Antifa Protest Alt-Right For Protesting Trump’s Syrian Intervention

Here are some videos about the events of the evening in DC:

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Great Job, Spencer and Enoch and the Guys……

    They went into the Lions Den…….


    Fulfilled their Mission……..

    Stood up to Antifa……

    Anitfa got Arrested……

    Spencer escaped Glitterally Unharmed…..



  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Next time lets announce this a week ahead of time so people can plan to show up. 500 Alt Righters drowning out 20 Antifa provides great optics.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      Great Idea……

    • Johnny Fash

      It also gives them more time to mobilize the troops.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Yeah, but its great optics for our side. Clean cut, well dressed white guys against the war fighting off Masked leftist agitators.

        • Johnny Fash


    • Pioneer American

      No use! It was listed on 4chan /pol/ ~10:30am, it got lots of comments and was visible for ~3 hours, yet I doubt there were any not-already-known, ‘new’, ie /pol/ people who showed up for the alt-right side. Many people from around the world said they wished they could, but not so many alt-righters on the east coast apparently.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        You can’t Drive from say, Boston, on 12 hours notice. I’m sure Richard will do more advance planning next time.

    • tic

      From the video there seems to be about an equal number of antifa and fa, even though neither camp could have possibly known how many the other would gather. What a strange coincidence.

  • Yourhighness

    You guys were awesome! At first I couldn’t stand watching Richard get yelled at, it was so uncomfortable, but you all held your own. We will be more next time. That antifa didn’t stand with us and oppose war, should tell us everything we need to know about their priorities. Richard’s statements about U.S. potential foreign policy afterwards were perfect. We’ll be more next time.

  • Krafty Wurker

    Nice job, keep up the good work, and keep building your numbers.

  • Evolver1

    Good. It looks as though you are getting organized with your own security, etc. That’s the way to go, so long as your security has some police type training and so long as friendlies video everything so the haters of Whites can’t say the good guys started things.

  • curri

    I think antifa is what you get when you have a lot of middle class white kids who grew up barely knowing their fathers. Products of feminism and divorce culture, they confusedly adopt the program of Wall Street, City of London and the transnational USG-EU bureaucracy and then imagine they are revolutionaries.

    • Johnny Fash

      Lol the footage speaks for itself. These people are emotionally volatile, mentally unhinged and built like malnourished dogs.

      • Ike35

        I noticed at least one fat one but you’re right on the rest.

      • Pioneer American

        I know – it felt like they must have worked themselves up before they came, and raged at the group for all the losing in their lives. My $0.02.

    • Jay kay

      Lets not forget mental instability. Every one of them reminded me of the kids in special ed. class back n school days.

    • Charlie Primero

      This is why they operate on emotion like children, not reason and evidence like grown-ups.

      This is why the only thing they will respond to is fear instilled via brute force and raw power.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      Child Abuse, Pedophilia, Drugs, Homosexuality, Transsexuality…….

      • harman1

        Freaks will suffice!

    • Sam Cru

      Antifa is what you get when leftists have babies. Leftists must be prevented from having babies.

    • Honestly though, these anti-fa come to me as escaped mental asylum detainees! Honestly though, with such images coming Richard Spencer looks, and is, the calm rationale guy, that is the best way to win support! Those leftist do what exactly we need them to do! Ain’t it wonderful when the enemy shoots himself on the foot!

      • harman1

        They are such freaks,it must be difficult to get that many freaks per square mile?

        • Well you recruit them from the deepest parts of the web!

          • harman1

            Ooh do tell!

          • You put ads to crack selling and illegal pornography sites. The ads say that if you come there you fight fascism and voile: they come!

          • harman1

            I think I’ll pass thank you!!!

  • DjZ

    Stood your ground well. Wouldve liked to been there.

