ISIS Massacres Egyptian Christians On Palm Sunday

I’m going to flat out say that I don’t want a liberal government. I don’t want these people here. The ones who are already here need to go. See London, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Alexandria. There’s no way we can continue to go on like this indefinitely.

Note: Even John Locke, the founder of liberalism, would have agreed that Islam has to be excluded.

  • Yourhighness

    I have no problem excluding Islam and ignoring the countries where they live. Americans have been intervening for so long and it is a hard concept to sell for our brainwashed countrymen, but we can totally sell the isolationist view and now is the best time to do it.

  • MisterCreeper97

    You have to strike a dividing line: Islam is there, Christianity is here. Get every type of real Christian on your side and call for the defense of Christians and Secularists in the Middle East.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Defense of Christians is a strong talking point against the War in Syria. We must make this point repeatedly to normie Christians. It will weaken the case for war. Assad is not some easily typecast bogeyman lie Saddam or Gadaffi. Assad can go on TV to counter the CIA lies in fluent English.

      Another point is what happens to the Alawi people if the Neocons get what they want and a Kurdish/Sunni force partitions Syria. Then you are talking real genocide of an ethnic group.

      • ))) Depeche Europa (((

        The Majority of Normie Christians are Zionists…..

        …..who see all Arabs as Muslim and the Enemy…….

        ……due to Moronic Christian-Zionist Preachers like John Hagee……

        They could care less about how Israel treats Palestinian Christians…..

  • Krafty Wurker

    This is terrible, and don’t forget that our attack on Assad gave the Muslims all over the world encouragement to attack Christians.

    (((Kushner’s War))) on Christians.

    • Brandon Martinez

      How does that work? Assad’s an Alawite Muslim, and his strongest ally, Iran, is an Islamic Shiite theocracy.

      • LyovMyshkin

        Which part are you confused about?

        • Geiger

          He is just confused generally. He used to be ZionCrimeFactory. He was one of the first in the truth movement to tell the truth about WWII and Hitler.

          He pretended to be a European and was revealed to be the Israeli terrorist looking “Martinez” you see here.

          Since then he has basically disavoyed his past work and pushes anti racism and anti white agendas.

          Due to his mixed ethnicity he has identity issues that dictate his current worldview.

      • SLCain

        As part of a religious minority in Syria, the Assad regime (both father and son) have generally protected other religious minorities. The Assads have carried out a Tito-like balancing act in Syria, trying to hold the country together under their power (always under their power, of course). Saddam Hussein did much the same thing in Iraq, although he was a brutal psychopath (the Assads are just brutal).

    • apotropaico

      The US attack on Assad was done *for* America’s islamist allies, against a secular government that protects Christians.

  • From Ohio

    The first amendment was meant to apply only to Christianity.

    • Sam Cru

      The entire Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was only meant to apply to the posterity (i.e. White Anglo-Saxons) of the founders. It didn’t apply to blacks when written as intended. Do you really think we should give blacks the same rights as long as they go to church? How about ethnically Jewish converts? The same ilk that, along with their shabbos goys, are responsible for the pozzing of the Vatican (see Vatican II).

    • Aurelius

      Freedom is a white Christian concept.