‘America First’ Loses To ‘Beautiful Babies’

The Alt-Right has debated internally about President Donald Trump since the moment he won. We discussed his appointments, policies, and considered which compromises we would accept in exchange for legislation necessary to secure our country. We could accept U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and some pro-Israel shilling if Trump gave us the wall, rapid deportation of illegal aliens, refugee bans, a stacked Supreme Court, modest healthcare reform, renegotiated trade agreements, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and ultimately a reversal of legal immigration.

Our vision for Trump was shattered Thursday as an American destroyer poured cruised missiles into Syria. Only 63 hours after the chemical attack in Syria, Trump ordered military action on a sovereign nation.  The doctrine of “America First” and Trump’s entire public facing record on foreign policy flipped. “Beautiful Babies” usurped “Make America Great Again.” Syrian officials claim six civilians including four children were killed in Trump’s “symbolic” strike, according to The Telegraph. Who will mourn for them?

There is one caveat. ABC reports that the Syrian military anticipated the raid making it likely that the U.S. warned Russian military personnel beforehand. Perhaps Trump didn’t actually want to start World War III but still wanted to bomb a close Russian ally.

However, Tillerson’s demands for “political” regime change contradict this caveat. Et tu, Brute? We must confront the reality that these statements are almost indistinguishable from how a Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton would have sounded, and sounding similar to Clinton is not what put Trump into the Oval Office.

To understand the degree of integral compromise by the Trump administration, we can look to who is celebrating the attack and who is criticizing it. Trump drew the best coverage he has ever received from the press Thursday night. Pundits gushed from MSNBC to CNN to Fox. On the other hand, even the click-hungry alt lite figures were “off the Trump train.” Rumors are swirling about Steve Bannon, /ourguy/, resigning from the Trump administration over the attack.

We would be lying if we said this was fundamentally about a Syrian airbase. Yes, this is catastrophic for foreign relations with Assad and Putin. Much like the airstrip, our outlandish dreams about an alliance against ISIS are now cratered. This situation validates our deepest fears about the Trump administration. It demonstrates that the principles and promises that propelled Trump to office do not guide his actions. The office has changed the man. The bedrock of unflinching Americanism is gone. Or perhaps, Trumpian nationalism was doomed to be co-opted by the same neoconservative subversion of years past.

Trump may be unsalvageable. Will his new globalist allies support him come reelection season? The Alt-Right stands ready to fill the void. Trump has skyrocketed our movement. We projected our image onto him and took his image onto us. For better or for worse, the moment for political independence has arrived. We knew it would never be easy.

Editor’s Note: This piece was an outside contribution by Matthias.


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Soren is a host on AltRight politics.


  • “Trump may be unsalvageable. Will his new globalist allies support him come reelection season? The Alt-Right stands ready to fill the void. Trump has skyrocketed our movement. We projected our image onto him and took his image onto us. For better or for worse, the moment for political independence has arrived. We knew it would never be easy.”

    Great Stuff, Soren…….

    Thank you for your Contributions……

  • The Donald Duck Presidency is over. His base has walked. Only the Whigs like Lispy Lindsey and Wacko Bird McCain are left for him. The Left may support his Military Misadventures, like W, but his Presidency just died for anything after that. Those Cuckservatives are already powerless, and The Left won’t support this clown at all. Donald Duck may as well resign at this point, his Cuckservative VP could do what he can do now.

    • “his Cuckservative VP could do what he can do now.”

      Almost true. I’m convinced Pence would scrap the wall immediately.

  • This stunning reversal, less than one week after publicly announcing that “the Syrians will decide if Assad remains in power” reeks of either blackmail or skullduggery or both.

    I had thought (hoped) that a token attack on Syria for the false flag was Trump’s negotiation to get his domestic agenda passed, because the nuclear option was invoked to get Gorsuch into the Supreme Court. But with Paul RINO and the Democrats gleefully announcing that the wall will NOT be incorporated into this year’s budget, I think that’s the end of that.

    There was an episode in Dallas where JR said of an enemy that if he could not find the skeleton in his closet, he’d put one there. This Syrian Debacle looks less like a Trump negotiation and more like Trump submitting to blackmail to me. Whatever the Deep State is leveraging over him is YUUUGE.

