MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Alt-Right Victorious At Auburn!

Let’s start from the beginning.

The Background

Richard Spencer had been planning the speaking event for several months. It all started when he was contacted by Cameron Padjett, who had invited Richard, and rented the auditorium for 700 dollars. Richard took all the necessary precautions and offered to field the costs in terms of security. The team only found out on Friday that Auburn cancelled the event.

But on Friday, the 14th of April, the event was cancelled for security concerns by the university.

Richard made a Youtube video saying that he would give his talk anyway. What the university was doing was illegal because it was based on a Heckler’s Veto. If somebody threatens to say, blow up a bomb if a demonstration occurs, Federal or State authorities are obliged to provide security and not be intimidated by the threat of violence. It is considered a grievous injury to your personal free speech rights to be denied the right to speak because of a Heckler’s Veto.

The Field Staff

Sam Dickson handled the legal angle. He put together a request for an emergency restraining order against the University. He argued that the rights of Cameron -the plaintiff- were being violated by the university because they allowed a Heckler’s Veto to get in the way of allowing the event to go forward. We also thank Greg, Eli, Matt, and Alexander for handling other crucial security details that day.

A Premature Dox

The night before the event, the Alt-Right team was at the hotel and making last minute preparations. Their location was revealed by the bartender at the hotel who went on his Facebook and revealed Richard’s location. This threw a wrench into the team’s plans as they were forced to leave the hotel early. But no lasting damage was done.

The Court

The trial was in Montgomery, Alabama at the Federal District Court, about one hour away from Auburn, Alabama at 1 pm on the day of the event. It was important to get the verdict for two reasons. The first was that if the judge failed to come through, Richard would be forced to give his speech outside, 100 meters away from where Antifa was expected to rally. This would almost certainly mean a brawl breaking out. The second was that the verdict would secure the cooperation of the police, who at that point were not working with Alt-Right team. The trial took about an hour, with 15 minutes for arguments, a 15 minute waiting period and a 5-minute verdict reading. Cameron was called to the stand and interrogated. Richard was also called to the stand by Sam Dickson.

Richard explained what Antifa was about, and brought up the Alabama anti-mask law. Richard made the point that Antifa used masks to get away with committing crimes. He demanded that the anti-mask laws be enforced.

The southern judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff after an incredibly weak argument made by the defense. They simply had no case. The team quickly rolled out and started driving to Auburn.

The police would have to cooperate, and the speech could happen inside, as planned.

The Speech

About 150 Alt-Righters were in the auditorium for the speech, while some others were left stuck outside. They made up about 1/3 of the crowd in the room. Another 1/3 of the room was hostile.

While the speech was being made, Antifa showed up (bussed in from Birmingham and Atlanta) and didn’t do much. They weren’t allowed to wear masks and that neutered them. Many brought weapons that they didn’t get to use.

But they were a minority in the crowd. Many other groups showed up and held their own protests against Richard, like the SPLC. Classes were cancelled for the evening. About 2000 people showed up, but not all were there to protest. Some were just milling around and gawking at the spectacle. Unlike at Berkeley, the police was actually interested in maintaining order, and the situation remained stable.

After the speech, as it began to get dark, Richard Spencer and the team rolled out of the auditorium quickly and immediately drove away to Atlanta.

The Verdict:

The Alt-Right came together to work like a well-oiled war machine. This was an amazing practice run. We have now proven first at Berkeley and now at Auburn that we cannot be stopped, cannot be silenced and are a force to be reckoned with.

Watch Richard’s speech at Auburn University

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  • Professional, legal, and we looked good doing it.
    On the other side of the fence, we have unwashed profligates screaming and kvetching.

    Keep them cringing Spencer, we’ve got your back.

    • That transgender freak was insulting EVERYONE in the crowd, even people protesting Spencer, by screaming “You’re doing nothing about Fascism, you’re all responsible!”

      But TBH, I think the Negro was just looking for a fight.

      • I’m from the South and grew up around blacks, and it was difficult translating his rambling Ebonics.

        His opposition didn’t make any sense other than just as a display of dominance similar to how cats like to fight each other for no other reason than just to be dominant over the other one.

  • In every state, the altright will need a lawyer who is licensed to practice. I don’t think that every state has a law banning masked protesters.

  • Antifa can be beaten with one simple trick. Executive order banning face masks at protests.

    • That as very amusing to watch them being forced to take their masks off. They acted like petulant children. One fat bitch threw down her weapon in protest, “FINE! I JUST WON’T PROTEST AT ALL THEN!”

  • The National Review slams Richard Spencer…..

    I’ve always been puzzled about the National Review……….

    Exactly what are they?

    What’s their Identity?

    Who are they Fighting for?

