Third Rail – The Eternal DREAMer

This week the railroad crew discusses Trump’s immigration betrayal over DACA, turning trolling into an opportunity for recruitment, and the future of techno-science and immortality.


  • Undercover Lover

    My theory is that (((they))) slipped a debilitating poison into Trump’s tea and he needs constant antidote just to survive.

    In seriousness, he need to start organizing. Golden Dawn controls entire neighborhoods in Greece. We need to accomplish the same here. When the puppet government of Greece collapses, Golden Dawn will end up in control of vast tracts of the countryside.

    • Fred

      Agree. With all nationalist movements around the world, Golden Dawn always comes as an exemplary movement.

    • Nothing_Much

      Golden Dawn? I’ve never heard of it, is it strictly in Greece?

      • Undercover Lover

        >Has never heard of Golden Dawn

        They’re Greek nationalists and they put us to shame. Check them out. :^D

        Not only do they control entire neighborhoods, but they provide services to Greeks that the government doesn’t. They give food to poor Greeks (NOT invaders) and get more 911 calls than the (basically useless) Greek police.

        • katebushfan66

          they’re in Australia too

          • Undercover Lover

            There are even some in America.

            However what we need to do is recreate (to an extent) what they have done in Greece here in America. In all White nations. They are more than a political force, they are poverty relief for Greeks and act as a reliable police force in a country racked by police corruption and incompetence.

        • Vincent Law

          Aren’t their leaders in prison?

        • Robert Bruce

          We really need to hook up with our European brothers. They know how to organize and create real political parties. Third Party politics in the US is somewhat of a joke.

    • Agree. Have you read this:

  • Ike35

    “Galactic tic-tac-toe.” LOL. I like it.

  • Vlad le Putin

    My favorite podcast, looking forward to listening to this tomorrow

  • Albionic American
    • Endymion

      What does this Disney character have to do with transhumanists? It’s a non sequitur.

  • Merick Kaner

    Made in Mexicao- Donnies DACA didos available now! Cum on by. And then F*** yourself.

  • Additlike Rabbits

    “America is not a serious country.” “Yeah, well, duh!” LOL

    • katebushfan66

      america is not capable of having human characteristics… its a dumb statement.

      • LauritzVonGH

        Bro, we project human characteristics onto everything all the time.

        If clouds can be human by god so can a country, in fact a country is Superhuman.

  • Albionic American

    For some reason the transhumanists don’t want to talk about the fact that we already have a population of enhanced humans on the planet, at least cognitively advantaged compared to other groups, and especially a lot smarter than Sub-Saharan Africans. We call them “white people.”

  • Alfa158

    Regarding the discussion about extended life and memory, I’m a boomer pushing three score and ten, and from the perspective of being at that age, I would have to say there is no very extended life unless there are biological changes to give humans the memory equivalent of a very large hard drive.
    Over a long life the older memories fade and get over-written and the personality changes with experience. If I strain and try to look back at myself as a young adult, I know my DNA and fingerprints are still the same, but that early Alfa158 gradually passed away a while ago. I do have some memories of back then, but enormous amounts are gone, and if I try to think back about myself back then, I was a very different man. That guy is basically, dead.
    Realistically if you only get biological advances that end disease and aging, your body will be housing a continuum of personalities that gradually pass away and are replaced on about a 30 year cycle. You won’t really live 10,000 years but there will be a chain of people who look just like you, and have all your stuff who will go on for 10,000 years. Contrary to Poul Anderson’s novel Boat of a Million Years, you won’t even remember who you were married to at the time you were crewing on a Phoenician merchant ship heading for the Tin Isles.
    BTW as far as longevity I have seen some statisticians try to calculate from actuarial tables life expectancy if disease and old age are eliminated, so that death only comes from severe trauma such as, murder, plane and car crashes etc. I have seen the numbers run from around 750 years to 1200 depending on the assumptions made about lifestyle.

    • Endymion

      They will conquer memory too.