentions). But all indications suggest that he’s just a loud-mouthed, boorish opportunist who happened to run at a time when Americans were so furious that they’d have voted for Yosemite Sam before electing an establishment tool like HRC.

  • Tired of Trump now, but I’ll give him one piece of advice. He is rapidly reducing his chances of being re-elected to zero. The left have long memories and vindictive instincts – Trump might wish to consider what they will do to him, his family and his businesses once they regain power. It won’t be pretty.

  • In
    all fairness point 2) is only partially right. America is getting 1250
    illegals. But it’s an exchange of illegals. America will be sending an
    equal number of south americans to Australia.

  • For point In
    all fairness point 2) is only partially right. America is getting 1250
    illegals. But it’s an exchange of illegals. America will be sending an
    equal number of south americans to Australia.

  • The name Benedict Arnold will be synonymous with Donald Trump. The man really could have made a name for himself that would’ve been truly revered. What a disappointment. What a pathetic man. Now he’s just some reality TV star douche who lied about everything. He won’t be remembered for long, and during the brief period that he is remembered it won’t be with affection.

  • All right, that’s it. Been playing russian roulette every saturday night since Syria. Tonight I’m putting two rounds in the chamber. Or three.

    • Wooh slow down there goy. The more Trump screws over his base, the more they’ll look for a more radical alternative.

    • There is no need for you to sink into the abyss of nihilism. That will only aid our enemies.

      Straight white males are already facing much onslaught by everyone, including sadly by those inside our own ranks/ demographic.

      Perhaps find a like-minded group to boost morale and if it’s all getting too much, dis-engage a little bit. Don’t give up… yes, it’s extremely demoralizing.

      I am still getting over the absolutely unjust strikes against Assad and the totally unjustified attack on Syria.

      God’s blessings and protection to you and yours.

  • The metapolitical movement known as the alt-right continue to grow at a breakneck pace. Ideas that were fringe are now discussed openly at millions of kitchen tables across the West. Trump was never truly one of us but even after his cucking he remains the best choice we had.

    Morale is the most important aspect of any political movement and it must be kept high for the movement to succeed. Once the metapolitical change takes place, every Republican candidate will openly talk about white interests and the Jewish question on cable news shows. As the boomers die off and the DailyStormer generation comes into its own, we will see a return to 1920s-era views on race and the social structure of America. It can’t happen soon enough.

  • We on the Alt Right were always destined to be disappointed with Trump. To Trump, everything is an ongoing negotiation. He was never serious about even his foundational campaign promises. They were always meant to be what he considered to be outrageous and extreme opening negotiation positions, meant to be discarded when some middle-ground deal is made with the other side.

    • This is what I have been thinking since Syria. It’s odd none of the major writers of the alt-right have written about this.

      The first thing they will do is cuck on Berkeley and make it impossible for us to organize events there by targeted arrests and punitive sentences. They are going to try and silence or marginalize all right wing opposition.

      • Its coming. Listen to the recent speech Trump gave to honor the holohoax. In it, he declares anyone who is even slightly anti-jewish to be mortal enemies of his. He sees us likely as agitators and dissidents to be crushed to keep the status quo with its quickly fading veneer of “conservatism”

  • I’m not Anti-Trump…….

    I’m Pro Alt-Right……..

    Honestly, I’m not into Politics right now………

    I’m just tired of it……

    They’ll all denounce the Alt-Right anyway……..

    Even though some secretly support us……

    That’s what I’m tired of…….

    Just like they’ll denounce Antifa…….

    Even though some secretly support them………

  • And guess who is making going after Assange “top priority?” Jeff Sessions. The whole administration is just a bunch of boomer cucks regardless of what anyone says. Why don’t they make going after Hillary top priority? That’s who should really be in prison.

  • Are there really that many bill mitchell types out there? who is Chump playing 2? I mean his only option soon will b to become a dem but would they accept him that would be awe inspiring.

