Antifas Vandalize Fraternities At University of Texas, Austin

Greek life on college campuses like the University of Texas, Austin is triggering for antifas for a variety of reasons:

“To the confusion of the local news, we did not launch these attacks in response to any particular scandal or recent accusation. We were responding to the everyday crisis that is rape culture, white supremacy, and elitism. …

It is no accident that so many fraternities take the style of plantation homes—the institutions of Greek life are themselves colonial, bourgeois, patriarchal structures, founded to preserve the reproduction of elite classes. Our attacks come in response to the everyday fear and feeling of danger that these institutions and their members produce for students of color, women, queer and trans students, and other marginalized folks. Catcalls, racial slurs, rape jokes, and more are the daily realities which go unspoken and uninvestigated by either the police or the University. …

We will break the silence and the taboo around these institutions. We will make clear to survivors that we support them and will fight for them by any means necessary. …

Let us make it impossible for the administration and frats to simply wait out the occasional uproar, and let us constantly agitate against them and make their lives hell. Let us make racists, frat bros, and the administration afraid again—afraid of students, afraid of the marginalized and harassed, afraid of the exploited and excluded.

It is no accident that we attacked Greek life. The Greco-Roman legacy has inspired so much of the march of European civilization against the “uncivilized.” Colonial and plantation nations were constructed in the image of Greece and Rome. Fascist group Identity Evropa uses images of Greco-Roman statues in its propaganda. Continental philosophy finds much of its roots in the Socratic tradition. Our notion of democracy and all its accompanying inequalities and hierarchies stems from the Greek conception of the polis, sustained by slavery, the domination of women & children in the home, and the battle against foreigners. …”

They are the new Vandals.

As they explain, they seek “the destruction, looting, and emptying out of these halls of power by the force of the unruly masses.” It is time for the oppressed to rise up and make frat bros afraid. You are going to be sacked.

Note: It isn’t surprising when you think about it. The existence of fraternities and sororities is an affront to radical egalitarianism. They are symbols of “white privilege.”

Hunter Wallace
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  • “They are the new Vandals.”

    No, they are not. They are attention seekers who make up for their lack of an interesting life by purple-prosed dramatics about fighting “racists” etc. Their impulse comes from the same instinct as that of the crazy half-Asian guy “The Supreme Gentleman” who shot a bunch of people.

    Just read the prose. It’s a liberal arts major who is peaking right now. Just like Al Bundy spent the rest of his life in a shitty minimum wage jobs bragging about how he scored three touchdowns in one high school football game, so will this liberal arts major spend the rest of their days “bragging” about his manifesto against “fascist frats” or whatever – because this is the academic and social highlight of his college career and likely the rest of his life.

  • Let them be the stereotypical Vandals.

    The mythic Vandals sacked a dilapidated Rome, and built for themselves a kingdom that lived in piracy and plunder. And what happened to them? The Romans ground them to dust, scattered them so thoroughly that they ceased to exist as a people.

    Yes, a fitting role model indeed.

  • These antifa idiots detest “the Greco-Roman legacy,” i.e. Western Civilization. So, why are so many non-Westerners fighting like hell, even risking their lives, to get to the West? Furthermore, many non-Westerners are fleeing to the West from countries that were Western colonies. Billions of non-Westerners have proven to be utterly incompetent at self-government.

    • One has to wonder why their leaders, or those they protect at protest are teachers- Im not shitting you they are fanatical teachers, The ones from Oakland are for the most part teachers, if that doesnt scare the crap outta ya and your kids I dont know what to tell you- but take their pensions away when they commit violent acts. Civil servant- my ass. Stop their funding.

  • We’re reaching the natural conclusion – that because modern civilization itself is virtually a European construct (e.g. paved roads, filtered water, motor vehicles) that civilization itself is some sort of evil that must be destroyed.

    You’d have to be at a very high/special state of radicalization to believe a building should be damaged simply because the architecture reminds you of some historical power that you disagree with. Virtually the only way they could get any further left, is to simply begin attacking people outright. Their ideology is already to the left of the Bolsheviks and their level of violence isn’t far behind. They’re trying to out-Red the Reds.

    This is all great simply because it exposes the absolute insanity that drives the left. Let’s hope that they rise like this everywhere, so that it becomes blatantly obvious that this is an innate part of the left – the legacy of nutters like Lenin, Trudeau and Obama.

    • They “support liberatory revolt”:

      “ABOUT US

      We are a network of friends and comrades across so-called North America that seeks to provide news and analysis of when it goes down: riots, strikes, sabotage, occupations, expropriations, rebellion, revolt, insurrection, whether together or alone – we support liberatory revolt. You get the point.”

      As you can see, it isn’t about destroying this civilization but grabbing it all for theirselves.

  • This is why we must CRUSH Antifa……


    Violence is Necessary……..

    It’s the Only Solution…….

    Those Unwilling can go join the Cuckservatives……..

  • Thank you Antifas for red-pilling those frat boys. The upcoming youths are our greatest hope for restoring our civilization as they’ve grown up immersed in the brainwashing machine yet are easily the most racist generation since the 1920s.

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