    They were Completely Wrong about the 2016 Presidential Election……….

    They relentlessly Attacked White Trump Supporters……

    But, why?

    Who are these People?

    Rich Lowry, Ian Tuttle, Jonah Goldberg, David French, John Fund, Kathryine Timpf, Ben Shapiro, Kevin Williamson………

    Are these People actually Close Friends, a Tribe, a Family, a Closeknit Network??

    I’ve never read one Article of theirs where I’ve felt Inspired to Fight for Something……..

    What is America to these People?

    What Vision of America Inspires these People?

    We’ll all Benefit from Cheap Immigrant Labor and Outsourcing of Jobs for Cheap Products??


    That’s America??

    I forgot…… long as we Bomb the Middle East……..and Defend/Fund Israel……….


    It saddens me to say……

    …..but, it’s just a bunch of University Educated Cuckservatives……..

    ……..trying to earn a Living……….

    …… Reverse Ticking off Nanoseconds ………..

    ………from the March of Time………

    ……….which will eventually Consume Them…….

    …….and their Family Tree……


    • Dude, you missed out on the Alt Right (mostly The Right stuff troll raids) BTFOing NRO during the GOP primaries? We literally took over and turned their comments section into something like the Daily Stormer. NRO had to move to Faceberg comments.

      One fag named Aristotleian1 would always tag our comments with homoerotic crap like @troll @buttplug @bendover

    • They keep claiming that Spencer’s unimportant then write an article about him that’s basically “above the fold” on their “premiere” conservative website. Who’s side are they on?

    • They didn’t “get it wrong”. They are the activist neo con magazine that functions as a denial and deception operation. The CIA JV team of CIA media assets.

      • You also have to give credit to Nathan Damigo and other Alt Righters, even fellow traveler Alt Liters like the Proud Boys, for BTFOing the Antifa in Berkeley last week.

        In the future Reich, Damigo will be Gauleiter of the San Joaquin Valley.

        • Berkeley was an overwhelming victory and those who took part deserve nothing less than a heroes commendation, alt-right, alt-lite, 1488, /r/the donald, everyone

  • What mission did you accomplish? You had 150 people at a speech. The Woman’s March had MILLIONS. There was 25,000 in DC on Easter. WOW.

    • And Pussy hats! Our message of gender inclusion and abolishing misogyny is so edgy and challenging to the Patriarchy.

    • 150 brave souls risking life and limb, standing up for free speech and succeeding > Millions of sheep upset that there will NEVER be a female president.

    • You must be new to this whole political thing that you think you understand eh?

      People have heard your message. Its stupid. Any good you think could have been done was impossible after Ashley Judd went incoherently BONKERS ON STAGE.

    • Hey Becky I thought the pussy hats were cute and I’m totally supportive of the topless chicks and “free the nipples” and that sort of thing. Keep it up you gals are doing great!

    • Yeah a bunch of brain dead women imagining that they are being held down. Same women that can’t wait for Sharia law to come. Then let’s see the patriarchy come back big time!!!!!! A bunch of idiots that have no clue about reality. Western women have it great compared to their Eastern counterparts. Just admit it!!!!!!! You just are self loathing women who want to be men. What is a feminist? A failed woman!!!!!!!!

  • See, not every swing has to be for the fences. You can win the game by hitting singles and doubles. Keep the Alt South University tour going, destroying local antifa cells, winning court cases and destroying the Heckler’s veto, and founding white student unions at every stop.

    One per week, like working for a living.

  • “The Verdict:

    The Alt-Right came together to work like a well-oiled war machine. This was an amazing practice run. We have now proven first at Berkeley and now at Auburn that we cannot be stopped, cannot be silenced and are a force to be reckoned with.”


    Cheers and Congratulations to all the Alt-Righters who contributed to this Success…….


    Great Fin Job……..

    We are all Proud of You…….

    • “God bless Southerners” because Hugo Boss sure won’t. Why do White southern university students all dress so badly? They all showed up in cheap t-shirts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, ball caps and flip-flops. They look like they’re going to clean out the garage or do some house painting.

      Thumps-up to Auburn University otherwise.

      • “Why do White southern university students all dress so badly? They all showed up in cheap t-shirts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, ball caps and flip-flops.”

        Answer: Chad Nationalism.

        The only time these Chads dress up is before an SEC tailgate to watch Negroes chase after a ball.

        • LOL, most of the people weren’t nationalists. He’s just talking about the average person at the uni. Do most uni students always wear suits and ties where he’s from? Sounds like a troll.

          • I’m joking….but SEC Chads really do get dressed up in suits for tailgates, and Trixies get dressed up like Debutantes. Its weird.

