Questions re. Syria and Trump [reply to Elle Reeve]

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  • At the NPI conference I saw this plain-jane, scruffily dressed blonde leaning against a pillar near where Richard was conducting the Q&A with the media, making moon-calf eyes at him. Turned out to be Elle Reeve – saw the video interview she did of Richard a few days later on youtube. She wasn’t the only one like that at NPI. Our guys seem to attract a constellation of rather dim but earnest female media types who circle round and pant at the bad boys when they’re not writing their obligatory denunciations.

    This phenomenon might be worthy of a few words from Cecilia Davenport or Margot Metroland.

  • What will make people want to preserve (Western) Civilization? One word — fear. Once white people realize what being a minority in our own countries will mean, they will feel a profound fear, and that fear will motivate them to make changes. What will inspire fear in white people? Well, direct their attention to South Africa, where minority whites are simultaneously impoverished by various forms of affirmative action, and victimized in the most monstrous criminal acts imaginable. As it is, white people are disproportionately victimized by crime in the U.S., although the media does it’s best to suppress such information. Tell people about web sites like

    which documents the truth about black on white crime. Tell people about the court order in Los Angeles which prevents public schools from being more than one-third white. Social justice warriors have seen to it that white children will not be allowed to congregate in L.A. schools. The SJW’s do this because they feel fear, as well. They know that the white children of the L.A. school district, even though they are probably all poor and working class, will outperform the blacks and Latinos of the district. SJW’s are terrified that the world will see this, and ask, “Why?” SJW’s also want to distribute the better performing white children thoughout the district in the hopes that they will inspire the blacks and Latinos to perform better. The truth about the L.A. schools should scare the hell out of a lot of middle and affluent white parents. When blacks and brown gain power, they will try to do to upper class children what they are doing to poor and working class white kids.

  • If you’re going to interact with the msm at all, doing it this way is the best way. I mean, having an unedited record of what you said because now the unedited version is available for everyone to see because obviously Vice is going to chop up his answers.

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