Antifa Zombies Swarm Anti-War Protest—Black Hawk Down!

Our Co-Editor Richard Spencer describes his experience organizing an anti-war protest that was attacked by so-called “anti-fascists.”

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • On TDS Richard Spencer talked about a “White Block” or “Security Squads” and said he received some interest in it. There really should be a brainstorming post for this on this site. This is something for which the time has come. But this can’t be put together haphazardly.

    First of all the name. I don’t think “White Block” is a good idea because it makes it sound just like another criminal organization like the Black Block is. Also anything “SS” (Security Squads) is probably something to avoid. I thought about ARM or Alt-Right Militia, but here too the word “militia” brings up images of overweight guys running through the woods in ill-fitting camouflage in Montana. It has to be something new and fresh. An acronym if always good.

    It’s main purpose would be for security at Alt-Right rallies (like in DC recently) but also to counter protest leftist/anti-white events. It must have zero tolerance for criminal activity.

    The shirt should be White. Once the name is chosen someone needs to create a symbol.

    Should KEK be involved? Of course, KEK is involved but I mean on the t-shirt?

    Anyway, Mods, I think we should have this discussion.

  • 1. You should be inviting the antifa to march with you against war.
    2. be careful. One day the glitter might be acid, and the punches might be stabbings or shootings. These guys are capable of such crimes.

  • We have to train to do better in these street demos. I did some successful street demos with the League of the South. Here are some tips:

    Don’t do it last minute.

    Don’t use home made signs.

    Have a dress code

    Have decent numbers or don’t do the demo

    Don’t engage the Antifas, Reds – engage the normies and honest media.

    Have appropriate security.

    Photo and film the demo – edit to make our side look good, look strong – make the enemy look bad.

  • I talked with a self defense trainer I greatly respect and he had these observations and suggestions based on the Captain America Stickman action at the University of California Berkeley where Antifa thugs attacked patriots with fists, boots, bear mace:

    Use body armor, helmets, shields and sticks that have some other purpose that can’t be just identified and confiscated by law enforcement (not generally going to be on our side in Lib Left places).

    Use a shield that doubles as a political sign.

    Use a very hard wood one handed club that also shows a small flag.

    Biker attire and body armor is excellent and I note that Bikers for Trump has been the only group of uniformed White guys not getting chased off the streets by the Left at Trump rallies.

    Guns, especially military assault weapons are just not practical and would be counter productive at these types of conflicts with the Antifa.

    • Shields are good if the Antifa get in the habit of throwing rocks. Otherwise, no armour or weapons. Its a demonstration, not a street brawl.

  • “For better or for worse so much of the story of this event was the back and forth between the two of us [Nationalists and Anti-fa].”

    The Antifa tactic is used by your opponents to disrupt the message you’re trying to send to the public. Instead of it being about Nationalists opposing imperialist wars, it has something to do with “fascists and anti-fascists” and two “sides” jostling each other separated only by the police line. Helpfully both sides will have bullhorns to chant unintelligible slogans for the TV clips, and the entire thing will get about 30 seconds on a local TV station in between commercials for reverse mortgages and Depends.

    The Anti-fa are neither a group of serious revolutionary activists nor a bunch of crazed smelly hippies. It’s a theater troupe, the extras recruited from various local “college activist groups” and the events are stage managed by professional “leftist” Democratic para-party activists. In a city as stage managed as Washington DC, you do not have real masked guerrilla warriors roaming the streets and engaging in rebellion, Cairo-style. This is theater, done by actors in costumes. The Secret Service and the police know the Anti-fa leaders and organizers, of course, and know which lawyer’s business cards they have in their wallets.

    I’d be suing the Washington city government and police for information about the guy who sucker punched Spencer. Letting that go is a bad, bad mistake.

    • I think ignoring him is better strategy to be honest .. he is craving attention .. that’s why he punched Richard .. he’s pathetic… let him wimper away .. he is nothing

      • No way. Writing him off as pathetic and bad is the worst way possible to respond to the Antifa tactic. It makes it a soap opera about independent actors motivated by personal drama.

        The reality is it’s a political tactic by “the establishment” to silence Nationalists.

        That is why it needs to be responded to in a political and legal fashion.

    • They aren’t big or formidable enough to earn that comparison. Antifa are more like regular runty orcs.

      • Haha. Yeah.Maybe more like smelly goblins. We have them in Norway too and they call themselfe Blitz. They ate skinny, ugly, smelly, drugged and in and out of psyciatric care all the time. I have seen them in action many times and they are appalling.

  • Another thought. Message discipline and getting the media to turn out is also crucial. Imagine if you guys had done nothing but simply stood there singing the old “All we are saying is giving peace a chance” chant and with major news organizations recording it for the news.
    Think of the optics of that on News at 11. How many anti-fa heads would have exploded from the cognitive dissonance of being on the wrong side that old chestnut?

      • Oh no, they are too dumb and hard wire conditioned for real introspection, that would after all. be by definition Crimethink. They would simply be baffled and enraged by the sight of the enemy giving them their own slogans back.
        That is one thing I noticed about the Left today, compared to the Left 40 years ago when I was in college. Back then there were a lot of bright Leftists who could actually make cogent arguments, even off of false first premises. As their beliefs have been proven false, the kids who are Leftists today are less frequently the brightest, and more frequently the dimmest and most mentally disturbed. Richard noted in his video how many of them seemed to be low IQ/on drugs/deranged/no longer bathing themselves/all of the above.

    • when they make the film about Richard’s short but eventful life they’ll use Matt Damon to play him .. it will be the final knife in the back of the free the white man movement…

  • I salute RS and the others for putting themselves in harm’s way. It might be a nice gesture by RS to send the DC police a thank you note.

    I agree with the creation of Safety Squads. And as I pointed out in another thread (1), the protesting and political activity should be concentrated in DC. These safety squads need to be made up of disciplined, extremely tough men who won’t run if outnumbered. They need to get together and study VIP protection, riot defense, and hand to hand combat. Ideally they would be combat veterans, but the important thing is that they’re willing to stand their ground.

    Oh, and hats off to whoever ran over that antifa guy. That’s meme material.


    • From the video I saw, the difficulty and troubles for Spencer et al came when they were exiting the area and needed a cab.
      It would be a good idea in the future to have two or three cars circling the block with a shotgun passenger in constant cell phone or walkie-talkie contact with the demonstrators on the ground. When it is time for an exit, the cars can swoop in and get everyone out safely and quickly.

      • Good ideas. I like that you are practical. Let’s meet in real life. Are you going to Amren conference.

      • Before long the antifa will start targeting anyone who was at the demonstration. Thats what they do in Europe.
        Here we usually leave a demonstration in force. Then the police usually commandeer public transport to keep us and the antifa apart.

  • Thank you, Richard/Mike and the Alt-Right Warriors…..


    Plenty of other Alt-Right Warriors wish we could have joined you…….


  • How about a “Fire McMaster” demo outside the WH? He seems to be quite the Gen. Jack D. Ripper-type lunatic.

  • Next time we do this, we need a MASSIVE show of force.

    If Trump ramps things up and it looks like a ground invasion will happen, the Alt Right needs to show p en masse in Washington DC. Memorial Day would be a good day for strong Alt Right protest against Trump.

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