The Curious Case of Ebba Akerlund

One of the victims of the Stockholm attacks was 11 year old Ebba. You won’t hear much about her.

Ebba is not the first child to become a victim of Islamic terror. Naturally, such a gruesome murder of an innocent child would garner massive press attention, no?

Well lets compare. Compare the coverage of Ebba to the coverage of Aylan Kurdi- a Syrian child who washed up on a beach because his dad wanted better dental care in Europe.

Lets compare that to the gruesome death of Ebba.


The Swedish mainstream media has not covered her death. There will be no iconic picture that touches the hearts of millions coming out of this one. Her death was too gruesome, and too barbaric. Few will ever see her mangled body, guts spilling out. It would offend the sensibilities of polite society. A little bit of blood and bruising is fine, but it has to be juuuuust right to trigger sympathies and not turn stomachs. And of course, it has to promote the anti-white agenda.

They want to memory-hole Ebba Akerlund, and pretend she never existed and was never murdered by Muslims.

The Muslim invaders laughed at Ebba Akerlund’s murder, as they will laugh at more jihadi murders of White children to come. Do you think Ebba will get a mural in her honor?

I doubt it. That wouldn’t be chic.

Meanwhile, the BBC’s boomer demographic is more concern about some dog that was killed. No, really.

I’m inclined to agree with Stefan’s assessment of the situation:

They won’t report on the truth. The media hates us and wants us dead.


  • From Ohio

    My God, she was cut in half!

    But at least she isn’t as dead if she were gassed. Even 1 Swede is worth more than 90 Syrians.

    • Ike35

      If it were the girl cut in half, I’d nuke all of Syria to save her. In fact, I’d nuke all of Syria to save the pet rabbit I never had.

      • From Ohio

        Any rational person would.

  • Fred

    The media is in the hands of anti-White forces. Why would they care about the tragic death of the White girl?

    • Jarl Stoltz

      These forces are working hard to make sure people stay ignorant to the truth. Swedish media is perhaps the worst in the world when it comes to hiding the truth from its citizens. In the meantime in Finland…:

      • Isabel N. Moen

        Well, in Norways media they announced Killary👹 to be the “winner” before the night of elections was over😈. The press is under CIA payroll👻.

  • Albionic American

    God, that pisses me off.

    It also shows why “social justice” can never happen, because elites decide who takes priority for victim status. Despite the propaganda about “thinking of the children” and valuing girls’ lives, white girls get shoved aside when their deaths prove inconvenient.

    • SLCain

      Why are you pissed off? According to Ed Edgerton (see his post below), she isn’t dead; in fact, she never even existed. According to Ed, no europeans have been killed by muslims. He thinks that muslims are just a peace-loving people who have never hurt anyone.

      • Albionic American

        Yeah, I have heard of conspiracy theorists who call the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City a hoax, when my aunt Frances Williams died in it.

        • Ed Edgerton

          Come on. There was obviously a bomb detonated in that case, and people died. I am not too familiar with theories about that event, but I doubt that any serious person (who isn’t a shill) thinks there was no bomb or that nobody died.

          I suggest that you learn more about the alternative analysis that is out there for 9/11, etc. Don’t just dismiss everything out of hand because you heard someone (likely a shill, in my opinion) say that they didn’t think anyone died in one particular event.

          • SLCain

            “Come on. There was obviously a bomb detonated in that case, and people died.”

            And this was obviously vehicular manslaughter, and people died. And Sandy Hook was obviously a mass shooting, and people died. And Alison Parker and Adam Ward were obviously shot, and they died.

            And you are obviously a deranged tool.

        • SLCain

          I’m sorry to hear that.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Well, all violent radical muslims are in fact controlled by US and paid by Saudi. ALL of them.
        Muslims are generally a peaceful people like the rest of us.
        Who obey and suck up to US and Saudi? Your government!
        Who vote and support your government? Yourself.
        All of this can only happen because YOU allow it and give your consent to the policies of your government.

        • SLCain

          I don’t think the US pays most radical muslims. We have no need to – Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States can do that, with our knowledge I’m sure. We have probably given them material aid. I don’t think we necessarily control them either. We use them, and try to control some of them, but they might have other ideas.

          As to consent; the US government doesn’t have my consent to do what it does, ostensibly in our name. I voted for Trump as it seemed the most likely way to begin to change our policy. Admittedly, it probably won’t. And, honestly, I didn’t have much hope that it would.

    • Tommy Jensen

      There is no elite who decides. Every man has his free will.
      There is only you who vote and pay for politicians to carry out your wars, suppression and killings and take on the responsibility that you should have taken.

