Why Is The Cleveland Killer Still On The Loose?

There have been a string of non-stop happenings in recent days. This one may have slipped past your radar:

The suspect, identified as Steve Stephens, fatally shot 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr., an apparent random victim, in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sunday.

In a rambling video, Stephens said, “I snapped, I just snapped.”

In the video, Stephens blamed a former girlfriend he had lived with, saying he woke up last week and “couldn’t take it anymore.” But in a statement Monday, the woman shed little light on what might have gone wrong and said Stephens was good to her and her children.

A reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to his arrest was offered Monday.

I figured that there was little point in writing this story up. I expected him to be quickly found, and probably shot. If anything, I was betting on BLM making a big deal about his inevitable death and that the real story would be there. Imagine the headlines if BLM was stupid enough (they are) to side with the killer. But this has not yet come to pass, and the killer is still at large. 

The Sunday night Facebook killer – who posted a video of himself on the social network shooting an elderly man in Cleveland – remains at large for the second consecutive day as authorities appealed to the public for help in the case. Police said they have received “dozens and dozens” of tips and possible sightings of the suspect, Steve Stephens, and tried to persuade him to turn himself in when they spoke with him via his cellphone on Sunday after the shooting.

What is remarkable is how a nation that allows incredible surveillance of its populace still hasn’t managed to find this man. Weren’t we promised that all the extra security measure would keep us safe? Is any of it helping us deal with random attacks from the Diversity?

Or take Facebook for example. We reported earlier about Zuckerberg’s open letter stating Facebook’s commitment to controlling the narrative. Here is one of the reasons that Zuckerberg gave for its censorship policy: 

There are billions of posts, comments and messages across our services each day, and since it’s impossible to review all of them, we review content once it is reported to us. There have been terribly tragic events — like suicides, some live streamed — that perhaps could have been prevented if someone had realized what was happening and reported them sooner. There are cases of bullying and harassment every day, that our team must be alerted to before we can help out. These stories show we must find a way to do more.

Well that’s strange. Looks like Facebook dropped the ball on yet another affirmative-action murder uploaded to its platform… I mean if you are going to cite safety as a reason for banning “fake news” accounts, like some overwrought elementary guidance counselor, wouldn’t it make sense to follow through on the pretext you gave? Otherwise the mask slips, and people are left wondering. “Why is Facebook and the surveillance state so good at stopping crime-thinkers, but not stopping the Dindu on a killing spree?”

The age of smartphones allows us to see reality as it really is. And this terrifies the gate-keepers of information. If the public should ever learn the truth about the destructive nature of the Diversity, and who the mass surveillance apparatus is really directed at…Well, you know the rest.


Update: He killed himself.

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  • One of the channels I regularly watch has posted a video that deals with the Facebook “murder” event. The first 9 1/2 minutes are just excerpts from news programs. The narration begins after that.

    You can see how the supposed next-of-kin act in an unnatural way, the same as in the Charleston church “shooting” event.

  • It’s funny, I remember watching Richard Spencer on the Roland Martin show trying to defend the ALTRIGHT movement as non-racist. In a perfect example of actions speak louder than words, the post about this murderer is littered with racial slurs about the killer which ironically attacks his race and not his actions. Ironically also disrespecting the victim as well. Effectively proving what everyone outside the ALTRIGHT already knows about the ALTRIGHT.

    • Give more specifics on Richard Spencer defending the alt-right as “non-racist,” and I will try to explain the disconnect.

      You have to define “racist” before saying something is or is not “racist.” Most people on the alt-right believe that there are innate average differences in intelligence and other behavioral characteristics between races. We also believe that whites should define their group interests as whites and stand up for their group interests, specifically.

      What in the article do you find to be “racist?” The term “dindu?” I think that term goes back to the Ferguson MO fiasco, in which the BLM-type protestors claimed that the black man who got killed “didn’t do nothing.”

