What Berkeley Means

Richard Spencer discusses the protests and street battles that occured in Berkeley, California, on April 15, 2017; in particular, he sees a return of political violence that is less like that of the 1960s and more like that of the 1920s and ‘30s in Europe.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • As far as controlling space, the only space that matters is the space between people’s ears. Political reality only exists in human consciousness. That’s the battleground. Power comes from controlling public opinion.

  • I could not tell who was on what side watching the videos. It looks like everyone is becoming alt-right.

  • Nothing’s more fun than watching Alt-Right snowflakes get their asses kicked by Antifa patriots.

  • Americas near future isn’t Mexico with a mongrelized mixture and a permanent white corrupt class atop; Its not disfunctional mixture third world trash hole Brazil; its not whites as an oppressed, unrepresented minority that slowly degrades like South Africa.

    Our future looks like the Spanish Civil War. Traditionalists and Nationalists vs. a Communist/Anarchist Coalition. Get ready. It’s going to be brutal.

  • Maybe the alt-right should put anti-fa in a deodorant gas chamber.

    It was just delousing in the 40s, and in the anti-fa case, deodorant.

  • I see some fools saying these protests are good family fun and they’re just people LARPing. No, Trump supporters are a target of Antifa hit-and-run violence. Wearing some head protection is advised. Kyle Chapman’s choice of a baseball helmet is a good one as it has ear protection as well.

    • 100% agree.
      East German M56 helmets are still plentiful and cheap. They are lightweight and have a very comfortable and well padded liner. They also extend out from the sides of the head more than other designs do. So they would provide good protection from a downward blow from a stick/pole.
      Get one (or some other form of hardshell head protection), and some sort of surplus gas mask (you don’t need anything high grade as it’s just for protection against pepper spray and the like. Even an older mask with an expired filter will work) before you attend the next public event.

      • “East German M56 helmets are still plentiful and cheap.”

        2 advantages in using DDR military equipment for our side.

        1. Allows us to infiltrate Antifa, we look like Commies, not Alt Right

        2. The DDR was the last great representation of Prussia.

  • Late to this thread, but I just wanted to say well done to anyone that was there. Extremely proud of you folks. Also want to send out a discord SOS. You know who you are!

  • So weird that antifa did not comment here before…

    All of a sudden they are here.

    Must be because they are “winning”.

    Yuuup. Uh huh.

  • Hahaha! You are pathetic. You are not even close to winning. You are getting your asses kicked everywhere you go lol. No one can stand you except the inbred 6 toed cousin lovin’ swamp trolls. The rest of America hates you. Isn’t your sister lonely while you fascists our out stroking each other ?

  • What is the goal? White nations for White people. Fighting antifa won’t achieve that.

    The institutions must be mocked, discredited, and demolished.

  • Make no mistake I 100% support this street activism where our side battled the worst Antifa, Reds and Anti Whites on the worst Leftist turf in the USA – the University of California at Berkeley. Our side apparently won the fights.

    Great job.

    Now, I’m talking about the propaganda spin – the enemy will edit the photos and videos to make us look the worst.

    We should edit the photos and videos to make our side look the worst.

    No I don’t really care that this Antif fallen women fetish porn slut got knocked down when she through punches at our guy.


    But, I’m just saying that it isn’t good propaganda for us to feature this video, photo as most Whites will not go for it.

    I understand the Stickman didn’t like it.

    C’mon – let’s just get better at propaganda.

    We’re supposed to defend women and children not knock them out.


  • No it’s just 1980.

    Antifa is a distraction, not a vanguard. The incident in Berkeley was a minor tussle. Antifa has been around for four decades in Europe. They did not shape politics. Neither did the skinheads who engaged them in street fights all these years.
    And those political movements who were attacked and harassed by Antifa never united.

    Spencer’s affliction for Hegelianism is evident. It looks like post-Syria Trump is the synthesis. The establishment embraced him, he embraced the establishment. approval ratings increased, disapproval decreased, things go back to normal.

    • Except demographics remain destiny. Even as things return to normal in Washington, Whites are still being displaced and replaced. The normies who think all is well now are just deluded. Eventually they are going to have to deal with reality.

      • I’m sure you are aware of the slow boiling frog metaphor. The state we are in today is a disaster already. Countless predictions that our people would surely spontaneously rise up if this and that happens did not come to fruition, just like the marxist hope for a proletarian revolution did not materialize.

        The right has discovered two winning strategies in recent years. Populism (Trumpism, Le Pen, Breitbart, etc.) and memetic overton window shifting (alt-right pre-Trump). Let’s do what has proven to work.

        Street fighting, high-brow old-right theory and historical revisionism has been tried and showed no results. That was a key position of Richard Spencer himself and part of the whole raison d’être for the alt-right.

        Chasing antifa squirrels is a dead end.

        • I’m sure you are aware of the slow boiling frog metaphor.

          I thought we had The Frog on our side now.

        • I completely agree with your post overall. However, handing out a few bloody noses gives street credit. Laugh at it all you want, but where I live that counts for something.

  • The far left needs to stop and think about their recent tendency toward political violence. If the situation goes far enough they will find themselves in a fight they lack the means to win. They are not the ones with the guns. In addition, very few of them have any training and or experience. If these clashes get really ugly, they will end up losing in a huge way.

    Google “Greensboro 1979”. That says it all.

    Hail victory.

    • They might wanna get off the drugs and get some exercise but I’d rather not give them any helpful advice.

    • I’d like to see the Antifa pull this crap here in Arizona, a state full of rednecks and with an open carry law.

      • They won’t. By definition, someone associated with an antifa organization is an idiot. But most still have at least some sense of self-preservation. I live in Texas and it’s a similar situtation. We have victim-friendly self defense laws and a strong gun culture. Thus, even in majority left places like Austin etc, there is almost no antifa activity. Like I said, stupid, but not suicidal.

    • It’s not hard to get guns and shoot at your own crowd to gain sympathy.

      Like at the Maidan.

  • The whole point of antifa is to provoke a violent reaction from their enemies (us) which they can record, carefully edit, and plaster all over the media. If they don’t get that reaction, then they look pretty dumb. They show the part where antifa is peacefully protesting, then they show the part where we are defending ourselves with force and they edit out the part where they attacked us. Then they paint us as violent hateful people thereby discrediting us and what we stand for. They can get away with this tactic because they own the media.

    Not too many people see these things in person. The important thing is the media coverage. It’s pointless to engage in street activism unless you have chants, talking points, and your own independent recording which you post on the internet. if you have your own recording, you can compare it to their edited version and discredit THEM by showing what they left out.

    Remember, they’re trying to discredit you, you’re trying to discredit them. That’s how propaganda works. That’s how power works.

    • “The important thing is the media coverage. It’s pointless to engage in
      street activism unless you have chants, talking points, and your own
      independent recording which you post on the internet. if you have your
      own recording, you can compare it to their edited version and discredit
      THEM by showing what they left out.”

      Even then, the problem is that they own the megaphone, and your voice is a comparative whisper in the back of the room. Still helps to counteract the Big Lie, though.

  • Antifa creates a poster advocating hitting women. Get a taste of their own medicine and they run to the closet authority and cry victim. Typical leftist behavior.

  • The Right needs to maintain a standing “army” of defenders at these events. Never throw the first punch, but always be quick to defend when Antifa tries to cowardly stomp on someone when its 5 v 1 as I saw in some of the footage.

    Regular citizens and patriots did the job the police SHOULD have done yesterday.

      • I’m not pro civic nationalism and Levant has done some cringey Hasbara, but at this point in time, if these people will fight off the Antifa on the streets, I’m going to hold my fire. In 20s and 30s Germany, the various factions of the right made common cause to fight the Communists.

        Yesterday was a revealing moment. You have various figures of the Alt right (Spencer, Damigo, Enoch) and Alt lite (Gorilla Lawyer, Baked Alaska, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec) all taking it to the street and converting their online movements into real life activism. Then you had Shill Mitchell sounding like some North Korean minder attacking anyone critical of Trump.

        Both the Alt Right and Alt Lite have condemned Trump’s moves towards escalation in Syria. So I’m willing to make common cause with the Alt Lite, for now.

        • Really, the alt-lite is just alt-righters trying to compromise with the zeitgeist. I take gorilla lawyer, etc to be on our side. Even Gavin knows. They won’t openly discuss certain things because they fear a backlash, but policy-wise they always seem to come down on the right side, which indicates to me that they know the score, or at least that their instincts are sound. I do think, however, that we need to distinguish between alt-liters and members of the tribe.

      • Oh, please. Levant is Jewish, but he’s spent a great deal of time and money battling Canadian laws against “hate speech”, particularly with respect to Islam.

        He’s done more for the West’s greater interests than virtually anyone on this site.

        • Levant’s lame trip to Israel last month was Pure Hasbara, but if he’s making a point like the Above tweet, I’m not going to blast him and sperg out with some “ZOG Agent” crap.

          • (deleted comment was not referring to the authors/content creators on the site, but whatever)

        • Nonsense. The West would not have anything remotely approaching our present issues with Islam if not for (tribal) theory and activism. Let’s see him name the common denominator in the corruption of all our institutions. Let’s see him fight for free speech with regard to the 6 mm. Levant is playing both sides against the middle. It’s what they do.

          • There are plenty who advocate criminal charges against those who deny the veracity of the standard Holocaust narrative. To my knowledge, Levant is not one of them.

          • It’s a battle he doesn’t need to fight in Canada, and couldn’t credibly take up in the U.S. But notice how he forced Gavin to bend the knee. Free speech ends where tribal agendas begin.

          • I don’t understand your first sentence. He lives in Canada, and believe me, White advocate need every speech ally they can get up there. Without a First Amendment, Canadians (and Europeans in general) are greatly hobbled WRT what they can say, compared to Americans (for now).

          • I mean that nobody would dare question the 6mm in canada these days, so Levant is free to advocate for “free speech” there, knowing he will never have to discuss who is at the heart of the problem. He should be used to the extent he is useful, I’m just saying that he should not be trusted beyond that.

    • I don’t fault Nathan for self-defense even against females in a violent confrontation, but I’m not going to glorify it.

      As far as genuine warrior cred against Antifa, Kyle Chapman is the world heavyweight champ.

      • That’s not the way to think anymore. Women demand to be treated the same as men and we now have women in military combat units. Suppose you’re in the military and you are attacked by an enemy woman. What do you do? Do you let her kill you because you have harmful (to you) ideas that you shouldn’t hurt a woman? The situation in these anti-White riots are the same thing. We need to fight back when attacked and it doesn’t matter if the attacker is male or female.

  • It is sexist to complain when a man hits a woman, as women are now in military combat units and many seem to want to be given equal treatment in all ways. If attacked by a man, a man would usually strike back, so if a man is now attacked by a woman, what is the man supposed to do–just take it and not protect himself? The woman in the video went looking for trouble and she attacked the guy and he defended himself. She should be sued.

    • It’s actually not appropriate to even suggest that it was a woman being hit. Those creatures are the ones who believe gender specifics are the foundation of White Privilege. I saw two dudes throwing punches. That’s all.

  • Richard Spencer has a few very bad habits to which his attention must be called. For example, he thinks that it’s wise to describe some leftist collectivists as “liberal”. What is the origin of his lie if not the leftists’ own anxiety about the public recognizing the totalitarian agenda of all leftist politics, whatever the sect? Could it be true that Spencer is an unwitting mouthpiece of a lie concocted by leftists to inveigle the naïve?

