Trump Is Trophy Hunting In North Korea

Trump needs a win. He is struggling at home, so he has shifted to foreign policy. It is working out well for him so far. Only the Far Right and the Far Left take issue with what he has done in Syria- and for different reasons.

Trump is a political arsonist. If he doesn’t like the hand he is dealt, he sets off controlled explosions and when the dust settles, he has managed to advance his position. He says one thing and does another, throwing the media and analysts off the scent.

Until he can change the situation on the ground at home, he cannot move forwards with the reforms of healthcare, the tax plan and immigration policy that he promised. Trump needs to create consensus where there is none yet. In other words, he needs to deliver a victory abroad. And he wants it to be the result of his first 100 days. Something for the press to report on so that they cannot say that he did nothing in the first 100 days. That would hurt Trump’s image as a do-er. As someone unlike the politicians in Washington. A real go-getter.

Trump is looking for a trophy to bring home.

Enter North Korea.

“North Korea is a problem,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday. “The problem will be taken care of.”

In exchange, North Korea’s vice foreign minister Han Song Ryol said it is not his own country but the United States and President Donald Trump who are “making trouble.”

The situation seems to be escalating.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged all parties “to stop provoking and threatening each other and not to make the situation irretrievable…No matter who the nation is, if it continues to provoke wars in the Peninsula, it has to bear this historical responsibility and pay its price.”

He seems spooked. 

Once a war really happens, the result will be nothing but losing all round and no one could become a winner,” Wang said in Beijing.

And the Russians have chimed in as well.

Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee said: “the most alarming thing about the current U.S. administration is that you can’t be sure if it is bluffing or really going to implement its threats…America objectively poses a greater threat to peace than North Korea…”

Is Trump bluffing with North Korea? Almost certainly.

Trump has been dealt a bad hand at home, and now he is looking to win some victory abroad, where his hand is much better. Pyongyang has nuclear weapons. That’s it, they’re safe. Trump’s show of force is to pressure the North Koreans into cutting a deal on favorable terms with the United States. China is clearly being pressured as well. The North Koreans and the Chinese are scrambling now to figure out a way to give Trump a pound of flesh without losing too much face. Once they iron out the details, this crisis will fade away. And Trump will return home triumphant.

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  • The North Korea play was just to bury the Syrian Operation in the timeline of history, but what the Syrian Bombings showed us is that Trump has always been in with the globalists. I dont think he got won over by some conspiracy, he was always with them… not a 180 degree turn by trump, more like a 15 or 20 degree calibration.

  • N Korea was on the list by the JUs and their neo con lap dogs as one of the countries set up for destruction in “the Project for a New American Century”. So is Trump just following the game plan ..JWO …

  • MS 13 is butchering teenagers in Suffolk County but thank God ARE PRESIDENT is REALLY BRINGING THE HAMMER DOWN on them dang commies half the world away. /boomercuck

  • I just hope you’re right — the last paragraph is the best outcome we can hope for. But it could also go badly very quickly.

  • Donald Trump is poking his nose into situations where it doesn’t belong. He seems unable to realise that the DPRK is a tinderbox which, once set alight, would engulf the entire Korean peninsula. Whoever causes that would have to take responsibility for the outcome forever.

    There is also the issue of the possible migration crisis which any hot war on the peninsula would trigger.

    The problem of the DPRK’s crazed leadership, cannot be solved by a hot war or even by sabre-rattling. It can only be solved by gradual covert action within the DPRK, action backed by the Chinese, to replace the leadership of the DPRK with a new moderate leadership which is willing to embark on a plan to open up the DPRK’s economy to the rest of Asia.

    The United States should not have any role in that process, other than to sit there and wait for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) to someday carry out that task ( ).

    Trump should try eating some more chocolate cake, or catch up on his beauty sleep or something. Goodness knows, he needs it.

  • Good Analysis, Vincent……

    North Korea is like a Rabid Animal in a Corner…….

    Not sure how poking it is going to MAGA……

    “Trump has been dealt a bad hand at home, and now he is looking to win some victory abroad, where his hand is much better.”


  • Perhaps Trump’s saber rattling will help to rouse the Chinese into doing more to reign in North Korea. The Chinese foreign policy establishment is already losing patience with Pyongyang, resulting in China cutting off coal imports from North Korea. There are also reports that Trump wants to link a U.S.-China trade deal to China exerting more pressure on North Korea.

  • Trump is doing what all USA Presidents do at the start of their first term – pressuring China to reign in North Korea. North Korea is doing what it always does, waving around its nukes until China tells them to sit down and shut up.

    Politically the author seems correct about Trump’s bluffing, almost certainly the status quo will be maintained.

  • It disturbs me how many people in the alt-right think a war with North Korea would be a good idea or that North Korea somehow deserves to be attacked. Just goes to show even people in the alt-right aren’t immune to the media brainwashing.

    We’re nationalist, right? Well there is no country more nationalist than North Korea. Whites could actually learn something from them.

