Unsuspecting Antifa Killed By Anti-White Muslim Degenerate

A picture from Kori Ali Muhammad's Twitter page

On April 18th, a Black Muslim, Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, went on a shooting spree in Fresno, California. He killed three White men and injured one other. While being arrested, he shouted, “Allahu Akbar” which translates into Arabic as “God is great”. Muhammad is being charged with four counts of murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

According to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, he does not believe that this crime is an act of terrorism. However, he does believe that it is a hate crime.

Local Fresno newspaper, The Fresno Bee, did a highlight piece on one of the victims, Zackary Randalls. It turns out that when you go to Randalls Facebook page ( link) to pay respects, he has an interesting banner on his Facebook page. Notice the “We Punch Nazis” banner featuring Richard Spencer getting sucker punched by an antifa terrorist.

Screenshot of Randall’s Facebook page

Anyone who advocates for the use of violence against people simply because they disagree with their political ideas is not a good person. Antifa are the biggest advocates of multiculturalism, diversity and open borders immigration. I want to feel sorry for Randalls for being the victim of an anti-White hate crime. I really do. However, if you are going to advocate violence against people like us then my sympathy for you goes out the window. Just think about it, you want to commit violence against the people who are advocating for policies that would have prevented such an attack. Isn’t it ironic? Well, Zack Randalls, you got what you wished for. Consider yourself ‘culturally enriched’.

  • MisterCreeper97

    I don’t know what would be better at this point – RWDS or White ISIS.

  • The thread on /r/Anarchism is 75% about whether or not non-whites can be racist. So predictable.

    • The Possum

      That is hilarious. The cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics are amazing!

      • 66D Chess

        If you do a kinda absolute value of cognitive dissonance, you would have to admit that it is spread pretty evenly among everyone, it’s just the left is more destructive. Humans can’t be completely rational and still be human.

        My hypothesis is that high cognitive function needs to be mitigated as a survival strategy for both psychological and reproductive reasons. I would have to write at least several pages to fill in the gaps for how that works and why it is a reasonable assumption.

        • Stevo Fireshine

          Your hypothesis sounds logical enough in it’s outline even without the several pages,not to say that an expansion wouldn’t be useful of course.
          The phenomena of the anti-white white does appear to coalesce around institutes of “Higher Education” which certainly hints at a victory of abstraction over instinct.

    • ThomasER916

      The autistic White cucks on that thread will die just like Zack Randalls. The only problem is they’re not dying fast enough.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    As I said on another thread, why was Randalls hired by PG&E in the first place? You know damn well our side would be doxxed and fired from a utility company. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We need to start doxxing violent Antifa and get them fired from their jobs.

    And if Randalls was actually an Antifa anarchist, then what the hell was he doing working for a for profit utility company like PG&E. As Richard Spencer has said,the Antifa are not speaking truth to power, THEY ARE POWER SPEAKING.

    • northern_confederate

      Well, he did get fired

      • Krafty Wurker

        People with union protection, don’t get fired for political belief. Doesn’t happen.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Those with leftist political beliefs get protected by their unions. We would never get help from a union.

          • Krafty Wurker

            Tell it to your Rabbi, maybe he believes you.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Show me an instance of a Union running to the defense of a White Nationalist.

            You can’t. Because there are no such instances.

          • justa nothernigger

            thats obviously a fake name, silly goy fuck-tard!

        • northern_confederate

          you missed the point

    • harman1


  • Jarod

    I hope he’s in hell getting pegged by some goat molester.

    • Southernshitlord

      Ha that is almost going too far my man

      • Ike35

        Almost,,,,,,..but not quite.

  • Billy Bobb

    Whites that support cultural Marxism are truly the worst. We do reap what we sow, and Zack Randalls helped sow the seeds of his own destruction.

  • Cobbett

    Hilarious….these mugs don’t realise they are just as hated by blacks/Muslims as the rest of us..fcuk him.

    • Billy Bobb

      Exactly, Zack failed to realize that when Mohammed looked at him, all he saw was a deplorable cracker.

      • Ike35

        These idiots still think that their silly ideology acts as some kinda invisible force field around them that protects them from harm. I suppose this guy broke through it with his durka durka dindu magic.

  • Evolver1

    Sort of like those sci-fi movies where someone tries to share love and kindness with a space alien and gets zapped. Might we have heard this dead White guy say something like: “Hey. Bro, I love Black people and I hate my White privilege, so I’m down with you,” just before he got zapped with a .357?

