Dead Children Used As Weapons of War …but only Sometimes

Nikki Haley showed pictures of dead Syrian children to justify invading Assad’s Syria. Yet dead European children who have died by terrorism, allowed by western politicians, don’t matter.

This is an excerpt from episode 33 of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

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rick rage

the US should build a wall around south carolina. first lindsay ‘squat-to-pee’ graham, now this nikki street-shitter. build the wall and don’t let any more of these israel-first cock sucking sub-humans out.


Street shitting cunt


Fin Donnelly Cdn MP in Ottawa a dude I graduated highschool with is the biggest lying commie scum on the planet .. he lied his face off about little Kurdi boy and he still has his seat .. he is also a member of the UN Global parliament with Justin Trudeau, Liz May [green party leader, MP], Dominic Leblanc and others… .. people were duped by that sympathy ploy during our Federal election [ it was pure manipulation ] .. Fin doesn’t have children; he fights to protect fish and stuff..


I have the tragic image of the once beautiful Swedish girl on my phone and have used it when in conversations and pose the same version of Trump’s statement “Was she not beautiful too?”

Sir Richard of Wales

dead europeans.. nothing to see here… go back to work.. “they will not shake our resolve for open borders”.. dead non-europeans… we need to go to war! we must stop this at once!


It should have been the opposite!