The Alt-Right’s Break-Up with Trump [AntiDem]

Millennial Woes breaks down the current thoughts from the Alt-Right regarding Donald Trump’s recent actions.

Millennial Woes
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A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.


  • I understand exactly what antidem is saying and am generally surprised at the amount of hate he’s getting. Clearly antidem has given up hope that any liberal republic is going to elect a right-wing Messiah into office. It was Scott Adams who said months ago that part of Trump’s appeal was because of peoples tendency to project their own fantasies upon him due to his vagueness. Antidem’s expectations for Trump were never particularly high (he was never a god emperor) thus he isn’t terrible distraught over Trump’s recent actions.

    Trump constantly touted his pro-Zionism and ties to Israel. How many times did Trump brag about being grand marshal of the Israeli day parade? If the alt-right wanted an anti-zioinst candidate it should have been supporting rand paul. As for missile strikes, Trump was always hawkish towards Iran and North Korea with an ambiguous attitude towards Russia and Syria. Not only are you lying to yourself if you think Trump was anything else but the notion that Trump could have removed decades of deep state and intelligence agency objectives is laughable. Trump isn’t Julius Caesar. He didn’t even have his own political party backing him, let alone the military industrial complex.

    Trump Euphoria might have come to an end but is the proper response blind hatred or pragmatism? Among all the republicans and democrats running for office, besides MAYBE Rand Paul (who probably wouldn’t have won against the Clinton apparatus as he had a very uninspiring showing during the debates) Trump was and remains the best candidate of the bunch. Trumps greatest assist to the alt-right was his ability wake people up to political realities whom would have otherwise been apathetic and uninformed. For this, if not for anything else, the Alt-right should give him credit.

  • Now a cocaine addict with advanced syphilitic disease has the American nuclear codes and the first lady is a expensive foreign whore who does gay porn.

  • Time will tell .. some think DT has some sort of neo-zionist agenda going on … see — I personally am hoping a believing that he is playing a 3D chess game with a lot of the swamp that still needs to be drained. Thinking Jones and Cernovich LIVE In Austin and Watson got that rant going on Infowars. It ain’t gonna happen overnight… excuse the bad English — but that seems the best way to say it actually.

  • I recommend following VoxPopoli for some deeper alt-right/Trump analysis. We’re at a hold and observe stage right now. Much has been accomplished so we’re not going to dump him like a 17-yr old girl.

  • Trump needs the alt-right to take flak from the snowflakes. Should he alienate us or be hostile it isn’t a stretch to think we will re-position ourselves. Right now, Jared is way too close Trump.

  • GenX has drawn a fantastic analogy with the first breakup, _especially_ among the younger crowd. There’s something about crossing 40 tends to make you a) lower your bar and b) keep your powder dry.

  • according to whoever is being interviewed, trump lying to his core supporters is not that big a deal since all pols do it. nor is it a big deal to make an enemy of a friend (putin) by unleashing missiles on his ally (syria). no big deal fucking over a nation (russia) who could utterly destroy us in half an hour.

    sorry, but trump was/is the biggest double-cross in american history. he lied to me BIG TIME and i turn my back on this jewish waterboy forever.

  • So American leaders should just lob missiles into foreign nations to distract the media? What if every country did this? This Anti-Dem seems to be a spokesman for our enemies.

  • This Anti-Dem character is a bad joke. He pretends to be the voice of experience, of expectations tempered by knowledge of the “adult” world of politics. Unlike the overly emotional Alt-Right youth, who are “hysterical” over the end of their romance with Trump, he has the benefit of many trysts with politicians, and so can take an appropriately cynical view —-> but who were these past politicans? Bush I and II, and Clinton —-> this would mean that Anti-Dem was far more naive in his youth than the Alt-Right has been in regard to Trump, if we are to take him seriously —–> but again, Anti-Dem is a bad joke, and I do not understand why Millennial Woes even bothered to speak with him ///// I should point out that Anti-Dem describes himself as in his early 40s. I am 45 years old, and rather than condescend to the Alt-Right, I tip my hat to these people. They figured things out at a much younger age than I ever did, with two provisos. First, the leaders of the Alt-Right are actually in their mid-30s, Richard Spencer, Henrik Palmgren, and I imagine Greg Johnson and John Morgan are both about 40 years old. Second,I believe we are undergoing a change in mass consciousness, of consciousness changing in-step with real events, as the radically destructive implications of globalism and third world immigration become manifest. Yes, some of these issues were anticipated in the 1992 election (in regards to trade, not immigration), and yes, there were figures like James Goldsmith who had very prescient analyses (“The Trap”), but the sea-change in mass consciousness is very recent, and Trump rode this wave into office. And now that Trump is contradicting the fundamental principles of his mandate, a certain degree of outrage is in order. Not “hysteria,” but outrage //// But maybe I am the political equivalent of the 40-year-old virgin, as I have only voted twice in my life, first for Obama in 2008 (as I was very much against the Iraq War and Bush’s management of the economy culminating in the financial crisis, plus I still had illusions about multiculturalism somehow working), and the second time for Trump in 2016 (purely for the sake of collective psychic energy, as I live in NY and knew my vote would not matter in a Cartesian sense)

        • Charlie’s right. I didn’t bother to read your comment because it was one big indigestible lump, and I bet hardly anybody else did either. You just wasted a lot of effort.

    • “Trump is contradicting the fundamental principles of his mandate, a certain degree of outrage is in order. ”

      As long as we understand that all politics has an element of Kabuki.

    • Yeah I’m not sure I buy this hysteria angle. He cucked in record time on a core issue so we dropped him. Eazy peazy. The Alt-Right seems to be the only ones with principles on this. If we’re lied to we come to the conclusion that the liar can’t be trusted. Seems quiet sound to me.

      • That’s fine, but he is right that a lot of people on the Alt Right are suffering from their first ever disillusionment with a politician they thought was on “their side”, and that does explain some of the emotional reactions.

        People like Spencer and the TRS goys have been clear well in advance of this that if Trump ever betrayed what he had gotten the alt right’s support for doing, then they would be quite happy to attack him, but a lot of the rank and file people are reacting to this personally rather than politically.

  • first! trump’s speech about his first 100 days included public-private-partnerships .. he was one of them and is one of them .. insofar as conforming to their globalization and agenda 2030 .. ivanka is a brainwashed millenial.

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