      I generally avoid racial slurs, but not always. Part of standing up for white racial group interests is defending our right to use our own terms for nonwhites. We don’t want nonwhites to have veto power over what terms we can use. That said, I wouldn’t use the term “dindu” as liberally as the author of the article.

      • “Give more specifics on Richard Spencer defending the alt-right as “non-racist,” and I will try to explain the disconnect”
        – He literally said those exact words. Go to Youtube and watch the whole exchange for yourself. Type “Richard Spencer on Roland Martin show” you will have no problems finding it

        “You have to define “racist” before saying something is or is not “racist.” ”
        – I am using the term as defined in the dictionary. Racism simply is defining that someone in inferior based solely off the fact that they are a specific race. The beliefs of the ALT right are inherently racist by definition including the one you just provided. I personally don’t care about you standing up for your “group rights” whatever that means. What I do have a problem with is you or anyone else judging me or my kids based on their skin color and not by the character of their person. That is bullshit. Especially because I am black and clearly intellectually superior to the majority of people on here who claim superiority over me because of my skin color. My IQ has been consistently measured in the 135-140 range so my claim has scientific basis not just perceptional.

        “What in the article do you find to be “racist?” ”
        – I dunno, maybe the use of racial slurs which have nothing to do with the perps motives for the killing or the killing itself. For instance, why call him a Dindu? Not one person including the perp has claimed he didn’t do anything? Secondly, they called this an “affirmative action” murder. Again, another mindless racial attack for no other reason than racism itself.

        “I generally avoid racial slurs, but not always.”
        – Which is why I find it ironic that your “leadership” who publicly represents you tries to paint you as anything other than a racist group.

          • “It’s easy to claim anything on the internet, troll.” – Lol that pretty much sums up the entire ALTRight movement.

        • He literally said those exact words. Go to Youtube and watch the whole exchange for yourself.

          The video is a half hour. If you can find the time in the video where Mr. Spencer says “the alt-right is not racist” then I will watch it.

          Racism simply is defining that someone in inferior based solely off the fact that they are a specific race.

          As Mr. Spencer says, racial differences are real. The average IQ for black Americans is 85, while the average IQ for white Americans is 100. On the alt-right, we realize that this must be caused by innate genetic differences between the races. We also advocate against miscegenation. Regardless of whether a black individual has a high IQ, if a white has children with this person then the children will be in the wrong “gene pool.” High IQ blacks can be viewed as the thin end of the wedge, so to speak, and we don’t want that wedge to be pushed into our gene pool. There are other reasons to oppose miscegenation. The IQ issue is just one of them. We also advocate against whites race mixing with Asians, since that dilutes our racial identity and makes it more difficult to survive as a race.

          By the way, I posted a conspiracy-minded video in the comment section for this article. You can watch it to get an idea of what I am talking about, as far as hoaxes.

          • “The video is a half hour. If you can find the time in the video where Mr. Spencer says “the alt-right is not racist” then I will watch it.”

            – Seriously? You seem smarter than most on here, you should be able to sit through a 30 minute video if for no other reason to further educate yourself. I lead the horse to the water, I am not going to purify and feed it to you as well….

            “As Mr. Spencer says, racial differences are real. The average IQ for black Americans is 85, while the average IQ for white Americans is 100. On the alt-right, we realize that this must be caused by innate genetic differences between the races. ”

            – There is an interesting thing about your ideology. It also explains why you so readily believe conspiracy theories. Everything down to the very basis of your ideology is based on the logical fallacy’s of false equivalency and confirmation bias. Your arguments only sound valid at face value. This is why you never attempted to respond back to our earlier argument when I proved using real life verifiable examples that the Government does in fact suck at keeping secrets. There is a reason why American Blacks score lower, on average, on standardized testing. All you people do is take numbers without using any context or critical thinking. That itself is a sign of low intelligence. How are average IQ numbers created? There is not a significant enough sample size of people to draw accurate average IQ numbers based on actual IQ tests. So standardized test scores are used. The problem with that is that poverty and low test scores go hand in hand, even with whites. Blacks in America have a higher rate of poverty than Whites. They have consistently lower quality of schools in majority black neighborhoods. A more genuine way of comparing IQ would be to compare impoverished whites to impoverished blacks. The scores would be statistically within a small standard deviation of each other. Another reason why your “logic” fails is because it doesn’t explain why blacks in other cultures score much higher on standardized exams. Why is it that so many Nigerian’s who come here end up being doctors and scientist? If race was a true scientific concept then there would not be such huge variations among races in different ethnicgeographic locations. Your logic is based on blatant ignorance, lies and pseudo-science.

