How President Trump Is Betraying His Strongest Supporters On Immigration

In an interview with the Associated Press, President Trump appears to have reneged on some campaign promises in regards to immigration.

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed an executive order titled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Those eligible under this executive order are typically referred to as “DREAMers” based on the title of the failed DREAM Act. Essentially, DACA is an amnesty program for illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States when they were minors.

When asked about the legal status of illegal immigrants staying in the United States under DACA, Trump replied, “We aren’t looking to do anything right now.”

Associated Press then went on to ask President Trump if his administration had any plans to allow the DREAMers to stay. President Trump replied,

Yes. That’s our policy. I am not saying … Long-term we are going to have to fix the problem, the whole immigration problem. … Here is what they can hear: The dreamers should rest easy. OK? I’ll give you that. The dreamers should rest easy.

This appears to be a major reversal of one of the planks in his immigration platform. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), USCIS had received 844,931 initial applications for DACA status, of which 741,546 (88%) were approved, 60,269 (7%) were denied, and 43,121 (5%) were pending. It is estimated that over 1.7 million illegal immigrants qualify for DACA status.

President Trump is softening his immigration stance. Since DACA was an Obama executive order, it is entirely within Trump’s power to reverse DACA and issue another executive order in its place. However, it appears that Trump has no interest in addressing the DREAMer problem though it is entirely in his power to do so. This is nothing short of a betrayal.

Whatever happened to, “I want DREAMers to come from this country,” Mr. President?

The Trump administration has the documents on nearly a million illegal immigrants but is refusing to do what needs to be done. In order to reverse the demographic decline we find ourselves in, difficult decisions will have to be made. Deporting the DREAMers is an easy slam dunk but it seems President Trump doesn’t have the balls to do what is necessary to ‘Make America Great Again’. Many such cases. Sad!

Charles Lyons
the authorCharles Lyons
Charles Lyons is the Chief Administrative Officer of Arktos Media.


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  • Immigration is an issue where I agree with Donald Trump, or at least where I agree with what he claimed to be his policy during the presidential campaign. All immigration depresses wages. The immigration of races characterized by low intelligence, illegitimacy, and crime raises the crime rate while burdening our criminal justice and welfare systems.

    Immigration is an issue that separates the elites of both parties from most American citizens. When rich Democrats think of immigrants they think of the Statue of Liberty, “huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and all that. They also know that most immigrants vote Democrat.

    When rich Republicans think of immigrants they think of becoming richer Republicans, because that is what immigrants enable them to become. More immigrants mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and consequently higher profits.

    The high rate of immigration that has followed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 is a major reason for the growing income gap. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965 was unpopular with most voters at the time. The overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans voted for it in both houses of Congress.

    President Trump ran as a populist, who pretended to care about unemployed and under employed (white) factory and mine workers. He is governing as a plutocrat. He has perfected the Ronald Reagan playbook of appealing to the legitimate social concerns of whites who are not rich in order to get the power to advance policies, like tax cuts for the rich, that are not popular.

    Trump is known to have relied heavily on H1B visas. Those visas are ideal for the Republican donor class. Foreigners who get the visas cannot vote. They cannot get better jobs. They cannot join labor unions. They can and do lower wages for American citizens.

    This is a link to a book review I wrote for American Renaissance about H1B visas.

  • Not only immigration. The establishment has announced on Lou Dobbs that deep corporate tax cuts “could” help the economy, but that cuts for the middle class would just “raise” the deficit. Pray for a bone. Another meme circulating is pay the bankers with federal lands/mineral rights in exchange for deficit reduction.

  • Aw, come on. There were several points in the campaign where he sounded soft notes about this.

    Of course I don’t like it, but can we be really claim to be totally surprised by this? It’s politics — we need to hold his feet to the fire. During the campaign, that’s how he ended up reinforcing the best ideas… pressure.

  • Guys. The USA is already gone. It was gone a long time ago. We must look forward to a post-American future. We might even be forced to break a few Euro nations apart in order to save them.