      • Sandy Howell

        Our wars? I call BullSh*t on that. I think we should abandon all the middle east and just let them battle it out. These are not our wars, but for some reason our government got us into the black hole of fighting for losers who won’t fight for themselves. Of course we did try training and supplying armory, we got Al Qaeda for that good deed. Why we even want to risk our young people to help nations whose people are bailing out daily by the thousands, I don’t understand. Most of the refugees we see are adult males capable of defending themselves. There are people who know it is lucrative to promote these war actions, but our meddling is wasted on ungrateful and savage Muslim cultures who hate us. They will accept everything we give them and still spit at us. We can’t understand their primitive and backwards religion, they don’t care if we do because they will make us assimilate or kill us as infidels. This is really bad for Christians and apostates.

        We don’t need them. We have our own oil, we have greater resources and don’t need more. But the damn Soros of the world and money grubbing elitists are mucking up everything for everyone. The middle east is a playground for those who would control the wealth. We will never change Islamic peoples or make their country a better place to live.

  • Ed Edgerton

    Why would Assad gas his own people? Whose interests would it serve?

    Why would Muslims commit terrorist attacks in the West? Whose interests would it serve?

    How is is possible that 80 people could have been killed in the Nice truck attack event when the most people who had ever died in a single truck attack (without a bomb) prior to that was about 10?

    There isn’t much conspiracy-minded analysis of the Stockholm event on YouTube, but here is a video with two people I find relatively trustworthy. The analysis of the Stockholm event starts around 13:00. Here are two possibly relevant details: first, there is no CCTV footage of the actual attack; second, there was a terror drill in Stockholm the day before the supposed attack:

    You can see here that the Ahlens department store (at the scene of the supposedly real attack) participated in the drill:–ahlens-var-ett-av-malen/&prev=search

    • SLCain

      Oh, stuff it, you ridiculous clown.

    • SLCain

      “How is is possible that 80 people could have been killed in the Nice
      truck attack event when the most people who had ever died in a single
      truck attack (without a bomb) prior to that was about 10?”

      You really are stupid, aren’t you? How is anything you don’t understand possible? You don’t understand how an MRI machine works. There must be an MRI conspiracy.

      Just go away, you stupid cretin.

      • Ed Edgerton

        le Pere Mersenne and Anne-Grethe Christensen approve of the troll, SLCain, harassing people with insults if they dispute official accounts of high-profile events in the news. That doesn’t say much for them.

        • SLCain

          You side with the enemy, you ARE the enemy.

          • Ed Edgerton

            Karl von Stein: if you are not a shill, let me assure you that if we could speak face to face you would not think that I am the enemy. Isn’t it clear that there is something wrong with SLCain? What sort of person would feel compelled to reply another person’s comments so persistently and insultingly?

          • SLCain

            What kind of person feels compelled to inject his own deranged mania into every thread – that everything – absolutely everything – is a false flag? What kind of person tells people that they’re dead children didn’t actually exist, and that they are conpsirators.

            What kind of person claims to support the interests of white people, and yet systematically derides their accomplishments, and undermines the best arguments for their cause? What kind of person spreads the idea that our enemies are all powerful and unchallengeable? You label everyone else a shill. You sound like a shill to me. You might as well be a paid hasbara troll. Perhaps you are.

            By the way, idiot, I am not suppressing you or your opinions. I have no editorial power here. I am voicing my opinion about you. You don’t think you should be questioned? You alone should be able to post here unrebutted?

          • Cronky

            I know what kind of (((person))) he is. We all know what kind of (((person))) he is.

      • Sewray3000

        the reason these people say these things about the attacks not happening or about secret motivations behind them is because the glaring islamic jihadist invasion of the west is so damned unreal and it is unfolding like a horror movie, we could just turn it off at any time right?

    • 🍁 Nevin Hegarty ☘️

      You wanna say there’s a conspiracy for an NWO pretext? Fine. But drills that are faked? You’re an idiot. I suppose people jumping out of the towers and them collapsing was a drill too.

      • Ed Edgerton

        The towers obviously did collapse, and there were people in them. The question is who and what made them collapse. The official story does not add up.

        • SLCain

          Nothing adds up for people too stupid to add.

        • Cronky

          “The question is who and what made them collapse.”



          “The official story does not add up.”

          Really? Please tell us all what evidence you would like to see? If you had access to and reviewed all the known evidence for 9/11 would you answer your question above with MUSLIM TERRORISTS and COMMERCIAL PLANES if the evidence pointed to these two things and nothing else? You wouldn’t would you? You could NEVER conclude that it was MUSLIM TERRORISTS and COMMERCIAL PLANES because YOU DON’T WANT TO.