    There is no way now how Trump is doing this to get re-elected. NO self-respecting person who voted for him on his platform is going to show up to re-elect him. The Democrats are going to retake the White House (and God only knows how many seats in 2018 and 2020 when the Anti-War Movement that is going to generate from this gets into full gear). I’m sure he realizes that he doesn’t have a shot in hell of that happening. By now, I’d say that what he is doing is to finish out his first and ONLY term without ending up impeached and in jail.

    No one foresaw the Trump Election Upset coming. I’d strongly suggest that everyone fall back to whatever plans they had made if Hillary Clinton had won, because in a sense, she has.

  • MI-6 could not come out with anything more substantial than making “Independent” to publish about Ivanka’s tears as an influential force on Trump’s ordering strikes. THEY are convinced that ALL or MOST of us just damn stupid! The elimination of Syria, as we know it, is needed for Israel to legitimize the annexation of the Golan Heights. There will be no state to claim and return the Heights to. Assad is the ONLY force to keep today’s Syria. No Assad, no Syria. That’s where the regime change calls stem from.

    Bibi knows it, Kushner knows it, and Trump calls for it. We know it too. Ivanka has nothing to do with strikes. She is just a decoy.

  • I hope he was just sending a couple of middle fingers flying through the air and he will still be good for us.

    • To that point…

      Ask said normie…

      Why have Assad’s comments not been reported to the American people?

      Is it not newsworthy?

      Shouldn’t hearing from this “maniacal babykiller” further entrench your thought that he is an inhuman monster?

      Why the silence?

      Could it be that he describes his opposition as terrorists? Who represent the interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan.

      Could it be that by any chance?


  • Hopefully, Trump will see the error of his ways and get back on the right track. It’s too soon to throw in the towel on Trump.

    However, Kusner should go. He’s an Israel Firster.

    • Thank you. It’s obviously too soon to give up on Trump. I can’t believe what a pack phaggots some Alt Righters are being at the moment. “Oh no, it’s over, I can never trust him again.” Gimme a break. It’s politics. Support is always contingent. Your favorites get some things right and they get some things wrong. It’s beyond naive to expect it to be any other way (unless you’re a moralizing charlatan who pretends to uphold the highest principles all while dodging the hard questions whose initials are GJ).

      Attacking Assad clearly does nothing – zilch, zero, zip, nada, bupkis – to advance Alt Right objectives. But Trump’s hardly the first politician to disappoint his most loyal supporters. Bill Clinton’s welfare reforms did nothing to advance the liberal agenda, but did their support for him evaporate? Would they have preferred Bob Dole be in office? Of course not. In the long run, Clinton’s presidency proved to be a godsend for liberals. It’s hardly incredible to imagine that Trump might do some very useful things over the next four fucking years. Come on.

      • Ok, wait and see but it is a bad sign. If he turns on immigration, and all the other stuff then at some point you have to jump ship.

        • I replied to you twice, but my reply is being held for “approval.” If it doesn’t get posted and you notify him of my accusation, I’ll be happy to support my position with arguments and evidence, any time, any place (except his website, cos I’m banned, surprise, surprise).

          • It was a damn good reply too. I’m sure he-who-apparently-can’t-be-named-without-my-post-being-moderated would have no good answer to it (except to call me a “troll” – so original).

      • It’s not unexpected that a movement that – until the last two years – consisted virtually entirely of people venting online would suffer from overdramatic reactions to disappointing developments.

        How quickly we forget. Trump has already fought TPP and really did make a good effort in passing the hold on immigration, which all reasonable experts agree was within his purview. It’s not as though Trump decided to install the Leftist judges that foiled him.

        Fact: Trump remains far superior to the alternative of HRC.

        • TPP was running hot enough to black pill the nation, congress was just happy they didn’t have to answer to their paymasters over it.

    • Trump isn’t getting rid of his daughters husband. Plus, you obviously forgot that Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism. The person that’s going to ‘go’ is Steve Bannon and he knows it. His days are numbered. Trump is showing his true globalist neocon colors.

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