The Dawning of the Trump Era is a False Dawn

Submitted by Kai Murros in letter form.



Economic policies will be dictated by Corporate America – virtually everything will be up for sale. There will be tax cuts for the rich, dismembering the federal government apparatus, and whatever is left of it is then privatized and merged with Corporate America (in the long run this is, of course, a positive thing because the only way we can beat this monster is that it begins to devour itself). Civil liberties, so dear to Americans, will be handed over to the capitalist behemoth – this will happen unnoticed and unchallenged because … after all … what is good for business is good for America.

The USA riseth by capitalism and falleth by capitalism. The corporate takeover is an essential part of the death throes of the USA. No one can defeat America, only America can defeat itself … and it will.

There will be marginal, symbolic victories for the “conservatives” on moral issues. There will be jingoistic and adventuristic wars abroad – these wars will help Trump earn the love and respect of the liberal media but also, unfortunately, poor white people. War is all that poor white people will get from Trump but they will happily settle for it.

Like Caesar, Trump is of the Populares party but, just like Caesar, he is also a patrician and his policies are designed to benefit him personally and other patricians – unless they diametrically oppose him. Patricians of the Populares party never intended to do anything that would pose any threat to their enormous wealth and political power. Bread and circuses was all that they were willing to give to the masses, and therefore all the necessary reforms needed to save the empire (ROME/USA) were cancelled and will be cancelled again.

There may be some rebuilding of America’s infrastructure but even this may be only a show without any real consequences in terms of employment. What baffles me is that Trump seems to be slashing the budget instead of expanding it. The money for building infrastructure – and expanding America’s military complex – comes from slashing other expenditures in the budget. The truly great populists and men of the people always leave behind empty state coffers, an enormous debt and a loving nation. Trump, however, seems to have been an austerity fellow right from the start. If it turns out that Trump really is an austerity fellow, it means that he is not a thoroughbred populist at all.

One of the most obnoxious legacies of the Trump administration will be the rise of AIPAC as the highest power holder in the country – they may even try to add an amendment to the constitution to make it official. The Kushner-Bannon struggle is straight out of the Book of Esther.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Murros is awesome. Wish he’d do more speeches/speaking, he can really light a fire with his rhetoric.

    • you do realize that “alt” in “alt-right” means “alternative”, right? or are you just a militant equality fag larping as a fucking bolshevik?

  • Europeans don’t really understand the Trump phenomenon: it was fake populism from the start to thwart Ron Paul’s right libertarianism. He’s not a real American: none of his grandparents were born here. He is unwelcome in polite society because he doesn’t conform to Anglo-Saxon norms and manners. He demolished the beautiful old Art-Deco Bonwit-Teller building to build his hideously tacky Trump Tower, a typical foreign oligarch move which disgusted the preservation-minded. He publicly villified Pat Buchanan as a “racist” and “anti-semite”. He forced the integration of private clubs in Miami Beach, which used to be a nice WASPy retreat, but is now a trashy, Vegas-style, muh dik and bling bling hellhole.

    Nothing has changed: both parties are still totally controlled by aipac and the dual citizens. Only a few brave men stand opposed to theses greasy scoundrels and their infernal plans, to include Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie. Those are the real American nationalists, not Kushner et al.

  • The West died long ago, and every time someone claims “capitalism”, communism, democracy, christianity, or (((another common explanation))) killed it I am compelled to laugh. Ironically enough it was the “Faustian spirit” the Spencerian Right praises so much, from which all western ideologies originate, that killed the west. SJWs are bacteria decomposing the corpse, and the refugees are maggots. The Alt-right is a ghost that has “spooked” the globalist vultures.

    This Faustian spirit is the ultimate double-edged sword. If you think the left and globalists and lack this spirit, you are the idiots (((they))) claim you are. The left is the ultimate embodiment of the Faustian spirit. The Far-Right is anti-Faustian to the core, it is why I always took Richard Spencer for a bleeding heart. The left has sold the collective soul to achieve its ultimate goal, the End of History. Yes the Evolian/French New “Right” lunatics, are Faustian but Leftists, especially marxists and trans-humanists are far more Faustian.

