Does Trump Have a Strategy?

Blondie talks about Trump’s recent strikes in Syria

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast is a conservative millennial dame living in the liberal hellscape of Seattle & speaking out against globalism, feminism, Islam & government corruption.


  • As I consider myself a very right-wing person, this goes to all my friends here: I’ve got the feeling that many of us where positively overwhelmed by the success of Trump as a revolutionary against the mainstream. Due to the success we considered the concept of boldly applying our agenda as true, effective, and as a road map Trump now just has to follow. We thought of us as the coming winners of history and harbored no doubt that straightness now is the message.

    To my view this reveals a typical weakness of right-wing activists: Giving honor and honesty superiority against tactics. This had been described back even by Roman annalist Tacitus who noticed that Germanic warriors went to the Roman camp explaining where and when they are exactly going to open the fight the next morning. It reflects the gorgeous mental structure of brave whites, however braveness and straightness may win you battles, but not wars.

    Trump made a wonderful move to cut back all other global players, including an idignated Chinese PM who was served this exemplum of US independence between two courses. Now the mainstream media is unsure how to deal with it. German tabloid BILD (until recently heavily fighting Trump) covered ‘Trump vs Assad’. With Assad being promoted as the most evil person alive (after Trump…) before, this new polarization shows a change in talking about Trump: Well, at least he fights devils like Assad…

    I am very sure that Trump does not care about the mainstream now having to differentiate their narratives, but it shows one thing: Trump doesn’t care about what rats and snakes are saying.

    I am sure our love comes back to Trump. Let’s not be too emotional, Trump cannot simply follow a plot that we’d love him to follow.

  • What he does with this will be more significant than the bombing itself.

    Was he buying himself some breathing room or was he Z.O.G. ‘ed?

    His coming actions will tell the tale…

  • Considering the Jewish and Neocon take over of the National Security Council, I am not optimistic at all. Unfortunately, I believe this strike it’s just the beginning of Trump wars for Israel. A lot depends on what price will Russia demand for channeling Assad down the tube and what line of defense will Iran adopt. Both countries have heavily invested in Assad and will demand a hefty price and resist to Jewish/Neocon forces.

    It is not our war, there are no US interests involved and we must resist Jews/Neocons as much as possible.

    • I think their relationship might have evolved to non-verbal communication over the last week or so. I think they have a baseball type sign language going on so nobody else knows what’s being said when they’re sitting at the same table. Is it a bunt? Is it a steal? Do I swing away? Do we bomb them?

      Hey, at least it’s a step up from the Obama sign language guy that nobody on the planet understood.

    • Yes, this is a bigger disappointment then Ryancare. I would have voted for Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, or Hillary Clinton if I wanted Trump’s current Syria policy.

  • We are still NOT at war with Russia. We are still NOT at war with Syria. The Anybody But Assad Plan (installing ISIS) is STILL in the trash. The movementcons are back on the couch, watching T.V., and firmly behind a firm decisive Republican President– AND his M.A.G.A. domestic policy! No Space Marines were used to suspend the Constitution, liquidate the MSM, and/or exterminate the Democratic Party. Sure, we could have fragged ISIS with those tomahawks but that wasn’t on the cards.

    All hail the God Emperor and His latest 4d chess move!

    • that 4D chess trope is bullshit. The leftist establishment was right: TRUMP IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A CONMAN. Look at his cabinet it’s like the DC chapter of the Bnai Brith…c’mon folks wake up it only took less than three months for this douche to show his true colors. It’s refreshing really now I don’t have to do cartwheels defending his utter incompetence (eg travel ban roll out, healthcare, gorsuch). Frankly, Trump has been an embarrassment since the beginning. I thought he’d be as Howard Phillips called Reagan a useful idiot, but I realize he’s less than useful and a total fuckin idiot. Good riddance you schmuck…

      • OK everybody, not so fast. Remember Trump the deal maker? I think he did this in exchange to get something later. He needs to get the cooperation from other people in order to get things done. He is conning everyone. He is giving in to them knowing they will fail to get them out of the way so he can get their cooperation when he wants to do it his way later. Everything is going pretty good considering even the maim stream of Trumps own party is against him. I see his plan, relax, Trump knows what he is doing. But he needs Bannon and Trump knows this.

  • That CNN news harlot (kate bolduan) in the video is either extremely naive or a sociopath. I’m leaning for the later after seeing her #faketears for psyop “dust boy.”

