Did Antifa Girl Deserve to Get Punched by Alt-Right Man?

The now-viral Berkeley Antifa Girl boasted about collecting ‘100 Nazi scalps’ before being punched to the ground. Do loathesome Leftist women with no respect for themselves deserve protection from good men? Conservative Youtuber Melissa Mészáros discusses this, how Antifa exploit and ruin young women, and more.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • YES, she deserved it. No one has to take her crap. She was attacking him assuming that he would just stand there like the cucks she’s used to. She deserved to have her nose broken. We all learn lessons in life. Hopefully she’s intelligent enough to figure this one out. She went after his face, and he stopped her.

  • This worthless creature was not hurt. If she had been seriously punched by this fit young man, it would have put her in the hospital. She attacked a much larger, stronger person, and was in the midst of a crowd with her identity concealed by a mask. She should not be the least bit surprised to get knocked down.

  • When a woman walks into the line of fire, a man’s world, she has abrogated her ladyhood; and, thus, the men in her midst are relieved of having to consider her such.

  • I think it was best for her that she got puncht, this because she needed to get a reality check.

    Somebody had to do it, and this is hardly fatal.

  • Absolutely yes, because it sends a message to other women: don’t be like her or you’ll get fucked up.

    If we were in a revolutionary situation these leftist cunts shouldn’t be spared from the gallows or firing squads, either. Remember what the Freikorps did to Red Rosa.

  • Lil fembot terrorist was hurling bottle bombs when confronted by a marine that could neutralise a threat.
    Mess with the bull, get the horn.

    “the goyim know”tm

  • Hell, Barron Trump probably could have decked Moldylocks. Xenafied women don’t exist in the real world.

  • Not really a question about deserving to be punched. The only real important question is did he have the legal right to punch her in self-defense? Yes. The “don’t ever hit a woman even in self-defense if she’s trying to kill you” is a moral question, not a legal one. Legally there is no “you can’t hit a woman in self-defense” clause.

    She also deserved it.

  • Bullies must have their noses bloodied, whether they are little or not. This young woman has no business throwing down with men without expecting physical retaliation. If women can kill men (and we have several documented cases) then men can defend themselves from assault by women.

    The truth is, this stupid girl is not so dumb that she would have immediately gotten into physical confrontation with the woman on this video or me. But she ramped the physical violence from 0 to 60 mph when confronting men. She knew a woman would put her on her behind in no time flat. She thought that chivalrous conditioning would make the men back down or even hesitate enough to give her the advantage.

    She is like the little brat who keeps kicking and hitting on a bigger kid until he snaps and then rats him out to teacher so that he can get punished. I hope Mr. Damigo’s expense fund is well-funded and I hope a jury acquits him. This girl is a little bully and she not only needs her nose bloodied, but Antifa, Little Bully Inc. needs their nose bloodied by a public that supports those who defend themselves from their antics.

  • Play with the boys, fight with the boys, hit people thinking its FREE, get hit like the boys, CRY LIKE A GIRL.

    And when I say “Boys” I actually mean “BOYS.” There isn’t a MAN in the bunch of them.

    Hide your face like Bandits – get treated like Bandits. How are they so DUMB not to understand this?
    Probably because children never think.

    BTW: Why does nobody say anything about this “girls” fist being in the guys neck? She wanted to be in the fight. One does not go to these types of events (these days) thinking its going to be fun dance party. They knew there would be fists flying and that’s what she got. Stop playing the innocent prissy princess because you found out you weren’t as tough as you thought you were.

    They went “As a Collective.” Or shall we say; As a Gang. More proof she knew what was going to happen.

    These “kids” are the Fascists they claim to be against. They are the ones rioting in the streets, burning cars and smashing windows. These are the black garbed anti-constitutional idiots silencing FREE SPEECH to American Citizens on campuses. That’s also Anti-American.

    Silencing Free Speech is “by definition” FASCISM. And the moment you silence Free Speech, you are automatically on the wrong side of History.

    These black garbed kids are not the good guys they think they are. They are the bad guys. The good guys are those fighting them trying to stop them.