    • Liberal is a dirty word in America, I don’t know if you’re American or European, but liberal has nasty overtones in the USA, its like calling someone a Commie. Liberal in Europe means Centre-right, like the German Free Democrats, a party of professionals like architects and doctors who favor less government regulation.

      • If liberal is a dirty it’s because grasping cowards (Rush Limbaugh and fans) and useful parrots (Hannity, O’Reilly) have allowed leftists to describe theirselves without a proper regard for the truth and for the coherency of the language. Libernuttians, too, have made this mistake, hence “libertarian”. So the libertarian movement was born in cowardace and expediency, and it’s fitting that it has gone basically nowhere during the past 50 years.

        • Who cares about the term liberal? Liberalism came out of the Enlightenment. The Alt Right is an illiberal movement.

        • If you don’t have something nice to say about one of our own, just say nothing. You seem to come here with a chip on your shoulder just looking to fragment the good people. Why is that?

    • It’s suboptimal, but the problem is that while the Right’s main beef is with the anti-White Left, this term sometimes seems out of place. For instance, SWPLs are presently aligned against White interests, but it can be awkward to refer to SWPLs chatting at Starbucks about income inequality and universal healthcare as “anti-White Leftists” (though that encapsulates the core problem of such people’s sociopolitical views).

      • So just call them illiberals. This should provoke a reaction typical of children. “But conservatives do ______ !”. Indeed they may, but it hardly follows that left wingers and right wingers are not basically different manifestations of secular communism.

        Can them illiberals, and let them pound sand in frustration as they contemplate losing control of the language which they twisted into knots for the sake of mind control.

  • Juden trying to exterminate the white race through brown immigration. Fight or die white man! This is about our survival.

  • The best part was when the anti-Whites tried to put up a fence which was smashed down like a dam breaking with the force of patriotic waters flowing into downtown commie-land. You couldn’t have written a better script.


    Nathan Damigo has definitely triggered Antifa…….

    I’m sure he knows how to defend himself being an Ex-Combat Marine…….

    We are literally at War against Antifa……

    They wish Violence and Death upon us……

    This is not a time to be fighting the Alt-Lite……

    This is a time for Coalition Building…..

    …..and fighting our REAL Enemies……….

  • Antifa escalates from here. Their objective was always to terrorize ideological opponents into silence and then run away unscathed. They have zero interest in fighting, punch for punch, for their beliefs, and they can’t cope, emotionally or from just a PR perspective, with this kind of defeat. This should be factored in in all future events. They are more ore less guaranteed a loss using the tactics they’ve used so far, so they will be upping the ante, trying to be extremely clever and devastating. Our side should be anticipating this. Sun Tzu: Best strategy is one that attacks the enemy’s strategy.

  • Libshits and cucks have led us to the situation of the Weimar Republic in the ’30s. Agree with Richard, the paradigm has changed forever and Berkeley is a starting point. No step back, only forward from here.

    • Yeah, our elites enabled this through their policy of anarcho-tyranny. They didn’t anticipate that pissed off white men would organize and turn these tactics against their proxies in the streets.

  • Hollywood has propagandized us for a generation now about ass-kicking warrior women who can take punches just like men. I mean, if we keep seeing these characters in movies, women like them must exist in real life, right?

    So wouldn’t it seem sexist and patriarchal to want to protect women like that silly Antifa girl from violence?

  • The most noteworthy aspect of most of these riots over the last year or so is how White it all is.
    This really IS a civil war between the “Good Whites” (i.e. race-traitor Whites) and the “Bad Whites” (i.e. racially conscious Whites).
    One might think that at some point the antifa will stop, look around and wonder why the hell they are doing this. They might ask themselves why the Muds, for whom they claim to be fighting, are NOT involved in the fight.
    Perhaps this realization may even turn some antifa into White Nationalists.
    It will be interesting to see.

    • It’s only a matter of time before antifa will use guns against the Right. We have to respond accordingly.

      • A few threw big-ass rocks, and a couple carried knives. What I want to know is, what, really, is the police’s policy, and how have they not been sued into the ground? If they can be /relied on/ not to intervene, things could get UGLY.

          • Yeah, but I’d assumed that’s when they’re stretched too thin or something. To me this is different, they’re not even trying. I hope the folks of Berkeley or the state of California make themselves felt with the police chief. To me it’s a really bad precedent, and unpardonable, if large eruptions of disorder are /allowed/. One-sided, or any kind of ‘shaped’ enforcement is just not civilization, not the rule of law. That’s sowing the wind.

          • Honestly, it is to the point that anyone to the right of Lenin cannon rely upon Berkeley PD. It truly seems to me that they were ordered not to interfere, probably by the mayor, or their chief. They should start arming themselves the same way the Bolsheviks in AntiFa do, because it is clear that the police are not interested in keeping the peace. It’s time for them to reap the whirlwind.

    • Freikorps were more professional(all pissed off WW I vets) and had access to weapons, as they worked on the behest of the government, but we are getting there now aren’t we? Finally growing some balls. Just not at the Freikorp level just yet.

        • Yes there are a lot of vets, but the Friekorps were really organized into actual battalions, and at first were acting on behest of the Weimar Rep to put down Red revolts all over Germany and even the Baltics. These guys had machine guns and even flame throwers. We need some vets to get together a form actual units, etc to get to Friekorp level. I agree with Richard ,though, we are getting there eventually.

  • It’s amazing how history repeats itself. How long before the Anti Fa kills a cop, as Stasi boss Erich Mielke did in the Weimar Republic.

    • I agree. Our primary grievance is the substantial demographic change and the government’s criminal policy of displacement White people with the Third-World population. Lucky Germans in Weimar had nothing of this problem. So, we must look forward to 2030 to reverse demographic changes in the country or, worst comes, strive for a separate White ethnostate. We must not repeat the mistake of White South Africans in the ’90s.

      • We have to take “the future” away from the progressive utopians (PU’s, because a lot of them stink, from what I’ve heard), and make it our own again. They know on some level that they have based their lives on lies, fantasies and myths that they can no longer sustain, and their increasing desperation shows that.

  • Of course. Violence is the means and the end for the Alt-Right. Their freedom of speech line is just an excuse for what they really want, which is to exert violence as they see fit.

    • Except that the opposite is true, as the facts clearly show. Antifa and the anti-white left in general are the ones openly calling for violence, actually committing the violence, and justifying the violence. The anti-whites want to exert violence as they see fit, and while they still have the power of the state behind them now, that is likely to change as the mask drops, so to speak.

      The fact is the anti-white left, the neo-commies, they simply have no real popular support among Americans, and certainly not among the working class they pretend to advocate for.

      • The GOP panders to bigots, and exploits the ignorant. If you’re working class, the GOP will never, ever lift a finger to help you.

        The fascist movement is, by definition, a coordinated effort to achieve an end, laws be damned.

        • We’re not GOP patriotards you stupid moron. The Alt Right is pissed at Trump for his flip flopping. That said, the Left is openly hateful towards whites and celebrates the struggles and deaths of white working class people.

          • Go read Tim Wise’s Twitter feed where he celebrates the struggles of the White working class in places like West Virginia. Go find numerous articles and speeches from leftist journos and Democrat politicians celebrating the displacement of Whites by minorities.

          • No, no Democrats are celebrating the displacement of whites by minorities. They may be celebrating how minorities have made gains in the workforce over the course of decades, but it was never intended to displace anyone.

            If you want to blame anyone for the lack of jobs, blame the “trickle down” GOP who consistently want tax breaks for the rich based on the promise that they’ll create jobs…which they never do.

          • “No, no Democrats are celebrating the displacement of whites by minorities”

            Yes, they are. The entire Democrat strategy consists of celebrating the displacement of whites by Third World hordes.

            And stop acting like the Alt Right supports GOP talking points like Reaganomics. Most of us aren’t Cuckservative who mindlessly parrot Republican positions, even an old Right Wing hand like Ann Coulter has blasted the GOP over supporting immigration because rich Republicans want cheap maids and lawn care.

          • You’ve blinded yourself to reality, somehow. I know of nobody on the left who celebrates displacement, and I doubt you can find me one single example to prove your point.

          • There are several examples above and below your comment of the left celebrating White displacement.

          • Wesley Clark, former NATO C-in-C, is not “main-stream”? George Soros, billionaire financier, Democratic Party backer, and creditor of Jared Kushner, is not “main-stream”? Peter Sutherland, former chairman of Goldman Sachs International, EU commissioner, member of the Tri-Lateral commission and the Bilderberg Group steering committee, is not “main-stream”?.

            You evidently don’t know what the term “main-stream” means. You evidently don’t know a lot of things.

          • Exactly. Harvard professors are unanimously considered by the rest of academia, the legacy media, and the political system, to be way out on the fringe. Just as Harvard as an institution is completely unknown, has zero connections to the establishment, and no influence at all. Excellent point.

          • The whole point is that, like you, rank and file leftists support a lot of nice-sounding rhetoric that *just happens* to amount to white displacement/replacement. That’s how the J***ish scheme works. They conceal the plain anti-white agenda within Marxist/cult Marx theory, but since that is the actual agenda, it’s fairly easy to a) catch a number of J**s saying it outright, and b) catch rank and file leftists extrapolating from J***ish premises to the conclusion that whites must be eliminated.

          • “Democrats are celebrating the displacement of whites by minorities”

            (((Freudian))) slip?

            (((Noel Ignatiev))):


            (((Tim Wise))):


            Of course, in the case of these two, it is not actually ideology, but genocidal anti-White hatred masquerading as such (they just “forget” to mention that they don’t consider themselves White). But a lot of self-hating Whites fall for it.

            Here’s Tim Wise, taking a break from his usual “my fellow White people” schtick:


          • There are literally hundreds of people on the left who parrot Noel Ignatiev’s views, they’re in academica, on TV, make Hollywood movies. YOU are the establishment, you halfwit leftist. People like you don’t get fired for espousing White hate, the Alt Right gets fired for standing up for White identity.

          • “no Democrats are celebrating the displacement of whites by minorities.”

            Clearly, the words “no Democrats” mean something different to Communists than to normal people.

          • Emphasis on the “social construct” part. It’s not about hurt the people currently classified as white, it’s about changing the conceptual and material structure.

          • “It’s not about hurt the people currently classified as white, it’s about changing the conceptual and material structure.”

            Kek. That’s an incredibly weak lie. If you’ve managed to convince yourself of its truth, you get some extra credulity points, I guess. That’s assuming that you’re a mere self-hating White– if you’re a member of the Tribe, then your hatred and dissimulation is pretty standard. Even given that, just what do you think “material structure” means, hmm? This is just a mantra, that you parrot because you memorized it in sociology class, and it’s accepted by your social group.

            A simple demonstration of the idiocy of the faith-based tenets of the progressive cult that you spout so mindlessly– just replace a word or two, and it still should be just fine, right? Like this:

            “The goal of abolishing the black race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed black supremacists…

            Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead black males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the black race’ is destroyed.”

            Or this:

            The goal of abolishing the jewish race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed jewish supremacists…
            Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead jewish males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the jewish race’ is destroyed.”

            Doesn’t sound genocidal at all, does it? Surely those must be just as acceptable, right? If not, why not? The only possible answer is, of course, your toxic, virulent hatred of Whites. Sad.