            “By the way, I posted a conspiracy-minded video in the comment section for this article. You can watch it to get an idea of what I am talking about, as far as hoaxes.”

            -Thats funny you won’t watch the video I posted but you want me to watch yours. “Doctor heal Thyself”. BTW I already watched your video..

          • Some of us on the alt-right are awake regarding non-racial hoaxes and false flags. Most are not, however.

            I don’t buy your argument about black doctors, etc., but I don’t want to get into that here. Your arguments have been refuted many times over at AmRen. You have political correctness on your side. The reason why so many people believe what you believe about race is because they are taught it all their lives and because anyone who dissents in public faces persecution.

          • “Your arguments have been refuted many times over at AmRen.”
            – I honestly don’t care about anyone refuting my “argument”, this is a well studied and well documented topic by those who are much more knowledgeable about the topic than you, I, or anyone over a AmRen. This is a provable fact. As typical, you can’t specifically refute anything I said. Your MO is to throw out the baby with the bathwater in any conversation where you disagree with anything said. That is NOT how intelligent debates are done. I am not “everyone” and I am not average. I don’t care about political correctness for the sake of political correctness itself. If you have a controversial argument that you can speak intelligently on and provide verifiable proof as backup I won’t do what you do and arrogantly dismiss your entire argument. You are continuing to prove my original point about not being able to go into detail about any of your assertions.

          • I can refute what you say, but I don’t want to bother. Even if I did spell out my arguments, you would not accept them. That is why I referred you to AmRen.

          • That is not true at all. I already told you, I respect sensible arguments that use factual data and supporting evidence regardless if I agree with the topic or not. Facts are facts regardless of your opinion. So far you have not even attempted to explain anything. You just make random general assertions and then when challenged on anything you either change the topic or come up with some excuse as to why you don’t want to further discuss. That is pretty lame for someone who is supposed to be “woke”.

    • Dylan Roof killed 9 black older women and men because they were black. Recently a man went to New York and stabbed a unarmed man to death with a sword because he was black. You want to compare racial killings, I promise it won’t get you anywhere. As far as your false equivalency posted above, one has nothing to do with the other. The ALTRIGHT is nothing more than a bigoted movement full of ignorant followers who follow a man who basically amounts to a less harsh Alex Jones.

        • Translation “I have no way to reply with intelligence so I will result to an overly used internet buzzword.”

          • I like many here feel no need to reply to you. We’ve heard it all before and we reject it. This is a alt right site, hence the name. You’ll win no hearts or minds here with your bullshit. So be a dear and piss off or you could be a real pal and off yourself like your dindu buddy did mmmkay.

          • “I like many here feel no need to reply to you. ” – I guess that explains why you have now responded 4 times, this latest which is a paragraph long.

            “We’ve heard it all before and we reject it.” – The creed of every idiot that has ever walked the face of the earth.

            “You’ll win no hearts or minds here with your bullshit.” – If you read what I wrote that was never my intention. Just calling you on your bullshit. Nothing more and nothing less.

            “So be a dear and piss off or you could be a real pal and off yourself like your dindu buddy did mmmkay.” – Since you only seem to understand simpleton talk I’ll just end it with a simple “make me”.

            I look forward to the next reply you don’t “feel the need to reply” with lol.

  • While the killing of the elderly black man is sad, I wonder if he would have been one of those blacks who say that too many young black men are being locked up by evil white people. Glad the perpetrator is dead–good riddance!

