Understanding the Betrayal and the Israel Lobby

The Golden One talks about Trump’s betrayal of his movement and the Israel lobby

Marcus Follin
the authorMarcus Follin
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  • As for “American farmer boys dying for Israel” — well keep in mind that for decades America has been fighting everybody else’s wars. Only for a few brief months when we were actively going after Bin Laden in Afghanistan was America fighting for America. Anybody joining America’s armed forces today knows, or should know, that he’ll be fighting for some country other than America. Of course I will be far more sympathetic to American farm boys in our armed forces if the draft is re-instituted.

  • The god-emperor is not a metaphysical idea. He is sitting, quite physically, on the golden throne. There is some speculation that the psychic energies spent worshipping him somehow accumulates and is granting him godlike powers (slowly) but as of 42k he’s a very physical thing.

  • >No rescind of DACA (“I love dese non-American kids hurr durr”)

    >More Israeli wars

    >Lets the leftist courts push him around, doesn’t have the balls to institute a real Muslim ban

    >Puts his liberal kids in charge

    >Immediately sells out to international bankers

    He’s an American Judas.

  • At first I went ape shit, but once we got word of what really happened, it wasn’t so bad. They told Syria in advance they were going to hit them and where. More than half the Tomahawks missed their targets. The actual strike was rather weak and it gave the neocons a bone to chew on and got people to stop the Russian connection thing It was sad that folks died I it, which is the bad thing about this.

    • Probably they did not tell anybody and the anti-missile counter-measure units did their work and protected the airfield… Honestly as things progress I am inclined to think that, even if the trumpsters are right here Trump proved himself untrustworthy and the Russians will never ever really and completely trust him anymore. So no bromance is possible anymore.

  • The whole Alt-Right-o-Sphere seems to be freaking out with disgust at Trump’s “betrayal”. This reaction is too hasty. The administration has executed a smart political move that accomplishes several objectives: (1) a red herring thrown for the rabid progs and neocons to chew on; (2) undermining the Russian-influence narrative; (3) a gesture to the world of American power to surprise militarily, yet with NO CHANGE IN GENERAL POLICY ON SYRIA – NO WAR FOR REGIME CHANGE. These are Tillerson’s explicit words. And it seems entirely reasonable to me that Trump followed this logic when making this decision.

    • This neocon-serving action is just the latest disappointment though. Trump has spent all his political capital on Ryan-care and bombing Syria instead of high profile deportations, the repeal of the anchor baby loophole and the border wall, which were the reasons he was elected (along with free trade).

      He may get a bump in approval rating from people who would never vote for him, but he’s alienating his base, the people who actually voted for him and would possibly vote for him again. Maybe he could turn this around by not escalating things further in Syria and focusing his energies for the first time on America First issues. I’ll believe that when I see it at this point.

    • No it isn’t sadly Trump with Syria sold his base. Even if what is personally believed follows (i.e. a presidency of half-measures and semi-actions) the leader that was envisioned is… just a figments of the imagination of his supporters from now on. The fact that he got elected was a good thing as it moved the overton window to our side and prevented a hillary presidency (which would probably have lead us to a WWIII and even if Trump does the same, Hillary would have managed to do it in half the time needed). This though doe NOT mean that he will be a good president it may only disenfranchise the system.

  • Trump just told 60 million white americans to ‘get fucked.’ by far, this soulless creature is now the greatest traitor in american history. his name will be a curse to white americans for all time!

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