    And the people fighting against these young THUGS are not “White Supremacists.” They are everyday citizens like your brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters, But isn’t it just like the horrible Left trying to make the claim they are “White Supremacists.”

    No Integrity or Honesty left on the Left. If that doesn’t make you sad, then you’ve lost more than we thought. Then again, you still have NO clue why you lost the election. So it would be no surprise you would disagree with this.

  • Watching her on youtube, I found her so Feminine, and I agreed with what she said.

    And now reading her name, I realised: she is a HUNGARIAN like me!

    So no wonder she is Feminine. We have lots of girls like him in the country, her attitude is normal here.

    God bless Hungary!

  • I am not an AltRight subscriber nor viewer, I am however a person who likes the whole truth warts and all. If a woman wants to be equal to a man, go for you certainly don’t need anyone’s permission. All though there is a caveat here, and we all know what it is. an action will cause a reaction. Don’t go whining to whomever saying you were treated unfairly. Welcome to a day in the life of a man.

  • WOW……

    That was a Great Video……

    You’re an Amazing Woman, Melissa……..

    The Alt-Right is Vastly Strengthened with you on Board…….

    Thank you so much……

  • Great video! I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. Playing “Miri it is” at the end was a lovely finishing touch. For you folk-metal-heads out there, you ought check out Forefather’s rendition of “Miri it is.”

  • “A man should never hit a woman” is so 19th Century. Today’s motto is, “Start nothing. Finish everything.”

    • Actually that never existed. It was “never hit a lady.” The “you can’t hit a woman” is a late 20th century creation from victim politics of Jewish origin.

      Even in the early to mid 20th century they had TV shows and movies where women were given a smack when they acted up. Sean Connery talked about it approvingly as well.

  • One does not do what the enemy expects you to do. The propaganda they push is for women to serve in every position in the army, of female action heroes beating up men all the time, of women being the same as men but at they same time they sell themselves as meek victims, they cannot have it both ways. They seriously expect women to attack us and we should just let them because of some code of chivalry that they clearly do not abide by, well it does not work that way.

  • If the alt-right midget had not hit her he would have been opening himself up to being attacked by another antifa, if she had grabbed him another stronger antifa could have sucker punched him.

    • Nathan is an Alt-Right Warrior…….


      … must not have watched the Video…….

      The Trump Coalition bumrushed Antifa after they started throwing Bottles………

      Anitfa got their Heads beaten in…….

      That’s what happens when you Mace People, Throw Bottles/Bricks/Rocks at Peoples Heads, Throw M-80s into Crowds……

      ……and Stab People…….

      AntiFa deserved everything they got……

      They deserve even more……

      And you’re a Low Life Sociopath………for implicitly defending Antifa……..

      Antifa is a Terrorist Organization……..

      You’re a Terrorist Sympathizer…….

      You’re a Disgusting Human Being……..

      • Well I watch the video and I can tell by the way you responded to my comment that you are definitely not taller than 5 foot 3

  • Isn’t is possible he didn’t even know she was a girl? It’s 2017. You can’t assume gender. Especially someone dressed like that rocking dreads in the middle of a brawl.

    • She was throwing Bottles into the Trump Coalition Crowd……

      She had to be Neutralized……

  • deserve has nothing to do with it. Progressives don’t believe in gender. You can’t believe that and then scream you hit a girl. It’s the same old game they always play. They exploit the weaknesses of traditional society, and use those weaknesses against that same society.

  • No. This girl was protesting Drumpf and the neocon war in Syria, therefore she had the moral high ground. The Drumpf supporters look like total retards and f@ggots. It’s 2017: EVERYBODY hates Drumpf supporters. The “altright” brand is forever ruined by it’s association with Drumpf/Kushner.

    Normal, Anglo-Saxon America is disgusted by the sight of a man punching a girl in the face. Good thing the assailant was a tiny manlet, or she could have been seriously injured or even killed. If a girl tries to hit you, just grab her wrists and laugh – that punch in the face was totally disgraceful, like punching a baby. NOT BRAVE.

