HAPPENING WATCH: Spencer Vs Antifa At Auburn

The moment has come. Join the Livestream to see Spencer’s rally for free speech at Auburn University.


First blood has been drawn.

The guy in black is probably Antifa. Apologies for the hasty screencap. It all happened so fast. A brawl broke out in the middle of the square between a blue-shirted guy and a black- shirted guy. Details are as sketchy as my screencap.


The University caved to a judge’s order, and Spencer’s speech will go on as planned.


Antifa has arrived. They look are just drumming and making fools of themselves. The University students who are there to protest Spencer don’t seem to be responding to Antifa’s rousing call to “storm the university.”

The face of Antifa


A better picture of the bloodied Antifa? supporter from the earlier fight in the square.


He looks like a big guy


Red Ice has a good stream up:


Apparently the police forced Antifa to remove their masks. This may explain their lackluster showing. Alabama police don’t mess around.


Sam Dickson is speaking. Thanks to his legal help, Richard was able to speak.

There appear to be hecklers in the audience.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Richard Spencer has taken the stage.


The speech is over, and now the nighttime festivities begin.

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  • First of I’d like to thank Richard for all he is doing and I wouldn’t be involved in this without him. However having just listened to the Auburn speech for the first time today I have a bit of constructive criticism to make. I’d like to acknowledge the difficulty faced and bravery needed so I don’t want to be seen as diminishing the efforts of those involved. You are all doing more than I am though I am working towards something.

    First off the delivery was a little too snarky at times, I don’t know how this comes across to the immediate audience but listening to it it did grate at times especially when Richard adopts different voices to imitate his opponents.

    Secondly, I think he labored too much on football. I agree with his point but he seemed to go too long with it. Banning football seemed a bit stupid to say. Perhaps this is because of the audience or venue that it was worth emphasizing.

    Thirdly, trying too much to empathize and then antagonize black people which just comes across as fake. From what i can see is that black people don’t want our sympathy or our understanding, they just want to know if the alt-right is threat to them and their interests. My answer is that we will leave them alone to solve their own problems. Mutually assured separation from them is what we offer. If they can’t accept that they ought to asking themselves why.

    Fourth, Throwaway statements like “history wouldn’t have happened without us” is easily refuted and doesn’t score any points. Generally when trying to get some sympathy out of hostile crowds self aggrandizement doesn’t help. We know Richard is proud of being white but perhaps reigning in “the greatness” statements would better serve to allay fears that you’re a supremacist.

    Fifth, the grandiose evangelizing towards the end about reaching for the stars just sounded a bit “out there” and detached from the speech. He needs to bring it back to earth a bit more. Talk about what ails the white race, suicide, drug abuse, degeneracy and then ask “Why aren’t we at our best.” That’s what i think our message should be. The alt-right is for whites who want to be at “their best”, it is not that whites are inherently “the best”.

  • Glad to see the security guys and cops kept things cool. It would be a shame if Richard had to bring in some Russians:

      • Russia has lots of organized crime problems and violent Muslims. Read about the Chechens, before the Russians “civilized” them, Chechens were universally regarded as slave trading savages who would sell their own sister down the river.

        • Neither Chechens nor any other ethnic group in the Caucuses area would ever sell their sisters up or down the river. However, the practice of robbery from neighboring people (“nabegi” – Russian) was quite common before the establishment of the imperial rule.

      • This is what a low trust society looks like. People are much more likely to look to solving their own conflicts and meeting out their own justice with the means available to them.

  • Brad’s old school newspaper “The Plainsman” has the best audio and video of the event on YouTube.

  • Richard Spencer’s comments about football are more relevant given the death of Aaron Hernandez.

  • A fantastic speech by Spencer and a fantastic courtroom win by Sam Dickson. The two wins together make the Auburn event much more than just a publicity stunt; it was a matter of putting a flag back in the ground. Spencer reinforced that point when he pointed out how sick it is to worship football stars you wouldn’t have in your home. It reminds me of the Front National slogan, “on est chez nous!”, ie “we are at home!” or “this is our home!”.

    You can hear them chant it around the 50 sec mark in this 360 degree video:

  • Where’s the next Spencer speech? My Guess is UVA….he can’t go back to UChicago or Duke because they’re privates. Chicago even banned Ben Shapiro!

  • This was great. For too long, many of us who are pro-White just accept it when our rights are violated. We must start using the law for our benefit as was done here. Having Sam Dickson step up also shows the power of networking among our people. Great work by Dickson and Spencer!!!!

  • Most of you probably know who Sam Dickson is. But if you don’t, he is one of the greatest “old war-horses” of our movement, a quintessential Southern (Georgia) lawyer who has been fighting for the white race since before most of you were born. Today it was a case where a member of the Old Guard came to the aid of a member of the Young Guard, and together they won a huge victory for our cause.

    FYI, Sam Dickson will be giving (as he always does) the final speech at the American Renaissance conference in July. He is a marvelous speaker.

    So if you haven’t already, save up your shekels and register for the conference!