    • Typical white racist. Makes a faux plea of compassion followed by a manufactured and ignorant bigoted reference about the victim. I would honestly respect your type more if you just cut out the fake feelings and just spoke how you really felt.

      • I’d respect your type more if you’d just piss off. Go prep your wife’s black bull you worthless cuck.

      • What’s your zip code? How close do you live to feral Negroes? Call me a white racist all you want, but what choices do you make when real consequences are on the line?

        • As typical of your type your ramblings make little sense. I grew up in Washington DC and currently live in MD. I have had the pleasure of living around diverse races and cultures. Was there crime, yep. The majority of the perps where I grew up in DC were black. Guess what? The population was 80% black. Now that I live in Maryland, the neighborhood I live in is much wealthier. Is there crime, yep. The perps have been pretty mixed, a majority white males. Its almost as if crime is commited by perps who represent the race/ethnicity proportional to the population of the environment. What a foreign concept.

          • Exactly as I suspected. You fled feral Negroes in DC for Whiteopia. I’m guessing Montgomery County, probably not Prince George’s. And, yeah, the perps in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, and Germantown are more white, except, of course the crime levels are probably a quarter of what they are in Anacostia or Southeast. When real consequences are on the line, you move away from Negroes. I actually don’t criticize you for that, but at least recognize that’s what you’re dong.

          • I must say you are the master at making stuff up, but in order to believe in racism and to validate your beliefs you pretty much have to. I lived in D.C. when I was growing up. After college I got a job in MD and moved to Germantown close to where I worked. Now that I am married and making good money, I moved further north for 3 main reasons, none of them having anything to do with race. The first was cheap land. The further north you go the more bang for the buck you get for your house and a nice plot of land. Secondly it is closer to my current job. Lastly I moved so that my children can go to one of the best schools in Maryland period. My neighborhood is very diverse. Both of my direct neighbors are black. I also have two white police officers and a black state trooper on my block. Across the street are two Indian families. Are the crimes lower where I am, yes of course. First of all I live in a rather upper class neighborhood. Crime and low incomepoverty go hand in hand. Secondly, I live in a much lower population density area. It is also well understood that crime levels increase as population density increases. This is why inner cities tend to have the highest crime rates and sparsely populated rural areas have lower crime rates. Educate yourself and free your mind of stupidity and ignorance. You seem smart enough to do it, your problem is what MLK described as willful ignorance.

          • A more nuanced picture begins to appear; you’re slightly more delusional than I thought but still making essentially correct life choices. If you grew up in DC you grew up in northwest. That’s so white that there’s a secession movement that’s seeking to join Montgomery County. Germantown, then–good move, I’d avoid Rockville Pike as much as possible. But when you move for “better schools” (even with your present income you probably can’t afford Sidwell Friends or Georgetwon Prep) you’re putting your children in schools in which they won’t be harassed by chocolate imps or the progeny of squat monsters. The land is cheapter but zoning makes sure housing prices stay high enough to keep the feral Negroes and Mestizoes out, at least until Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing puts a Section 8 development smack dab in the middle of your whiteopia.

            Crime, especially violent crime, is cause neither by poverty nor high population density. Singapore is quite safe, as is Hong Kong. The poorest counties in the United States are in Appalachia and are not particularly violent, even though gun ownership is virtually universal). The Great Depression didn’t produce a crime wave. You are correct that White America is presently suffering from a drug use epidemic, although it seems to be mostly a phenomenon of whites without college degrees. Whites are becoming demoralized by the present Cult of Negro and Other Minority Veneration–something you engaged in by virtue signalling about your diverse neighborhood. Add to that the fact that the Mexican drug dealers prefer to sell to relatively docile Whites in rural areas and small towns, rather than to violent inner-city Negroes.