          • Sure there’s only tons of pictures on the interwebs of SEC football doofuses and girlies dressed to the nines before and at Negro sportsball games.

          • I can’t say it *never* happens. But I went to a Texas school that’s now in the SEC (it’s been a while) and football games were not suit and tie occasions. If this happens, it’s the exception rather than the rule, unless it’s a recent trend. Besides the fact that it would be stupid to dress like that at a football game, most of the time it’s 95+ degrees.

            However, I’m not disagreeing with the point that too much emphasis is placed on an activity primarily involving illiterate chimps chasing a ball.

          • Texas is not the traditional SEC. i’m talking Bama, Florida, Georgia, etc. And yes, those idiots wore coats and ties in 95 degree heat.

          • You dress for the occasion. If girls want to walk around in oversized nightgown looking shirts then fine but when you go to an event like this one, you should put on some decent clothes. Same for the men. Look the part, play the part.

          • I wear a tie to job interviews and weddings, not public speeches on a college campus.

            > Look the part, play the part.

            The “part” of what exactly?

          • For those who have never been to the South, we have a sub-tropical climate here. It’s very hot and humid so that factors in to what people wear.

          • You’re forced to wear coats and ties humid weather?

            No one in California dresses like that and it isn’t humid…

      • This is the one thing I don’t get. I’m a White identitarian in every way imaginable, but I just can’t figure out the obsession with clothing. I thought we were supposed to care about things men should find important. Coming from a working class Southern family, I can tell you Hugo Boss is not a major priority.

        • I’m not obsessed with clothes at all, I’m just surprised every time I see in video clips how badly White university students in the southern US dress. I noticed it first a few years ago in a clip from the University of Mississippi showing students showing up for the first day of classes dressed the same way they were in that hall at Auburn. The clothes appear to be clean and new but that’s about it.

          • How should an 18-21 yr old dress when walking around campus? And why is that even a concern?

            I’d rather convince them to disavow White guilt and interracial marriage than rag on them about the price of their shoes or wrinkles in their slacks.

      • The only one really dressed inappropriately was the Negress. That’s not unexpected of course.

        I thought it was funny Spencer pointed out how some girls wear shirts so long with shorts that you can’t tell if they’re wearing anything under it.

        • Yeah she had nice legs but she was dressed like a little kid about to go to bed. Almost everyone in that room was wearing the sort of cheap and casual Old Navy clothing one can wear around the house and that’s about it. There was even an older guy in overalls who spoke early on in the Q&A session. Why the hell was he dressed like a landscaper if he knew he was going to a university event in public? It’s like he was a middle class guy wearing blue collar drag. I think you White Southerners have some kind of “just folks” act going on.

          • Not sure what your kvetching is all about other than some kind of anti-Southern bias. Most uni students dress casually. This is not out of the ordinary.

            He had overalls on, but they were clean. Maybe he works for a living?

          • Casual is fine, but going to class in pajamas and frizzy, messed up hair all the time isn’t something to be proud of.

          • My family lives in Alabama though I’m from Mississippi and have lived pretty much all over the place and mean the globe since I left home. I believe that we would do better to look better. But I get that they are college kids and it’s just part of how it is today. Maybe we can change that. Whites wearing European garb would be good for us and not just our image but our self respect and sense of identity. Personally, I went through a phase where I did not own a pair of blue jeans for five years and I felt good about it. I would get disappointed when some elder l respected like David Duke would be seen in acid washed blue jeans. It just looked stupid and desperate.

            Imagine us showing up in button downs, slacks, leather shoes and blazers and the blacks showing up in their ghetto get up with their britches below their ass and the mexicants in their barrio tard clothes. It would be a good contrast and show who was who.

          • That is standard operating procedure for college kids and that goes back to the early 90’s. I was a freshman in 1988 while attending Eastern Mich Univ. The 80’s still ruled and everyone dressed to impress. Yeah we did wear jeans most of the time, but we always tried to look nice. By the time I ended my senior year, kids were just hopping out of bed and going to morning classes in their pajamas. The guys wore ball caps to cover their messy,unwashed hair. It just got worse as time went on. It was the norm by the time I went to grad school a couple years later.

  • I was struck by Peter Brimelow’s warning yesterday. It seems like the sort of concern you don’t want to mention publicly.

    Nonetheless, I hope Mr. Spencer remembers the insider threat. Some of the people in his entourage may be working for the wrong side. They could set him up for something. Our opponents have virtually unlimited financial resources. They can pay for as many infiltrators as it takes.

  • Well done, gentlemen. Very impressed with the
    professionalism and discipline of the security detail. Oh, and Richard’s speech
    was good as well. Also, enjoyed Enoch jumping in and BTFO’ing that Persian

    It’s also interesting that Spencer’s call to ban college
    football brought down more condemnation than anything he said about White
    identity or a White USA. That’s probably a plus in a twisted sort of way.