          • This isn’t about jobs. We aren’t complaining about a “lack of jobs” or Mexicans working at McDonald’s. This is much more than that, deeper than you understand. It’s like you just listen to Michael Moore and think the alt right is all about white Americans pissed at being poor we’re just mad because we don’t have a job and crap like that.

            So a couple points you need to understand.

            1.) This movement has nothing to do with economics or jobs. This is a movement about securing countries for our people, that is all.

            2.) Most of us hate the GOP with a passion. We are not your standard fox news cuckservatives.

          • You are possibly the most sadly mislead people on earth.

            When you say “secure countries for our people” I hear “make America work only for white people like me.”

            The primary problem with that is you seek help from right-wing corporatists who don’t give a damn about you and never will.

          • What in heaven’s name are you talking about? What “right-wing” corporatists are you talking about?

          • Fascism is at heart a corporatist agenda. It panders to bigots and exploits the ignorant.

            The most powerful corporatists on earth are mostly white, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that they care about your quality of life just because you’re white, too.

          • I still don’t know what you are talking about. What corporations does the alt-right support? Name them.

          • The Allies are a diverse group.

            The fascists are predominantly white.

            The policies of fascism are based on corporate control. When you hear corporations, think rich people, because the two are usually one in the same.

            That doesn’t mean you have to support a specific corporation like Pepsi or Apple, it just means that fascism puts the power of corporations above that of democracy.

          • Nothing you say makes any sense.

            Who are the allies? Why are you using world war 2 terminology? (by the way the allies in WW2 were more white than the axis powers considering Japan was on the side of the Axis.)

            Fascist are predominately white? First of all, you have to define what fascism is. At this point I have no idea what you are talking about. Fascism was an ideology in Italy during WW2. And no it was not based on corporate control. What you seem to be talking about is corporate capitalism which is not what fascism is.

          • The Alt-Right are modern American fascists. The Allies are the people the Alt-Right calls “Antifa” which I believe is short for “Anti Fascist.” Pretty telling. When you define your adversaries as “anti-fascists” you have passively defined yourself as fascist.

            I, too, think this has become a waste of time.

            Fascism is the extreme exercise of corporate capitalism.

          • We don’t define our adversaries that way, they define themselves that way. Antifa (anti-facists) is a name they gave themselves. Many, who consider antifa to be actual fascists, point out the irony in that.

            But personal view on the term “fascism” is that it is largely a meaningless term because people like you use it to mean whatever you want.

            George Orwell wrote an article entitled “what is fascism?” In which he points out how everyone is basically accused of being fascists and how the term basically means nothing but a meaningless slur. I think that view is the most correct, even today.


          • It pains me to see young people who now think “Anti fascists” are bad, while racist, sexist Alt-Right attention whores are good.

            I’m really not sure how to deal with the Alt-Right. Sometimes I think that ignoring them might be the best route, but they’re such attention whores by nature that they’ll probably just act out even more.

            There are an alarming number of young Americans who are openly admitting that they are racist & fascist and I find that very, very disturbing.

          • Yes, throwing off the yoke of white guilt feels great, you should try it some time. Unless…you’re not white.

          • Very sad that someone like you is still spouting this kind of whiny, pathetic anti-White hatred and Gentilephobia? Why do you hate White people so much? I’m concerned that your hatred and rage is going to make you ill. Try to be more tolerant– you’ll feel better.

          • I’ve thought about this, and I don’t think you’re worth wasting time on. You’re pretty dumb, and you’re pretty mean, and it’s sad that you’re probably going to have a very shitty life as a result. I hope something happens to turn you around someday, but it’s not likely. I’ll leave this up so I know you’ve read it, then I’m blocking you. Good luck in life.

          • There are an alarming number of young Americans who are openly admitting that they are racist & fascist and I find that very, very disturbing.

            There is a growing (“alarming”) number of Americans (and, globally, Europeans) who are getting sick and tired of anti-whitism. I find that very, very encouraging.

          • “Alt-Right calls “Antifa” ”

            No, that’s what the antifags call themselves. “Anti-fascist” has been synonymous with “Communist” since the 1930s– just look at the history of groups with “anti-fascist” in their names. Oh, that’s right, I forgot. You’re a leftist; you don’t do history.

            Why the name change? Got tired of being called antifags? Or is it just a ritual thing– new in-group jargon makes you feel like you’re finally one of the cool kids?

          • Corporate capitalism is transnational and largely controlled by the tribe.

          • 1. (((White)))
            2. Might want to check where corporate political donations are going this days, and what agenda they’re pushing. Hint: it ain’t a reactionary one.

            This fantasy world that you live in is comical.

          • I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like a completely White country. I like myself and most other White people. Racial diversity is not our greatest strength, it is our greatest weakness. I ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

          • The primary problem with that is you seek help from right-wing corporatists who don’t give a damn about you and never will.

            From a corporate-funded antifag who serves as one of the plausibly-deniable shock troops of the progressive establishment. The irony is getting way past knee-deep here…

        • It’s very sad to see such open anti-White hatred and Gentilephobia expressed so intolerantly in the current year. What do you think this is, 2015 or something?

        • You’re much too hung up on economic and class distinctions. Sure they exist, but are not the barriers they were at the start of the industrial revolution. What is more important is genetics.

          • It’s pretty clear we’re not making any headway here.

            Genetics isn’t very important at all. As I’ve said before, and I’ll say for the last time, it’s simply the most obvious difference between people, which is why stupid people are wont to focus on it above all else. That’s why race matters above all else in prisons, because prisons are filled with stupid people.

            I hope that someday you realize how wrong you are. It will be the beginning of a new life for you.

          • Well,you’re completely wrong. We are our genes and our genes are us. As you probably know, Marx was the grandson of two Orthodox Rabbis and his writings, while on the surface may seem to be non-religious, are really him restating Talmudic ethics in secular terms but instead of focusing on the real nature of people based on their genetic programs, he substituted economic factors.

        • Please stop. Come hell or high water Whites will be uniting, or we will perish. It is as simple as that.

        • Ironic comment. Fascism is a sect of nationalistic leftism developed by revolutionary leftists who had become disillusioned with Marxism, syndicalism, etc. Yet communist internationalism produces too many apostates for you to suppress this fact indefinitely. For example, back in 2003, when internationalists were howling that W. is Hitler, one David Ramsay Steele wrote about

          The Mystery of Fascism

          This one essay alone is enough to direct all reasonable people to the correct conclusion that no one can be an anti-Fascist without being also an anticommunist. To rid the world of Fascism one must rid the world of its parent. It’s just a nice coincidence, of course, that Fascists understand very well that they compete dirctly with commie internationalists for the support of the same people. So, like us, Fascists have a keen interest in the eradication of commie internationalists.

          • This is another example of profound ignorance. Fascism is the extreme right position of all conservative policies.

          • Funny remark about libertarians, but your comments about “Liberalism” need much work. All leftist politics is collectivist, i.e. illiberal. This creates for all its sects a PR problem which was, in part, treated by appropriating the word “liberal” from people who had advocated for reduced governmental meddling in commerce. It’s a crude lie which, unfortunately, the anticognitive right wing has accepted and helped to popularize, thereby making right wing politics into a tool of its own enemy.

            It would help you also to interpret “Progressivism” as a N. American counterpart of Fabianism, and as a Christian heresy.

          • Oh, so your claim is true by definition? But of course; it’s all so simple. You are correct because your accusation is accurate, free from error, and conforms fully to reality.

            Carry on, Bill Matheson. It’s 1848 all over again.

          • If Fascism is “the extreme right position”, then why did it fetishize modernism, as informed people know that it did? If Fascism is “the extreme right position”, then why did it do so little to restore crown and altar conservatism as it was, say, before the rise of communist internationalism? As usual, you have no cognitive answers to these and other questions which give the lie to the propaganda which you repeat like a little parrot.

            Now, if you actually believe your remarks, then you should understand that even some of your own allies, the better informed minority of your ilk, will look down upon you in contempt.

          • “Only complete idiots” on the left think like you. David Ramsay Steele, however, was not one such leftist. Thus did he find his way out of the dank, dark dungeon. David Horowitz and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) are other former leftist radicals who found their way out of the dungeon. You on the other hand, you will waste many more years of your pointless life in the dungeon.

          • Horowitz simply figured out that the rightwing would pay him more for his writing than the leftwing. That’s the only reason he flipped: selfish greed. Spencer is pretty much a racist idiot, and I don’t even care to know who Steele was. More of the same, I’d imagine.

          • Robert Spencer is no racist. Your accusation is just a little slur with which to comfort yourself because you can’t think of good rebuttals to his criticism of Islam.

            As for your remark that “I don’t even care to know”: That is truly your personal motto and the guiding theme of your life, such as it is.

          • Fascism usually has socialist principles attached to it and can be seen as being leftist. We are under a crony capitalist ruling body here in the West, a form of fascism, but it also pushes leftist social agendas. Hitler in the 20’s and early 30’s actually encouraged the recruiting of communists!!!!! Not much of a difference, since both are collectivist in nature.

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about. The fascists and communists of 1930’s Germany were bitterly at odds. Fascism is a racist doctrine of corporate rule.

          • “Fascism is the merger of the corporation and the state”?

            Ah, it all makes so much sense now: Disguise communism by preserving the superficial appearance of a market economy while gutting their substance with the usual tricks like high taxes, heavy hand regulation, and removal of noncompliant managers and executives.

          • No, literally, fascism is about the strong controlling the weak, period. It is achieved via corporate dominance. Since only rich people own corporations, it’s basically a political system where wealth and power rules.

          • You spout the idle prejudices and empty generalizations of the poverty mentality. It’s also true that you’re making lazy minded use of an equivocation in the meaning of “fascism”.

          • No, I’m trying to explain to you that everything you think that you know about fascism is wrong.

          • Consider your shallow propaganda a failure, and think of new excuses to continue believing as you do.

          • The strong always control the weak. That’s been the case since the beginning of time, throughout history. Your issue is about who “the strong” is. Rich people, like George Soros, not only own corporations, but they own armies of mercenary thugs claiming to fight fascists. Just like Halliburton uses private armies in the Middle East. Hello, pot, this is kettle; you’re black, too.

          • Government and law was invented to level the playing field. It works when people care enough to make it work. When they go off on some “war of the races” tangent, it falls apart pretty quickly.

            The biggest problem facing us today isn’t some fabricated war of the races, it the war of the very rich versus everybody else. As long as they can keep you thinking it’s all about race, the less they have to worry about you doing anything real to stop them from attaining even more, and they already own damn near everything.

          • “Racist.” Oy vey. Terrible to see this kind of hate-filled, intolerant racistphobia. Try to let go of your anger and hatred.

          • Correction: It was a WHITE Racist doctrine. And, it was/is great for Whites and White survival and expansion. And, it is Whites that Whites must be concerned with, and we must stop butting into the business of non-Whites and let nature work its magic to balance things.

          • Fascism only uses race to win over support from bigots. Bigots are very loyal to people and movements that justify their racism. Fascism is a political agenda of the rich, for the rich. Fascism will not benefit your life just because you’re white.

          • Give me a break cupcake. Give me an example of any system of government, or formation of society where the political agenda isn’t driven by “the rich”. Stop being a child. All that matters is who the rich are, and who they ultimately care about. As long as it is their people they care about, that is fine with me.

