The Alt-Right Comes To Auburn

I’ve summed my thoughts on everything that transpired in Auburn:

1.) Antifa – Heading into Auburn, I was dismissive of the threat posed by antifa. From my experience with the League of the South and Identity Dixie, I didn’t have any reason to believe there were more than a few dozen Atlanta Antifa. I doubted many of them would travel to Alabama:

I was right.

The antifa in Auburn were drastically outnumbered by the Alt-Right. They managed to attack one of our guys who arrived late while the rest of us were already either inside Foy Hall or in line behind the barricades. In a 4-on-1 fight, he managed to do this to them all by himself. The bloodied face of Seth Miles Waldon was plastered all over local, state and national media.

We’ve already doxxed two of the antifa who were arrested in Auburn. Because they were unmasked by the Auburn police, I’m told that we now have the rest of their names along with other information about them. We will be publishing that soon. It seems that many of them are isolated individuals who came to Auburn from across the region. They are not all based in Atlanta.

Antifas are a paper tiger in the South. Even in Atlanta, there aren’t more than a few dozen of them and they came to Auburn with everything they had to stop Richard Spencer. The threat posed by antifa violence in the South can be neutralized through unmasking, doxxing, networking and organizing. In particular, we ought to encourage bikers, Three Percenters and militias to come to our events.

By holding events like Auburn, one of our goals is to encourage our supporters from rural areas and small towns to come out and join us, organize and occupy public spaces and put an end to violent antifa trying to dominate our public universities. If we can do it in the Deep South and West Coast, we can do it anywhere.

2.) White Bloc – We called for a White Bloc to come to Auburn to neutralize the Black Bloc. In this respect, Auburn was also a major success. For the first time ever, we had people from every corner and faction of the movement turn out and come together to end the threat of antifa violence in a contested public space. The antifa were drastically outnumbered in Auburn which put a chill on their violence.

Moving forward, it is clear that we need to think more broadly and organize a Free Speech Bloc. When controversial speakers like Ann Coulter come to campuses like Berkeley, the Free Speech Bloc will deploy to provide security, occupy public spaces and act as a deterrent against antifa violence and intimidation. The Free Speech Bloc is only in its infancy and has massive growth potential.

Unlike the Black Bloc, the Free Speech Bloc exists only to ensure that citizens can exercise their constitutional rights in public spaces. The Black Bloc believes in violence, intimidation and destruction of property. While the Free Speech Bloc is a purely defensive measure, the occasional communist might get punched in self defense.

3.) Disruption – As I listened to the Q&A session at Auburn, I kept thinking to myself: discourse controls thought, our discourse is excluded from public spaces like Auburn University, which is why we are politically and culturally marginalized, which is why I am sitting here listening to students parrot this nonsense, and this is also why all these antifa idiots are outside desperately trying to shut us down.

In his speech, Richard Spencer said that he believes words are powerful. We’re thinking on the same wavelength. By coming to Auburn, occupying Foy Hall and giving a wildly politically incorrect speech, we disrupted a norm and destabilized the status quo. In the end, their words and threats of violence weren’t able to dissuade us from this course of action. We accomplished what we set out to do.

4.) Political Correctness – Political correctness is a set of norms that narrows the range of permissible thought and utterances. It establishes what is sacred and profane. It is a cultural disease. The cure for this disease is to repeatedly challenge and shatter its norms in public spaces. If we want to break the grip of political correctness on college campuses, we have to go there and smash its idols.

5.) Organizing – Public events like Auburn are organizing and networking opportunities for the Alt-Right. By coming off the internet and establishing real world relationships, we strengthen our network. This is one reason why antifas try so hard to disrupt our events. We had lots of people show up in Auburn to defend Richard Spencer because of the history of our previous events in the region.

6.) Media Coverage – The Alt-Right got local, state and national media coverage because of Richard Spencer’s speech in Auburn. The spectacle in Auburn trended on social media for hours and will undoubtedly draw new people in the region to our side.