    • Have to agree with the Politico interview with Pat Buchanan. He said something had to be done over 20 years ago, but he didn’t become an economic nationalist til 1992. The nation is too far gone and with Trump doing his 180 on his base the game might be indeed over. Slugging it out with ANTIFA is a complete waste of time at this point. In fact that is the reason they exist, and that is to waste our time fighting them while those in power finish the matrix. Once that is done game over. Podcasts and You tube vids aren’t going to get the job done, either is supporting an Establishment Party or keeping the delusion that any of these parties can be redeemed. Just like Rod Dreher and his Benedictine Option, we might have to take Evola’s advice in Ride the Tiger and just hunker down and let the chaos pass til we pounce. At the same time try to make coherent communities that can weather the storm til it is time to renew society.

  • We are idiots pure and simple! We keep falling for the political maverick scam every time. We are so desperate for a champion, that we delude ourselves into thinking we can change things in the matrix that is our political system. We are like the love Loren sorority girl that gets drunk and sleeps with a different guy every weekend looking for a real boyfriend only to be used as a semen receptacle every time!

    • Exception: I honestly believe Perot 92 would have closed the borders and negotiated strong trade deals. Same with Buchanan.

      Anyways, the huwhite GOP base is base is pissed so we can elect our candidate next go around, maybe even challenging Trump in the primaries, since he’s listening more to NY Juice like Kushner instead of huwhites like Bannon and nobel Juice like Stephen Miller.

      • Pat never had a chance. I voted for him twice in the primaries. Nobody that is populist is ever going to win or they will sell out.

          • The powers that be change the rules during primary/caucus as they see fit to funnel their establishment guy in the White House. You also have to come to grips with the fact that Trump might have been a reverse psychology plant. A total fraud. He was a liberal Democrat through at least 2000 and he is trying to put NY Dems in his cabinet

    • You and many other Huwhites….the queston is…will Trump face a strong primary challenge like GHW Bush did in in 92 (Buchanan) that cripples him….

      • Nope!!!! A Cruz type will beat him to lose to the Democratic nominee. Perfect storm and brilliant strategy. Dems play chess,
        Reps play checkers. Two steps forward one step back.

    • I will vote for Trump again in 2020 if he chooses to run again for the same reason I initially supported him after I figured he was serious rather than running as a publicity stunt. Out of three scenarios a Trump Presidency is the best for White people. I just made the mistake of taking his rhetoric seriously and actually believing he could implement a lot of agenda in the face of a united, organized opposition from both members of the Republican Party and Democrat Party.

      Before someone accuses me of being a blind Trump loyalist, let’s review what we were looking at in 2015 before Trump had thrown his hat in the ring.

      Black Lives Matter had clearly taken over (and is still ensconced at) the Democrat Party. I don’t think it was coincidence that the electorate was treated to the Acts of Love Speech by Jeb! Since the Democrats had decided to become The Negro Party, the Republicans were trying to become the Latino Party. In neither case were our issues acknowledged much less addressed.

      Though I am disappointed and disillusioned with Trump over DACA and Syria, there is no doubt in my mind that those programs and agendas would still be in place whether they were implemented Hillary or Jeb!

      Fast forward to 2020. The 2016 set up is the same only on steroids. If the Alt Right black pills enough Whites where they just stay home and Trump ends up not running, we end up with some Jeb!-Like True Cuckservative whose only choice is to desperately try to cobble together a Non-Black voting coalition, which would result in pandering to the Hispanics as the largest Non-White demographic.

      That leads us back to Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have not changed my opinion that Clinton is a tenacious old biddy who believes she is owed the presidency. She feels that Trump stole the election from her in 2016 and is planning to run again in 2020, thus her Big Lie that the Russians helped Trump. With help from Obama, HRC is behaving like the Resistance Leader to a Third World Dictator.