    I understand why this author thinks “capitalism” is to blame. What passes for “capitalism” is truly corporatism, the free-market isn’t profitable for the wealthy, so they killed capitalism in its cradle, and incorporated the aspects they liked, as all good corporatists do. Genuine capitalism leaves globalists as vulnerable to creative “destruction” as the working classes. Only the sharpest of entrepreneurs and their friends survive. Buying federal bureaucrats to cheat for them isn’t an option. Eventually the population will have decreased, the average IQs will have increased, and scarcity will be far less of a problem.

    The white working class has favored keeping the mixed economy as well, mistaking kool-aid for red pills. This is because most of the white working class will be replaced by machines, and aren’t cut out for jobs which will be available. Part of this is due to robot fetishism, which is killing japan at the moment, but should pass. Humans prefer humans to machines, it is just a passing trend. Those who are not provided for by producers, or are producers themselves will die off. You will have a hard time convincing people to build an ethnostate anyone who doubts me should read up on Sam Francis. I never understood, why white nationalists seek to preserve the weakest strata of the white race. It reminds me of the feminist trend of taking pride in having STDs.

    Preserving Humanity, Liberty, Knowledge is my primary aim. The white race has always been the best at those things.

  • Patricians, the populus and the vulgus represented 3 different levels, patricians being the aristocracy, the most eminent ones. Today the vulgus rules (political puppet figures all come from this strata). Ceasar was a great patrician, not at all comparable to Trump.
    Alas, today the vulgus (majority) is not able to recognize aristocracy, let alone being worthy of following them.

  • Months ago there was a pervasive view that Trump was somehow “Alt-Right”, even going as far as to say that they were whom his election was owed. The idea actually came from the media as an attack message, though the A-R also believed it from its own perspective opposing theirs. Then I was reassured there was no “immunity” anywhere to the extreme gullibility displayed by groups further leftward (the further left, the more so), similar to the prog’s own garbage about Sanders who was simply their own Trump (and a bullet thankfully dodged).

    The biggest problem was the “Trump slump” – that concerns would have been pacified for years and people would return back to an apathetic state for (probably) two terms. Perhaps even longer if crackdowns on voter fraud and so forth brought consecutive GOPnik victories. The classical libs to whom his election was owed, will be pacified briefly – but not people here. Legal immigration will continue into the US just as it did under previous GOPnik leaders, none of the social rot will be rolled back (though it will be slowed down for a while). Classic libs will go back to their “all American” (whatever that entails) ideals that got them into the demographic mess in the first place, whilst more “natural conservatives” come to “enrich” their country.

    Bring on the end, so that the left will live long enough to eat their own words. The real shame was if it were delayed long enough that they did not see the “fruits” of what they created… it will be very pleasing to see their demise, genetic dead-ends that they are. Everywhere, they’ve got to see their descendants suffering until their bloodlines are no more, after some third-worlder finally puts them out of their misery.

  • Do not underestimate Trump’s intelligence. He talks like a fifth-grader because he needs support, even from the lowest common denominator. I once saw an interview with Rosalyn Carter in which she said that she simplified her speeches by changing all of the “big words.” All good politicians try to keep their communications simple. The media honestly believe that Trump is learning economics as he goes along. I don’t believe it. Trump knew that ending the import/export bank was a bad idea when the promised to do so. Trump knew that China was no longer manipulating their currency when he accused them of doing so. Trump’s embrace of “austerity” is just an opening gambit in what he expects to be a negotiation. I think Trump understands the altright and the altlite, and he may even secretly sympathize with us, but he can not say so. The altright needs to gain support, especially in Congress, before any president will be able to express an affinity with us.

  • It’s time to set aside the savior mentality, roll up our sleeves and focus on the hard work of winning the propaganda war and taking power. In office is not the same as in power. In power means you control public opinion. After pro-whites are in power, politicians will have to be pro-white to get elected.

  • Even Trump’s fans don’t expect him to make America great (“great” being a real country) again. They’re just savoring the fact that a democrat isn’t in charge for four or maybe eight years. By the time he’s out of office, America will still be a third world country with a first world military.

    Americans know deep down that it’s over. No serious person sees “America” as anything other than a big, fat, hopelessly retarded golem for global kikery. The flag-wavers are idiots. America was finished long ago. The country is practically unrecognizable compared to how it was before the 20th Century.

    There’s nothing worth saving here.