      • Plenty of people on twitter and youtube. I’ve already argued with a countless number of these people. Granted, they seem to be mostly anonymous commenters on alt-right videos and twitter accounts and not anyone with actual faces or strong influence but nonetheless they exist somewhere.

        I’ve also lost a huge amount of respect for Styxhexenhammer since he started shilling for this crap.

      • Me either. I think most of us just don’t give a shit about this screw ball country and it’s slanty eyed pillsbury doughboy leader. What I do worry about is this just sucking air out of getting domestic issues. But the way Trump is going now, it looks like thats happening anyway.

        • Yea just a screw job to not focus on domestic issues ..first he was chasing the Russian interference lie then the false flag Syrian gas attack and now N Korea …who cares all to lose focus on America first issues!

      • Just go to any Styxhexenhammer666 video where he shills for war with North Korea and read the comment section. That’s where you’ll find a ton of these cockroaches.

        Perhaps though I shouldn’t have said alt-right because I really don’t know how many of these people would consider themselves such. But they are undoubtedly Trump supporters and would consider themselves at the very least to be right wing.

    • Learn something from them?! I’m sure you realize what a bat shit crazy country that is right? I don’t know any alt-righters beating the war drum for N. Korea. Perhaps you’re getting the alt-right and boomer cuck repubicans like Bill Mitchell confused? Most alt-righters I’ve heard from say they don’t give a shit about N. Korea, I will include myself in that category.

    • So not good with fake wars ..has N Korea attacked us NO…. all of a sudden they are a problem …bullshit! Put our military on our borders and let them help with illegals and deportations…We have seen this crap too many times..invent a target …then demonize..then attack ..all crap not buying the game

  • This has a very good chance of ending in widespread devastation in Asia. Trump is a typical American, he’s completely fucking clueless about anything outside of America’s borders.

    “Face” is an extremely important part of Asian culture, they WILL go to war over it. If Trump swings his dick around carelessly like a typical American then the DPRK will pop off and South Korea and Japan will pay the price. Possibly even a few west coast cities, we’re not sure exactly how capable their delivery systems are.

    This orange retard has us on the brink of WW3.

    • South Korea could experience damage, that is if N. Korean troops manage to avoid their own landmines trying to get across the border.

  • speculation is all we can do. we have only “facts” that are created by narratives. that is the upside down part of the world. the motives we are left to guess and the actions that are reported are not equal to the actions that are taken.

    the only real thing is that at home trump has moved forward with the wall. he has moved forward with defunding sanctuary cities, the stock market is way up, business’s in the usa are rallying and the democrats and prog globalist press have shut up since trump lobbed a few missiles to null effect into syria.

    n korea is a bad guy… but i would solve that financial and military boondoggle a different way. i would have the s koreans walk away from the 38th parallel. take all the mines etc and leave a trail of food and gadgets to a few malls in s korea. in 24 hrs all of n korea would be down in s korea shopping at the mall in sheer amazement. but that would be too easy.

    standing down bad guys will get trump a reputation and it might make progress as well, at home in usa illegal immigration is down 70 percent since trump took over, so tough words and positions do have real world results, even if many people deny it or dont like it.

      • I really don’t see the problem with wiping out a state like north korea, it would probably be beneficial, truly not like in Iraq, to the people there.

        • Yeah I’m sure the people of North Korea will love you for destroying their country and installing tranny bathrooms.

          Hate to break it to you but not everyone wants your “freedom.”

          • joe the dumb@ss @disqus_u0b7EGb7r8:disqus

            the n koreans would be so lucky to be rescued by the take down of the supremely oppressive state. they do have independence and isolation like a nation living in an underground bunker bowing down to a family run dictatorship.

            if given the choice or opportunity to leave, which they are not permitted, 90 percent would leave. which is why kim made over half the city of pyong yang evacuate… he fears they would side with the us if there is an invasion.

        • yep. s korea is one of the most prosperous nations on earth, while n korea is one of the least. to tear down the 38th parallel would be tremendous. it would also save the usa billions of dollars in military budget. reunite families and make the norths lives much more prosperous.

          • North Korea sucks for North Koreans… I am not trying to “sell” freedom, but there will never be a war against North Korea because they are not a threat to Tel Aviv.

        • Just by example. North Korea is a country that has rejected the globalist system. If more countries became isolationists like North Korea, globalism would fail.

          Just look at how the jewish media constantly attacks North Korea. That alone should tell you that they perceive them as a threat.

  • North Korea has had nuclear weapons for a number of years now and the sun continued to rise every day in Washington, Tokyo and Seoul. I’m reminded of a perceptive comment about the Roosevelt Administration’s provocations of Japan prior to Pearl Harbor–they wanted an incident and they got a catastrophe. It seems to me perfectly plausible that North Korea, confronted with a “use it or lose it” choice involving their nuclear capability, might just decide Seoul and Tokyo would look better as smoking radioactive craters. North Korea is a regional problem and the U.S. is located in North America, not East Asia. U.S. troops should have been withdrawn many years ago. Trump risks becoming an LBJ, with an administration consumed by a foreign war, or several foreign wars, but without even LBJ’s domestic successes (at least he thought there were, although I don’t agree) surrounding the Great Society.