          Have you watched the Nova episode The Spy Factory?

          If you have (or if you do) go ahead and tell me who you think carried out 9/11. Actually, don’t tell me shit. I couldn’t care less what fucking opinion you come to after watching it. It really doesn’t matter “who and what made them collapse.” It’s a fucking distraction. We need to keep our eyes on (((who))) and what caused a much more important collapse: The Collapse of Western Civilization. Anybody spending time discussing obviously un-proveable conspiracy theories of events outside of our immediate past needs to get their fucking priorities straight.

          • Ed Edgerton

            “The question is who and what made them collapse.”

            Who: Mossad agents.
            What: Briefly, explosives planted in advance, plus perhaps other steps like loosening of bolts before the event.

            You could NEVER conclude that it was MUSLIM TERRORISTS and COMMERCIAL PLANES because YOU DON’T WANT TO.

            Not true. I accepted the official explanation for about ten years and then changed my mind based on evidence.

            Really? Please tell us all what evidence you would like to see?

            I already see evidence that the official explanation is incorrect. Here are a few examples:
            1. WTC building 7 collapsed at free-fall speed, and it wasn’t impacted by a plane. Watch the videos. The official claim is that it was a result of fire, but no skyscraper has ever collapsed like that as a result of fire before.
            2. The videos showing the second plane passing into the tower is not believable. It passes through steel like a ghost. That would not happen in real life. There would be debris flying everywhere before the whole outline of the plane made it through the outer wall.
            3. There is no way a commercial jet airliner flew into the Pentagon. There wasn’t enough debris outside, and the hole in the building was too small for the whole plane to have fit through. A section of the outer wall collapsed later, but if you look at pictures taken before that, you will see that there is no hole large enough for a plane to fit through, especially the wings.

            These are just a few examples that come to mind. To connect the dots between the above evidence and the theory of who and what that I mentioned before, it is best to go to YouTube. Watch out for shill channels, however.

          • SLCain

            “1. WTC building 7 collapsed at free-fall speed, and it wasn’t impacted by a plane. Watch the videos. The official claim is that it was a result of fire, but no skyscraper has ever collapsed like that as a result of fire before.”

            Freefall or not is irrelevant. Structures collapse all the time due to fire. Like that free-way overpass in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. Or the 50 story building in Tehran back in January. That happened in Iran? Is Iran in on the whole thing with the Mossad?

            “2. The videos showing the second plane passing into the tower are not
            believable. It passes through steel like a ghost. That would not happen
            in real life. There would be debris flying everywhere before the whole
            outline of the plane made it through the outer wall.”

            So………there was no plane? People just imagined that? There was debris flying everywhere – on the exit side. It got shredded.

            “A section of the outer wall
            collapsed later, but if you look at pictures taken before that, you will
            see that there is no hole large enough for a plane to fit through,
            especially the wings.”

            You think a plane is made out of case-hardened steel? A plane is a pretty flimsy structure, compared to a building. The wings sheared off and disintegrated.

            You’re an idiot.

    • Some simple answers to simple questions.

      “How is is possible that 80 people could have been killed in the Nice truck attack event when the most people who had ever died in a single truck attack (without a bomb) prior to that was about 10?”

      Big truck. High speed. Large crowd.

      “Why would Muslims commit terrorist attacks in the West? Whose interests would it serve?”

      Read the Q’uran.

    • musosnoop

      I used to live in Nice pretty much on the very long and busy road it happened. If I mounted a car or truck on the sidewalk driving at speed I can assure you I would have no problem mowing down scores of people. They wouldn’t know it was happening until they were hit. You are living in a complete fantasy world if you think that was and the Swedish one were false flags. You falsely believe the state is all seeing and all powerful. You are a coward incapable of facing reality. The worst kind of coward actually.

      • Ed Edgerton

        If a person immediately sinks to the level of insults and ad hominem psychobabble, what does it say about him or her? Of course, I am not going to engage a person like this in a debate. Maybe that is the whole point of using insults.

  • Ike35

    It’s tragedies like these that really illustrate how dire the situation is for us. The challenges we face are monumental but we will win. The disgusting goblins in gov’t and the media will forget her but the alt-right won’t.

  • W. Freudenfeuer

    Well, it is up to the Alt-Right to make sure her name is known far and wide then. No one is stopping anyone from distributing pre-atrocity flyers of her everywhere. Or from projecting her image onto the Swedish parliament building. Or buildings hosting the lying press.

  • jaye VBellis

    We need to get a lot better at doxing – the worst sexual degenerates are very good at doxing. They punish (us) they’re enemies, while our side just stockpiles guns that are never used.

