Nameless Podcast: Kushner-Bannon: Tiff For Tat?

Is Trump using anti-Semitic tropes to distract, confuse, and control the narrative?

For the past week, the media has breathlessly reported an acrimonious feud between two of President Trump’s central advisers: his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. In his latest “Nameless” Podcast, Andy Nowicki ponders the political ramifications of this alleged tiff and how it plays into the perceptions of the Alt-Right and a wider “sub-racist” awareness of the Gentile/Jewish division in American society.




  1. Jack Burton 14 April, 2017 at 03:29 Reply

    From Trump’s own remarks it seems he’s just allowing others to run the military with little input from him. He feels that they know what’s best and just allows them to do as they please. I think that is a very dangerous decision especially considering how much overt and covert sabotage is going on against him.

  2. ))) Depeche Europa ((( 12 April, 2017 at 19:32 Reply

    No matter how Bad it is for the Alt-Right now……

    …..who expended Massive Amounts of Energy for Trump……..

    Just remember the Obama Years…….

    Just remember……

    Yes, Trump is a Fraud…….

    But, some MAGA is still happening………

    It’s a Lima Bean Soup…….sprinkled with some Flecks of Beef and Cheese…….

    Mostly Gross…….

    But, not Toxic……….


  3. ))) Depeche Europa ((( 12 April, 2017 at 19:02 Reply

    Trump is Not Our Enemy……

    But, it’s looking like he’s Not Our Friend, either…….

    He’s not Anti-White…….

    He might be Anti-AltRight………

    But, without us……

    …..Hillary Clinton would be President…….

    And so…….we’re stuck in a Complex Situation……..

    Trump is going Establishment to Curry Favor…….

    …..after being Beaten Relentlessly for the past 6 Months…….

    He is ditching his Base…… call off the Hound Dogs from the Left…….

    But, the Left will never Vote for him……

    They just want to push his Base into Political Oblivion…….

    And then what??

    Then comes President Elizabeth Warren and Vice President Corey Booker…….

    And then all of us…….will be Second Guessing…….

    Now…….we feel Betrayed……..the Sting hurts Deeply…….

    But, it could be Worse……


    • Kumiko Oumae 12 April, 2017 at 20:41 Reply

      “President Elizabeth Warren”, you say? Now there’s an interesting idea. I think she would be the perfect rebound punishment to inflict on all the Trump-hat people for having enabled the present situation. Probably won’t happen, though.

      If the next cycle around hypothetically presented a scenario of ‘Ivanka Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren’, which one would you choose?

  4. ))) Depeche Europa ((( 12 April, 2017 at 18:50 Reply

    I would urge the Alt-Right Leaders to Plan a Rally…….

    ……or Something……..

    ……where the Alt-Right can meet and congregate……

    …….so that all our Massive Expenditure of Energy……….

    …….in putting Trump in the White House…….

    …….Bears some Other Fruits……..

  5. ))) Depeche Europa ((( 12 April, 2017 at 18:47 Reply

    I’m almost off the Trump Train……

    If Bannon goes…..

    ……that’s it……

    Good Luck, Trump…….

    If some MAGA happens……


    But, Trump and his Administration are deliberately trying to separate themselves……

    …..from their Base……

    ……to gain Acceptance with the Establishment…..

    We all know this…..

    And once again…..


    Every. Single. Time.

    Well, at least our Disappointment isn’t that Cataclysmic……..

    I think in the Back of our Minds……

    …….we all knew this was a Possibility…….


  6. Riopel 12 April, 2017 at 14:43 Reply

    Remember all those memes where Trump was Bane and CIA was the establishment? It turned out that Kushner was actually Bane and the alt right was CIA, thinking they were bringing in an asset when they actually brought in the enemy.

    Kek sure was part of the election, but he apparently was not on our side.

    • Hipster Racist 12 April, 2017 at 18:15 Reply

      It’s almost as if Donald Trump spent the entire last decade doing TV commercials for Benjamin Netanyahu, trying to undermine the Iran deal at the behest of Israel, and has spent his entire professional life as a “goy frontman” for Jewish political and business interests.

      Who could have possibly seen such a thing coming? I know I’m completely flabbergasted.

  7. MylesStandish 12 April, 2017 at 14:13 Reply

    Poor Jared Kushner is just a spoiled little princeling, he doesn’t call the shots. His dad, Charles, is the real boss. Greasy Charles Kushner, the blackmailer, the foreigner, the jailbird, the mafia and political boss, is the most powerful man in America. He bought his unfortunate-looking son a place in the White-House just like he bought him a place at Harvard. This is just what these Eastern Bloc oligarchs do, like building tacky condos and decorating their homes in that godawful fake gold kitsch they love so much. They like shiny things and prestigious titles, but there’s no virtue and no substance behind their power, just slimy rackets and despicable criminal behavior. Jared is probably embarrassed to have descended from such low stock; surely he feels out of place in decent Anglo-Saxon society. He must know what we think of his father.

    Alt-righters are the dumbest dummies ever to have supported this monstrosity, the New Jerseyfication of the Federal government. Drumpf is just a worn-out old carnival barker, reading the lines that are put in front of him while Bannon is a merely a Moldbug-loving toady; a fatboy traitor and a lowlife who associates with known organized criminals.

    • Riopel 12 April, 2017 at 14:24 Reply

      Harsh but accurate, apart from Charles Kikener being the one in charge. Jared is on the same page as him and has direct access to the president.