  • From Ohio

    Vox Day is reporting that this was a job pulled off by H.R. McMaster and the neocons (not just neocohens) who distorted the intelligence to try and start a conflict. Even claiming so much that Kushner and Bannon are still “allies”.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Vox is just piggybacking on what Cernovich said. Cernovich doesn’t want to slam Kushner for fear of being seen as Anti Semitic. Every credible report said Kushner and Ivanka advocated for the Syrian strike.

      • Crud Bonemeal

        a bunch of reports said that, but how do we know they are credible?

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Occam’s Razor. Would it be surprising that Kushner advocates for Syrian intervention?

          • A hymn to Hermes

            And we know Ivanka’s opinion from her own tweets. I’m highly skeptical of any claims that she and her husband are at odds over this. Cernovich’s source is probably Kushner’s camp and Kushner has a history of managing his own PR to attack other members of Trump’s camp. Not that I don’t think McMaster is also a disaster.

  • Ike35

    Mike Enoch did a really good job on the megaphone I thought.

  • White Nationalists have been talking about moving to the Pacific NW to form communities and eventually a Nation State. Watching this I couldn’t help think that a better option right now for single WN/Alt-Right types might be to move to Washington DC? The purpose would be to engage in constant political activism like in the above videos.DC would be the most optimal place to get attention, and therefore get the message out. There are employment opportunities in the DC and Northern Virginia area. The problem of course would be in keeping your job. Full-time activists would eventually get exposed. This is the one advantage that the Anti-White, Antifa have, is that most of them are unemployed gutter trash who have nothing to lose.

    What the Alt-Right needs is a disciplined, hardcore cadre of men who don’t care if they lose there jobs, freedom, families, and/or lives for this holy cause of White Freedom. If there are any billionaires reading this WITH BALLS considering funding an organization that can put 50 full-time activists on the street for LEGAL political activity. 50 street activists x $50,000 a year salary = 2.5 million dollars. Plus 10 administrative people at $65,000 a year = $650,000. Figure healthcare costs $250,000 for the whole organization for the year. We’ll say 2 million a year in operating costs. The total would be about 5 million a year. I’ll add another million for legal costs and lawsuits. So 6 million for the year x 10 years is 60 million dollars.

    To the billionaires reading this; what’s 60 million dollars to a billionaire over 10 years?

    Mr. Bannon (because I know you’re reading this) you might consider this if Trump cucks out and fires you. Or, if you have any friendly billionaire friends WITH BALLS advise them this way.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      Great Vision…….

      Thank you…..

    • practicallyperfect

      I was think almost the same regarding employment in DC, perhaps we should be quietly gaining employment in the institutions and halls of government.

      • Low and mid level jobs in government or lobbying wouldn’t really do that much. But 50-100 hardcore men who will engage in LEGAL political demonstrations and political theater could do a lot. But it would require men who are willing to be poor, beaten, socially ostracized, and killed for what they believe in. Think about the early Christians. They were happy to be persecuted for what they believed in. This is the mindset needed.

        • Johnny Fash
          • Any genius who wants to carry out a project like I’m describing will need to be willing to suffer his own messy death before anyone else. He’ll have to lead the outfit in scars and trips to the hospital. The financier (Billionaire) that I described does not have to, but there must be a Bane-like field general who is willing to die. Now, if there was a billionaire who was willing to fund and lead and die for this holy cause, then that would even better.

          • Johnny Fash

            Yeah. I mean I’m down, but we need to find our Fash Soros first, which isn’t going to be easy to come by. I’m convinced nobody joins the Billionaire club without sacrificing their first born child to Moloch first.

          • Johnny Fash

            Austria’s richest man… I like him.

          • Orion_Blue

            Something to provide humorous relief; thanks!

        • practicallyperfect

          Agreed, and I see these men as our Vanguard, I would never want my daughter who supports the movement at the protest at this stage of the game, she would be a liability and an easy target. However I see no organizational efforts towards implementing soft power.

      • Orion_Blue

        A good idea, however we are faced with the very real fact that White males find it incredibly difficult to find employment in a federal / government setting and when they do, we find ourselves having to carry low-ability, zero work-ethic, under-performing and aggrieved ethnics.

