Anne Marie Waters – Sharia Watch: Opposing the Islamization of Europe

Anne Marie Waters is an English political activist and director of Sharia Watch UK. A former UKIP candidate, she later launched Pegida UK in conjunction with activist Tommy Robinson and politician Paul Weston.

Anne Marie joins Henrik for a show on Sharia Law, Islam, and jihadism. To begin, Anne tells us about Sharia Watch. We learn that she created the organization after looking deeper into Islamic scripture – an exercise most European politicians shy away from. Next, we consider whether or not Islam is, in fact, a religion of peace. Anne cites the conditions in Islamic theocracies as evidence that this claim is nonsense. We then ponder how people of European heritage would fare if the West were to become majority Muslim. Our show covers many more topics, including Sharia courts, terrorism, multiculturalism, and Leftist propaganda.

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  • Anne Marie Waters is great. We need more women like her standing up against Islam.

    The article mention her being a UKIP candidate, but she was also in the Labour Party for a number of years. In that sense we’re quite similar: people with fairly left-wing views but who reject Islam and ‘multiculturalism’ completely.

  • I really don’t care if homosexuals are executed. I stopped caring a LONG time ago. After decades of the gay agenda and autistic White Libcucks screaming “bigot” and “homophobe” I really don’t care. After the Orlando Florida massacre of 50 Hispanic homosexuals by devout Muslim Omar Mateen the White Libcucks and the (((MSM))) found a way to blame Whitey.

    Let Muslims kill gays. I don’t care. Gays chose to target White people and White culture for their agenda so I don’t care when Muslims kill them.

  • Anne Marie, Tommy Robinson et al — heroic defenders of Western values and culture. I can’t express my admiration enough for those prepared to put their head above the parapet. And thanks to for giving a channel to hear and share these views.

    • Agreed. Hats off to both. I hope they leave the Pegida street marches behind though and start to work with Britain First – they could help shape it into a mainstream nationalist party – the party UKIP didn’t quite become.

  • interesting to read the youtube comments attacking this lady …says a lot about some of the keyboard warrior people … you have to figure out eventually how to use information as a tool.. not attack the messengers … silly silly rabbits.. well done Henrik.

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