      Many of you think the Democrats will run Fauxcahontas Liawatha for President in 2020, but Elisabeth Warren is not pushing herself forward the way she would be if that is true. Nor is anyone else standing out the way that Barack Obama did at Kerry’s nomination in 2004. The Democrats are less about putting together a platform that wins back the working class White Democrat voters who defected to Trump, but taking out Trump and punishing the Whites who were so uppity to vote for him.

      In 2015, H1B visa abuses and illegal immigration were ignored. We had a de facto open borders system that was on line to become de jure. White people were involuntary participants in the knockout game and then doxed and terminated from their jobs if they complained about it. They couldn’t even go to Sunday Brunch without BLM supporters getting in their faces. They couldn’t lounge by the pool in their gated communities without being invaded by young Black thugs and watch helplessly as police got fired for trying to help them protect their property.

      That’s where we were in 2015. That stopped with Trump’s election. Do we really want to go back? Or do we want to calm down, support Trump where we can, i.e. SCOTUS and pressure him where we can, i.e. jobs. Money talks, bullshit walks. Allowing ourselves to be marginalized to where we were heading in 2015, a small majority of helots terrorized by Blacks and Latinos and Social Justice Warriors in a snit over Trump’s broken promises not only does not change DACA or Syria, but it is the equivalent of cutting off our own nose to spite our face. Not smart.

  • Question: how long does DACA last? As it exists now, does it ever expire? Can people under 16 enter illegally NOW (or in the future) and then claim protection by DACA? If so, wouldn’t DACA become an unending pipeline of what amounts to preemptively amnestied, illegal immigration for people who can persuade the authorities they fall within the guidelines? <——– I'm hoping some people here have studied DACA & the Dreamer issues more thoroughly than I have and can answer these questions. Thanks.

    • Answer: Obviously Bannon and Noble Juice Stephen Miller are on the outs and DACA will continue ad infinitum.

  • The Trump dream is well and truly dead. It is fascinating to carry out a post mortem but absolutely pointless. The long sequence of cucks that will stretch out over the next four years (if he lasts that long) will need to be forensically criticised and the Alt-Right is well placed to do this, no holds barred. The Alt-Right is also primed to try to reach out to working class Americans who voted for Trump and are going to be betrayed. The ‘America First’ policies are still the right policies even if Trump declines to implement them. The populist/nationalist position challenged the most destructive schemes emanating from the US elites. It’s still the right position even if Trump has abandoned it. It can be articulated and enhanced by the Alt-Right. More importantly the Alt-Right can add the pro-white Identitarian dimension to this debate and continue to push the Overton window on race. There’s surely plenty to do.

  • At this point I expect nothing from Trump, except more cucking. He’s not /ourguy/ and he never was. Most of us knew this. Some put way to much faith in him. I didn’t expect him to sell out this decisively this quickly, but it is what it is. He’s just another boomer con zionist at this point and not even a civic nationalist. Let’s move on from Trump.

  • Daddy isn’t coming to save us. Daddy isn’t even on our side. America can’t be made great again. I know it’s hard, but we need to start thinking post-America. Try to find other like-minded people and form a community, perhaps using the Amish and the Mormons as a model. Support Calexit!

    • Well duh…
      No offense but the entire point of Trump was to get people talking about these subjects. He was never doing to ‘save’ us. He’s not pro-white.

  • Hillary should have won at this point. She would have been open with her antiwhite agenda and pushed more people to our side.

      • Why do people think it was Trump?

        Which one of these things probably pushed people to the right more:

        The migrant crises
        Black Lives Matter Protest

        Trump would probably be the least. The only thing Trump did was build a campaign around what people were already thinking and then betrayed those people once he got into office.

    • I kinda agree. But on the other hand, at least people know there can be no half measures now. They either go full fash or they accept the end of whites.

  • Hes working on getting the adult criminals out first, which is the priority. Pull your heads out of your liberal asses although we know you enjoy the smell

  • Trump keeps trolling Democrats on Twitter, but he’s clearly too dull to realize that as soon as DREAMers turn of age, the Republican Party is dead.