            You brag about your diverse neighborhood. But you’re realistic enough to notice that your black neighbors aren’t especially smart, and have figured out that they’re probably government employees or racial-preference hires in the private sector. You make sure to lock the doors behind you and when you go out if their relatives are visiting from PG County, and especially if they’re from Baltimore or DC. You find it reassuring that some people in the neighborhood are cops and know how to use the sidearms they carry concealed, even when off duty. You’re secretly concerned that the children of the Indian family will get into a better college or university than your own children because of their diversity points, and the fact that there seems to be a network of these Indian subcontinent people. that just doesn’t exist for you.

            The last stanzas of a poem, Newsreel, by Cecil Day Lewis remind me of you

            Out of the dream house, stumbling,
            One night, into a strangling air,
            And the flung rags of children,
            And thunder of stone Niagras tumbling,
            You’ll know you slept too long.

          • Its cute, you have quite the imagination. Again your entire argument is based on false equivalence, red herrings and some blatantly made up crap you pulled out of your rear.

            First up I grew up in Southeast and then later North East. I grew up in what you would consider the “hood”. Secondly and ironically, both of my black neighbors including my self, are computer programmerengineers. My white neighbor who isn’t a cop is a manager at a restaurant in D.C.. My household income is over 200k a year so I could afford to send my kids to either school if I choose but since I attended private and public schools growing up I know that a good public school can offer virtually the same benefits without spending thousands of dollars. Your entire first paragraph is nonsense.

            “Crime, especially violent crime, is cause neither by poverty nor high population density. ” Nobody said poverty or population density “caused” crimes, it is directly correlated to the rates of crime and the types of crimes committed most often. I am not even going to argue with you on this because there are so many statistics that prove this to be the case that in order to believe otherwise you purposefully ignoring said evidence. You mention Appalachia which I find as hilarious. Appalachia is very poor that is no doubt. The rates of violent crime are about half the national average. However, again you are playing the semantics game. Drug dealing, drug use, welfare fraud ect.. are all rampant in Appalachia. All crimes last time I checked. All of these crimes seems to be directly related to poverty. What does Appalachia lack though? High population density. Also, the culture and geography of Appalachia are much different than in a urban environment. Many people in Appalachia still use wood and hunt their own food. Even though they are poor, many don’t have to resort to stealing for food. It’s also not convenient to rob people who not only has as little or less than yourself but live far apart from yourself. That is why drug use is so rampant instead of murder or other violent crimes. Your example of Hong Kong is even worse. First of all Hong Kong has one of the most elaborate organized crime in the world. Also, Hong Kong might have a high population density but you are completely ignoring the fact Hong Kong is far from being impoverished. Also, in China, private citizens are generally not allowed to own firearms. Most murders in the inner cities you are comparing to are committed by guns.

            Lastly, after reading your last diatribe I have come to see that you seem to assume I am white which I am not. I am black. It seems that the way I write and my knowledge triggered your stereotype driven mind to assume my race. This just proves everything that I said to be correct about race and intelligence. Without a face, you had nothing to validate your ignorance. You are a sad person to have such potential but wasting it brainwashed with others who are clearly much less intelligent. There is not an intelligent person on earth who actually believes wholeheartedly in racism. Those who run these movements such as the ALTRight use those who are unsuccessful to push their agendas by taking advantage of their situations and giving them outside sources to scapegoat.

        • Here let me speak in your native tongue commonly used by racists and 5 year olds, “Make me”.

  • why is facebook trying to stop the think-crimer and is yet to have a gameplan on stopping the wild dindu?

    that is because the system, facebook, the gov, globalists, have all made an artificial dindu world for him to roam domesticated in… If we went forward as a society with the alt-right propositions believe me every dindu and his cousin would be going ape, I mean reverting to their natural violent state. This facebook killin twas a mere anomaly, but it wont be, if we do not continue to offer affirmative action and public displays of white humility.

  • At least he did one final courtesy for us by putting the gun to his own head.
    Usually the Dindus won’t even do this one small favor.