  • Clark Kent

    White liberals continue to die so other white liberals can make inspirational posts on Facebook.

  • mcgregormax

    How knows, maybe he’s glad that he was murdered by a black Muslim maniac.

    • Aurelius

      I mean… we wouldnt even be able to know, now would we?

      His last thought could have been “I deserve this!”

      • Sewray3000

        it probably was, “i dont deserve this someone else does because i never criticized men that love intercourse with goats”

        • Aurelius

          At the very least he had mixed feelings about it.

  • pgg804


  • From Ohio

    The wages of antifa keep getting lower and lower as this and the Stockholm attack show.

  • Billy Bobb

    Is he getting ready to bite off his wife’s lips in that picture, or what?

  • Jussi Hippi

    Ahahahahaha 😀 That’s too funny

  • Ike35

    Oh the sweet, sweet Irony. In fact it’s so sweet I don’t want to indulge too much or I’m afraid I’ll get diabetes. It couldn’t have happened to a better guy. If someone had to die that day, it was a good day for him. I just wish he was the only one. The other victims may have been normal people, not dumpster fires like him.

  • Removed By Moderator

    Like rain on your wedding day.

  • Dino Bravo Rules

    Feel good story of the year so far. A traitor is not your brother.

  • joe-boston

    Perhaps the one final thing mister Randalls may have accomplished was to help Red Pill other White Race Traitors.

  • harman1

    I am waiting for candles placed as homage to anti-fa?Any piano players handy??
    What bliss,what irony?

  • Southernshitlord

    He isn’t a total waste… he can be used as a bad example

  • Martin

    lol. what a clown.



  • The silver lining is that “Katie” is now single again and back on the market. Maybe she’ll find a real White man with balls this time.

    • Billy Bobb

      She’ll probably go for the BBC this time.

  • justa nothernigger

    like any of these beta male cucks would ever ‘punch” anyone!
    they’d tremble in the presence of real white men, let alone a nahhhhtzeee

  • Jimmy Flounderello

    Perhaps Zack can run an antifa workshop in Hell.

    • Ike35

      I doubt it’s very PC in hell.

  • BooBooBaby

    Omg!! I don’t feel bad for this guy now! I just can’t!

    • Ike35

      Join the club.

  • Ike35

    What the hell is that rock dangling in front of this dindu’s head?

  • Additlike Rabbits

    I don’t think he was antifa. He was virtue-signalling obviously, and it was probably mostly to his wife who seems like a typical public-employee liberal (you can read her FB page which is linked from his). Within our circles, I think some of us don’t realize just how far and wide the Spencer “heilgate” and punching videos were disseminated. Even some of my garden-variety Trump-supporting acquaintances used the videos as an opportunity to counter-signal. “I support Trump, but that natzee got what was coming to him!”

    I don’t have the energy to get into it and write a book-length post, but my intuitive take is this: Mr. Randalls grew up in Fresno in the Mexican invasion. With no way to get his foot in the door in any blue collar field he spent his 20s getting tats and taking meth; hitting bottom he was rescued by an elementary-school teacher wife, had two kids, and at 34 he was just now starting a job at a PG&E call center. Every so often he’d do a little virtue dance for his pozzed wife. I see nothing to suggest he was bashing us with bike locks or LARPing as a revolutionary.

    Antifa sympathizer? Maybe, and that’s bad enough, but his FB page is mostly apolitical.

  • D8532110

    “Friends say Randalls was someone who could sway another’s beliefs in others because of his nonjudgmental attitude.”

    Yes, “nonjudgemental”.

    Read more about the departed hero, including the occasion when he “helped remove children from a mini van that overturned in Fresno”.

    Shooting-rampage victim: Husband, father of little kids and ‘good guy’

  • ThomasER916

    The death of a cucked dad could be the blessing his children needed. When his son goes to school, watches TV and listens to others speak he will be bombarded with excuses for POCs, Muslims, and J’s, while Whites will have blame and shame heaped upon them. His son will be forced to confront the fact that his dad was killed by the people he supported and defends. The cucked and (((apologists))) will blame Whites for “systemic racism” and chalk it up to “mental illness”, ignoring all evidence. Unlike the Shitlibs they hide from effects of Diversity they no longer have that choice. Zack’s children will be forced to either cuck or go 1488.

  • Volksleben

    lol. bummer.

  • Hyena Who is a Punk

    bye bye bitch

  • Allen Fitzhugh

    I’m glad he’s dead. I’d like to find out where he is buried so I can take a whiz on his tombstone.