        • practicallyperfect

          But it might be worth it knowing that a support system is growing behind you. The problem is knowing the timing. BTW infiltrating the work place can also be done by women in the Alt Right.

    • harman1

      I’m in England but I would help with this!Somebody get me out of here????

  • Albionic American

    Bring oven mitts next time. We need an #OvenMittRevolution to put a stop to Israel’s abuse of the United States government, including its hijacking of our military as its foreign legion to beat up on Israel’s neighbors.

  • harman1

    What farce?Antifa against an anti war march??
    You really couldn’t make it up?

    • katebushfan66


      • harman1


  • Charlie Primero

    Excellent work guys. Thank you!

    Eventually we will have to fight Communists in the streets with guns like in this video, but in the meantime this protest work to wake up good goys to the reality of our enemies is much needed.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      Antifa is My Enemy…….

      We need to CRUSH THEM…..

      ….once and for all…….

  • Does anyone else realize the genius and propaganda windfall of the Alt-Right being able to lay claim to the modern anti-war movement?

    Thanks, NeoCon Trump! You’re a generous guy. A bloated bag of hypocritical dog crap, but a generous guy nonetheless.

    • katebushfan66

      Spencer isn’t wrong.

  • Geiger

    Too bad there is no video from the antifa afterparty. I imagine they sat around smoking pot watching reruns of the big bang theory.

    • tic

      Antifa had some female-ish looking things, so maybe it wasn’t too bad for a select few beta males.

      • Geiger

        Yeah I didn’t want to assume someone’s gender.

        After all, Richard IDs as a black lesbian.

  • Please always ask: what is the purpose of street protest? It’s to get publicity. Are you getting the publicity you want? If so, good, if not, change tactics.

    Don’t allow yourselves to be dragged down to the level of antifa – normies will just assume you are the anti-anti-fa and say “a pox on both your houses.”

    • The purpose is to prevent America from being dragged into another conflict in the Middle East. Most Republicans only pretend to be against war when the Democrats are in office. Most Democrats only pretend to be against war when a Republican is in office. We’re just about the only truly consistent people on the political landscape.

      Dude, we’re the peace movement now. We are taking it over.

      • That’s nice and all but it’s irrelevant. Is the street protest getting the message that “we’re the peace movement now” out to the correct people? If so – great! If not, change tactics.

        I hope everyone agrees that the purpose of street protests is not to “stand up to antifa.” Remember about wrestling with pigs.

        • Did Richard Spencer invite them or something? Did he show up because of them or did they show up because him? If he’s not supposed to go out in public and protest because they might show up, then he might as well sit in his house and play on the computer all day long.

          • I didn’t criticize anything Spencer was doing. I just notice – as usual – we have lots of people in the comments talking about “standing up to antifa” and “taking it to MUH STREETS!” Which is stupid.

            I’m glad Spencer and most of the Alt Right are standing up to Trump on the war issue. Holding street protests is a good tactic only if it’s effective. Is it effective? If so, great. If not, change tactics. Antifa is like a pile of dog shit, you hold your nose and step over it if possible.

          • I think it is effective. I’ve seen a lot of ineffective rhetoric and antics over the years. This just isn’t one of them.

            As far as antifa, they’re just not something you can step over. You will have to step on them at some point. A pile of dog shit is static. Antifa might be a pile of dog shit, but they aren’t static. They follow you and stalk you, get in your face, sucker punch you, and do everything in their power to keep you from getting your message out. If you’ve got some super secret plan to be out on the streets and completely avoid antifa antics, then I’m sure others would like to hear it. If it’s simply a case of you not going where they are or where they might be, then you really will never go anywhere.

          • Antifa is a tactic. The idiots that show up and stalk you and get in your face are disposable – they are there to get you to react, to get you to go to their level, to confuse the audience. That way, the people who USE the antifa tactic can be the “middle ground.”

