The Dawning of the Trump Era is a False Dawn

Submitted by Kai Murros in letter form.



Economic policies will be dictated by Corporate America – virtually everything will be up for sale. There will be tax cuts for the rich, dismembering the federal government apparatus, and whatever is left of it is then privatized and merged with Corporate America (in the long run this is, of course, a positive thing because the only way we can beat this monster is that it begins to devour itself). Civil liberties, so dear to Americans, will be handed over to the capitalist behemoth – this will happen unnoticed and unchallenged because … after all … what is good for business is good for America.

The USA riseth by capitalism and falleth by capitalism. The corporate takeover is an essential part of the death throes of the USA. No one can defeat America, only America can defeat itself … and it will.

There will be marginal, symbolic victories for the “conservatives” on moral issues. There will be jingoistic and adventuristic wars abroad – these wars will help Trump earn the love and respect of the liberal media but also, unfortunately, poor white people. War is all that poor white people will get from Trump but they will happily settle for it.

Like Caesar, Trump is of the Populares party but, just like Caesar, he is also a patrician and his policies are designed to benefit him personally and other patricians – unless they diametrically oppose him. Patricians of the Populares party never intended to do anything that would pose any threat to their enormous wealth and political power. Bread and circuses was all that they were willing to give to the masses, and therefore all the necessary reforms needed to save the empire (ROME/USA) were cancelled and will be cancelled again.

There may be some rebuilding of America’s infrastructure but even this may be only a show without any real consequences in terms of employment. What baffles me is that Trump seems to be slashing the budget instead of expanding it. The money for building infrastructure – and expanding America’s military complex – comes from slashing other expenditures in the budget. The truly great populists and men of the people always leave behind empty state coffers, an enormous debt and a loving nation. Trump, however, seems to have been an austerity fellow right from the start. If it turns out that Trump really is an austerity fellow, it means that he is not a thoroughbred populist at all.

One of the most obnoxious legacies of the Trump administration will be the rise of AIPAC as the highest power holder in the country – they may even try to add an amendment to the constitution to make it official. The Kushner-Bannon struggle is straight out of the Book of Esther.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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