    Doxing entails publishing the personal information of your enemies – where they live, work and play. Who are their friends and relatives, neighbors etc.

    The California Left doxed anyone who gave campaign $ contributions to the traditional marriage referendum. The Left in California effectively worked to get people fired from their jobs. We need to do the same.

    I had some success when I doxed some local media #*[email protected]$ who were publishing the home address of officer Wilson in Ferguson MO to give BlackLiesMatter, gang members a map to attack his family.

    I was strict to include a stern warning not to do anything violent or illegal, but to just put the word out that there were some very bad, evil people living in their community….

  • adopt from your local shelter
  • adopt from your local shelter
    • The first pic looks like makeup artist preparing an actor. Was that your point?

      • musosnoop

        It is a makeup artist

  • rick rage

    there is a body of hate and revenge building in the soul of all white men. when we all reach a certain threshold, we all will act.

  • Thorgrun Thompson-Odden

    The media is hiding this from those that need to know in order to protect society. This BASTARD that did this to a child should get Sudden Justice and taken out.

  • SLCain

    To the editors: okay, you want to maintain a sense of decorum. I understand. That’s quite proper. But you do realize what Ed Edgerton is saying here. That post of his essentially claims that this whole topic, which you saw fit to post here – and for good reason – is just……………nothing – an illusion, a phantom He is saying that that little dead Swedish girl was never murdered, and likely never existed. It is deeply insulting to her memory, and deeply insulting to our cause. He is also claiming, if you think about it. that you – all of you – are part of the lie. That is the logic of his false-flag ravings. I’m not calling for him to be banned. That isn’t my call, and I wouldn’t advocate it even if it were. But I believe I am right to villify him for what he says.

    • Vincent Law

      No one’s stopping you.

  • Len Miskulin

    It is up to us all to make sure that that little girls life was not taken in vain and that she is remembered forever. We must spread that image everywhere to clearly show what the “religion of piece” is truly like.
    Every parent must be aware of the risk to their children and loved ones. Tomorrow it might be their child.
    Yes, let it turn their stomach, only the shock tactics seem to wake up those who’d rather pretend that everything around them is hanky-dorry.
    Show this image to all you come across and let them see what their blindness to the truth brings us.

  • Jaded Diaspora
  • Concern_Troll

    You really need to work on your victimhood one-upsmanship game, alt-right. I’m just not feeling your “white suffering” narrative right now.

  • Rutger3

    The media hates us and want us dead.

  • Stephen McNallen posted a link to this article on his Facebook feed: it was deleted. I reposted it on my page: a few hours later it was removed for “violating community standards.” I have since posted a picture of Ebba with the words “This is 11 year-old Ebba Akerlund. She was walking home from school in Stockholm when she was hit by a truck driven by an Uzbek terrorist and literally torn in half. May she rest in glory with her Ancestors; may her death be avenged; may her country be cleansed.”

    I would encourage everybody with a Facebook page to do something like this. Ebba didn’t deserve to die and she doesn’t deserve to have her death dropped in the Memory Hole because it doesn’t fit in with a globalist agenda.

  • Terra Eri

    Ebba Akerlund’ tragic death is extremely sad and certainly should have shocked the world, but her young blood is in the hands of the Swedish nation:

    1. We all know the drill by now

    1.1-The Muslim attacker was a mentally ill “radicalised” muslim  that ate pork and drunk alcohol, a ‘lone wolf’.
    1.2-This attack has nothing to do with Islam, which is “a great faith”
    1.3-Those who link the atrocities to Islam  are racist islamphobes  bigots deluded Trump supporters, English Brexit hooligans.

    1.4-We are not going to let this terrorist to divide us and radicalise us. We must be together now more than ever

    1.5-A minute silence for the victims, hash tag “je suis charlie”, candle lights and  vigils while we wait for the next slaughter to happen.
    1.6-Repeat politicians speeches (but change the names of the victims and the country in the same speech)

    So, while we have been fighting against the above false narrative, the swedish on the contrary have been validating it and playing along with the enemies of the western civilisation.  

    2. Will this be a turning point for the swedish nation and accept the catastrophic failure of the criminal Multiculturalism in Europe and their stupid stupid open borders?


    This will be just another fucking cover-up operation for Sven and its mates but this time  being more defensive and more in denial about the swedish muslim invasion  

    3. Will the men of Sweden grow balls and defend their country, women and children?


    They will be proud of being *Political Correct* and continue to defend muslims and call for “unity against islamophobia”.

    4.Will the swedish  grow a spine and learn a lesson from their folly?