          • Exactly. All goyim are the same. Only we of the tribe are different. Well put.

          • Read it in a book about the Freikorp. It quoted Hitler back in the early days of NASDAP. He openly wanted to recruit reds. Both ideologies are very similar, just different in scope as NASDAP was all about Germany and the Internationale was exactly that, international in scope.

          • The fascists and the socialists/communists of 1930’s Germany were practically mortal enemies. They are completely contradictory political philosophies.

          • Please don’t it’s seek to lecture. We have turned this inside out already.

            Communism, Liberal Democracy have nothing for the white working class.

          • On the economics scale it is Centrist. It isn’t egalitarian, there would still be a hierarchy. But the state has authority over corportations to ensure they are serving the needs of the people (workers) not producing degenerate shit or engaging in sleazy shylock economics. On the Social scale it is Traditionalist (pro-church, family, nation etc). It was always anti-Capitalist and anti-Marxist. It doesn’t fit comfortably on the Left Right scale. It is the Third Position.

            You Antifa don’t even know what you’re fighting against.

          • Actually, we Allies know exactly what we’re fighting against. The problem we face is figuring out the best way to go about it. Fascism is far from centrist, and the welfare of the workers is it’s least concern. You’ve really got your definitions upside down there, Johnny.

          • “welfare of the workers”

            Yeah, that’s what you commies care about. lol. That’s why the twink ninjas are out there fighting for the (((globalist banksters))) and wars for Israel. Uh huh

          • Well, I think people need to take a brief step backward and remember that a rally at which the speakers were Lauren Southern, Vaughn Neville, Brittany Pettibone and Kyle Chapman, there is basically no fascism whatsoever to be found there, and definitely not even a single taste of national syndicalism, falangism, or any other kind of social-nationalist thought being propagated there.

            If the Antifa show up and think that they’re really just fighting against re-heated boring American capitalism, they’d be ‘correct’ — albeit ‘correct’ by accident — because there has been no fundamental change to the economic system of the US since Donald Trump’s election (obviously), and no one has created a movement that seeks to foster said changes.

            The Trump supporters haven’t been actually supporting fascism or any other Third Position ideology, and the Antifa haven’t been fighting against those things, because those things never manifested.

          • Good point, but the objective meaning of language is completely irrelevant to leftist usage of it. “Fascist” to them denotes anyone to the right of Crooked Hillary, and sometimes anyone to the right of Lev Bronstein– depends on the context.

            “Anti-Fascist” is synonymous with “Communist,” and has been since at least the 1930s. Just look at the history of groups with “anti-fascist” in their names. “Fascist,” to them, is merely someone who opposes Communism.

          • Exactly. American crony capitalism never changes anything except the window dressing. George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George Walker Bush.

            The one lesson I’ve gleaned from Donald J. Trump is that occasionally, American crony capitalism screws the pooch so badly that they have to allow some faux populist candidate to win the election, like Ronald Wilson Reagan, Barack Obama, and now, Donald J. Trump to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

            But in the end, they find some carrot or stick (or both) to bring them to heel and make them toe the line. Usually they allow a honeymoon period of at least six months so that the voters who elected the “populists” remain pacified. But for some reason, we didn’t get that this time.

          • So a movement founded by a Socialist named after Anarchist-Socialists; that described itself as Progressive; originated in syndicalism and had a penchant for street violence is being fought by a Socialist-Anarchist group with extreme progressive views, links to unions and street thugs like the Black Bloc? You haven’t reached peak idiocy yet either…

          • Hitler understood the lessons of history and human nature in that quote, what’s your point?

          • My point is that your fascist movement, and the goals of Hitler, are almost one in the same.

            My point is that unless you’re a rich corporate-owning capitalist, you will never rank high on their list of priorities.

          • This must be why Hitler forbade class distinctions in the German Wehrmacht, much to the consternation of the old Prussian Junker officer class.

          • Thanks for that. You made my day. Hitler was right yet again. He also did nothing wrong.

          • It’s entertaining to watch the two of you attempt to construct meaningful arguments. Since you’re making such an effort to define “fascism,” you might note that you have now switched to national socialism without ever noticing the change. Sad.

            Also, like most leftists, you are incorrigibly addicted to utopianism and virtue-signaling, and thus constitutionally incapable of distinguishing between “is” and “ought,” as your misunderstanding of the above wuote demonstrates. I believe I may have recommended this treatment for you sorry condition once already, but repetition is the key to learning, after all.

            Joogle “moralistic fallacy.”

          • Conservatives like to give that rhetoric but…there’s a great deal in fascism that benefits the working class lads.

          • Well, that seems to be about…seventy years old, British, and profoundly misguided as to the real policies and aims of European fascists.

          • Yes, Historical documents stating clearly the goals of Fascism are wrong. Only Antifa propaganda is true. Why read a history book when you can listen to the enlightened Yvette Felarca? She’s even a school teacher don’t you know!

          • I know that the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco had nothing remotely to do with any of those things listed on the flyer. Do you have the link, by the way? I’d like to check out the site.

          • Oswald Mosely came from a Labour background and proposed far sighted reforms that could be called Progressive. He just didn’t want the tribe or darkies to take the loot.

            He’s a famous fascist.

          • rougy the redy is a “Writer, poet, philosopher from the Colorado front range”. So he doesn’t have time to become informed by reading the words of his betters. Too busy publishing evidence of his ignorance and delusions, which appear to be invincible.

            BTW, here’s another description of Fascism. Although it was given by Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile in 1932, it’s still not completely forthright about Fascism’s origins, motivations, and goals. Still quite instructive, however, not that our “rougy” poet is capable of understanding why that is.


          • Mosely proposed a Keynsian system in 1930 as a cabinet member in Labour’s first government. Roads, Schools, house building…he wanted to nationalize banks. Mosely was a Fascist. He wanted the state to serve his folk.

          • See “The Fascist Government of Italy” (1936, Schneider). The nationalist left of Italy declared a law, said to take effect in 1936, to impose a “state accident and insurance company”, if my memory serves me well. It’s another example of the continuity from stereotypical internationalist communism to Fascism.

            Alas, internationalist communism has had many such nationalist expressions. The PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) is one of them, and if Erdogan gets his way with con law reforms, they will be wiped out.

          • You would comprise the “ignorant” group which the GOP exploits. Education is a powerful thing, son. Try it sometime.

          • You mean the degenerate liberal education where everyone gets a prize and white kids are taught to hate themselves? Yeah I tried it. Screw that shit.

          • Translation: “Just support the officially promoted progressive establishment narrative, and you, too, can pretend that you’re “smart.” ”
            Because mindless regurgitation of the catechism of the progressive cult is the quintessence of “education,” doncha know?

          • “Comrade Stalin—Leader of Progressive Mankind”
            G. M. Malenkov
            Source: “Pravda Articles”, On the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, December 21, 1949

          • Okay…a link to a guy’s twitter page of an image sarcastically used to portray one of his adversaries.

            He has all of 516 followers.

            That is not a mainstream representation by any means.

          • Nope, but they’re the people that progressives love to flood the west with and morally signal about.

          • Just give me an example of what you consider to be the “progressive establishment narrative” preferably from the mouth of a noted progressive.

          • Celebrating diversity is celebrating white displacement. By saying diversity is great, Hillary is basically saying this new Austro-Hungarian type patchwork of nationalities that is modern America is superior to the historical White America.

          • That’s not what “Celebrating Diversity” means at all. It means everybody regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, etc. is encouraged and allowed to participate.

          • Saying diversity is our strength is EXACTLY stating that a multicultural society is superior to a homogeneous society. Unfortunately for you leftists, history shows that diverse societies like Austria-Hungary and the Soviet Union collapse.

          • Diverse societies in the West have by far the most income inequality. By promoting so-called diversity, the mainstream of both parties are promoting overpopulation and gated communities. If one actually cared about wages of the working class, the first factor to look at would be the supply of labor. In a tight labor market, wages would naturally rise. This is why Caezar Chavez and Samuel Gompers were both against the importation of foreign labor. But now people like you (and your allies in the mainstream GOP, both neoliberal and neoconservatives) are so intent on white genocide (whether you recognize it or not; your arguments are so simplistic, so, likely NOT) that you claim to be pro-worker while outright ignoring the biggest factor of all that affects the value of labor (and working conditions and so on): the labor supply.

            If you want to be pro-worker, you should be advocating for the following: E-verify, the deportation of illegals, a moratorium on legal immigration (we bring in over a million per year), and the enforcement of border security. But since the left is now, at its heart, an anti-white movement (or, an anti-founding stock American movement), they will NEVER be on the side of the working class or middle class.

            Your ideology promises nothing but a third world dystopia, but you won’t dare to stop and think, will you? All you’ll do is throw around buzz words like racist and sexist and muh diversity. You people are so frustrating because you’re incapable of seeing past the programming you’ve been subjected to for decades. It’s ironic that you think you’re being rebellious, when all you’re doing is doubling down on the status quo. Even the antifa style of dress is telling: grim, black-clad, staid enforcers. You people are literally the inverse of any kind of rebellion, but you’re too stupid to recognize it.

          • First off, I’m a progressive and I despise the GOP.

            Pro-diversity is not anti-white.

            White genocide is a preposterous claim.

            And the stupidity is clearly on the so-called “pro-white” fascist side of the line.

            The primary problem is that labor cannot seem to coordinate effectively enough to make any changes to the system.

            Racial problems are a diversion. The real problem is that the rich are too rich.

          • The rich get richer in diverse societies. The poor get poorer.

            Social Democracy is only possible in racially homogenous societies.

          • So you would find it a trivial task, then, to name a single objective “strength” of diversity, hmm? Ethnic restaurants aside, that is. There are such things as “recipes,” you know.

          • LOL! I almost thought you meant it there for a second. You’re one helluva troll I’ll give ya that.

          • Diversity is not celebrated in Japan or Africa. It’s just lumped on whites

          • Correct, Austria-Hungary could just fall back into their ethnic homelands. Same with the USSR.

            But if you study the various nationalist movements that emerged out of Austria (including Zionism), they were all suppressed and regarded as insane by European elites. Much as As the Alt Right is regarded as unrealistic by American elites. But we are planting the seeds for an American white ethno state when America breaks up, just as Croatians, Czechs, the Zionists, and Poles did in Austria.

          • Anyone who is familiar with history in Europe, much less anywhere else in the world, knows that warring groups isn’t just about skin color. If it had just been about skin color, the Teutons and the Slavs and the Anglo Saxons and the French, etc. would have all gotten along like a house on fire.

            Government is through “divide and rule.” People in government create new oppositional factions and then rule them. Because Whites were faced with hostile Amerinds when they came here, they had to set aside the differences they had in Europe and unite.

            That is why our government keeps bringing in different Non-White groups. They need to create more factions to divide and rule. The only way they amass state control and police power is because they “have to” keep our fingers from each other’s throats.

            Thus, the mantra, “Diversity Makes Us Stronger.” But “Us” isn’t the average citizen of this dubious proposition nation, no matter what the skin color.

          • I agree that you are constitutionally incapable of achieving any significant degree of self-awareness. Or, as you so eloquently put it, there’s “a buttload of nothing” in that section of what passes for your mind.

            Haidt would probably be simpler for you to comprehend.

        • Nah, I would say the most mixed-up people on earth are the young white males with a uselesss $100k liberal arts degree who confuse their sheltered upbringing and “education” with life experience and waste their youth fighting battles for people that will not only never fight for them but actively work against them.