  • your choice.believe Obama,Susan Rice,John Kerry,Assad and the Russians that Syria got rid of its chemical weapons-admitting he had them in the first place-or all the reports that the gas was dropped by air onto the area including real time video that it happened. Unless another group just happened to have the capability to use air from a Syrian/Russian controlled air base. i don’t recall ANY campaign promise from Trump that he would never use our military assets in any circumstance. That’s not just foolish but it isn’t realistic.nobody would ever promise such a thing given the circumstances you can’t possibly know you could face.I DO recall Trump saying-over and over again-that if he ever had to make such a decision he would rely on the military brass to advise him then let them carry it out.So i don’t get why so many Trump supporters are spazzing. Who in their right mind would commit themselves to never using military force?He didn’t.He did state his position that he didn’t believe in intervention(meaning an invasion)or nation building and he’s done neither.This was a VERY limited strategic military strike meant to send a message to several bad actors who have or intend to get WMD(which can range from Sarin gas and other chemical weapons all the way up to nuclear)and one day use it against Israel and the U.S. both. It was a message to actors Iran and N Korea unless you’re convinced that Obama got a good deal in the Iran deal where the Iranian regime-like the Assad/Russian regime-would never lie.We also know that Mr Chubbs in N Korea has been acting totally crazy of late and something tells me Trump got intel on his recent activities that didn’t go over very well. We KNOW for a fact that Trump takes protecting the U.S. very seriously. The military action here was VERY limited. Just ONE air base with 0 casualties on our side.I would consider it a very successful strategic limited strike.Time to take a deep breathe.

    • I’m going with a plume of Sarin precursors (or plain old chlorine gas) caused by the destruction of a rebel production facility. with conventional munitions This allows for all of the less than lethal outcomes and the successful dilution with fire hoses and the firemen not dying as they washed innocent children with their bare hands. Staged bunko might be an even more simple explanation, but Indian beggars maim their children. There are several State actors, and non-State actors, on both sides–And they don’t stay on the same side..

      The technology to produce sarin is eighty years old. Chemical plumes (Bhopol India) are why we prefer to blow up Sundanese penicillin factories that could be used instead of functioning CW factories.

      The best arguments were made by Putin: If Assad were to do this, then he would have waited until the UN inspectors left. Also, why do this when he is winning.

      The rebels, on the other hand, need only send martyrs to paradise in the successful provocation of American intervention to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

    • This was one of many screw ups. Syria is not our fight. If anything, the US should be helping Aasad not the rebels, so your WRONG and full of shit.

      Couple this “limited strike” with a host of other screw ups. Trump has been a freaking disaster an utter embarrassment. I’ve gotten tired of defending his bullshit. He is a clown who conned us just like the left said he would. We need to wake up and let go of this fantasy that Trump isn’t a garden variety zionist dbag.

    • Come off it, you’d have to be blind not to see the parallels with the Iraq lies circa 2001-2003. These people have an objective and they’re willing to tell any lies necessary to see it accomplished.

  • The whole Alt-Right-o-Sphere seems to be freaking out with disgust at Trump’s “betrayal”. This reaction is too hasty. The administration has executed a smart political move that accomplishes several objectives: (1) a red herring thrown for the rabid progs and neocons to chew on; (2) undermining their Russian-influence narrative; (3) a gesture to the world of American power to surprise militarily, with NO CHANGE IN GENERAL POLICY ON SYRIA – NO WAR FOR REGIME CHANGE.

    • If the only way to undermine Muh Russia is to get us involved in more Wars for Israel, then the narrative has served its purpose perfectly. The Neocons are already clamoring for more, and they are now in control of Trump’s National Security Council. If he doesn’t get rid of them then they will own his administration soon enough.

        • Not for the right reasons, though…

          Trump will be probably a mediocre president, that may or may not manage to be elected a second time, due to his implementation of half-measures. In Syria will be seeing, if we see them at all, only missile and drone strikes rather than full boots on the ground. He will be trying to please everybody, and as history shows, he ‘ll be failing at that. I must add that leving in Europe (Greece) the only things I wanted from him were two:

          1. Push the overton window (that he did)


          2. Be an isolationist.

          He has failed to do that, there are not many reasons to continue support him.

    • Sure, if that’s the actual game plan, it’s quite reasonable. Of course, if we can infer that, then so an our enemies. And they’re well positioned to make the lie become a reality and take on a life of its own.

    • We are going to put boots on the ground in Syria to partition it into “safe zones” which will also host a Qatari oil pipeline which will also be a conduit for drugs, other contraband and human trafficking back and forth.

      We are now saying Assad has to go and it is up to the “Syrian People” along with help from an international coalition (ie Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia). “Syrian People” being just the newest euphemism for ISIS like “Moderate Rebels” was for Obama, perpetuating the fiction that this cabal of foreign Bedouins and Turks are engaged in a civil war in a country they aren’t even from.

      We are going to “eliminate ISIS” while perpetuating the existence of Jihadists in Syria seeking an Islamic State In Syria as a mission statement, calling themselves ISIS but not being reported on as ISIS by western press. They will use our “safe zones” as launching points for sorties in this “civil war” and no “refugees” will return to these “safe zones” in Syria although most of the “refugees” aren’t actually from Syria in the first place.

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