    • I love Varg, but on politics, he wants to go from A to Z in a single bound, nothing else will do. He doesn’t seem to see the utility in small victories. No, voting for LePen won’t solve all of France’s problems but it opens up opportunities for further radicalization.

      • Yeah. To be clear, I still hope Le Pen wins. She is the candidate most likely to stop new immigration, deport the shittiest of the migrants and push for a Frexit. I’m a realist though, and like Varg I understand the system is corrupted to the core, and the kind of change people like us want, isn’t going to happen until the system collapses.

  • This is just a little 4D Chess game guys. Trumps still gonna MAGA guys. Democrats are the real racists guys.

  • Can’t count on politicians is right. That is why we need to organize and run people for office!!!!!! ANTIFA is nothing more than a distraction.

  • Screw it. I’m done trying to defend Trump, even against anti-White Leftists. I honestly thought Trump’s ego would prevent this degree of promise-breaking, but clearly, the man is too stupid that at this rate, his name will be mud to *everyone.*

    Chaos, we welcome you.

    • How old is Trump again? 70? You would think once someone got that old they would try to do the right things. Why care about money or shilling for billionaires because at the old you’re going to be dead soon anyway. All that money, all that property and everything you own is going to disappear. The only thing you have left to live for is doing the right thing for the future generations.

      But of course that would be wrong. These greedy sell out politicians never get too old for their crooked ways. They probably have themselves buried in solid gold caskets as if it matters.

      • It’s nothing short of pathological that he would care so little about his legacy. He will die with Leftists thinking him a “sexist, racist” boor, and the Center/Right knowing him as a lying traitor.

        • Unfortunately you are correct. However, their is a possibility he was blackmailed by Epstein. He was on record saying he was “a great guy who loves young women”. Plus possibly being threatened. Was it a scam from the beginning? Or blackmail and threats. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. My point is that we have to abandon the democratic “voting” scam and come up with plan B. Obviously democracy will always be a disaster.

          • Is democracy necessarily a disaster? I don’t think so; the problem is that the types of people drawn to politics are slimy weasels. Rand Paul – as stupid as his libertarian ideas are – is a rare example of someone who had (well, has) a productive career outside of politics, and decided to enter government to advance principles.

            The only option afforded us this past election was the bloated, stereotypically-New Yorky buffoon, but imagine what might be done if people of Jared Taylor’s temperament were to run. That, FPY, would be “winning.”

          • Indeed, it only kinda works on a very, very small scale. Anything bigger than a county is a nightmare.

      • u would think honor and willingness to sacrifice would grow as some1 gets old, especially for those that were so privileged throughout their life. unfortunately only greed and the ears never stop growing

      • The wall is of limited importance. It’s effectively a distraction for the people who don’t know that equally or more problematic are the imports from Asia and the Middle East… Not to mention all the “DREAMers” and anchor babies who will grow up and provide more cheap labor for the landed classes.

        • I agree, Dave, that The Wall is of limited importance, though, it is of some importance, as it not only buys us time, it shows that your statement of being unable to defend Trump, may be a bit unfair.

          He has kept a lot of his words, and he has done more positive than the last 3 presidents combined, in just 100 days.

          • I should mention that I was one of those who said that even after the Syria strike, we shouldn’t​ rush to discard Trump. But immigration is the sine qua non of our support for Trump, and a betrayal on that end is unforgivable.

            If he redeems himself, I’ll be happily relieved… But I’m not holding my breath for that.

          • I understand, Dave. I am much like you. To be blunt, I voted for Trump to dismantle ‘America’ as we know it.

            Be that as it may, I think he will never ‘redeem himself in the eyes of those who were unwittingly projecting their dreams onto him, but, for those who hope he might keep 70, 60, or 50% of what he promiset, I think we won’t feel betrayed.

            His candidacy has already aided Brexit, the beginning of the end for political correctness, and many other things that, with Miss Hillary at the helm, would have been distant pipe dreams!

    • He is still better than Clinton and got Gorsuch on the USSC. But he allowed he daughter to marry a (((J*w))), so he isn’t much of a man or father.

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