    If Trump were sharp, he’d have stuck with Bannon, and won re-election handily. The way things stand, I hope a saner Republican challenges him for 2020.

    • You already have 30 or 40 million Roman Catholic Latinos here in the USA under questionable circumstances. The Roman Catholic “Dreamers” are just the latest indignity forced on White Protestant Americans.

      • I don’t give a damn about your anti-Catholic crusade. Irish Catholics >>> non-White Protestants.

          • You could always go back to Germany since it is a Protestant paradise. Let’s not bring this kind of ignorant talk in. It’s about race not about Catholic v. Protestant. In fact the Catholic areas of Europe are the most resistant to multiculturalism and even Herr Hitler came from such.

          • In Germany Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU is the Roman Catholic political party in Germany.

          • Disclaimer: I was born and raised Roman Catholic.

            That said, I don’t disagree with a lot of what you said. The Roman Catholic Church may have been a stalwart in fighting off the influence of the Usual Suspects back in the day before Vatican II, but it was more of a Theological Empire with lots of Non-White client nations to support. You see that to this day.

            There were downsides, but the big advantage of Protestantism was the constant reformations that led to de-centralized factions who were more focused on their theological disagreements than bringing in exotic new converts. But that is changing thanks to the same people who influenced the RC’s Liberation Theology.

            Take for example, Lutheran Social Services. How do you rationalize LSS bringing in Somali Refugees to places like Maine where the population consists of a majority White Protestants?

          • That is a lie and you are obviously a troll. Merkel is the daughter of a Lutheran preacher. Her party, the CDU, which is based in Lutheranism (Luciferianism would be a better term for this sodomy promoting religion) is in a fragile alliance with the much farther to the Right Catholic CSU of Bavaria.

    • Why do people think what Trump is doing isn’t by design? The guy was a liberal democrat up til W was elected and he is said to have called Bill Clinton the day he decided to run. The guy was a fraud from the beginning most likely.

  • Breitbart reports that Trump told the Associated Press on Friday that “Dreamers” could rest easy, he would only go after criminals, calling this a case of the heart. It appears that both our foreign, and now domestic, policies are being driven by Trump’s heart.

        • Trump has a weird thing with Ivanka. I believe its due to Trump destroying his family and leaving an intelligent woman like Ivana for a tramp like Marla Maples. Don and Eric were boys and better able to deal with their family getting split up. But I believe Trump is easily manipulated by his daughter because he feels sorry for ruining his family when she was just a little girl. And Jared is the classic scheming Court Juice, he doesn’t help matters at all.

          • Trump doesn’t want to get into a fight with the R.C.s of both parties and their Jewish allies in Congress. Don’t forget the ^^^Dreamers^^^ are R.C.s.

          • Yeah, you said that. Why blame Catholics when all Christian churches are Cucked? Christianity is now a religion of the Global South.

          • There is a Roman Catholic and Jewish political alliance in Congress, the State Houses and most cities & large towns. That’s how anti-White and pro-immigration legislation gets passed. It’s in plain view. No secret.

          • There is no Protestant mandatory institutional support.

            Since 1960’s the opposition to immigration, and other anti-White policies has come from Southern and Western Protestants.

  • As I said a few months ago, if Trump cucks on immigration, the White working class base stays home, and Trump gets wiped out in the 2018 midterms. Then say hello to President Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

    We should honestly move on from Trump. Our work should be directed to get Kris Kobach elected Kansas Governor and President in 2024.

  • After the disappointing last few months, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. At this point I’m not even expecting a wall. If he does anything, it’ll be a pathetic one…and everyone except the alt-right will love it and praise him for it. Trump hasn’t even tried to fight for America. So much for being the “champion” of the people.

  • Well the second major cucking on another major pillar of his campaign didn’t take long. Let’s see, foreign policy, cuck. Immigration, cuck. That just leaves economic populism. Expect that betrayal to come within the next month. It’s almost as if mass democracy is the worst form of gov’t in human history.