          • No. Educated people can see that race is the most base of distractions. The most racist places on earth exist in prison systems, in places filled with stupid people who don’t understand right from wrong. Since they’re not really smart enough to deal with the real world, they have to break it down into its most obvious components, one of which is race.

            A part of me hates the Alt-Right, but after talking with some of you here today, I can see that most of you are genuinely tragic figures who are almost hopelessly lost and confused.

            Something’s wrong. You know that. But you don’t know how to fix it, so you latch on to movements such as the Alt-Right out of reflexive desperation.

          • First of all, commenting here does not identify me as “alt-right”
            Second, that is exactly how I feel about many of the antifa types… they are hopelessly lost and confused for the very reason you mentioned: the assumption that “education” and right think can somehow separate us from our biology. The sad fact is that the majority of human kind has not had the benefit of a western education and does not think as you do and they never will. An “egalitarian” world will require subjugation and extermination…. just as Mao, Stalin, Castro, et. al.

          • White, black, brown, Asian, whatever – we are at least 99% identical on the biological level. The problems we face are a lot less about race than they are about clashing cultural norms, and probably the most pressing of those clashes is currently between the extremely rich and everybody else.

            When you make it all about race, you are misunderstanding the heart of the problem.

          • So very wrong. As I’m sure you know we are also about 50% the same as bananas and we share various percentages of our DNA with all living things that we are aware of. And, why is this the case? It is because all life that we are aware of originated from those first minerals that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life. A practical place for us to start thinking about what led to all life was from the point that RNA and DNA were formed and it was from them–like a great cornucopia–that all life flowed. This is why we are “so close” to all other living things. But, one has to understand that in nature, seemingly minor changes can have major effects. It is that way with the races of man.

          • The major differences, the things that cause the clashes, are much more cultural than racial.

            They are behavioral, not genetic.

          • The behaviors are a product of genes and various other factors. The Black violent crime rate is astronomical and those who fail to understand the importance of genes in this are constantly twisting themselves into intellectual pretzels trying to find causes for the effects–and they constantly fail.

            One wrong belief (such as genes don’t matter) can cause a great flow of wrong secondary ideas.

            To understand the so-called human condition, it helps to study other organisms and with a correct understanding one starts to see the light. Certain birds always build certain types of nests. This is not because of their culture, but because of their genes. It works that way with humans as well. Whites are a certain way because of our genes and other races are they are because of their genes.

          • “They are behavioral, not genetic.”

            Muh Blank Slate! Ya just gotta BELIEVE! Damn, you’re worse than the Jehovah’s Witnesses, with this mindless attempt at proselytizing by simply vomiting forth the basic tenets of the progressive cult; whole chunks that you’ve swallowed whole, without even chewing.

          • Perhaps I need to go back and look at the thread, but I have most definitely NOT made it “all about race”. It is you that honed in on the word “white” in the phrase “white male”. The human genome codes far more than race. Among other things, our genome codes sex, it codes capabilities (both physical and mental), and it can even code pathology. That being said, until recently multiple racial phenotypes developed largely indepentant of each other, with the traits that were ideally suited for particular environments and cultures being selected for. To deny that there are genetically based physiological differences between the races is intentionally ignorant…. at the very least it ignores evolutionary biology, Bio- chemistry, anthropology, epidemiology, statistics, and quite a bit of modern medicine.
            As an aside: The “99% of the human gene code is identical” arguement makes you look silly (as if instead of thinking you just quote pamphlets)… the human genome contains about 3 billion base pairs, mutation of one base pair is in some cases enough to be pathological or even fatal, imagine the difference that 30 million base pairs can make!

          • The fact remains that all human beings, regardless of race, are over 99.5% similar in terms of DNA.


            “Race” which for all intents and purposes is the color of one’s skin, amounts to a very small difference between people and is on the whole a cosmetic difference.

            If you randomly chose 100 whites and 100 blacks from similar environments, the difference between the two groups, on paper, would likewise be negligible.

            Race is not the problem. It is a distraction. The concentration of wealth is the problem. A system that continues to concentrate that wealth to an even greater degree is the problem. The rich are far too rich. That is the real heart of the problem.

          • The amount of genetic diversity present within the human species, and clustered by race, is greater than that encompassed by the entire canid group, including all breeds of dogs, wolves, and coyotes. Chihuahuas are a social construct!

          • Wikipedia says it so it HAS to true! You are not much of a scientist, huh? Let me do you a favor and correct your numbers with a more reputable source: ( ):The smithsonian institute claims that the human genome varies by an average of 0.1% (and from a CHIMPANZEE an average of 1.2%). I’m sure to you this is just more evidence that humans are all the same (in which case you negate the “diversity is our strength” tripe as diversity doesn’t actually exist) to me however the fact that all human variants are encoded by 0.1% of our genome merely points out the amazing efficiency of nature.
            In all seriousness, by claiming that race is merely a cosmetic difference that expresses itself only in melanocytes you are being willfully ignorant. To be clear, I am offering no judgement here as to which race is “better” as better is a subjective term. Different races evolved in different environments largely isolated from each other and had different traits selected for as determined by the physical environment and culture in which they were evolving. Research on the subject (when it has been allowed to be conducted) has show that there is a lot of overlap between the races when looking at the bell curve of any given trait whether it be height, intelligence, muscle mass, hormone levels, etc etc.

            I agree with you that the widening wealth gap is problematic. That gap has only widened at an exponential rate in the US since the 1970s with a marked excelleration since 1995. ( The question I have for you is why do you think that the US is reaching levels of inequality on par with that of a colonial America, EVEN IF YOU COUNT SLAVES? ( The argument that the fault lies in is “racism”, “sexism”, “homophobia”, or “xenophobia” holds no water as even those that complain of such things have to admit that the US has become LESS of those things since the 1970s. No, all this has happened during a time of an increasingly liberal society. Until we are willing to realistically look at and discuss what is truely tearing apart American society and undermining all Americans instead of regurgitating the leftist brainwashing we get in school, the gap will only continue to grow.

          • “The question I have for you is why do you think that the US is reaching levels of inequality on par with that of a colonial America….”

            It’s due to the GOP agenda of serving the rich and pissing on the poor. This all started in earnest under Ronald Reagan in 1981. Tax cuts for the rich. Deregulations, also a gift to the rich who own the corporations. Corporate tax cuts, the same as tax cuts for the rich. Union busting. Off-shoring, which is encouraged under GOP administrations.

            That’s the reality, not perceived differences in race.

          • You are nothing if not dogmatic.

            Giving “Tax cuts for the rich” does not necessarily harm everyone else. In an economy where the money stays local (ex. There is local manufacturing) cutting taxes will free up dispensable income which can then be used to purchase more goods (taxes recouped as sales tax) and services (aka “job creation”). The idea is that by expanding the labor market the taxes cut are recouped as a larger tax base paying a lower tax rate will return the same gross amount of taxes as a smaller tax base taxed at a higher rate with the side benefit of reducing the demand on the government to provide services to the unemployed. Same thing with removing unnecessary regulatory requirements… the opportunity cost of money a company spends on regulatory requirements is money that it cannot spend on employees or reinvestment AND the government regulatory agencies themselves reducing operational costs. As for “union busting”, the unions busted themselves by becoming de facto corporations that produced nothing while extracting dues out of the very workers they claimed to represent yet undermined by making labor costs so expensive that American companies couldn’t compete with foreign imports… funny how while workers were losing jobs, corrupt union bosses continued to pull 6 figure salaries. And finally: “offshoring”?! It is disingenuous to pin offshoring exclusively on the GOP, one merely needs to look NAFTA and “progressive” corporations like Apple to see the falacy in that.

            You are mistaking the symptoms for the disease.

          • “While you may not agree with it, giving “Tax cuts for the rich” is rooted in sound economic theory and does not necessarily harm everyone else. ”

            Yes, in fact, it does. It gives even more wealth and power to those who already have most of the wealth and power.

            Regulations exist to protect the people and the environment. Any savings the corporations make by the removal of those regulations will never be reinvested for the purpose of creating jobs. Never. The savings will on be kept a profits.

            When you trace the decline of union membership in the USA, there is a direct correlation to the decline of wages and salaries for the working class. Some unions were corrupt, certainly, but the basic strategy of collective bargaining is as sound now as it was then.

            If you’re pro working class, you are cutting your own throat every time to support a GOP candidate in government.

          • Again: more dogma.

            “It gives even more wealth and power to those who already have most of the wealth and power.”

            Why is giving more wealth and power to “those who already have most of the wealth and power” bad? Please don’t tell me it is petty jealousy! Do you hate them because you want big houses with big boats and nice cars; a trophy wife and a handfull of super model mistresses… or is there something else?

            “When you trace the decline of union membership in the USA, there is a direct correlation to the decline of wages and salaries for the working class.”

            Agreed, and when you trace the decline of union membership in the US you trace the decline of US manufacturing jobs: fewer union jobs = fewer union members. The unions priced themselves out of existence while padding the bank accounts of the union bosses who sold the workers out. A sell out that had a negative effect on the workers that far exceeded the effect on the union bosses (if that isn’t corrupt, I don’t know what is).

            “If you’re pro working class, you are cutting your own throat every time to support a GOP candidate in government.”

            I am not “pro working class”, I AM working class.I HAVE worked for a union and believe it or not, I HATED it. They took my money and did nothing for me but make my job more difficult. Spare me the whole GOP “cutting your own throat” thing, it is pathetic…. do you honestly think the Democratic Party is better because they are in bed with the union bosses? Please, they passed NAFTA, they strongly supported TPP, the TTIP, as well open borders and mass immigration while dismissing anyone who opposed it as “racist”… Or should I trust “progressive” companies like Apple, Google, Starbucks, etc etc who offshore whenever they can and import low wage foriegn workers when they can’t. No, both parties are against the average US citizen.

          • Why is giving more wealth and power to “those who already have most of the wealth and power” bad?

            Because it leads to a situation we have now, where 43% of all American households are living paycheck to paycheck and 8 people have as much wealth as half the world combined.

            The Dems aren’t much better, but the GOP never does anything for the working class. They can’t. That would be a betrayal to the rich people whom they exclusively serve.

          • “Because it leads to a situation we have now, where 43% of all American households are living paycheck to paycheck and 8 people have as much wealth as half the world combined.”

            Why do the wealthy allow that to be the situation?

          • Because they’re psychopaths who have gone power mad. When you’ve reached the point where $400,000 dollars a day isn’t enough for you, what else would explain it?

            By that point, they don’t care about the money, they care about the power & the prestige.

          • “… what else would explain it?”

            The answer is more nuanced than “the rich” are all psychopaths. It’s all about group dynamics, specifically in-group vs out-group identity.

            Man is a pack animal. Over the course of our evolution we have developed an instinctive and involuntary preference for our family, our tribe, and our clan as a strategy to ensure the survival of our offspring. This instinct to protect the our in-group is so strong that we are willing to put the well being of the group over our own well being. Being a pack animal man is also hierarchical in nature. Where there isn’t a defined hierarchy (a group of same aged school children, for instance) we make one. From subcultural anarchical communities (like the Rainbow Gathering) to official communist/ socialist governments leaders rise and as a reward for their leadership are afforded the privileges of leadership: money, surplus goods (i.e. Wealth), influence, adoration, etc.