    • “There’s nothing worth saving here”

      Disagree. The historical American nation is certainly worth saving and no one can prevent us from doing so. Of course, Donald Trump and the alt-right have nothing to do with the true nation, rather they are enemies of our people. We are the descendants of the Pilgrims and the Pioneers, the true sons of the West. Ellis Island people are not part of our true nation, they can only be civic nationalists and nothing more. It is a gross offense when ethnics try to sully or thwart the essential Anglo-Saxon character of our laws and culture.

      So tell this to Peinovich: We don’t care if you look huwhite. Keep your swarthy, greasy, squinty-eyed, tatar-looking mitts OFF the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Also, there’s no such thing as a former libertarian: either you were born with the love of liberty written in your heart, or you’re just another slavish foreigner (pronounced “ferner”).

    • When I attended kindergarten every child in my class was White. It was that way until 7th grade when Arabs started appearing here and there. By the time I was in high school there were Arabs, mestizos, and negroes. Fast forward and Hizb ut-Tahrir holds a conference where I grew up in Oak Lawn at the Hilton. By the time we get to the present America is unrecognizable.

      Entire towns flooded with illegal mestizos, Turd World refugees, and negroes on Section 8; all of it paid for with White labor and taxes. Places like Ferguson were nearly 100% White just 30 years ago but Section 8 literally shipped in negroes from all over the US and pushed out the Whites that built it.

      Why should I fight to save that “America”?

      What does it even mean to be “American”?

  • America at this point is more like the Soviet Union than Rome. It uses its military and economic might to expand jewish tyranny across the globe, only we call it “democracy.” We were never as honest as Rome was.

  • “One of the most obnoxious legacies of the Trump administration will be the rise of AIPAC as the highest power holder in the country”

    We told you so.

    “The Kushner-Bannon struggle is straight out of the Book of Esther.”

    Yep, we even used the Esther analogy specifically.

    You’re welcome.

      • No one, I’m not in the business of endorsing politicians. Considering that Trump and all the other candidates had the mainstream media and professional campaign staff working to get their message out, I’ve never understood why anyone would use their blogs and social media to just repeat the talking points of professional campaigners. 99% of people aren’t going to hear you over all the noise anyway and you’re wasting what little attention and platform you have essentially doing a ninth-rate copy.

        • Well, it’s easy to castigate others from the sidelines if you didn’t stand for anyone yourself.

          For my part, I didn’t have a single favorite during the primary campaign; I simply recognized that whomever the Republicans picked would likely be better for Whites than the Democratic nominee would. That said, i did point out, multiple times, that Ted Cruz’s “A” rating from NumbersUSA earned him strong attention from nationalists. With Trump now saying that he won’t do anything about “DREAMers”, I think that, in retrospect, Cruz would have been better.

          Perhaps we’ll get a candidate who will challenge Trump from the right in 2020.

          • “Well, it’s easy to castigate others from the sidelines if you didn’t stand for anyone yourself.”

            By “standing for someone” you mean “repeat the talking points of professional campaign staffers I read someone else.”

            Trump is one of the most popular celebrities of my entire lifetime, it required zero courage or insight to simply repeat “MAGA” and post cartoon frogs on Twitter.

            What did take some doing is actually reminding people of Trump’s long standing shady associations not to mention his decade long Likud propaganda campaign from the mid 2000s to today. That actually generated some heat, that was actually controversial.

            It’s easy to stand behind the Celebrity Apprentice and the mainstream media and castigate independent voices who have no institutional support.

            Neither you nor I had any appreciable impact on Trump’s campaign. But I can stand behind my record of bringing up all the issues no one else wanted to bring up. I did my part.

    • Except for his cruise missile diplomacy, Trump is acting pretty much as expected. He is not Alt Right, but he was the right tactical choice for us. Now we can put Trump aside, put the whole nonsense of electoral politics aside, and focus on our own message and agenda.

    • The only thing Trump is being ‘transitional’ on, is taking the United States from an embattled position with AIPAC, to one where AIPAC has unrivalled control and the executive branch is responsive primarily to it and it alone.

      Great job, you guys basically handcuffed your own wrist to Trump’s politically in front of the eyes of the whole world, and now you will have to live with that association forever.