    • katebushfan66 12 April, 2017 at 17:32 Reply

      that’s how they roll… and when they talk to one {{{ another }}} they surely feel they know best .. they have what some call a complex … John Lash calls them a virus .. I think they are cursed … I hope that Trump’s legacy is more than being another little bitch to the chosens… we all thought we were moving into a new exciting place with the builder doer striver larger than life kick ass character .. but like Richard has said .. the Alt Right is not Trump .. he just kicked open some doors and let light in … more people by the day are realizing the answers aren’t found in politics but rather exo-politics and initially I was drawn in by that premise .. the work around people .. those who know the shit is fucked up and stuff and still give a rat’s ass about saving civilization for westerners; still noble work.

    • Hipster Racist 12 April, 2017 at 18:07 Reply

      One would think the “Alt Right” would have a great time giving some publicity to Charles and Jared Kushner, now especially.

      I mean, the public record of these two alone is the sort of Alt Right propaganda money can’t buy.

    • Armed with Knowledge 13 April, 2017 at 03:36 Reply

      You can’t blame the people for at least believing that an alternative to the dem-gop paradigm exists. Nor can you blame them for believing that a tycoon like trump, who funds everything himself, would be free from the pay-to-play narrative which swallows ambitious politicians and ties their hands.

    • Armed with Knowledge 13 April, 2017 at 03:59 Reply

      the strategy of the gop was to ride the white horse until it could no longer win the race. That day appeared to be by 2008 and 2012 due to drastic foreign population influx, with south-of-the-border types deciding the election (for example, Romney won among whites and lost the election). But European-descended whites were technically still the majority at that time, and their frustration at the incentives to give more and more power and wealth to the formerly foreign population created enough anger that the gop realized they could play that angle up and win the non-voting whites in addition to the Romney types. And that was the winning strategy.

      So the gop put up a charade to represent the European whites and win the day. If it is a charade, they will lose their base and will not win the next election playing this card. This was the gop’s last election unless Trump proves his doubters wrong but I don’t see it. Next election is a dem win, immigration flow redistribution of wealth and presto, now the GOP will appeal to the increasingly wealthier “minority” turned majority and go back to its old pure politics based on economics principles.

  8. Riopel 12 April, 2017 at 13:11 Reply

    The problem with Bannon is that he’s just another kikeservative who goes on about Islamofascim, judeo-Christianity, and muh greatest ally. The fact he called Kushner a cuck instead of an infiltrator for a foreign nation is proof that he doesn’t know what’s going on.

  9. Mike549 12 April, 2017 at 13:07 Reply

    It’s just stunning the amount of privilege people like Kushner are granted in this society. How is he in any way qualified to advise the president? For that matter, his co-ethnics in the media and government have failed us utterly on foreign policy, yet they’re still listened to.

    Bannon is a former naval officer, and is said to be the most well read person on Trump’s staff. What similar qualities does Kushner have? Absolutely none.

  10. craicher 12 April, 2017 at 07:55 Reply

    I doubt it. There is a not another election for 3 more years so why would be so worried about public support right now? Also, the anti-semitic accusation is still very powerful for most White Americans therefore it would be stupid to try to get their support by appealing to some kind of latent anti-semitism in regards to Jared Kikner. Something more plausible is that Trump is going to throw Bannon under the bus and accuse him of being an anti-semite.

    And what ever happen to regulating foreign lobbyist? Like the AIPAC? That was one of his promises. I fear it will turn out Trump was a Zionist operative all along.

    • katebushfan66 12 April, 2017 at 08:06 Reply

      Bannon knows the game.. he also knows enough to reclaim journalism as his true power and calling… you don’t fight forces, you use them.. Trump did us a favour.. he’s exposing — very clearly — the chosen ones’ reach — into his leadership .. what a gift.

      • Mike549 12 April, 2017 at 13:11 Reply

        In the long run having a redpilled, angry Bannon back at Breitbart might be the best thing anyway. Breitbart readers are already fairly decent on the JQ (albeit with some resistance). If Bannon returns it might change their coverage a little bit toward the alt-right, depending on what circumstances he left under.

    • Rascal 12 April, 2017 at 11:41 Reply

      I agree with your comment. That being said, I would rather put all of them on notice that we see them. If Trump is going to throw Bannon under the bus because of oven tweets, than he was worthless to begin with.

      This is a political stress test, and quite frankly I expect Trump to fail it. He is a boomer after all.

      • Kumiko Oumae 12 April, 2017 at 12:39 Reply

        If you are going to de-select car companies on the basis of the actions of the ethnic group that owns the company, you shouldn’t be de-selecting Japanese and Korean cars, you should be de-selecting German and Swedish cars.

        Think about it. If your aim is to ‘starve the beast’ through your consumer choices, who is actually ‘the beast’ that you are trying to ‘starve’?

        When you buy a car manufactured by a company that is based within the tax franchise of Germany, you are by proxy helping the German government to collect more taxes to spend on ‘refugees’.

        When you buy a car manufactured by a company that is based within the tax franchise of Japan, nothing happens.

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ 12 April, 2017 at 13:53 Reply

      There are “American” companies that manufacture in other countries, and non-American companies that employ many American workers.

      It’s not a simple issue.

      • Walter Oleg 12 April, 2017 at 20:04 Reply

        Yes, but the money for American companies goes to the pensions of the United Auto Workers. Non-American company employees are not UAW employees. I was raised in a rust belt (former) auto-town, so I’m biased this way.