  • The “victim” shown in the video is an elderly black man. I put victim in quotes because I don’t have an opinion yet as to whether this is a real shooting or a hoax. There are plenty of videos claiming this is a hoax, but none yet from any channel that I regularly watch.

    My advice in general about over-hyped events like this is to not get too worked up. Lets concentrate on the real crime statistics and not just over-hyped events, many of which are hoaxes, in my opinion.

    • You mean that the black victims are hoaxes and the white victims are real? How can you ever think objectively with that kind of standard ?

        • Its not overgeneralizing. You are making a extremely ignorant comment based on not one shred of evidence or fact. That is what makes your type so insufferable. You make wild claims and feel no intellectual responsibility to prove anything you say. All facts show that it is real. Anyone with a brain takes the available information and forms an opinion based on what is available. IF facts appear that counter the original narrative then intelligent people evolve their opinions dynamically. There is zero credible evidence to suggest this is a hoax outside the twisted minds of Alex Jones followers (who btw just admitted in court he is playing his followers for the fools we always knew they were).

          • Read Darius Washington’s comment again. He was clearly overgeneralizing in assuming that I think black victims are hoaxes and white victims are real.

          • I don’t watch Infowars. I watch other conspiracy-minded channels on YouTube. I think that many high-profile sensationalized events are hoaxes and/or false flags, including many mass shooting events and terrorism events.

            Alex Jones is regarded as a gatekeeper/shill by sincere conspiracy analysts.

            I am undecided about the Steve Stephens event.

          • How can you be undecided without any valid evidence to point that the official narrative is false. I can’t think of one single reason why this event would have been manufactured. If you watched the killing video you can see pretty clearly it is real. To suggest otherwise is blatant disrespect towards the victim and his family unless you have concise evidence to lend credence to your assertion.

          • I am undecided because I believe, based on evidence, that many high-profile shootings have been hoaxes. Given a high-profile and hyped crime like this, I do not rush to either conclusion, since so many have been hoaxes.

          • Please give me one shooting event similar to this that was a hoax. ” If this event is a hoax, then the intention of the hoaxers is to provoke an emotional response in a wide audience. ” – I’m sorry but I am going to have to call absolute bullcrap on this. So you are telling me that “someone” spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire random actors to perpetuate this event, paid off multiple local PD’s, and the FBI to simply invoke an emotional response? That is probably the most halfassed attempt at a conspiracy theory I have ever heard. Do you actually hear how you sound? People in general suck at keeping secrets. There is no way something like this could be orchestrated on such a scale that nobody would mess up or leak such a conspiracy. That is not even touching on the fact that the motive makes absolutely 0 sense. Someone who is richpowerful enough to becomes that richpowerful would not have becomes so if they made such stupid decisions.

          • “People in general suck at keeping secrets”

            Not true. The government specializes in keeping secrets. Go up to someone with a top secret clearance and ask him to tell you what he does for a living. Secret societies keep secrets too.

            I am not going to respond to the other things you wrote, since it is getting off-topic and you are using abusive language.

          • Really asking to give an example of the “many” fake shootings is off topic in a convo about fake shootings… Also what did I say that was “abusive”? The truth is conspiracy thoerist can only thrive on a lack of details. That is why you deflect and dodge when pressed beyond generalized statements like “the government”. Btw, people trusted with highly classified information leak it all the time. Ever heard of wikilinks or Eric Snowden? How about the countless white house leaks. All people in the “government”. Your statements cant stand even simple scrutiny. I guess if thats what you call abusive then maybe being a conspiracy theorist isnt 4 you.

    • I wish he had made a video killing himself. At least taxpayers don’t have to shell out money to keep this baboon fed. And we all know that baboons are the stupidest, ugliest, smelliest ape of them all.

  • I bet it’s really easy for a black man to hide among his peers, even if he’s killed someone. They don’t care about anything but getting white people to pay for their upkeep. And when it comes to those cameras, I guess it can be quite hard for them to tell those dark-faced blacks apart. 😛

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