      • The US was not in an embattled position with AIPAC. Obama gave more money to Israel than any previous president and Hillary would have been even more more fanatically pro-Israel than either him or Trump.

        We are not chained to Trump. We helped make him and we can help bring him down. If it comes to it, I’ll even vote for the accelerationist candidate in 2020 to make up for my mistake in voting for Trump.

        • On AIPAC

          The US was not in an embattled position with AIPAC.

          While the US government was awful on this issue before due to rampant institutional capture by Israel, and would have continued to be bad under a hypothetical scenario where you had just disengaged and let Clinton win, the scenario that your pro-Trump intervention into the election has brought about has in fact taken the situation from bad to worse for the following reasons:

          1. Previously Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were articulating a thankfully muddled Syria policy ( ) that was complicated by their desire to simultaneously ( ) wean Iran off of Russia so as to provide an alternate source of energy to the European Union ( ) and enhance the US-China relationship ( ). Obama was also attempting to cultivate Iranian moderates in Iran by demonstrating a stance that was not directly hostile to Iran ( ). Donald Trump has no such complicating factors because he is overtly a candidate that entered the race to undo the Iran deal and slap Iran directly in the face ( ).

          2. Hillary Clinton was a walking nexus of the median average of all the lobbyists for just about every interest in the world that is imaginable. Trump on the other hand is a ‘self-funded’ candidate whose family is Jewish and who was cultivated as a literal Mossad asset ( ). Clinton would have had to balance complex concerns that are mutually contradictory, which would have left open at least the chance of other countries being able to drag her away from the most egregiously pro-Zionist actions. There is no such possibility when talking about Trump ( ).

          3. Hillary Clinton would have brought in Huma Abedin as the most powerful senior advisor ever to exist in the history of the world. Donald Trump would and in fact did end up bringing in Jared Kushner as the most powerful senior advisor to ever exist, with the additional bond that this man is Trump’s son-in-law.

          4. Trump’s economic stances are designed to concentrate economic power inside the United States, the same jurisdiction which is simultaneously being placed under the complete control of Zionists. Hillary Clinton’s economic stances on the other hand are a throwback from the era of the early 1990s ( ), and would have been likely to have further dispersed American power outward ( ) and hastened on a multipolar world. If the ‘Zionist Occupation Government’ is based mostly inside the United States and has considerably less traction in other sections of Europe and in the developing economies of Asia, then surely and economic programme for ‘Make America Great Again’ is literally the last thing that you should ever want to do.

          5. Clinton was a known quantity, not least because her opsec was so bad that all of her emails got leaked onto Wikileaks. Trump on the other hand is going to be harder to counteract because he is completely new on the political scene and neither he nor his staff have been subjected to the kind of collections that Clinton has been over the years.

          So, objectively speaking, you did in fact take it from bad to worse. It’s too late to do anything about it from the inside, though. Stopping or slowing down the Zionist agenda will now mostly be the task of other countries, and as such most of the action will probably end up taking place at the foreign policy level .

          Now that Trump’s in power, there is nothing that any of you can do from inside the United States to place the brakes on what he might do, because you have no institutional framework through which to hold him to account.


          We are not chained to Trump. We helped make him and we can help bring him down.

          I hate to break it to you fam, but there’s a simple problem with that. If you go anywhere in the world, and ask “What is the Alt-Right?”, the first sentence out of almost every respondent’s mouth will be guaranteed to contain the words “White Americans who supported Donald Trump” somewhere in the sentence.

          Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch particularly did just about everything to create that association, and it’s never going away. Your reputation is dead on arrival, your political brand is inextricably associated with Donald Trump in the eyes of most of the world.

          • 1. I never supported Trump’s blustering on Iran, but America’s foreign policy will never change as long as AIPAC exists. It doesn’t matter who’s in office. As for Obama, there were some zionists who were so thrilled with him that there was once an article calling him the first jewish president.

            2. Hillary Clinton is not median anything. She was going to be America’s Merkel, on one hand fanatically pro-Israel, on the other, fanatically pro-globalist for America and the West. The worst of both worlds. Never mind foreign policy, if Hillary had become president they would probably already be trying to dismantle the alt right and all online dissident activity.

            3. Huma Abedin is a Saudi Asset. The Saudis and Israelis are BFFs. Honestly though I’d take her over antichrist Kushner any day.