  • Should not have said facts are lame. Too easy for the enemy to grab hold of that in counterpoint.

    Otherwise a good effort. And he said exactly what needed to be said about degenerate Southern / Auburn football. Seemed to enrage the normie students, but somebody’s got to pull them off the tit – they’re going to throw a tantrum, but they’ll get over it.

    • Jared Taylor tried the logician, fact based approach. If the Alt Right learned anything from Trump, it’s that we must appeal to emotion.

      • Jared Taylor succeeded with the logical, fact based approach. But the times weren’t as favorable for him as they now are for Richard, so his successes were not as spectacular. But he laid the foundation for what Richard is doing now, as Richard has acknowledged.

        However, although I criticized Richard for that one statement, I acknowledge he has his own way of talking about these subjects, and he is very good, and very successful at it.

        • I think Richard is best in the personal apeal, the intropsective aproach, presenting the identitarian perspective, if you will. What I heard of this speach it was more on the outside than on the inside. But I only listened to the first ten minutes.

          • The first ten minutes are the weakest. It gets stronger and stronger the more he gets into it.

          • Aha! Thank you! Then it would be good if youtubers “qoutes” from the speach so lazy people gets the most from it.

        • We all owe Jared Taylor a debt of gratitude, along with David Duke they were practically the only men advocating for white people in the 1990s. I’m just stating my opinion that appeals to emotion convince more normies than IQ and Crime statistics.

    • I think he was right to focus on ideas. It’s the big picture that’s compelling and that people never hear. You’re right about the football; people can find some other crowd event to bond over.

    • He was right to say “facts are lame” in that context. Sure, it can be taken out of context but so can almost any other phrase. I think the last year of politics has taught even “low information voters” that the enemies of Trump or Brexit could and would deliberately misunderstand almost any thought expressed in human language.

      • No he wasn’t, LOL. It’s a stupid thing to say really. Some of what Richard said is nonsense, like we have more in common with ancient Romans. He said they’re our literal ancestors. Uh, no they’re not. USA was founded by Brits and other North and Central Euros. My 23andMe did not show any Italian or South Euro.

        Ancient Romans murdered, raped and enslaved their way through Europe. They didn’t regard them as white brethren.

        From a cultural and civilizational context, yes, we have things in common with them. As for literal genetic descent we do not.

        • Britania, as well as France and a large portion of Germany, have been under the Roman rule and largely adapted to the Roman civilization. The Roman empire is considered a pre-cursor to Western Europe. That’s what Richard meant.

          • The US was also founded under a Classical Republican model, as opposed to some form of anarchic Jacobinism which is what both mainstream Left and Right teach Americans today.

  • Richard speaking is great, but I /love/ the fact that free speech was enforced, that the Rule of Feelings Safety hasn’t completely closed over us yet.

    Also, some wicked schadenfreude – the black guy at the end, struggling to put the narrative he’s been fed into a question or statement: “muh history, muh oppression …”. Which would usually be enough, someone would step in and fill the blanks in for him. But Richard: “Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, gotta go”.

    • Talking to blacks in one of these events is like talking to monkeys in the monkey cage, when you go to the zoo. It’s silly fun, but it’s a waste of time. One of the problems for someone like Richard is to cut to the chase, to reach out to WHITE students, to challenge THEM and engage THEIR minds. This is much more difficult when blacks are present, with their pitiful questions and attempts to be intellectual…it lowers the level of discourse to the point where every white person in the room is zoning out. Although, I must say that this problem was not as prevalent at Auburn as it was at A&M.

      • Blacks during question time, just lol. On other hand, the inanity of their questions can subtly/indirectly drive home the point about the travails of diversity.

        • True. But most whites have been trained all their lives to never, ever, think anything negative about blacks…there are SO many excuses for them…it takes a superior mind, or the school of hard knocks, or both, to reach the “ah hah” moment.

      • I like how the video fades out with that dumb nigger saying whites have inferiority complexes and no one cares.

        • I get the feeling Auburn doesn’t take its blacks too seriously, except for the ball players of course. I know they had a couple of mouthy sheboons last night, but overall they seem pretty docile compared to some other schools. Maybe that’s the famous Auburn conservatism, it even applies to blacks, at least some.

          • I thought it was a great talk, and was pleased with the enthusiastic reception it engendered. On the other hand, I was bemused at the inarticulation and sheer windiness of the Questioners at the end, and fast-forwarded through a couple. I noted that the female Questioners seemed determined to entrap him, which he wasn’t having. I appreciated his ruthlessness at moderating the Questioners, which was sorely necessary.

  • From what I saw, Spencer was philosophical, while mostly avoiding rhetorical bomb throwing. I do like that he said that there is nothing good about diversity. I wonder if and how Auburn professors will address Spencer’s assertions in the classrooms.

    • I wish he’d ‘sperged a bit and talked about Putman and later studies that show diversity reduces societal trust and other social capital. He seemed to be in some aesthetic register. But there’s time.

      • That’s how you Grow a Movement and Inspire People……….