    • I have resumed watching SNL episodes because of Trump’s consistent cucking. Besides Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and Sessions in El Paso, TX, what has Trump really done for his voters during the first three months? Not a single brick has been laid to the proposed Wall.

      Do not want to speak for everyone, but I, personally, has underestimated the cuck factor in Trump’s surroundings and, of course, the Kush element. The chickens have come to roost early.

      I raised hell at the voting site for discriminating the White vote, filed complains to DC and the State Capital and did not relent until the swing states went to Trump. What did we get for that?

      The Kush and Ivanka!

      • The wall is a waste of money. All you will do is have boat people come like from Libya. The Asians are coming at a faster rate than Hispanics anyway. Has it ever occurred to some that the wall might be being built to keep us in? The you know what is going to hit the fan if China and the SCO gets the One Belt, One Road project going. That will mean the end of the petrodollar. It has come time for us to make a choice, fight or flight. Anything else is a losing proposition.

        • The Wall won’t work? What kinda of BS is that?
          You ever heard of the State of Israel? How many terrorist acts they have had since they built the Wall demarcating Palestinians? Virtually none.
          The Wall will work! Also, listen to Sessions and Kelly out of El Paso.

          • State of Israel is very small Fred. The Wall only will cover the Rio Grande. Ever hear of the Gulf of Mexico? Also Asians have been the fastest growing immigrant group since Clinton, so are you going to build a wall around the Pacific too? Even if you keep the Latinos from taking all of the dirty labor jobs, the Asians will take over the white collar jobs for only half to two thirds the salary as a white kid

          • I live along the Gulf of Mexico. It is very well protected and human boat trafficking has not been an issue. The human boat trafficking has been more of an issue on the West Coast from Asian countries.

            The Wall will not only eliminate illegals from crossing the southern border but will also serve as a symbol of our cultural separation from the Third World.

          • Wait til you get swamped like Europe did via Libya. Can’t round them all up.

          • Why do you think drugs used to come to the US through Miami and now they are coming mostly through the Southern border? Because it is porous.

            Once we build the Wall, the level of illegal immigration will drop significantly.

            OK, so what is your solution? Am I missing something?
            Sitting on the back porch, smoking weed while believing that “we will all get along”, like our previous president, is not an option.

          • We don’t have to round them all up to get rid of them. I know you understand this concept, please don’t pretend that you don’t.

          • Dude, the powers that be don’t want them rounded up or deported at all. The bottom line is to lower global wages to the lowest common denominator, that is why Donald is cucking and cucking big time. Nobody in the elite give a damn about ethnicity at all, they are just using their ANTIFA useful idiots as cover. The globalists/internationalists always hide behind a façade of some noble/utopian type policy to mask their real intentions. This has been a major failure of conservatives and now the alt right. Expose the lie and you have a better chance of having a majority come around to your line of thinking. Everyone wants better pay regardless of race, color or creed. Use it to your advantage!!!!!

          • The wall will help with illegal immigration, I agree. But if Trump’s cucking on the DACA issue is any indication, the wall won’t ultimately matter much if he’s going to greatly increase “legal immigration.” Which looks pretty likely now. A wall in conjunction with throwing out illegals and stopping legal immigration, would work wonders, but we really need all those things.

      • Agreed. But we did manage to use Trump as a successful vehicle for getting our thoughts out there to the general public. We have more people in the Alt-Right and more potential recruits going forward. I think that’s all we can really expect to get out of Trump but that’s alright because we’re a metapolitical vanguard who is trying to change the culture, political power will eventually come but it always comes last in whatever form it may take.

    • Pence is trying to avoid a fight with the Pope and the Pope Hats in Congress of both parties over the ^^^Dreamers^^^. For the same reason certain words have been censored here on AltRight.

          • I’m not so sure, why does Takimag do the same thing, Taki has made numerous comments against the Juice for years. Its really easy for Disqus to set up a program stopping comments with Juice in them. Anyways, who the hell cares, just type Juice.

