Trump’s DREAMers Will Be His Downfall

Making America Mexico Again

Back in 2012, President Obama signed an executive order titled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), blocking illegal immigrants from being deported if they arrived as children. This came as a response to the decade-long failure to pass one of several DREAM Acts. An acronym for “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors,” DREAM also invokes the language of the “American Dream,” and helps soften the implication that young foreigners are our demographic replacements by tying them to the American civil religion. The DREAM act would have given people who trespassed as minors a path to citizenship while the executive order merely prevented them from being deported. So Obama gave the “DREAMers” a few more years of guaranteed residency in the United States. The rhetorical language used here hijacks terminology Americans are already familiar with and turns it against them, which would be brilliant if not being used for an evil purpose.

Now, like all immigrants legal or illegal, most young illegals are not from Europe. And most people in this country who are of non-European origin (the minorities projected to become a majority by 2040) vote for Democrats. Most Democrats support the immigration system because it produces more Democrats, but also want it “reformed” so none of these future Democrats are threatened with deportation.

So guess who wants to play right into their hands?

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, President Trump said his policy was that “the DREAMers should rest easy,” because “this is a case of heart.”

Up to two million, mostly non-white illegal immigrants have now earned permanent residency in the United States. I say permanent because if Trump gets a second term he won’t deport them then either, and when he is succeeded by a Democrat (who will have electorally benefited from his inaction on the problem of Democrat-producing immigration), he or she will not deport the aging trespassers either.

All Trump had to do to stop the creation of up to two million more non-White Democrats in the medium-term and millions more in the long-term was to cancel Obama’s executive order. Obama’s “unconstitutional” orders were something Trump had promised to dispose of during his campaign. Now he’s not going to, literally because he feels sympathy for the language of “DREAMers” and “childhood arrivals.”

The Trump presidency is quickly becoming a farce. Americans did not vote for George Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney when they voted for Donald Trump. They voted for a nationalist and populist platform of America First. Yet here we have a president who will refuse to deport illegal immigrants for the arbitrary reason that they arrived here as minors, a policy which benefits liberals and immigrants rather than nationalists and populists.

One of the biggest no-brainer ways to help reverse White demographic decline, which will end the Republican party and ultimately the United States as we know it, is to deport people who have no legal right to be in this country. If our Republican president cannot even carry out the most basic form of political self-preservation, how can we expect his decisions on anything else to be sound? Why is he authorizing the artificial growth of the opposition party?

Certainly, there are people in his administration who disagree with this course of action. And given how incapable the White House has been on the whole of maintaining a consistent message, they should speak out using their positions of authority. If you’re allowed to openly disagree with your boss on the war in Syria or on trade deals you should do the same on immigration.

If both elected and appointed Republicans tacitly agree to amnesty for transplanted,  foreign, non-white Democrats, they are effectively committing ideological suicide.  The American Dream isn’t about replacing yourself with sassy brown people who talk about smashing “white supremacy.”

Or is it?

If we keep treating politics like it isn’t about identity, we aren’t going to be around much longer.

Whatever happened to Ronald Reagan’s home state? Why can’t Republicans win there anymore?

Think of it this way: how many DREAMers would it take to flip Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida?

Trump and his heirs in the Republican party are going to find out.

Walter Jackson
the authorWalter Jackson
Walter comes from a despised ethnic group that can unfortunately still be found all over the United States. His people are responsible for both defeating fascism and putting it in the White House.


  • Excellent article. Couldn’t have said it better myself. As someone who was born in 1958 and raised in So Cal, I can testify that it has become a gang-infested shithole, full of brown people with a low IQ, who hate America or really don’t even know what America is. They are just here for the free stuff. Rep. Steve King of Iowa is considering suing the Trump admin for not deporting DACA recipients. They are not only income eligible for state financial aid for college, but full Medicaid benefits. Since Obamacare came into being, Medicare/Medicaid for our seniors and our disabled has turned to shit while these people who have stolen their place in our society receive Nexium for acid reflux paid for Medicaid to the tune of $300 per month, gall bladder surgery, and medication that family members used to bring across the border. Now you get to pay for it. I posted “Sue Trump for Not Deporting DACA” this morning on my youtube channel. I urge everyone to contact Rep. King to support his idea. He probably won’t do it, but let him know how you feel. His address is 2210 Rayburn Office Building Washington DC 20515

  • What did Trump accomplish in his first 100 days? Showed that he’s just another lying, scumbag politician.

    • Politicians have been saying for years, “We’ll deport them” before they get elected, and then give them amnesty after they get elected. Trump has done the same thing with the DREAMERs. I think he plans to wait until the economy is humming along and people are relatively happy, and then he’ll quietly grant them amnesty and even a path to citizenship. As of this posting, he is still accepting applications for DACA recipients and there are already 750,000 of them.

  • the question is why was there ever a Trump train. All I am surprised at is I thought Trump would be a little more subtle about exposing his true self, very evident to see if you look at his history but instead, you pretended he was a god

    • You’re confusing the Trump Meme War with actual IRL worship, those that failed to understand the nature of the conflict will be left holding the bag now. With no other viable choice, Trump’s implicit Pro-White rhetoric was a battering ram we were able to jump on, to pursue our own agenda. Even if Trumps disappoints, he has already helped us move our narrative into the mainstream conversation and action.

      The energy accumulated from the failure to follow through will have to move into a direction. The Anti-White Narrative has also been forced out into the light, they’ve exposed themselves and can’t go back to business as usual, nor will they. With the persuasion of the Anti-White Oligarchy’s shock troops of Antifa, who from an oppositional position, will continue to push those center Whites towards our position.

      • You said the magic word. If anti-whites were declared the enemy (for theft of our resources, invading our country) these scumbag politicians could be tried for treason for aiding and comforting and would hang. We’d all be better off, except them for once.

        • Agree. Which is why many Pro-Whites push the White Genocide meme.
          You leveling a criminal accusation, punishable in the Hague, at the enemy.

      • exactly, my issue wasn’t that some quietly voted for him realizing it made little difference, my issue was selling him as some sort of Hitlerian “Fearless Leader” which his Jewish ties clearly showed the lie of

  • I voted for Mr. Trump to dismantle ‘America’ as we know it.

    Whether that is -vertent or inad-, Mr. Jackson, is not much matter to me.

  • Trump the candidate “We can’t be nice all the time.” & “Law and Order.”

    Trump the president “My feelz and heart say I was wrong.”

  • “If we keep treating politics like it isn’t about identity, we aren’t going to be around much longer.”

    What is the common identity of the 30 or 40 Million Latinos already here? What is the common identity of the DACA Latino Dreamers. What is the identity of their political allies in Congress, the state houses, the media? What do Pelosi, Murphy, O’Malley, Durbin, Casey, Kaine, Jerry Brown, Cuomo, etc. etc. all have in common with the Dreamers and other Latinos?

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