        You need to Tap into Emotion…….

        • Yeah but imo you also risk creating a fluffy thought that only exists while Richard is speaking it. How would an audience member communicate that same ’emotion’ to a 3rd party? Facts stick better.

          • How many facts did Trump throw out in his stump speech? Same for Reagan back in the 80s?

          • FACT:

            Every White Male who has found their way to the Alt-Right…….

            … here because of Feelings/Emotions……

            To be a Real Man…….

            ……is to be Honest about/to Own your Feelings/Emotions……..

            And Richard Spencer inspires people……

            …..without any words……

            The Fact that he got Violently Assaulted…….

            ……and then Mocked and Laughed at by the Mainstream…..

            ……and with Violence always a Possibility just for Speaking……

            ……he still Fights and Presses on for a Cause??

            I and many others FEEL that Deeply……..

            That’s Powerful………

            That’s Inspiring…….

            It’s a Model of our Struggle………..

            Just show your ‘3rd Party’ the GIF of Richard Spencer being Punched…….

            ……replicated countlessly all over the Internet…….

            ……implicitly approved of by Mainstream Media, Twitter, Google, Hollywood, etc…

            White Men who speak up for their Racial Identity and Defend their Tribe…..

            ……deserve to get Violently Assaulted by Mainstream PC Ethical Norms……..

            Because ‘they’re Naziis’……..

            That’s a Primary Education for your ‘3rd Party’………

            The Secondary Education of Why, How and Dry Facts…….

            ….comes later…….

    • He had his moments. Early on: “The greatest challenge to the system is when you say ‘I am German.’ ‘I am English.’ ‘I am White!!‘”

  • Great Job, Richard…….Mike……..Team Alt-Right………


    Very Inspiring and Enlightening Speech and Q&A……..

    “We don’t have a Black or Jewish Problem……we have a White Problem”……

    Some in the Crowd didn’t like that……….

    But, Richard is right to focus on that………..

    Because the Remedy to that Problem is what we lead to the eventual Solution…….

      • “We have a white problem” It’s true. The Battle of Berkeley was overwhelmingly white on white violence. Some people took it the wrong way, but the point in these talks is to legitimize our positions and you’re not going to do that by making a bunch of edgy inflammatory statements. Good speech. Mostly decent Q & A. Mostly peaceful event. Good stuff.

  • Apparently, Alabama has a law that forbids public gatherings or demonstrations by people wearing masks, and the police were willing to enforce that law. Antifa is not willing to risk becoming violent when they can be easily identified.

    • Booooring! No, was great to hear Richard actually talk. Toward the end of the live broadcast it looked like antifa were just walking away. We’ll see. But it makes me INFURIATED at the California cops, that they can’t do their f*ing jobs and produce order in the same way.

      • I do wonder why the Berkeley cops were told to stand down. Did the Berkeley powers-that-be expect Antifa to win? Did they want to make it hard for pro-Trump forces to demonstrate? Were they just afraid of lawsuits from antifa if the cops cracked some heads?

        • I keep waiting for something to leak out of one of those departments as to what’s going on. In San Jose, the police chief is Hispanic so it’s easy to make a guess. Berkeley I’m not sure of but the most likely guess is that yeah, they thought the Trump side would lose, which they did when Milo was there. Still, it’s just not law and order, civilization, the fundamental point of cops. To me, anyone who tells them to stand down is some kind of traitor and impeachable at the least. But police chiefs or mayors are elected so I guess if the local population doesn’t mind, it stands.

    • That law was passed to keep the KKK from wearing their normal hoods, but now the law is working against the haters of Whites. Good!

    • Didn’t notice any minor ‘cucking’. But I understand what you are trying to convey with this statement. This will subside with larger crowds and bigger impetus from the audience. Eventually, the coherency in his speeches will maximize.

      • You are probably right about the modification. Overall, I was quite pleased with what I saw, he has a knack for speaking in front of crowds and am optimistic about future events. What I am referring to as far as minor cucking is the “understanding” part with Blacks. There should be, in my opinion no acknowledgement or mention of this, just based on the rate of Black on White crime alone.

        • I generally agree. The “we understand” will over time be replaced with the “we don’t care” in regards to blacks and their problems. We have two destiny’s, so sorry black man, you’re not coming with us, should be our attitude.

          • That is the message I am ultimately wanting to be conveyed, so hopefully you are right

    • I did not see much cucking but you have to understand that Richard had been in front of Judge Watkins and pledged no violence in speech earlier.

      What was new to me was Richard’s stumping over college football. In fact, why would White students be so devoted to their college football teams consisting of athletes “who you don’t want to see in your home”. If you do not connect or relate to those athletes, why would you sponsor and root for them? Where the pride comes from?

      Yet again, Black participants proved to be a waste of time. They only protest and do not engage in any useful discussion on the subject matter.

      • It doesn’t matter what it is, the presence of blacks drags it down. The sight of some nig nog reading verbatim from his sociology notes is quite pitiful.

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