The ‘This is Europa’ Podcast Ep3

This is Europa, a pro-White, pro-European think tank which focuses on fighting White Genocide and anti-White narratives, has released the third episode of its podcast series.

As many of the pro-White podcasts out there emanate from Americans groups, it’s good to see their European counterparts getting involved.

Episode 3 focuses on the the anti-White mindset and should provide a welcome break to anyone who has had their fill of the Trump betrayal/106D underwater one-handed backgammon.

This is Europa can be found at their own web address as well as on Facebook.

The podcast is also available on Soundcloud.

The TIE team has informed me that they’ll be monitoring the FB, Soundcloud and pages, along with the youtube comments, so that they can dedicate a section to answering questions at the end of each show.

Stay tuned for more episodes and happy listening.

Martel Mosley
the authorMartel Mosley
A beleaguered Brit doing all he can (which is never enough).


  • That was a pretty useful debate on defining & rebutting ethno-masochism(white-guilt) & racial hostility(for past sins against non-whites)which we all must encounter in our day-to-day lives.Tact can make all the difference when making your points to an anti-white as to whether they go away thinking about them or hating you for bringing them up.We have to remember there are many(most these days) people who lack the power of reason & so go along with the herd pretending they do have that power.

      • I did not want to criticize you and what you are doing, I am thankful for that as you are doing more than I do. It was a message to all of us, especially to myself…

  • thanks for the regular episodes; Cdns can also follow Council of European Canadians, facebook, its Ricardo Duchesne’s website [based in New Brunswick Canada] – there are regional groups forming across Canada.

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