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Millennial Woes
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A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.


  • Watch Trumps left arm when he announces the missile attack. It twitches rather obviously when he says “nerve agent” at second 16 before that he has smaller twitches. A sign of deception.

    • I don’t buy that. There’s always a carrier group near Korea. And if Kim thinks He will be invaded, the DPRK will pound Seoul with artillery and Katyusha rockets.

  • The tag line under Millennial Woes says he’s GenX/Millennial. Why Gen X? Even being generous with 1981 that would make him ~36. Does he say he’s that old? Plus his channel is called ‘Millennial Woes’. If he wrote that himself fine, otherwise — I don’t know, why do I care, except for a spergy desire for correctness (and admittedly, protectiveness toward the Gen X label).

    • Woes is probably like me, born in the early 80s, is lumped in with 20 something millennials he doesn’t identify with at all. Both my siblings are Gen Xers. I don’t have much in common with a recent college grad born in 1994 who grew up with the internet and smartphones and was a first grader when 9/11 happened. So I get Woes using the GenX/Millennial term.

      • Born in the 11th month of 1964, I don’t really fit the Boomer label, not withstanding the sense of alienation and disconnection from that short-sighted, selfish generation.

        To me, the Boomers are the biggest cucks of all, selling their souls (such that they are), for good feelz and the fake sense of rebellion engendered by the degenerate sixties.

        • Boomers by and large are awful people. I had a childhood friend whose boomer parents bought a vacation house in Hawaii but wouldn’t pay for his college.

        • Xers are worse. We grew up in hedonism on steroids. Sure the
          Boomers got it going, but we relished every bit of it!!!!

  • IF American want to end the ever growing nightmare that is modern day reality they need to quit feeding the system.

  • Americans are dumb as rocks. I wasn’t going to vote until like 4 days til the election and the specter of Hilary winning changed my mind, so I voted for the Donald. I went against my better judgement, knowing he was just another loyal opposition candidate, that really wasn’t an opposition at all. The guy was bailed out 4 times by his dad and Wall St. He was owned from the get go. At least through 2000, he identified as a liberal Democrat, and there was a rumor going around this past summer that there is a 2 hour transcript of him on the phone with Bill Clinton the day he announced his candidacy. Possible collusion, to make sure the elites would win regardless? Americans had this info and chose to ignore it since they are so desperate for a champion to reverse course, but there isn’t a champion to be found when the globalists own everything from the military to the belief shaping media. Face it, once elected a President is in, and unless there is a huge recall campaign or he does something to piss off the Deep State, he can afford going back on his word. Trump won’t care about being re elected. I remember when H.W. Bush was up for re election, and didn’t seem to care at all about that. Why did he? He had a clone on the other side of the aisle to take over from him.

    • A president cannot be recalled. He has to be impeached, tried and found guilty in order to be removed. Or, the deep state…

      • I know, that is the point. Trump won’t get impeached either as long as he plays “ball”. We are stuck with him till Jan 20 2021.

        • You guys make these assertions as if there is some kind of real option when one goes to the voting booth. It is always the lesser of evils. I was never disillusioned. No one can become president of the USA without kissing the ring of (((those really in charge))). That said, if the AR folks band together worldwide, we can achieve the 14 words.

    • all of what you say and what we know is building up like an enormous latent volcano with no vent. when that volcano finally explodes nothing will stop it and most will not survive it. i live and work for the volcano.

    • Let’s not get too paranoid. Trump cancelled the TPP, which shows he feels some degree of independence. His shelving of the TPP had to have enraged everyone in America’s ruling establishment.

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