7.) Legal Victory – We owe free speech lawyer Sam Dickson a debt of gratitude. By far the most important victory in Auburn was the legal victory we won in defense of our constitutional right to free speech at public universities. This is a precedent that can be applied elsewhere. See Ann Coulter at Berkeley.

8.) The Speech – The major goal in Auburn was for Richard Spencer to deliver his speech at a public university in space occupied by the Alt-Right and leave unscathed. That’s exactly what happened. We exercised our constitutional rights while our opposition attempted to menace those rights.

9.) Charge of the Snowflake Brigade – As we were leaving Foy Hall, the crowd of snowflakes charged us and the mob ran through us and right past us. It was like being in a Southern snowstorm. No one was harmed and within minutes the snowflake crowd had melted and dispersed. When we started recharging our phones, we saw on social media that the narrative was that “the Alt-Right had been chased off campus.” In reality, we walked from Foy Hall to College Street, took a left on East Magnolia, walked down to Donahue, took another left and got into our vehicles in the parking lot in front of the stadium. We walked across half of Auburn’s campus.

10.) White Student Union – Before we arrived in Auburn, the White Student Union was already distributing fliers and Identity Evropa posters all over campus. The two sides were engaged in a flier war. Unlike Richard Spencer, I only live an hour away in Montgomery and can easily stay in contact with our people on the ground there. This wasn’t a one off event. We’re here to stay.

11.) Target Audience – Our target audience in Auburn was never the snowflakes who attended the speech or who gathered outside of Foy Hall. They were the foil. We were targeting the people who were silent, who weren’t there and who agreed with us. This is especially true of parents and alumni who are thinking about sending their kids to Auburn, but who are unaware of how our universities are changing and becoming more like Mizzou and Berkeley. When I was at Auburn, I didn’t go to any of these events but I watched them at my apartment. I was active on social media.

12.) Helping Each Other – Thanks to your contributions, I was able to buy hotel rooms both for myself and another friend who showed up in Auburn which made us stronger on the ground. The League of the South is raising money for our friend who got arrested after getting into a fight with antifa:

Finally, Auburn is only the beginning. We’re going to see a lot more of this in the future. I can see it snowballing as more speeches on college campuses are booked, the Free Speech Bloc gathers and surrounds the speaker to neutralize antifas and organizing and networking takes place afterwards.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Just got done watching the Richard Spencer speech at Auburn again……..

    What a Great Speech/Sermon……..

    Truly Inspiring……

    More Powerful when I watched it a Second Time………

    There are MANY Great Leaders in the Alt-Right…….

    But, Richard Spencer is the Minister………the Preacher………DEFINITELY……….

    Without Notes……

    … be able to deliver a Speech like that…….with Numerous Interruptions……..

    ……while Tangentially feeding off the Interruptions…….

    …….to build Crescendo and Peak Awakenings………

    Pretty Amazing……

    Mike Enoch’s Introduction was Great also……..

    I’ll be watching this MANY Times in the Future for Inspiration……

  • I wanted to Add Something……

    But, Hunter already covered everything Exhaustively……

    Great Post, Hunter……

    Thank you for your Great Leadership and Courage……..

    And thank you to everyone Online and Offline who have contributed to these Recent Victories……..

    Many of us have had our Blood Drawn and our Bodies and Minds Scarred…..

    …..long before we knew what the Alt-Right was…….

    To Live…… See……….a Movement like the Alt-Right Emerge and Rise……..


    The Feels is Nice…….


  • The Auburn Plainsman, the student newspaper, tried to help push along the narrative established by Buzzfeed reporter Julia Reinstein, that Richard Spencer and the Alt-right were literally “chased off campus” by normie, non-antifa students. TAP didn’t try very hard, though, probably ’cause they know it’s BS. They did this in an editorial with the drama-queen title, “A spirit that is not afraid.”

    I made a couple of pushback comments.

    • Thank you for that……..