          • Trump doesn’t want to get into a fight with the R.C.s of both parties and their Jewish allies in Congress. Don’t forget the ^^^Dreamers^^^ are R.C.s. Let’s see if that gets censored.

          • You are aware that most white Catholics left the Democratic party a long time ago, like in Nixon’s day? Of course Hispanic Catholics are Democrats, save the Cubans, they are poor third world peasants.

          • Tell it to your Rabbi, maybe he cares?. The facts are that Trump does not want to get into a fight with the Roman Catholics of both parties, and their Jewish allies in Congress over the Dreamers who are Roman Catholics. The Pope and his Cardinals have spoken…

          • Lets avoid any distinction between Protestants and Catholics, all Christian churches suck and are Cucked. Sorry if that offends you, but its true, Christianity is dying in the West. Protestant churches like the Episcopalians and Methodists are even more pozzed than Francis’ Latin II heresy.

          • Yehudah, you should get another hobby besides politics. In reality you must be a Roman Catholic as you do not understand Protestantism. Protestants are under no obligation to accept anything any clergyman says or does.

          • Not a Catholic, don’t care about Christianity its dying among white people, but I will step in if some Protestant thinks “Muh 95 Theses” will save white people.

            Protestants are just as easily swayed by their pastors as Catholics are by their Pope. Look at the Evangelical cucks and Muh Israel.

          • I’m yet to encounter a pro-Israel Protestant minister. I’m talking about a real person whom I’ve spoken with, not some clown someone saw on TV.

          • “I’m yet to encounter a pro-Israel Protestant minister”

            Comment of the year.

          • Right, probably better than a tune about the millions of Roman Catholic illegal aliens. I was a Dreamer for the Pope?

          • Race-realists need to accept ethnic realism as well. Catholics are dumber than Protestants, full stop. They also look kind of funny. They also have a strange and outlandish aesthetic that offends American sensibilities. The political corruption they engender, and their slavishness towards their Yiddish bosses, is well documented and has been a bone of contention since the Ellis Island era. They’re typically incapable of embracing American libertarianism and prefer three hots and a cot to freedom.

          • Nobody here is a Libertarian sperg so good luck on your road to oblivion pushing the Austrian cult.

          • LOL. What’s that have to do with the Roman Catholic Church, and Roman Catholic politicians, and Roman Catholics in the news media selling us out on immigration?

          • I didn’t read the whole back and forth. Posted in response to this statement in particular:

            “Catholics are dumber than Protestants, full stop. They also look kind of funny. They also have a strange and outlandish aesthetic that offends American sensibilities.”

            As for what you cite as Roman Catholics cucking America, I don’t condone anything that Vatican II says or does, nor do I recognize it’s authority. Neither do any other Trad Catholics.


          • Lame. Only a Christard thinks that Muh Israel shilling is unique to John Hagee and Joel Osteen and doesn’t apply to Protestantism writ large. Where else did the Pro Israel consensus come from if not the prots themselves? As Spencer said at Auburn, we have a white people problem, a White Catholic problem, a White prot problem, whatever you like, the problem is ourselves not the Juice, blacks, Messcans.

          • What’s any of that have to do with the millions of Roman Catholics who are here in the USA illegally—including the Roman Catholic Dreamers.

          • Yeah, because those Catholic Dreamers are obviously the same as white Catholic Irish, German, Polish people in America you stupid moron. You are aware that there are MANY MANY Evangelical Protestant dreamer Messcans and Guatemalans?

          • even if one looks to Rome and the other doesn’t care, they are both internationalist in reach and destroy the notion of all preservationisms except that which involves people making God a part of their life. That’s it.

            We see what direction the idea of humanitarianism has taken in general, and the Church is right behind it. The Church bends to the spirit of the age, no matter what the spirit of the age is: whether imperialism or Nazism, 1968 culture and hippies or pure modern-day globalism. To a degree even Sovietism, or the Churches would have all been burned to the ground. The only thing I’ve seen the Church (softly and kindly) put its foot down on was America’s music culture. So basically the Church doesn’t like Miley Cyrus and gangster rap.