            Last time I posted the names and addresses of the law firms handling the antifa. When you are being shot at, you don’t fight the bullet, you dodge, shield yourself from the bullet and go after the guy with the gun. Antifa street trash are the bullets, the guy with the gun is sitting in an office and has a law degree.

          • Rascal

            The purpose of the street purpose was to signal to the world that we are against putting America’s interests aside in favor of neocon wars that will ultimately fail. You are making the same mistake Cernovich is making,

            In two years, when Syria is a quagmire, no one will remember or care about the antifa presence. Our stance against the debacle will be what mattered.

          • “to signal to the world”

            From a normie perspective two groups of weirdos are protesting each other on the street. The purpose of a “signal” is to communicate a message – not to gain a moral victory in your own head. Spencer’s videos are more effective than street protests. Street protests can be effective but they are not the purpose. People who think the battle is “in muh streets fighting antifa” are counter-productive.

            Some normie conservatives went undercover, filmed the antifa planning terrorist activities, and had a bunch of them arrested. That was pretty damn effective.

          • Rascal

            “to communicate a message – not to gain a moral victory in your own head. ” *sigh*

            That is exactly what happened. A message was communicated. Some people like Youtube videos with a nice background and premeditated message, some people like a physical presence filmed and provided through periscope.. Obviously you are the former. Spencer has now done both. You cannot make everyone happy 100% of the time.

            You have this fixation with confronting antifa that I do not share in this particular instance. Dealing with antifa wasn’t the point of this demonstration – at all.

          • Look, if you don’t want to be out on the streets, then don’t go out on the streets. All you’re doing is bitching because someone else is doing something you don’t want to do or don’t think is necessary. You haven’t suggested a damn thing other than hide in your house and call a lawyer. You’re so damn depressing.

          • Playing the “fa” to the “anti-fa” is “doing something” alright – it’s doing something stupid. It is dancing to the anti-white’s tune. It’s shooting at the bullets instead of shooting at the guy holding the gun.

            The anti-fa isn’t the enemy – the people who run the anti-fa are the enemy. There is a concerted effort to get the pro-white movement to act as the Chong to the anti-white Cheech. First – do no harm.

            Calling a lawyer is far more effective than playing Cheech and Chong with antifa. The purpose isn’t to make yourself feel like a big brave man, the purpose is to win.

          • So now you’re suggesting Spencer & Co. are playing Cheech and Chong?

            What exactly are you winning?

          • Ike35

            “Pile of dog shit” Don’t go so easy on them.

        • Ike35

          Pigs are much more sanitary than antifa.

        • Johnny Fash

          I see what you’re saying and I agree to a certain extent but I think we do eventually need to evolve into an IRL movement and not just an online one. That sucker punch at innaguration day was a bad look for the movement and it’s important to show that we aren’t scared or intimidated by ANTIFA. I’m not saying we go out looking to fight them, but we should be prepared to stand our grand against them, and defend ourselves when necassary.

          I also think street protests have become an antiquated form of protest and we raise more awareness through our online activism, but this approach has also earned us the reputation of being “childless single men who masterbate to anime.” Normies don’t respect overweight neckbeards that live in their parents basement and don’t exist in the real world. Not saying thats what we are, but its easy to attach this stereotype to a group who you never see in real life and who hide behind avatars online. Street activism and standing our ground against ANTIFA is a sign of strength and sends out the message that we won’t be intimidated by these goofs. Normies do respect that. Just look at Based Stick Man. Right now Libertarians and the Alt-Lite are the only people being seen actually standing up to them. Failure to do so on our part will get us relegated to marginal irrelevancy.

          • ))) Depeche Europa (((


            That Punch is what brought me into the Alt-Right…….

          • Johnny Fash

            Really? When it happened all I could think was “This is a bad look.” Of course it shows the cowardice of ANTIFA as well, but if it inspired a few people to look into our ideas then it wasn’t all bad I guess.

          • An IRL movement is not necessarily a movement that shows up on “muh streets” and having “battles with antifa.”