      Keep fighting the Lies……..

      You have plenty of Brothers and Sisters on Your Side……

    • Literally Hitler was there on campus.
      I have a channel, Channel Z, and I’d like to invite you to write an OP on Sam Dickson, if you’re so inclined. Doesn’t have to be too long, just a solid intro.
      I’m on a phone or I’d supply you with a link. Just look at my comment history to find it.

  • It seems that Richard Spencer does not think it is enough to just try to save our race. Instead, he wants our race to become great again. He has been expressing this sentiment for a number of years. For instance, he used to talk about putting white people on Mars, etc. To me, this mentality is a sort of trap. It is as if merely saving our race is too boring, and that instead we have to look to great things in the future. If one makes “greatness” the goal, then one runs the risk of putting it ahead of racial survival. This is just the sort of blindness the (((anti-whites))) are good at exploiting.

    • Stop Overanalyzing, Edward………

      When the Vast Majority of Whites……..are Lost…….Divided……..Fighting each Other……

      …..over Nanoincrements of Socioeconomic Status and Facebook Likes……

      ……or how Tan we can get to Resemble Non-Whites……

      ……or how many Squats we can do to get a Kardashian Azz……..

      ……..or how best we Whites can Karaoke Rap Jungle Dance Reflect Clone Emulate………

      …… that don’t get Ostracized by the MTV/VH1 Pop Culture……

      Then, an Alternative emerges……..

      An Alternative……where we accept that the Inter-Familial Hierarchical Hostilities……..

      ….and Perpetual Conflicts……..

      ……need to be Subordinated………

      ……..because Greater Enemies exist…………..

      You and I are Brothers………

      Richard Spencer is our Brother………..

      The Insecure Ego will always detour into Defensive Narcissism……..

      The Greater Feels……..

      ……learns to Reach Out and Transcend and Supersede…….

      …….the Egoic Neurotic Nothingness……..

        • We save our Race right Here…….


          I’m on your Side…….

          So is Richard and the entire Alt-Right……….

          The Alt-Right is Greatness……

          The Alt-Right is Rebellion……

          The Alt-Right is Freedom……..

          The Alt-Right is You……

          Embrace it…..

    • If you haven’t caught on yet, Spencer is theatrical. This comes from his history in threatre. He’s lived a pampered life. His family owns 5200 acres. He probably doesn’t even wash his own clothes, clean up after himself and do any yard work. His is a life of leisure. So he is free to live in abstractions and dreams without considering natural consequences and pragmatism. Such is why he said during his speech that “facts are lame.”

      His idea that Persians are white, even whiter than he is, is curious.

      • I don’t think anyone believes Spencer will end up as some kind of political leader. Spencer is more of an Alfred Rosenberg type intellectual. And Spencer’s privileged upbringing makes his trajectory more and not less surprising. Spencer could have easily chosen a sinecure in academe or a conservative think tank, but he followed his beliefs where the natural consequences mean that he frequently risks physical harm and his own life.

      • I didn’t realize (or had forgotten) that Richard Spencer was involved in avant-garde theater at one time.

        He is playing around with definitions when he says that a half-Iranian woman is whiter than he is. In a way, he has to do this, since his wife is 1/2 Georgian.

        I would count a person with the racial background of that woman as white, provided that she didn’t allow herself to be used as the camel’s nose in the tent, so to speak. I would tell the woman “If you want to be white, then be white, but keep quiet about your Iranian ancestry.”

        You are right about Richard Spencer being theatrical. This is a benefit, in a way. He enjoys the limelight. Also, being well-off doesn’t hurt, practically speaking.

      • and just what has ‘jack burton’ done lately to further the cause? i suggest you focus on the enemy, jack, and actually do something, and not criticize those of us who are actually fighting.

  • That was such a great speech, especially the point about how mistaken we are to think we’ve reached “the end of history”. That fits right in with the ideals of neoconservatives who expected (or so they claimed) to be able to export democracy to the middle east.