  • How anyone who isn’t a cuckservative patriotard can support this buffoon or believe he can “Make America Great Again” is beyond me.

  • Trump’s “strongest supporters” are deluded morons and the elderly. The immigration problem is far too complicated for these poor slobs to grasp, apparently. Believe it or not, actions have consequences: endless war for isntreal produces millions of refugees. Electing a foaming-at-the-mouth zionist shabby is NOT a good idea if you want to address the immigration problem. It’s so complicated – no one could have predicted this.

  • All politics are local, and we need to put the pressure on the politicians to act. Just remind your local Irish & Italian Pope hats that Trump promised to deport the Dreamers, and he better not break his promise.

  • If Trump thinks that pandering to the Hispanics is going to get him re-elected he is going to be in a yuuge surprise in 2020!

    • Trump is trying to avoid a fight with the Pope and the Pope Hats in Congress of both parties over the ^^^Dreamers^^^. For the same reason certain words have been censored here on AltRight.

  • By now, I have very low expectations from President Kushner and his orange spokesman to do anything good for THIS country.

  • People have to stop putting faith in the current political system. It’s dead. You can’t bring something dead back to life. We need to create a new system. It’s the only way.

    • Diasgree. Part of the reason the Alt Right became prominent was by engaging in the political system. We have to keep attacking our enemies and turning our fire on Trump if he cucks.

      • How many seats in the House and Senate does the Alt Right have? This is the modern day version of Stalin asking how many divisions does the Pope have during WW II. Power is everything, and if the game is rigged, you would be insane to think you could win or actually change things. The Alt Right needs to organize into a real political party and actually start throwing these goons out of office, instead of wishing that some insiders rebel against the machine. Seriously, do you think the Alt Right is going to get anywhere wasting time with showdowns with Antifa? Nope!!!! Nobody really cares about this as it does not make the MSM that much or if it does they control the narrative.

        • The Alt Right needs to infiltrate the Republican Party, with good goys keeping their beliefs under the surface. Third parties never work.

          As for political street violence, it usually portends a breakdown of civic norms and faith in the democratic process. Such a trend occurred in Weimar Germany. As Schmitt noted, all politics is a friend/enemy dichotomy. The Alt Right’s ability to fight alongside people like Ann Coulter wins the Alt Right needed allies.

          • The Party was always owned by big business and international finance. The 20 years of GOP rule after Lincoln was capped, was probably the most corrupt era in America up til the modern era. The GOP was corrupt from the get go and is a major cog in the problem with American politics. Do you think the Neocon dominated GOP is going to let Richard Spencer have any say? They already as a party pretty much condemned the Alt Right, so I would venture to say no.

          • The Democrats were once a party of Southern and Western whites and Big City political bosses. Things change. We can change the Republican Party.

            At the grassroots level, few Americans support more Juice wars in the Middle East. If the Neocons attempt another Mid east war for Israel, they will end up like Jud Suss.

          • Yehudah, How old are you? Just trying to see if their is a generational gap going on with us that contributes to the debate. I am a 47 year old Xer, so I have put my faith in many candidates that wanted to change the GOP. Also, the two major parties are on life support, why would you want to join one of them? The corruption apparent in both parties from the last election should tell us that it is impossible to do so. I have voted for many GOP mavericks that were going to try and change the party, but failed. Men intellectually and morally superior to any of us I would think as well. Power is what power does, and we have to create something of our own and really grab the American spirit of can do on your own terms, etc.

          • I’m in my 30s, my 20s were defined by 9/11 and the Iraq War.

            You’re not going to replace the GOP and the DEmocrats. It would take a billionaire creating a new political party, Perot tried it once, he failed.

            At least the GOP is mostly white people, so we can convert them to our cause. Young Alt Righters need to win seats like County Supervisor and State Senator, then start blasting White Advocacy once in office.