    They will turn a blind eye to the truth because they have chosen  to believe in a narrative that’s based in fantasy and not in reality, while calling Mr Trump islamophobic for telling them the truth

    5. will the islamic inability to assimilate swedish culture  will ring a bell that this is NOT a “refugees crisis” this is  a full fleshed Islamic invasion while the “vikings” are being culturally raped through the squeaky viking arses?

    The  Muslims aren’t going to leave the example their prophet modeled for them in order to follow un-Islamic Ikea swedish laws. Of course,for them there are two laws:man made meatballs Swedish laws, and Allah’s law (sharia law). They constantly tell us it is Allah’s laws that they follow.

    Sadly this has been perpetuated by the left’s pipe dream that all cultures are the same, even ones with a founder who raped a 9yr old child, beheaded un-believers, enslaved, and conquered through his unsuspecting hosts’ hospitality.

    Shall we all be sad or just accept that this is what happens when you exercise blind benevolence and allow Arab cavemen to use your generosity against you. Arab caveman do not respect and treat with dignity their own Arab woman, will they respect western woman ?

    Sweden  has opened a pandora’s box into their nation  and their future will never be the same again!

    This is the world they wanted, the world of cowardice and submission (Islam) to ppl that  pretend are harmless while people continue to die in the name of not offending someone.

    “let more in,  let them all in,  let them create  a nation of Islam within your nation,  let them bypass all the laws of the land because they have “Allah’s law and you are Liberal. Let mowed down more people, let them get away with murder, rape, robbery, rape, rape and more rape. And do not deport the invaders because is *racist”

    Will the swedish establishment ever recognise they have done a terrible terrible mistake and apologise to Ebba Akerlund and her poor family and friends  because this fucking fucking fucking tragedy could had been easily avoided by just stop being so politically fucking correct?

    Where the vikings have gone Sweden?   oh Christ where they have gone?

    Wake up Sweden because  Your future is not what it was supposed to be.

  • Nathan Richardson

    awwww lil alt right snowflakes are scared of the “anti-white agenda” hahahahahah get fucked, you dumb bastards.

    • NextTime

      And what if Ebba was your daughter or sister? Would you be laughing? Dont think so. And yes, Ebba is our sister. Get used to it, we Whites are back.

    • J. Neville Groff

      Killing muslim filth is easy and fun, just like Mad Dog Mattis said, and we are going to a LOT more of it.

  • Marcia Martin

    What a brave article. It is almost criminal to speak up against the Liberal Lefts obvious love affair with all things Islamic, and one only need whisper the word “Islam” in a y negative context, to immediately be labelled an Islamaphobe. “Islamaphobe”; a word created to shut down any conversation that shows concerns over jihadist terror, the violence throughout the Quran, or anyone who recognises publically, that there is nothing “peaceful” about Islam. We are fortunate that the majority of Muslim people only subscribe to the Walt Disney version of Islam, and do not take the literalistic view of Muhammaden Islam as the Jihadis do. You see, the likes of isis are quoting their Quran verbatim before, and after, each terror attack. They are able to do so with a clear conscience, because “slicing them at their necks” and “fighting the unbelievers wherever you find them ” are direct instructions by “Allah” in their “holy” book which doubles as a war-manual to slay infidels.

    • RokitSientis

      Agree, & yet even those muslims who aren’t fundamentalists, jihadis, etc still produce children who DO adhere to the literal Qur’an, for a variety of reasons. That’s why so many terrorists in Europe are second or third generation residents; they want to make their own mark, rebel against parents’ more casual religious approach, and most probably have few ‘career prospects’. They are probably not that hard to radicalize & persuade to violence, martyrs for the glory of islam!

  • stephengreen

    Facebook was handing out temp bans for the sharing of this piece. Clearly afeared of the impact.

    • I reposted Ebba’s picture and story to my feed after my link was deleted. So far they have done nothing about it: they can claim they are censoring the links because Teh Racism but they’ll have a much harder time justifying temp-banning somebody for saying “remember this poor little murdered girl.” I recommend everybody start doing that: I have sparked numerous conversations and received considerable support from people who identify as liberal anti-racists. It’s easy to repeat “Muh refugees no Islamophobia no hate” like a mantra: when you put a face to terrorism suddenly those words start ringing hollow.

  • Tristan Rettke
  • Tristan Rettke
  • Tristan Rettke
  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Thanks for this article!

  • J. Neville Groff

    MOABs for muslim filth. We are making a few more.

  • musosnoop

    I think about this child pretty much every day. And I think about how she has been erased from the internet by the MSM and establishment. We must keep this innocent girls memory alive.

  • musosnoop
  • vinder

    Muslims OUT of Europe. So sick of this shit.