Third Rail – Cracked Chineses and Africa Man

The Third Rail crew talks about the potential North Korean conflict, addresses a Cracked article about the rise of internet racism, and about the upcoming population crash in Africa.

  • Ike35

    Great topic by Lauritz and it’s one that’s starting to seep into our circles more and more. For more on the subject, everybody check out Reactionary Expat’s youtube channel. He has a video called “Mohammedan’s Make or Break, Mostly Break.” He talks about how the Middle East is heading toward a Malthusian trap as well. Now that will be highly glorious.

  • adolf binladin

    the way the alt-right should approach every political issue is does this help us establish the ethno-state and/or help make Europe white again?

  • adolf binladin

    sorry for double posting, but does that study mention white millennials or just millennials in general?

  • Pioneer American

    @18 minutes, spending money for foreign wars – this is most of the reason that the English got rid of their kings, and, why the constitution was written so that congress controls the purse.

  • Pioneer American

    [email protected] re: just how truly, deeply different other cultures are. If you want to know what he’s talking about first-hand, read the book “The Chinese Have a Word for it”, a sort of micro examination of Chinese culture, organized around Chinese words. Not Korea, true, but I can say I finished the book with a strong sense of deep alienness.

    • Jack Burton

      Koreans are 82% Han Chinese paternally.

  • BooBooBaby

    Omg! Did any of you read the Comments under the original article on “Cracked”!?
    So many wrote Anti-white nonsense there. Plus, many wrote things that weren’t facts, and just plain racist crap about White people!
    I didn’t write anything there….it looks like you have to sign up through Facebook, and it wasn’t disqus.