          • No it won’t be that hard in the current political environment. NASDAP wasn’t started by the rich. The right parties in contemporary Europe weren’t either. Before, I paraphrased Sun Tzu and the bit about allowing your enemies to hang themselves with their own rope(actual quote was if you wait long enough you will see the bodies of your enemies float down the river). A majority of American voters hated those that they voted for. Also, polls suggested that a majority of American wanted not only a 3rd party, but a 4th one as well.. Bottom line is if these two thoroughly corrupt political vehicles don’t get replaced soon, game over. We will be better off moving abroad. But the people are getting tired of these two old hags. It is time for a sleeker sexier model.

          • Yehudah has great spirits & energy. But, he must understand; ….there’s no time to create a movement on a political level. We must push for a Soviet Style break up. Not just in the USA, either. In other words, you are correct, Robert.

          • You don’t put your “faith” in the political parties. The parties are just technicalities. The GOP and the Democratic party do not “stand” for anything, they are simply vehicles for various coalitions, they are a product of first past the post voting.

            If we fail to change the GOP (or the Democrats) then we simply failed politically. If politics is downstream from culture, we should concentrate on changing the culture first but at some point we need to get control of the state. Getting control of the state means getting control of one of the political parties (or both) and winning elections.

      • This is an addendum to my previous post. What are we doing? I mean why are we wasting time with Antifa anyway?? Is it just a strategy to get in the news? OK, but still the news is controlled by our enemies, so what good is that? Antifa are a bunch of morons that people are already tiring of, and like I said before, they really aren’t garnering any press.

        • Any time the Alt Right or fellow travelers like Ann Coulter try to speak, the Antifa shows up.

          What are we supposed to do? Stand back and never hold public events?

          NO! We need to beat back the Antifa if they get violent, they are the shock troops of the establishment, trying to cow any White discontent into submission.

          • Build a political party grassroots style. Go where your message will be heard and well received to build the cadres for the real fight ahead. The audiences for these talks are minimal from what I read, they are much less than any Ron Paul rally. Almost not worth the effort. Sun Tzu says go where the enemy isn’t(look for the area of least resistance) and let your enemy hang themselves with their own rope. It is better to go into suburbs and get those kids involved and avoid Antifa altogether. No need to fight in a useless battle, just wastes time and effort. Best thing is to ignore Anitfa. The general public is getting sick of these snowflake assholes. Let them bury themselves!!!!!!!!

          • Third parties are not a way forward in America. The Alt Right must infiltrate and take over the GOP.

            We can’t avoid the Antifa, I don’t know why you don’t understand this. The Antifa is doing some crap in Pikeville, KY of all places this weekend. Any time our side operates, the Antifa shows up. They showed up in Auburn, which is not their home turf. If the Antifa gets violent, then we have to be willing to fight back. Otherwise, the Alt Right looks weak.

          • Antifa usually is on college campuses that is how you can avoid them. Do a grassroots campaign to the actual people. Low key, but effective. Antifa can’t be everywhere. It is a bunch of moron leftists that don’t stray too far from home. Energy needs to be spent on running candidates, not fighting morons.

          • Lol. Appalachia folks will tear them apart. I heard about this event and may attend myself. I’ll bring my pepper gel :^D

          • If I lived in Appalachia, I’d be there! Hard to find jobs there though!

          • “they are planning to rally in front of the courthouse in Pikeville, KY at 2:00pm EST to “March to take back Mayday” and “Celebrate the working class.” (This seems like an effort to co-opt our radical narrative…). ”

            It really is incredible how little Antifa knows about Fascism. Considering they exist only as opposition to Fascism, and have no depth beyond that, you would think they would have done their homework as to what it is they think they are fighting against. Maybe then they wouldn’t be beating up normie conservatives and libertarians, and turning the general public against them. Stupidity at its finest.

    • There’s no reason to completely abandon it at the moment. The alt right still has the ear of the White House, and to the extent we can have some influence to ‘buy us time’ I think it’s a worthy cause. Though, it shouldn’t be the forefront.

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