Blondie Talks About South Africa

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast talks about the history of apartheid in South Africa and the future of the country.

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast is a conservative millennial dame living in the liberal hellscape of Seattle & speaking out against globalism, feminism, Islam & government corruption.


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  • I was in college during the height of ant-apartheid activism in the ’80’s. College students wanted the people who managed their colleges’ endowments to divest from companies that did business in South Africa. Harvard students built a shanty town on campus to illustrate the harsh living conditions of black people in South Africa. Of course, homeless people moved into the Harvard shanty town. I once mocked the naivete of the Harvard students in one of my college’s dining halls, only to be given the stink eye by some of my peers. I wonder how the liberal former college students of my era feel about South Africa today? Do they know that white people now live in shanty towns, and are being genocided? The vast majority probably do not know what is happening in South Africa, and have not given the country a thought in years.

  • Well done! A very good summarry. A few points though. Hendrik Verwoerd who many consider the father of apartheid was originally the minister of bantu education. It was under his leadership that public education was first offered to africans, a first in their history. It focussed on technical skills as this is what was most needed at the time. With the explosion of the population it was technically difficult to keep pace. Money from white tax payers was used for most of the funding and many of the teachers were white. Living conditions for the bantu in South Africa were better than anywhere else in Africa. Look up the human development index for sa and watch what happened when sa became a “democracy”. This is the irony, the average african is worse off now than during apartheid. The ANC have destroyed the education system, only half the kids that start finish school and even most of those that graduate are functionally illeterate. Our future? If all the white people leave Southern Africa will collapse. Food supply, electrical capacity, medicine is all directly and indirectly dependent on white sa. It will be apocalyptical. The most practical solution would be an independent Cape (geographically the old Cape colony). The world cannot afford Somalia at the Cape point (still a very significant shipping route) in my opinion.

  • Can you recommend any books you know of that give a more balanced picture of South African history than the one we learned about during our school days?

    • Ileana Mecers “Into the cannibals pot. Lessons for America from post apartheid south africa” . She is jewish but a paleo-lib. For an in depth treatment on apartheid from a very blunt perspective (very crass sometimes) mikesmithspoliticalcommentary Opening apartheids pandoras box. Most of the alternative books are written in South African Dutch.

      • Ileana Mercer’s father was directly involved with ending Apartheid. She’s Jewish and refuses to explain the direct role of Jewish migration to South Africa and Jewish involvement in the First Boer War (siding with England) and ending Apartheid. Half a million Litvaks moved to South Africa from the Eastern Bloc. At the time that was close to 20% of the total White population. It was the Joe Slovo who organized the ANC and led the chants “Kill the White farmer” just like his family chanted “Kill the Kulak”.

        All of this is one, big, magical Cohencidence and Mercer is not going to tell us about it.

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