Syrian “Moderate Rebels” Massacre Shiite Civilians In Aleppo

Take a hard look at what the “moderate rebels” did this morning in Syria:

“A bomb blast hit a bus convoy waiting to enter Aleppo on Saturday, killing and wounding dozens of people after an evacuation deal between Syria’s warring sides halted and stranded thousands at two transit points on the city outskirts.

Pro-Damascus media outlets said a suicide attacker had detonated a car bomb and killed at least 22 people. Images posted by the outlets showed bodies lying next to charred buses with their windows blown out, and flaming vehicles belching out thick black smoke.

British-based monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights counted 24 dead and dozens more wounded.

The blast hit buses in the Rashidin area on Aleppo’s outskirts, which had been waiting to cross from rebel-held territory into the government-controlled city itself, carrying people evacuated from two Shi’ite villages on Friday.

The residents, alongside hundreds of pro-government fighters, had left the two rebel-besieged villages in northwest Idlib province under a deal where in exchange, hundreds of Sunni insurgents and their families moved out of a government-besieged area near Damascus. …”

Even if Assad did use chemical weapons on these savages, can you blame him?

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  • Syria’s Central Bank is still State owned & controlled….Assad has won elections with overwhelming majorities & yet the MSM always refer to him as a dictator of a Regime … that reckoning I could call my country the Theresa May Regime….still we do have a private Central Bank & a debt-based economy so I guess that makes us a free country right? “Moderate Rebels” my arse!!

  • Remember, back in the 1980s when we wanted to force Russia out of Afghanistan we backed a moderate rebel who later became famous — Osama bin Laden.

  • Moderate terrorists and Americans are fighting in Syria for freedom against the Dictator Assad who wont allow Western gay parades.
    This is an act for freedom and our Western values (sarcasm).

  • Everyone should tweet Ivanka Trump Kushner to share her feelings about the image of the charred remains of the little Syrian boy who was obviously burned alive, not to mention the torn in half Swedish girl. I think it’s important since her feelings have such a big impact on American foreign policy.

    • Because the “moderate rebels” are in fact radical Sunni’s and they hate the Shiites. And as per usual, America is allied with radical Sunni’s.

      • Thank you. Its unbelievable that the Sunis hate them so much. For what? Religion? I don’t get it?

        • Well Shiites don’t do suicide bombings, another reason for hate :-). But it’s more about land and rivalry.

        • There’s also the fact that the Shiite side of Islam is centered around Persia. Persians and Arabs don’t exactly get along.

      • “Radical Sunnis” = Salafists (Wahhabists). Also responsible for 90% of Muslim terrorist attacks. Wahhabism, of course, is promoted and spread largely by our second greatest ally, Saudi Arabia.

  • “Moderate Rebel” has always struck me as a contradiction in terms. How can you be moderate if you’re a rebel? Leave it to the {{{msm}}} to come up with such a term. The next thing will be moderate sunni jihadists. Oh wait, yeah we apparently already have them and it will come as no surprise to anyone here that they’re not moderate. Perhaps the moderates don’t film their atrocities like ISIS?

    • “Perhaps the moderates don’t film their atrocities like ISIS?”

      Yes, that may well be the salient difference. In that sense, most serial killers are “moderates”.

    • Check out Nour Al-Din Al-Zenki. ‘Moderate rebels’, who openly killed children with a hacksaw on camera, and who then continued to receive funding from Washington.

      They are now part of the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham coalition, which was organised by the group formerly known as Jahbat Fateh Al-Sham, which was in turn formerly known as Jahbat Al-Nusra, which was formerly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq before it splintered from ISIL. The split was not over a doctrinal difference, but rather over a difference between members of the leadership over who should have defacto operational control over the movement. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi? Not really a choice in terms of anything that matters.

      Long story short, there are no ‘moderate rebels’ in any sense of the term.

      Among all the diverse groups, there is near complete agreement among most of them on the core ideas and values which detail how to be a total retrogressive lunatic.

      • Great explanation about the different rebel groups. It’s unbelievable that some of the “moderate rebels” the USA trained and gave weapons to are now fighting alongside al qeada and other radical salafist groups.

        Also, Nour al Din al Zenki has also used homemade chlorine bombs and other homemade chemical weapons.

  • At least they were only burned to death. If they had been gassed, that really would have been an atrocity.

  • Each and every day, Muslims try to out-Muslim each other, and Westerners are still naive enough to bleat “wait up!” as they follow the savages down the maelstrom of barbarism, trying to discern which side is (at any particular moment) the less despicable one.

    The far-Right approach toward foreign policy is a lifeline, and we’d better grab it soon.

    • just leave them… yes that would be great, however it is the us establishment that created the unrest in the mideast and the far right approach to stopping them here in the usa hasnt worked at all so making it happen over there is not gonna happen

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