    • Dude. She was throwing wine bottles into crowds of people (women and elderly included.) She refused to disavow throwing M80’s into groups of people (again women and elderly included.) She has no moral high ground. If she didn’t want to get hit she shouldn’t have been at the riot larping like Xena the Warrior Princess. What kind of men put their women in a position where this could possibly happen to them? Delusional Antifa, that’s who.

      • Keeping women in line and “white knighting” are all of a piece. The proper course of action in these cases is to hunt down the pornographer and dispatch him forthwith. That’s brave, and bravery commands female obedience and loyalty. Punching a girl in the face for Kushner – that’s cowardly af. Cowardice disgusts the female.

        • I’m pretty sure he had no idea she was involved in pornography when he punched her. She was holding a wine bottle threateningly and was going to use it. if she didn’t want to get hit she shouldn’t have been there larping like Xena the Warrior Princess. End of story. Take it up with her Antifa friends who put her in that position in the first place.

        • The proper course of action is for you to realize that your opinion here…..

          ….is irrelevant….

          You’re not Altright..

          No one cares what you think….

          Go Troll elsewhere…..

          Pathetic Roach…

        • YES.
          You see the true culprit.
          I feel no mercy for those despicable creatures ultimately responsible for luring women (Antifa girl is 19-years-old! There’s no way she reached the conclusion of doing porno pics and turning into a raghead communist after months of thoughtful independent study) into a life of degeneracy and turning them against their men, filling their heads with satanic lies. They need to be tormented and punished and executed.

          • Correct. This girl is a beautiful little daughter, laid low by swine. May they rot in hell for their crimes.

            Please request that delete the porn images which were posted all over this site, in order to avoid complicity in the cruel destruction of this once-innocent young girl.

    • She was not protesting any war, being antifa means you are very much pro deep state and pro war.

      I am curious how you see women fighting the frontlines working, you expect her to kill the enemy but expect the enemy to be a gentleman and do nothing in retaliation ? I can already see the future patriotard/SJW opinion pieces: “Brutish Russian kills women soldier trying to kill him – we cannot let this stand”.

    • F you….

      You’re a Troll….

      You’re not Altright…..

      Go somewhere else to play, Roach…

      Your opinion is irrelevant……

  • You got to riot with intentions of violence and wanting to become violent with others. You get punched in the face. Too bad, you deserved it and much more. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Act like a man, punch at a man, attend riots to be a man… Whalla bitch

  • Yes,she did deserve to be hit!
    The clip shows she went for the neck,she was violent,her sort doesn’t believe in gender ergo…decked!

  • The elephant in the room is state/city councils that permit the marxist violence. Although personal and immediate elevation of one’s spirit is essential, the structure under which you operate also requires reform.

    Good luck to that, getting past the numerous victim groups feeding off this trough who will resist you jeopardizing their meal-ticket. The police want to do their jobs. We need to find ways to make this happen.

  • Yes. By her actions she disqualified herself from the traditional protections afforded our young women. Let it be a lesson.

    Next question?

      • Can’t comment on the specifics but if AR wants to win AR needs to move on from “muh streets” and start prosecuting and suing “antifa” and other anti-whites.

        • A class action lawsuit should be filed against Berkeley Chief of Police Margot Bennett for allowing things to get this out of hand three times now.

          As for Antifa the only way to fight them is on their own turf. Their a well funded organization and the people who fund them can likely pull strings in the courts too. They already have the media shilling for them and making them look like the victims. That’s the version of events that normies believe.

          • The police let it go because they knew those black-garbed black-masked Fascist assholes would get their asses kicked by REAL Americans tired of their anti Free Speech, rioting, burning, smashing windows and silencing Free Speech.

            When to silence Free Speech you are automatically on the wrong side of History, and our Patriots had NO problem letting them know that..

          • What about the two times before this, when the Antifa outnumbered the Patriots, and many innocent people were injured. The cops didn’t interfere those times either. In these scenarios they seem to have a stand down order. If they were doing their jobs then the Patriots wouldn’t have to.

          • Please don’t refer to these leftist scum as “fascists”. Most actual Fascists I know are good people that are on the right side. Hell, I identify as a Franco-style Fascist. Antifa are a very different animal.