            Until recently nation states were ethincally and regionally based (the English in England, the Swedes in Sweden, the Comanche in Comancharia, the Japanese in Japan, etc.). The elites in these nation states identified with their subjects racially, culturally, linguistically, and religiously (even when they had to force their subjects to change religions); in other words they saw them as their ethnic in-group. Further strengthening the in-grouping with their subjects is the fact that these regional economies the elites realized that they had a self serving obligation to cultivate the peasantry… their wealth and status was inextricably tied to the food stuffs, the goods, and the tax that the peasants produced. This by no stretch of the imagination means that all peasants were treated well especially by current year standards – being part of the elites’ ethnic in-group did not protect them from being part of their class out-group; however across civilizations the worst degridation has always been reserved for ethnic out-groups: slavery, land seizure, removal of culture, genocide, etc; a mild but codified example is that in Rome certain ghastly punishments were reserved for non-citizens. Importantly, the groups committing such acts upon out-groups did not view them as unethical but as heroic, honorable, and more often than not blessed by their god… think the battle of Jericho.

            The elites of today treat the rest of us not as subjects to whom their wealth and status are tied but at best like the European Colonialists treated their colonized and at worst like the Ottoman Empite treated theirs. We are a natural resource to be exploited devoid of the rights and benefits of citizenship. They feel no in-grouping with us, we are all out-grouped and as such the elites have no in-group obligation to treat us ethically. Why do they feel no in-grouping? Because we have all been sold that the act of in-grouping by what through human evolution bonded elite to non-elite are thought crimes. To in-group by ethnicity (for white non-Hispanic non-Jewish people) is racism, by region/ language/ culture is xenephobia, by religion is anti-religion-x-ism. This “education” (pushed by the global elites) has worked so well at isolating the individuals in the largest and therefore potentially most powerful identity group in the US (straight white Christians) that they don’t even in-group to defend their inheritance from minority groups that freely admit that they are anti-straight, anti-white, anti-Christian. The only possible positive outcome for plebeians worldwide is that they create ethnic nation states (English in England, Japanese in Japan, the Sudanese in Sudan, etc, etc) with regional economies where the elite recognize that their status and wealth reside in their subjects and where they feel an in-group affinity for them. Otherwise, we will all be slaves of a global master.

          • I’ve got to read this again. Part of it is right, but it breaks down the second we make it about race. Racism is not a strength, it is a weakness. Stasis is not a strength, it is stagnation.

            An “ethnic nation state” is not the only positive outcome, not by far.

            It is the distraction that keeps us from uniting to the degree where our resistance can be effective.

            Convincing the lower-classes that their only hope is to group themselves according to race is a “divide and conquer” strategy as old as time itself.

          • Listen I get it… your brainwashing creates a hard stop whenever race is mentioned and will not allow you to even consider that there are actual genetic and physiological differences between the races as well as an innate inbred evolutionary preference for ones own race no matter how much those facts are rooted in science… I had to overcome the same training.
            I know that your knee-jerk reaction to what I’ve said is that I am a “racist” but notice I have done nothing but point out basic scientific data and even more poignantly that I NEVER made any kind of subjective judgment upon which race was “superior”… in fact I stated just the opposite: that each race was optimized for the environmental and cultural conditions it evolved in.
            The truth is that in a purely Darwinian sense the white European race is proving to be inferior as we are being out bred, we are voluntarily giving up our traditional homelands, and we are passively ceding our power to other races .. if this continues we will eventually be absorbed or annihilated. That should at least give you a warm fuzzy.

          • I am not opposed to “preferring your own race.”

            I am opposed to making it a rule of law.

            I appreciate the conversation. Not sure we’re going to make any headway here so, pip-pip, cheerio.

          • Sorry forgot one:
            “Regulations exist to protect the people and the environment. Any savings the corporations make by the removal of those regulations will never be reinvested for the purpose of creating jobs. Never. The savings will on be kept a profits.”

            I mentioned “unnecessary regulations”. Clearly not are regulations fall under that category.
            As far as businesses “never” reinvesting in the company or the workers, you are incorrect; “rarely”rather than never in today’s globalized economy would be more accurate… and I agree… see now you are onto something!

          • “we are at least 99% identical on the biological level.”

            A typical sociology/ cultural anthropology/ gender studies type of “muh SCIENCE!” slogan. You don’t even understand what that number means, do you? That’s at the SNP level, not the gene level. Chimpanzees are 98% “identical” with us, by that measure. Clearly, this social construct of chimpanzeeism as some sort of valid category is just due to hatred and intolerance, and the poor chimps are being held back in education, employment, and interspecies dating by these bigoted troglodytes who just don’t know any better. Better get out there and agitate to eliminate unfair hatred of, and discrimination against, chimpanzees. Hop to it!

          • You wrote: “No. Educated people can see that race is the most base of distractions.”

            Actually, educated people know that race (or more precisely the unique DNA code that makes a race different from other races) is the most important thing about humans who like themselves and their kind and want to continue to exist as the unique people they are.

            If you lose your race by blending in with other races via miscegenation, you–as represented by your now mixed-race descendents–are simply no longer yourself. If you value yourself and those like you, you want to remain as you are–unique and different from other races.

          • That makes no sense whatsoever. You and I both have genes that stretch back to South Africa millions of years ago. Race is not the most important thing about humans.

            Race is simply the most obvious thing that differentiates one group of people from another, and that is why it is the one thing upon which simple minds focus.

          • If race is not the most important thing about humans, explain all of Africa, Detroit, Haiti, etc. Explain why North Korea, one of the poorest nations under one of the most oppressive regimes, can design nuclear ICBMs but no country in Africa can (apart from South Africa, which destroyed all its nukes before handover to the ANC, another thing you’ll have to explain). Why aren’t we afraid of a Nigerian nuclear program? Explain why, after the shackles of Communism were lifted, China took off like a rocket, whereas Africa is in the same mire it was during the colonial period. Explain why blacks have elevated crime rates wherever they are, even in places like the UK where they were never kept as slaves.

            Looking forward to your insight…

          • Race is to man as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.

            Each of these divisions are natural moves by nature towards creating new species that are better adapted for various niches. Or in simpler terms, they are the way nature evolves higher forms of organisms and I define higher forms here as organisms with higher consciousness.

            Race is not something to be denied.

          • Exactly. You and I have genes that stretch much farther back than that, back to the days when our forefathers first crawled up onto land. Fish are our brothers, you hate-filled, intolerant speciesist.

    • I’ve been hearing you guys making that argument a lot over the past two days and it is complete and utter bullshit. When you show up to violently shut down Anti-War Peace Rallies and Free Speech Rallies you deserve to get your heads smashed in. If you didn’t show up to ‘shut down by any means necassary’ we would never have to respond with violence, now would we? We defend ourselves and our rights, you instigate, that is the difference.

      • You went there with violence first and foremost on your mind. You resort to violence because your arguments are unsound, based on the ignorance born of racism and fear.

        • The opposite is true. Violence has been escalating for awhile now and that is because it is expected that Antifa will show up and start assaulting people whom they disagree with.

          At the Milo event, people showed up to listen to someone they like speak, and got pepper sprayed, beaten with sticks, verbally abused and so on… None of those people were Fascists by the way. And none of them showed up to fight.

          At the event last month a small minority of attendees showed up to protect the women and elderly that Antifa feels justified in assaulting. Most of them were there for the rally itself though. Again none of them were Fascists.

          At the event yesterday a lot of people did show up with the hope of getting to punch a commie, and who can blame them. The general public has grown tired of you assholes. You don’t have the right to enforce what speech is acceptable and what speech is unaceptable. You people are delusional, civilized debate is impossible with you and violence is the only thing you will understand. Don’t come here looking for sympathy when you start losing the fights, because you’ll get none. You set the precedence, now you have to live with it.

          • Who were your featured speakers yesterday? Did you erect a stage or a podium from which they could speak?

          • Yeah, a bunch of attention whores and instigators. I wonder what they were going to talk about?

          • An intolerable answer for a leftist. Don’t you know that the only valid approach is to ignore history, tradition, and what works empirically, in favor of designing an unachievable utopia by autistically reasoning from first principles? Then all you have to do is signal your allegiance to that particular utopian model, and voila! You’re a “good,” “educated” person. Objective reality is completely irrelevant here.

          • Precisely. Their whole scheme, since at least Marx, is cute syllogisms with no context. It all works on paper, falls apart when you factor in human nature, group differences. Applies to libertarianism too.

          • If fast food workers unionized and demanded $15 an hour, then the fast food industry would quickly automate almost all their labor inputs, rendering Jose the illegal burger flipper irrelevant.

          • The problem with just rushing into automation is that it can destroy whole sectors of the labor market and easily end up hurting white workers too. Automation needs to be rolled out every time so people can move into different careers.

          • Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but if the minimum wage is increased for them gradually, all it means is that once they pass the threshold they’ll all be made redundant anyway. So it seems like it’s either make them all instantly redundant now, or let it keep going for longer and make them all instantly redundant later.

            Either way, they’ll be suddenly made redundant as soon as the wage level gets high enough to warrant it, so why not just do it sooner rather than later? It’s easier to fire and retrain a bunch of 20 year olds, than it would be be fire and retrain a bunch of 40 year olds who are reaching the “old dogs won’t learn the new trick” stage of their lives.

          • This is a difficult topic, but the fact is that automation will cause the most economic stress and dislocation since the Industrial Revolution. Schumpeter calls this Creative Destruction, but it was out such ashes that the Proles flocked to Marxism in the fin de siecle period. We must offer SOMETHING to the white working class, its why Trump won after all.

          • Closing the border would be a more rational, less intrusive means of achieving the same result.

          • True, but that still wouldn’t retroactively address the fact that there are still lots of people already in that country who are wasting time serving food when a machine could just as well do it.

            They would then be free to either migrate elsewhere if they are not from the country, or retrain for something else.

          • Okay, so you’d prefer all fast food people work for a minimum wage that does not even provide a living.

            A few posts back, you said that your side was for the working class, and yet, you just opposed an effort that would have benefited millions of working class people.

          • You don’t understand basic economics. People buy fast food because its cheap. If you pay fast food workers $15/hour, fast food is no longer cheap and people will just eat at better restaurants. The fast food restaurants will lose their comparative advantage of cheap food without cheap labor and go out of business.

          • I do understand economics. Fast food workers in other countries like Australia and Denmark, and others, make around $15 an hour, and the cost of food is comparable to that here in the states.

            What happens is the shareholders and upper-management is forced to take smaller cuts of the profits.

            You can’t say that you’re “pro worker” and yet oppose people who want to make a living wage.

          • Australia and Denmark do not have open borders like America. Australia throws illegal aliens into crude huts on the island of Nauru. Your example fails for that reason. I’m not a disciple of his, but Milton Friedman was correct when he stated that you have to choose between a welfare state and open borders. I would choose the welfare state option and close the borders, what would you choose?

          • To be fair, Denmark has three things going for it which have made that situation possible:

            1. Mercifully low native birthrate, so there aren’t too many people to begin with.
            2. Low migration rate, so the reserve pool of labour is pretty small for that kind of job — most of Denmark’s migration is high skilled.
            3. Denmark actually sincerely fulfilled the ERM and ERM-II prerequisites, before joining the Krona to the ERM, and those prerequisites included the creation of tripartite institutional frameworks in which capital and labour could engage in social bargaining which is overseen by the state.