    It was also a great point when he brought up how nationalism is the actual challenge to The System, while antifa are actually working for the system. Mike did well pointing that out in his introduction speech. On some level, that has to pain leftists when you paint them as pro-corporate, pro-war shills working for The System.

  • One thing that made me laugh is that the Auburn Police had a Labrador for a Police Dog. What was the Lab going to do, lick the Antifa?

  • Free speech bloc is a better name than white bloc. I expect the fake news media will draw attention to the acronym FSB being the same as Russia intelligence.

  • Hooray for the Free Speech Bloc and especially Cheers for the Lawyers. The more Lawyers, the better. We need a pro-White version of the $PLC. We should be constantly suing Antifa and their collaborators for civil rights violations. We should be doxxing Antifa and notifying their employers of their terrorist activities.

    HW is right that they are a paper tiger in the South, but they aren’t really that big of a deal anywhere else either. They have simply never faced any sort of resistance before except staged opposition from FBI/$PLC funded clown groups.

    Spencer is the perfect guy to be giving speech to college students.

    Let’s also keep a record of the mainstream media sources that were encouraging and justifying the Antifa attacks on Spencer and others. “Journalists” are not highly paid these days and are likely to be susceptible to economic pressure. As they say, speech has consequences. If you’re a “journalist” encouraging political violence, that has consequences. In fact it would be nice to find a particularly odious “journalist” who has encouraged violence and put pressure on advertisers. Companies don’t like bad press and having a company supporting violent Communists isn’t going to play well to their customers.

    • “We should be doxxing Antifa and notifying their employers of their terrorist activities.”
      Let’s start with this motherfucker.

      • We need some people to join Antifa, gather names and info, film them at the events, then when they commit illegal acts, the undercover people can pass on their identities to the lawyers.

        Joining Antifa is easy and fun.

        • A guy named Joey Salads did it briefly at the Battle of Berkeley.

          Its not great. But you might feel like checking it out.

  • We must demand cops be undercover. This way they will be more likely to discover who is and who isn’t violent.

    • You are aware that ADL and $PLC have even infiltrated Police Departments with their ” extremist (IE Anti White) education seminars and pamphlets”?

      I would trust the Cops in Alabama. Not so much in California. Cops in California are told to stand down when the Antifa arrives, they do nothing if an illegal alien without insurance causes a car accident because they have orders to leave illegal aliens alone. Many California cops are utterly worthless, if only because they’re neutered from up above.

      Watch at 3:00 of this clip.

      • CA is corrupt from top to bottom. We can’t even really blame cops because they’re just grunts following orders. If some brave, conscientious white cop decided to arrest a commie, the perp would be let go and the cop would be fired. Shit rolls downhill. So the cops have no freedom to defy authority while keeping their jobs.

    • No cops want to expose themselves to that physical risk. Nor should they.

      I want the cops in uniform doing their job. The uniform is all that protects them from getting knifed or hit with a u lock.

  • Some thoughts.

    We do need a Free Speech bloc and must work with fellow travelers on the Alt Lite to accomplish this. Its amazing to see Carl Schmitt’s Friend/Enemy political dichotomy become reality in the Current Year. The Left are the enemies not only of us on the Alt Right, but also Ann Coulter, the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, the Alt Lite, R/ the Donald, etc. These people won’t care that were White Advocates when were fighting alongside them in the streets. They didn’t in Berkeley. A similar phenomenon happened in Weimar Germany when the Stormtroopers fought alongside Monarchists and Conservatives.

    An Identitarian Law Center must be created to provide legal aid to the men and women of the movement. The Alt Right needs it own SPLC to defray court costs for people like the brave young man who fought off the violent Antifa at Auburn. Our Identitarian Law Center will also advocate for free speech and take on the Marxist universities and Jewish front groups like the SPLC in court. The pending court case brought by $PLC against Andrew Anglin is an important test case, even Gorilla Lawyer has called it the free speech case of the year.

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