    • well its a global village .. so you will find a bit of bump ups and ruffian behaviour .. what village doesn’t have that? ha

  • The author is being much too nice to trump. He is following a neo-cohen agenda and is now under the control of the deep state, if he was not before. The reason he is being cheered by the mainstream is because he has opted to play by their rules and regulations. Once he performs his role they will find someone else. Bottom-line, USA is a war based economy and that is not going to change short of a major economic crash or geopolitical exhaustion, which is the route we appear to be on.

      • Can you elaborate? Are you saying jews/zionists/neocons don’t make up a significant part of the deep state?

        • Unfortunately the term “Deep State” has been abused quite a bit lately. If you go to the wikipedia article it gives the context in which the term was originally used, an infamous incident in Turkey.

          I think of the American Deep State as George H. W. Bush types. I think of R. James Woolsey types as interlopers, neo-cons. They have plenty of influence but I don’t think they themselves are the “Deep State.” Cons s tend to use “Deep State” to mean “the Democratic wing of the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation” which I think is only half the picture. The fight between the Bush Sr. faction and the neo-cons (Office of Special Plans) under Bush Jr. is an example of the American Deep State and the neo-cons involved in an all out civil war.

          • I think that is optimistic to say the least. The anglo old guard and the neocons have merged and become virtually indistinguishable.

          • That may have been true once. It is perhaps less so now. A lot of the old arabists and real-politikers of the James Baker stripe are……well, old. They have been replaced. They probably tried to promote their own people to take over those agencies (the Pentagon, State, the intelligence agencies). However neo-con (and neo-liberal) types have been favored by the last two or three administrations, and those people seem to have sunk down roots too. I suspect that neo-con influence is deeper than it used to be.

            In particular the state-department seems to be a thoroughly globalist entity. I have heard that it has been highly homosexualized too.

          • There’s a difference between “globalist/neo-liberal” and “neo-con.” “Neo-cons” are defined by their Israel-centric agenda. There are a lot of people who are globalists, in fact, the non-Jewish globalist don’t tend to be fans of Israel.

            True that Arabists are not as powerful as they used to be but the Deep State and “neo-cons” are not the same and often fight.

          • “There’s a difference between “globalist/neo-liberal” and “neo-con.” “Neo-cons” are defined by their Israel-centric agenda.”

            There is a difference between them, but they usually seem to be on the same side of most issues, and espouse much the same things.

          • Totally correct. You are basically one of the few people in these circles who seems to be aware of this, you’ve done the homework and it shows.

            Genuinely, I respect you.

          • Some of the coverage on gets into this issue a little bit, though from a pro-Israel, JQ-avoiding perspective, of course.

          • The whole government system is JUed up…has been for years..neo cons who aren’t JUish are just their lap dogs kept on their short leash by blackmail and/or bribery…Why do those in politics have to sign an agreement with AIPAC (Cynthia McKinney) why do we see all or most of our politicians humping the wall in Israel??? Why don’t they hump the wall in China??? Why must they publicly pledge their allegiance to Israel???Why not France or Brazil? We know the devil behind the curtain..control the monetary system and you control the world.

    • on the bright side..

      the “neo-cohens”…I like it. I am in favour of continuing to call them neo-cons, because they are con-men and they are conspirative, and all of these ideas are nicely conveyed through this little play on words. Or maybe combining the idea behind neo-cohens and neo-cons and calling them “neo-kahns”…since cohen is the anglicanized version of kahn anyway, isn’t it

      Post-first world is also a good use of the language, too.

  • I wonder how badly the American worker got screwed on trade deals in order to get Chinese support.

    You can bet Sino cooperation did not come free. It also didn’t come from them backing down to alpha bully trump. China got $$$ from us.

  • I respectfully disagree that President Trump is looking for a trophy to cover up what are regarded as failures on the domestic front.

    He intended to do this the whole time, and spoke, all throughout 2016, about what he regarded as Obama’s pansey-like nature – he remarking the he would not be that way.

    This is entirely consistent with his campaign.

    • North Korea is an ultra weak state, it does not fall into the power struggle involving the Zionist Islamist order and Vlad’s crew, China is even ready to shoah fat kimmy just to get a few extra rice patties.

      Wiping out north korea at this point can only be seen as a good chance for live weapons training.

      The real mystery is why there still is a North Korea.

      • It’s on the neo-con JU to go list. Village idiot GWBush included N Korea in his “Axis of Evil” it is also mentioned in paper “Project for a New American Century” Zionist think tank bullshit NWO JWO memorandum ..N Korea has supplied weapons and stands with Palestine…is that the reason? Is Trump another JU lapdog following the plan and barking for Israhell????

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