Visiting Auburn

I did some recon on the Auburn University campus this evening:

It was already like this when I got there which was about 5 PM this evening.

Someone had distributed tons of these sticky fliers all over Auburn’s campus. By the time I got there, many of them had already been ripped off, torn, covered up or written over with political messages. Clearly, there are two groups contesting public space. It appears that Kek has an underground following at Auburn University which isn’t surprising. There are White Student Union and Identity Europa fliers cropping up on campus. I didn’t see those while I was there, but the opposition has posted photos.

Note: As I write this, we have people converging on Auburn, AL from all directions. Auburn is shaping up to be a major Alt-Right event and if you can be there tomorrow evening you ought to come check it out. We’ve seen some antifas claiming to be on the ground now.

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