          • That’s what I’ve been saying. These scum don’t deserve to be called fascists.

          • The police let it go because they knew those black-garbed black-masked Fascist assholes would get their asses kicked by REAL Americans tired of their anti Free Speech, rioting, burning, smashing windows and silencing Free Speech.

            When to silence Free Speech you are automatically on the wrong side of History, and our Patriots had NO problem letting them know that..

  • If you had asked MoldyLocks, before she went to that riot, if she needed any special protection or treatment because of her gender, she would have replied with an indignant “no!”

    She got what she wanted. It’s not our problem her fantasies are idiotic and wicked.

  • should or shouldn’t he is moot. anyone involved in a brawl, or gun fight, knows from experience that there simply is no time to think. someone threatening you in a deadly–or in this case, potentially deadly– situation is going down first, then you can worry about morals, ethics, age, and gender later. the guy did what any guy would do and women, kids and old people best understand this.

  • My answer is hell yes. If these feminists think they are equal and they can attack men then they get what they deserve. They cannot go around acting all self empowered and touting that they are strong women without some response. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video of her getting hit. I always really enjoy any time the antifa gets beat but there was something special about this antifa woman getting her face smashed…it was like a catharsis for all the years of feminist prattle. Go look at youtube videos about the way Argentinian women attack men trying to protect their churches. They are vicious and merciless so damn sure it was awesome watching one of them get it right back….hope this is the beginning of a trend….perhaps this is the way to finally shut down these feminists loudmouths.

    • If women continue this downward spiral into insanity, then yes. There will come a time when men will physically beat them back into submission (either white men will do it, or the Muslim hordes).

      • “either white men will do it, or the Muslim hordes”

        100% correct.

        The Millennials aren’t going to take the shit from women that we Gen-Xers have had to take from Baby Boomer/Gen X women with power…

        Why? They have nothing to lose and everything to gain from putting women back into their place – i.e. out of the public arena, and holding no authority in society not granted to them by men, and that can be withdrawn by men.

  • I have zero sympathy for this creature. She came to the event with the expressed purpose of causing violence. She’s on camera advocating for throwing m80s at the elderly. I only wish she had lost some teeth.

  • ‘Do loathsome Leftist women with no respect for themselves deserve protection from good men?’

    No. It is the duty of good men to protect their women. Moldylocks isn’t our woman. She has totally rejected her people (and hygiene). ‘Tis best to think if her as more akin to a wild animal than to a Western woman.

  • The woman tried to punch the guy in the throat—which is a very lethal punch taught by martial arts instructors to women. It has the potential to collapse or partially block someone’s windpipe.

    The guy who got punched, obviously is not a street fighter or he would have had his chin tucked in and his head down. He got lucky as her punch landed below the throat, and he was backing up when she threw the punch.

    His reaction was reflexive, and he had his head up and not down.

    • I don’t think she was trying to hit the throat, to me it looks like a sloppy attempt to punch him. This stupid antifa bitch thought she was some kind of hairy feminist superwoman, and got what she deserved it.

      • Oh, but now she’s a 95-lb, 19-year-old poor little girl yearning for understanding and money on gofundme. Although, I will bet that her handlers and exploiters are the ones pushing this money grab to the max.
        The unbearable cowardice is what really disqualified her from getting any more sympathy from me.

        • To be honest, this kind of women don’t deserve any sympathy at all. They are enemy soldiers, and we should deal with them accordingly.

  • Its not just the alt right … a lot of people are defending free speech against the commies trying to shut it down .. antifa are the angry fringe fuckers .. they’re not interested in freedom; just violence

  • Look what happened to Rosa Luxemberg she got exactly what she deserved. A rifle butt to the head.

    Moldylocks was lucky it’s not gotten there yet.

  • What girl? I saw no girl. I saw two Homo sapiens get into a physical altercation where the dirty looking one had been constantly antagonizing others and then initiated the physical altercation.

    • “They’re practically begging for lessons of discipline and civility that they were obviously never taught by their parents.”

      Thus the left’s love affair with Islam. They are subconsciously yearning for the Patriarchy to reassert itself.

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