            4 Seeing as how Trump keeps promoting Goldman Sachs open borderists to high level positions, I don’t really think he’s an economic nationalist, either. He seems no different on this from Jeb or Hillary.

            5. Yes, Clinton was a known quantity. For example if she had been elected, we would be looking forward to one or two extreme-left fringe Supreme Court appointees, maybe a radical Muslim and a black tranny. Goodbye Amendments 1 and 2.

            Now that Trump’s in power, there is nothing that any of you
            can do from inside the United States to place the brakes on what he might do, because you have no institutional framework through which to hold him to account.

            We used social media to build him. We can use social media to destroy him and bring the democrats to power in 2020 so they deliver the killing blow to Amerikwa. In the end, Trump’s election wouldn’t have even mattered in the long run.

            Your reputation is dead on arrival, your political brand is
            inextricably associated with Donald Trump in the eyes of most of the world.

            Reputations change based on actions, and they can change very quickly. Much of the alt right has already turned against Trump. Every article on TRS recently has been openly anti-Trump. On the last shoah, Enoch flat-out said Trump was a stupid man. The alt right aren’t republicans and have no party loyalty.

          • Thank you for that very in-depth and accurate exposition. I totally agree.

        • Disagree – both Obama and Clinton were far, far more critical and put up a much greater resistance to Israel than Trump has or will. In fact, even the second George W. Bush term saw the Israel lobby get spanked.

          While the rest of the GOP only sucks up to AIPAC for money, Trump does it because Israel is family.

          Whether you like it or not, Trump is likely to be the most pro-Israel President in US history, surpassing LBJ.

          • I couldn’t care less about what motivates kwan politicians to support Israel, whether it’s money or family. It leads to the same destination, a bombed-out city in the middle east filled with dead Arabs and American soldiers.

            Trump can be pro-Israel and neutral on America. It’s better than a democrat candidate being pro-Israel and anti-American.

    • I agree. Trump presidency will be defined by the Wall.
      I also believe Kush is going to be a big problem for nationalists. He is not going to stop just at making billions and getting Golan Heights to Israel. I hear he is now discussing killing the internet freedom.

    • Agreed. But I don’t think that’ll be enough, more of a symbolic gesture because I think this asshole is going to increase legal immigration. But we shouldn’t worry because it’ll be “skilled” immigrants from India and China. Oh goodie gumdrops. He also won’t do anything about the refugee swindle either. He hasn’t so far.

      • Under the auspices of the H1-B visa program, more than 1 million Indians and Chinese immigrated to the US.during the Obama year. They are here to stay.
        The Indian and Chinese immigration strangles Whites economically – the main reason while it has been promoted by libshits (plus cucks). Our lifestyle and culture will never allow us to run our families and communities as economic (cheap) as Indians and Chinese. That is why they will work for lower rates and will push us out in the professional work space. Already, many financial and procurement jobs (forget the IT sector) are off-limits to many Whites. The whole Australia All White policy was about this simple true.

          • Spencer said exactly that at Auburn…Illegals often return home, but legals are here to stay, and they’re not coming from Europe.

        • Trump may yet cut back on the H1-B visa program. He is going slow by first ordering a study. He has to contend with powerful corporate interests which are always demanding more H1-B visas.

        • I work in tech for a huge Silicon Valley and several of my Indian teammates are preparing to leave the country thanks to Trump. He’s done a good job keeping his promises here.

        • At least not in universal suffrage, women and third-worlders shouldn’t not be allowed to vote and democracy was invented with them in mind.

    • Even in his speeches mentioning the wall, he made sure to state there’d be a door to immigrants.

      • Of course, he never said anything about stopping everyone. He just wants legality, which is fair, though ineffective.

    • The wall is fine and good, but would never amount to anything more than a symbol. As others are noting, the real problem is the millions arriving by plane, and they happen to be the ones with the intelligence to displace Whites.

      (Mestizos are irritating and do hurt blue-collar Whites, but don’t present nearly the same threat to White power in academia, politics, etc. as do Indians, Arabs, and East-Asians.)

      • Of course. Historically, no wall has ever really worked. It’s about going out of your way to create a large enough deterrent to showcase to the world that you’re taking a stand.

        • Exactly, and for that reason, I’m very happy (as a taxpayer) to subsidize it.

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