            The United States unfortunately has none of those three attributes and is basically the wild-west by comparison. Thus far, no one has been able to convince the Americans to make any changes whatsoever.

          • Sounds like Denmark is the Disingenous White Liberal of Europe.

            American DWLs don’t have segregated neighborhoods. (Though they are gated with great security). They don’t have restaurants which refuse service to any so-called people of color. But both the neighborhoods and the restaurants are so expensive that they price out undesirables of all colors. Problem solved.

            Denmark doesn’t keep migrants out as long as they are high-skilled. That pretty much excludes not only low-skilled Whites, but people from all over the third world. But no one can accuse the Danish of being racist.

          • This is is liberal hand wringing and an appeal to pity.

            Sending third world invaders to Mud huts on Nauru is a deterrent that works. America should do the same and send illegal aliens to crude camps in Micronesia.

            Also, its jarring to hear a Vietnamese Saigon Susie speak with an Oz accent.

          • If you like that accent, my accent is almost as fantastic. It’s impossible to get anywhere without English, it’ll probably end up being the international language forever now.

            Third World
            Regarding the concept of ‘Third World invaders’, I don’t know how that terminology came into existence. Most of the world is Third World, broadly speaking it maps to basically ‘every country that is not in the OECD’ right now. It would be very inaccurate to brand all Third World countries with the brush that is being used quite rightly to paint the horrendous behaviour that has been exhibited by Arabs and Africans during the Arab Spring upheavals.

            When you utter the phrase ‘Third World’ to describe Syrian Islamists who have been cutting people up with hacksaws, you are — by the use of that form of categorisation — choosing to place those people in the same category as say, a tourist from Thailand, or a lecturer from Chile. Because that is the range of things that the category encompasses. It’s a category that is too broad to describe the thing that you’re intending to describe.

            That aside, I don’t think Natalie’s video was a liberal guilt trip. Rather, she is in her own way acting (either deliberately or accidentally) to ward off a future scenario in which a guilt trip could develop.

            Psychological domain
            Think of it like this. This is the era of rapid communications, social media, and 24/7 news. People are — for whatever reason — primed to react very strongly to scenes of profound deprivation, particularly when they have nominal control over the situation, as voters believe themselves to have. The violence and abuse on Nauru and Manus, if it were to continue indefinitely, risks eventually triggering a backlash from those who will feel guilty about it, which could snowball into a frenzied attempt by them to just open the gates to escape from the guilt.

            It’s perfectly possible to accomplish the objective of keeping Australia safe from radical Islamic terror, and to block mass migration, without having to stoop to the level of presiding over things like child abuse and lack of adequate medical treatment for people who are ill.

            Going down to that level just paradoxically makes it even harder to defend the borders, because it gives defending the borders a really bad public relations face, which may then become politically unsustainable as citizens start to get emotional about it.

            The best way to avert that situation before it ever happens, is to appeal to decency and keep everything clean and above board, so that the odds of people beginning to feel that way would be decreased.

            Warding the problem off ahead of time by taking the high road and being humane where and when they can, is a form of reputational defence which would allow the Australian government maintain just enough political capital on the issue so that they can keep defending the borders.

            So that’s the logic. It’s a classic form of 4D chess, the good kind of 4D chess: ‘behavioural studies’ chess.

          • In American parlance, third world means poor. Chile is not a poor nation and millions don’t try to leave Chile. You are arguing over semantics. All third world means is a poor, crappy country.

            I have not heard of any atrocities or inhumane treatment on Nauru. The conditions aren’t “nice,” but it is supposed to be a deterrent to prevent economic migrants from swamping Australia. Try to go to Oz, and wind up on Nauru.

            These appeals to pity from liberals are now falling on deaf ears.


          • I don’t know why you haven’t heard of the abuses, given that apparently the whole of Australia seems to be aware of them and social media won’t stop talking about them. There is a popular hashtag that people are now using called ‘#BringThemHere’, which is actually the precise kind of frantic and potentially disastrous response that should have been avoided.

            Even the tweet you’ve posted from Kon Karapanagiotidis is part of that, it’s just that you’ve misread what that person meant. When Australians say ‘evacuation for Manus’, what they actually mean is that the evacuation of all refugees to Australia from Manus, is the policy which they support for the Manus situation. ‘Evacuation for Manus’.

            The reason it’s abbreviated that way is of course because Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet. Reading Kon Karapanagiotidis’ entire series of tweets before and after the one that you’ve featured, should show you that this is the context.

            The fact that this is the kind of thing that people are saying now, in fact validates my previous comment on why it’s so necessary to address these trends ahead of time before they ever develop into this kind of thing. There are only two ways to block it, either:

            1. soft censorship and conversation shaping so that the people don’t know the abuse is happening, or

            2. stop the abuse from happening and then make it clear that the abuse is not happening there, so that you’ve got the psychological domain under wraps and the public’s reaction can be controlled.

            In the present situation you can’t do the former since the cat is out of the bag already. So the only real option is the latter. Using GEOINT based on social media data, the Turnbull government could even get right down to the particular regions that are most vulnerable to ‘cucking’ (as you guys say), and tailor inoculating messaging specially for them.

            But it can’t work if everyone believes that widescale abuse is going on.

          • Please explain how Aussies are being “cruel” to people who are used to living in primitive conditions by providing them with accommodations that they are already used to.

            This young lady is carrying on like the Australian taxpayer should be required to create a first class, first world resort to what are basically economic migrants posing as refugees.

            How is giving these people better accommodations (either in or outside of Australia) going to discourage them from migrating to Australia. Defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

          • I already explained it. The taxpayer is not required to create “a first class, first world resort”.

            Rather, the request is that the taxpayer should ask the Australian government to address the fact that all kinds of abuse — including systematic child sexual abuse by the Nauruan officials — are occurring at the camp.

            I sincerely do not understand why some people are finding that to be a big ask. “Can we have some basic standards here?”, is not really a big demand.

            The facility is guarded by a sizeable number of Australian and New Zealand ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen, who generally quit after only one ‘deployment’ there because the conditions are so bad that even the good money can’t make up for how demoralising the experience is for them. That’s how bad it is.

            If this continues, it will undermine the ability of people who are interested in border control, to successfully argue for those controls. This is the worst public relations disaster ever in the making, and it could have global memetic implications.

            Either you can get out ahead of it now, or you can make excuses for it and wait until radical liberals get a fresh cache of leaked camp documents — at which point strong-border-controls advocates will be found on the wrong side of the issue and you will pay the political and memetic price for it as the whole affair will become a propaganda gift for the open-borders liberals.

          • Call me a cynic, but I don’t think the average Aussie would be upset enough to let all this cheap labor in to take the food of of their own children’s tables. They’d more likely push for those boats to be turned around and escorted right back to their points of origin rather than putting them on a nearby island.

            You see, the elites live in an echo chamber. Much like the American bicoastal elite who see the rest of the states as nothing more than flyover country, I think you will find that the Australian elite aren’t interested in what John Q. Average Australian thinks. They just want to outdo each other with the virtue-signaling. How can realistic can any one be about third world citizens prowling the countryside if you live in gated communities. The only interaction they have with the third world is their maids and gardeners. They just don’t know and they really don’t care.

          • Low wages are not living wages due to Jewish banking relentlessly devaluing currency, plus mass importation of imbeciles. Lots of <90 IQ Latinos making careers of what in past eras were strictly entry-level jobs. Stabilize money systems and demographics and all of this will be a nonissue.

          • Jeff Bezos got his first job at a McD’s and learned a lot about entrepreneurship there. Would McD’s even hire a white teenager today?

          • Working class to me doesn’t mean some burger flipper with zero ambition. Working class people are plumbers, electricians, maybe a good steak cooker. Burger flippers should mean teenagers.

          • Working class is everybody who cashes a paycheck in order to survive, and that includes the vast majority of us, white, black, or whatever.

            About 43% of all American households are living paycheck to paycheck, which means if they miss one month of work, they’re out on the street.

            The solidarity of the working class, from minimum wage up to salaried management, is the thing we need most.

          • As a small business owner I completely disagree. I have minimum wage employees and they are not worth what I am paying them now. They come/go/quit/do drugs/show up late/don’t show up on the job have very low skill and no ambition to learn new skill. That isn’t the working class my man that is the derelict class. I am the working class I work six days a week long days and my little business barely makes me $5k/month. 25% of that income is sucked up for health insurance for my little family. Tell me that isn’t also paying for the derelict class. I am ready for the civil war I’m gonna split some fucking derelict heads.

          • You are hopelessly misguided.

            You’re the kind of conservative who blames the poorest and the weakest among us, yet you can’t seem to understand that our system is run by the extremely rich and every single year it makes them even richer.

            The little people aren’t the ones who make your life suck.

            It’s the people who control a system where 8 people have as much money as half the world combined.

          • Here would be my question for you: how many non white countries would you want to live in? How much of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Mexico, or South America would you live in? I assume the answer is very few if any. For example all the liberals who were going to move out of the country if trump won were all going to Canada, why not mexico? Since they aren’t racist… so if you are still with me wouldn’t you worry about what our country is going to be like once no longer majority white? That is why we are all here. For our children’s and grandchildrens sake.

          • You’re going down the wrong road the second you start viewing the world in racial terms.

            I’ll tell you what I don’t want to live in: I don’t want to live in a country so homogeneous that any variation of skin tone is perceived as an existential threat.

            You need to understand this: racism is not a sign of intelligence. Quite the opposite.

          • Oh is that what they taught you in school? That racists are stupid!

            I know it may make you uncomfortable but I answered your question will you answer mine?

          • What question was that? The one about moving away? Honestly, I’d rather live in northern Europe since I’m a big, blond, “Aryan” looking guy, but I could see myself living in Korea, or even Katmandu.

            Racists are stupid. The sooner you understand that, the better.

          • So you don’t believe racial demographics have anything to do with quality of life of a country?

            I’m kind of disappointed you jumped to the “you are unintelligent” argument so quickly. I chose to talk with you because i thought you had more interesting things to say…

          • No. The best countries and cities tend to be very diverse on many levels, race being just one.

            I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but there’s just no other way to describe what racism is. It suggests a lack of understanding and depth on the most primitive level.

          • You keep putting words in my mouth I never said I wasn’t racist. Name some cities that are so great because they are “divers”.

          • Boulder, San Francisco, New York, Rome, Berlin, London, Madrid.

            All the cool places are multi-cultural.

          • Interesting that every place you mentioned is majority white. Go to some non white places and if you make it out alive (for many places I mean that literally) let’s talk again.

          • Naming a bunch of white cities to support you argument?? Can I just say I told you so? Let the demographics swing to white minority and see if it is on your list then.

          • And a lot of experience living in small towns that are filled with 90% white, conservative, Christians who are butt stupid and boring as hell.

          • Please give us some real examples of the countries and cities that you think are best.

          • You wrote that you are a “[B]ig blond,’Aryan’ looking guy.” What do your 23 and me results show? Your thinking about the science of genetics seems so twisted that one has to wonder if you are really Aryan (defined to mean a non-Jewish White person of European descent no matter where he or she was born or lives).

            And, I’m assuming arguendo, for the moment, that you really are White (aka Aryan), so I wonder how you came to dislike yourself and your kind so much that you seem to implicitly side with the White haters who want Whites to go extinct by miscegenating with other races–or, have I misstated your view on this?