    Next stop, Pikeville, KY April 28/29.

    • Who wants to learn how to fix cars or plumbing from their dad when you can sit on your ass eating Doritos and drinking Natty Lite watching Negroes chase after a ball?

        • I can somewhat get the attachment for rooting for a college team, its local, you went there for college, even a lot of the Negroes like Bo Jackson are local. What I can’t get at all is rooting for mercenary pro sports teams.

          • I know whatcha mean, it’s one of the main reasons I don’t care for team sports in general. If I watch a boxing match, I can root for one of the guys, always the white guy, or neither.

        • I think your talking about the Holy Irish of Notre Dame. A few years ago a Negro football player raped the daughter of a big alumni family. The poor girl killed herself after the rape—when Notre Dame did nothing.

          Then there’s the “fighting homos” of Penn State and the homosexual scandal that has never been fully investigated. They did fire and prosecute the President of the University didn’t they?

          Or how about West Virginia U, a State with a 2% Negro population and a 60% plus Negro football team. Pathetic.

          • Let us keep adding to the list.

            Pretty sure someone killed or raped a lady and shouted anti white statements this year.

          • Nigball. Just don’t support it. And besides today, how many Whites actually played nigball? Most Whites played soccer or even rugby is coming in in the cities.

    • Dickie Spence forgot to point out that Southern leagues were segregated for the longest time. Southern sports leagues and the South in general were forced to integrate at gunpoint by Judeo-Yankee tyrants.

      I agree with the dislike of niggerball, but leaving out historical context is dishonest. Obviously any white nationalist would ban anything that contributed to interracialism and rape of white women which niggerball sports do.

      • Jack, I can’t think of an SEC coach, who as soon as the “color barrier” was lifted, didn’t go after Negro players like a possum eating shit.

        • Maybe you’re a bit slow, but you must have missed the part where they were forced to integrate.

          They’re forced to integrate and then attacked for integrating. Sounds like you’re the one who’s full of shit.

  • Name the hotel, pussy.

    And Spencer’s next stop should be Berkeley. Let’s cut to the fucking chase. Stop speaking at conservative Southern schools.

    • The message is for white people, and there aren’t enough white students at most California public universities to make it worth his while. What few whites who go to California universities are mostly resigned to living in a facsimile of Latin America. Not to mention white Californians tend not to marry other whites. What is he going to say to a gathering of white men and women who have Asian and Hispanic wives/husbands? These speeches are more effective when directed at students in Southern states or places like Utah.

      • Hispanic is not a race, color or a continent. It’s not even an ethnic group, cultural marker or linguistic group. Literally all it means is that an ancestor has lived in a part of the world where the Spanish crown once ruled.

        Anyway, even outmarrying whites and mixed race people can appreciate a pro-white or at least anti-anti-white message.

        • Fine, how about Mestizo/Castizo. Hispanics know how to play the identity politics game and they typically refuse to identify as white, regardless of how white they are genetically.

      • the counterargument is that the centers of intellectual power are the elite northeast and west-coast universities.

        • Let me correct your sentence:” ….the centers of intellectual power WERE the elite Northeast and west-coast universities.” Not any more. Not for a long time. If that is what passes for intellectual I’d rather be a barbarian.

        • This douche has probably never been out to the Far West. He’s either a troll or an ignorant autiste. Apparently he forgot what happened in Berkeley last week.

  • Congratulation to the team Alt-Right! A very efficiently coordinated event, particularly considering the budget. I am particularly impressed with the number of 150 Alt-Righters in the auditorium.

    Two MAJOR precedents are set: (1) No public university could decline us speeches based on security concerns; and (2) There were virtually no security situations during the event and full event coordination with the authorities.

  • Just imagine, if the right had more childless and unemployed people they could quickly conjure large groups of protesters as easily as the left does. Darn those pesky values of contributing to human civilization! I was very impressed with the “Let Richard Speak” chorus who kept down the hecklers. I tuned in expecting to hear mostly sassy black women shouting everyone down with their sassy blackness, but happily surprised that he got to do most of the speaking.

  • Wonderful job everyone! Thank you to all the people who made this happen, you know who you are, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

    • Fantastic work, as usual, Eli.

      I hope you go on The Daily Shoah, or The Krypto Report, to give your account of the event.

      Your last, guest appearance on the Shoah was extremely informative and entertaining. — You do a great job on podcasts.

      Thank you for all of the work that you do for our people.

      Hail Victory, brother!

  • Can we get Sam Dickson up to Montana to fight off this bullsh!t suit from the SPLC against Andrew Anglin?

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