Kushner Rising – Operation Reinhard

Within the Trump administration there are two factions vying for power: the nationalists, led by Steven Bannon, and the more establishment friendly centrists, led by Jared Kushner.

By all appearances, Kushner has a strong Jewish identity.

Now, given that the neoconservatives – whose agenda can be summarized as “invade the world, invite the world” – are virtually all Jewish, pro-Israel, and interested in destabilizing the Middle East, we should be deeply concerned with Kushner’s ascension.

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  • We should be focusing all our efforts right now on getting McMaster and his people fired instead of Kushner. Kushner isn’t going anywhere, and McMaster is behind stories of the Bannon-Kushner feud to get Bannon fired. Either McMaster goes or Bannon goes.

  • The alt right’s job is to help the democrats impeach Trump, which means impeaching president Kushner and ensuring he has no political future.

    Trump is a non-entity. An empty suit with an empty head like GWB. He is never going to say no to Kushner or his race traitor daughter. Trump needs to go. Impeach him and you impeach the Kushers.

    • Democrats and other internationalist leftists are interested in impeachment of Trump only as a method for increasing their own power to totalitarian levels, and there wouldn’t be a conviction in the Senate w/o a sensational crime like child molestation.

  • So Kikner has close ties to Soros? That is all I need to know. We got jewed again.

    Daddy Kikner is quite the philanthropist too. He build schools not in the country he exploits but in his real homeland, Israel.

  • Chosens gonna chosen… [they have a strong strong belief that they need to serve humanity and have the best ideas on how to do that .. its their affliction and our problem]

  • “Now, given that the neoconservatives… are virtually all Jewish…”

    Incorrect statements like this one don’t buttress arguments very well.

      • Do you also have a list of the millions of Christian Whites who watch Fox News every night?

          • I don’t think you understand what “neocon” means. If you’re talking about Jewish powerbrokers who advocate war for “democracy” and so on, just say so.

          • No. I’m not offended by the original statement either; I just know that misstatements can be used to (dishonestly) invalidate whole political positions.

    • No one will ever go after Kushner. kikes protect their own. it would literally take an armed revolution to drive these parasites out.

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