          • You misstated my views, and I’m tired of talking to you.

            You guys on the Alt-Right are tragically fucked up people. It makes me mad, but the more I talk to you, it genuinely makes me feel sad. You’ve painted yourselves into a corner from which you’ll never escape.

          • If I am going down the wrong road, tell me why? Don’t just call me stupid because you say I’m “racist”. Convince that I am stupid. Hey you may be right! I didn’t get my ideas because that is what I was taught, or learned on tv, that all men are equal. My views were determined during real life.

          • Prisons are the most racist environments on earth. Let’s not pretend that prisons are filled with good-hearted, intelligent, talented people.

          • If we stopped importing large numbers of non-Whites from the Third World, what would happen to wages in the fast food industry, hhm? Why do you hate American workers so much? Why do you conspire with the evil capitalists to lower their wages? Very sad.

          • You honest to god have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

            Try reading more, much more. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to us.

          • Your pathetic failure to even attempt a refutation of this simple concept speaks for itself.

          • I guess “SJW” is “social justice warrior.” Kind of vague. Antifa are the people like me, the Allies.

            BLM, Black Lives Matter, a group tired of seeing unarmed black people gunned down or brutalized by police.

            And I’m not familiar with the “New Left” I’m afraid.

            I do know that your side, the fascists, generally preach a policy of racism, misogyny, and similar platforms designed to pander to bigots. They tend to want to create an America that serves their needs over that of all others.

          • “Allies” sounds about right. This isn’t the first time Global Capitalists and Commies have locked arms to suppress Nationalism, but this time you will lose.

          • What you call “Nationalism” is better described as “White Nationalism” isn’t it?

          • Do you oppose Black Nationalism for African countries? Yellow Nationalism for China? Or is is only White people who are the target of your virulent, toxic hatred?

          • Depends. In the European context I don’t advocate “White Nationalism.” Italy for Italians, Britain for the British, Norway for Norwegians, Poland for the Polish etc. I’m not a pan-Europeanist. If Europe get’s flooded by baboons my efforts will be spent securing an ethno-state for Southern Europeans specifically in North America. I’m Italian and we don’t have much in common with Anglos or Slavs. I don’t want to see Italian culture die, and I’m not interested in all whites being molded into one entity defined by nothing but their shared whiteness. Many Northern, Western and Eastern Europeans don’t even consider Italians, Greeks, Spaniards or Portuguese people white. That being said if Italy removes Kebab, I’m fine with establishing an ethnostate for all Americans of European descent. We’re all supposed to be Americans anyways and if I don’t like it I can go back to Italy. I don’t label myself a White Nationalist though. My views are out of step with most of the Alt-Right though.

          • For what it’s worth, N. Italians certainly are white but I also consider S. Italians white as well. I’ve always considered Sicilians and Greeks to be the outermost points of white european-ness, they are in but any groups outside of them are not. When it comes to genetic kinship a Sicilian is still more akin to other whites by far.

          • “Many Northern, Western and Eastern Europeans don’t even consider Italians, Greeks, Spaniards or Portuguese people white.”

            Possibly, but that’s also a common “divide and conquer” meme as well. On a medium where many are anonymous, it’s easy to stir up trouble that way. Who came up with the ridiculous “The Irish weren’t considered White when they first came to America” idea, again?

            Why, good ol’ (((Noel Ignatiev))), of “abolish the white race by any means necessary” fame.


            I tend to take any sh!t-stirring, “You must hate those other goyim over there” statements on the interwebz with more than a grain of salt. Your mileage may vary.

          • Blacks wouldn’t be shot by police if they didn’t commit so many crimes.

            Funny how these issues with the Police only exist in black communities. Even Hispanics don’t have a crime rate approaching that of the blacks.

            “the fascists, generally preach a policy of racism, misogyny, and similar platforms designed to pander to bigots. They tend to want to create an America that serves their needs over that of all others.”

            How many leftist tropes can you fit in one sentence? But yes, we do want to create an American white ethno state that serves white interests. Just like how Israel serves the Tribe’s interests, Japan serves Japanese interests, etc. Blacks can have their own ethno state in part of the American south. Illegal aliens will be deported back across the border.

          • When you openly admit that you want to create a white-only country, yet deny that you’re racists, something is obviously not working well in your brain.

          • Define this “racism” that you believe in so fervently and mindlessly.

          • So are Hebrews racist for having Israel? Japanese racist for having Japan? Black Africans racist for having African nations?

          • So why aren’t you agitating against the South African ANC or the Israeli Likud party as well, why all this focus on the American Alt Right, which has ZERO power?

          • I’m not South African or Israeli, but their racist policies are every bit as nauseating as America’s Alt-Right.

          • See, this is the thing. The Americans don’t really have the right to tell Japan to stop propagating the mixture of Nihonjinron ideology and Kokusaika discourse.

            Japan is basically a place for Japanese (and Zainichi Koreans too, who also belong) to live. Others may be admitted, but only the Japanese state can decide that.

            To have any White person try to redefine the identity of the country by force from the outside would be a form of neocolonial imposition which should not be tolerated.

          • Which, if you think about it, isn’t really a bad thing at all, given that apparently it’s the only way for Japanese to defend itself from you.

          • I’m not attacking Japan, toots. And I don’t really want to dredge up the past, but of all the Asian countries, yours has a particularly ugly history of treating non-Japanese people as if they were animals, or worse.

            Racism is a sign of stupidity, and one of the things I liked the most about Japan and its people is that most of them weren’t stupid.

          • The Japanese have a right to decide who can enter their indigenous homeland of Japan. No foreigner has the right to tell them otherwise. You didn’t build it, you taxes don’t maintain it, so mind your own business.

            The Japanese in the past haven’t treated their conquered neighbors any different than anyone else. Most importantly, the Japanese in the past are dead and are neither alive to defend their actions or pay for their “sins.”

            Even if the Japanese of a few generations ago were all around douchebags, their descendants should not be required to pay for their “sins,” by losing their country to a foreign invasion by alien races.

            I don’t think the Japanese are going to fall for the okie-dokie. It’s not because I think they are geniuses, it’s just that, thanks to mass communication, they have had a front seat view of how diversity is destroying White America and want none of it in their country. Good for them.

          • No, I’m not Japanese, but let’s not pretend it’s not racism. Ultimately, it will be their undoing. Stasis in modern times is a death sentence. Diversity truly is strength. All progress comes from environments of diversity.

          • Anyone else that you feel this vitriolic, uncontrollable rage and hatred towards? Or just Whites and Japanese?

          • Since when have we ever denied that we’re racist? Not any alt-right figure I know of cares about being called that. Of course we’re racist, just like everybody else, including you. I’m guessing if you saw a pack of black guys hanging out on the corner, you’d cross to the other side of the street.

          • “BLM, Black Lives Matter,”

            A terrorist group responsible for multiple deaths. Which is why communists like you support them, of course.

          • Blah, blah, blah… “Racist!” Blah, blah, blah… “Fascist!” Blah, blah, blah… “________!”

            How does it feel knowing that all of that self-righteous indignation is being turned around on you and now all of those scary buzzwords that kept you safe and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside won’t keep you from having to swallow your own teeth when you go around attacking innocent people?

          • While it looks like the street-wise Weimar battle, there is nothing common between us and fascists of any kinds. Our major grievance and purpose is to reverse detrimental and degenerating demographic changes in America. Fascists and communists have had ideological differences of how to run countries, we are concerned about our survival and as a nation – White Americans.

            Antifa is a loose coalition of misfits put together on foreign money with one single task on hand: to put down a growing and secular nationalist movement in America. Once Soros is done financing your group of misfits, your are done in the market. Similarly, you have nothing to do with communists, particularly those of the late ’80s.

          • I think you need to download a simple pamphlet called “The Color of Crime”. Or learn how to google FBI crime stats.

          • “And I’m not familiar with the “New Left” I’m afraid.”

            The New Left is focused almost exclusively on promoting the poz and on anti-White hatred, to the near-total exclusion of their earlier pretense of concern for the working man. It’s not like it’s a secret, or an esoteric term. Perhaps you’ve heard of this great new invention called a “search engine?”

          • Instigators?! That’s rich. I’m guessing self-reflection is not a big thing with you. Reality prolly isn’t either.

          • Excellent point. Those who give speeches (and those who listen to them) are “instigators,” of course, while foul-smelling, effeminate communists who attack those speakers (and listeners) are shining examples of democracy in action. Of course.

          • Muh “Speech is violence when it’s things the other side says! But violence is peaceful demonstrations when we do it!” lol

        • Here is rational thought…

          Your entire belief system is broadcasted and reinforced on TV 24/7.

          Academia the same.

          The only group that is allowed to be attacked without punishment is European Whites.

          You think White Fascists are in charge. Whoa.

  • Nathan Damigo is a HERO……..

    A True WARRIOR…….

    As are the Proud Boys, MAGA Militia, and Alt-Right Knights…….

    I wish I could have been at Berkeley……..

    But, it was a JOY/PLEASURE to watch on Periscope……….

    Yesterday changed so much………

    Sometimes VIOLENCE is the Answer………


    • “Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

      • I watched the Rally/Protest/Riot on Periscope……

        Proud Boys were beating Antifa in the Faces……with some pretty good Hits…….

        Proud Boys are cool with me…….

          • Are they White and Male and know how to Fight?


            Are they Based?


            Do they hate Antifa?


            I’ll fight alongside them…….

          • I don’t know about the ‘based’ part, but if they want to help fight Antifa I can tolerate them for now. We can sort out our differences after we’ve made the commies afraid again.

      • The Gayest. While we’re at it: anyone carrying a hand painted shield looks like a loser at a renaissance fair.

        • Really?
          So what? It provides good protection from many threats, providing you know how to use it. This is especially the case if you combine the shield with a 2-3 foot length stick.
          It sounds way llarpy, but if you are going to run with a shield or carry a flag pole, there is much you can learn from full contact armoured combat enthusiasts. By this I don’t mean the silly foam sword llarp crowd. I’m talking about the guys who engage in full contact combat un choreographed fighting with blunted steel weapons like ACL or Battle of Nations. You can’t imagine what kind of damage a skilled polaxe fighter could do if he waded into antifa punks with a flagpole sporting a heavy finial.
          I’ve been doing ACL for some time now, and am (if I may say so) pretty handy with a sword and buckler, longsword, and (especially) a polaxe. I should make a video giving some basic armed combat pointers for alt-right activists.

          • Allow me to clarify.
            I mean the techniques of fighting with a polaxe rather than the use of the actual weapon itself. It’s highly unlikely that the police would allow such a weapon into a protest, and they are illegal to carry in public in many locations. But the skill set that is used in polaxe fighting would be frighteningly effective if employed with a short flagpole. Does that make more sense?

    • Amen to that, Brother!
      So exhilarating, inspiring, AWESOME those vids & pix were…
      And YES, Nathan Damigo as the best moment of all: HEROIC: poetry in motion (especially in the slow-motion versions of the video!)
      Very inspiring & significant day, for our whole Movement & for the broader Right.

      • That’s very racist, even hateful, of you to refer to a POC as a “monkey” in the current year. Wow, just wow. I can’t even.

    • The best thing about what Damigo did is all the attention he received from big names like Mark Cuban and Cucked Captain America Chris Evans. I can’t watch movies anymore with all these SJW movie stars being such little bitches.

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