            The ADL is a “real life movement” and they do not hang around on the street chanting slogans and holding signs. They have offices, a budget, they hire lawyers, they have contacts with the media. They are far more effective that “street protests.”

          • Johnny Fash

            Building real life institutions that promote our cause and our own communities is good too and long term more effective/productive. I agree. ANTIFA is still going to throw bricks through your windows though. They’ve made it their mission to shut down everything we try to build or create. Their not going to stop just because we take the “higher” ground.

            “Pacifism remains an ideal, war a fact.”- Oswald Spengler

            Look at Golden Dawn from Greece. They do marches, rallies etc that often result in clashes with local ANTIFA. They also engage with local communities and do charity work and such. Now their the third largest political organization in Greece. This is also what the Left did in North America and now they control all of the institutions. That’s why groups like ADL don’t have to have to have a street presence. Legitimacy is earned little by little over a long period of time. It doesn’t happen just because the “truth” is on your side and you conduct yourself in a professional manner. Having a real life presence in the community garners more respect than posting Pepe the Frog memes and attending one conference a year.

          • Johnny Fash

            Casapound in Italy also held an anti-Syrian War rally in Italy this weekend. Croation Fashion Model Nina Moric showed up at it.

   (if you have a google translate app on your browser use it.)

            This shows social relevance and influence. Casapound is another street level grass roots far right movement. They also aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty fighting ANTIFA, though it isn’t all they aspire to.

            The Alt-Right thought it could attach itself to Trump and jump past the whole grassroots, community building and fighting with ANTIFA and the Police stage. Clearly we can’t. Our path forward is modeling ourselves around European groups such as Golden Dawn and Casapound that have earned their relevance the old fashioned way.

          • Yes, it’s more effective long term – and short term.

            ” Having a real life presence in the community”

            Except that “street protests” in Washington DC are NOT in any way, shape, nor form “having a real life presence in the community” Bzzzt. It’s the exact opposite of that. The political and commercial districts of DC are NOT in any way a “community” and Washington DC is the site of protests precisely because it’s the seat of government, not a “real life community.” Can we please move past these glittering generalities with no substance whatsoever? This is cargo cultism. “Courage” “manly” “community” “streets” “standing up” – no one is using these words as anything other than empty labels, like magic incantations.

            Antifa is a tactic. “Standing up to antifa in muh streets” is shooting at bullets instead of shooting at the guy holding a gun.

            The entire WN movement, for the last 30-50 years, has done absolutely ziltch EXCEPT for hold “street protests” and otherwise mimic the Antifa and the left – and it is precisely why the WN has a track record of 100% failure.

            For the people seriously talking about how it’s “manly” and “brave” to “stand up” to the antifa – this is a personal and psychological issue that reveals a deep sense of, well, something. You don’t feel like a “man” unless you, what, bravely fight a pile of dogshit? You prove your masculinity by getting yourself covered in shit and this proves you aren’t a coward because you aren’t afraid of being covered in shit?

            What the hell is wrong with these people?

            I’m open to suggestions on how to deal with the antifa problem, but considering the “muh streets” strategy as been proven to be a 100% failure going on 50 years, it’s pretty safe to dismiss those people out of hand from now on. What that saying about the dogs returning to their own vomit again and again?

          • Johnny Fash

            -I’m not saying we limit ourselves to Washington. We’d be a lot better off focusing on smaller communities and working our way up to the national level. You have to change the town>state>region before you can change the nation.
            -Yes, dismantling Jewish power is the ultimate goal. You’re still going to have to deal with ANTIFA who utilize violence to shut us down. Defending yourself is not dumbing yourself down to their level. We shouldn’t be afraid to express our views in public out of fear that we might get attacked. They will. We will also be prepared to defend ourselves.
            -The only one who is making this about masculinity is you. Nobodies whose afraid to get their hands dirty has ever built anything of value. Sitting at a desk and pushing pencils is great and all, but somebody had to build that building from the ground up or you wouldn’t be there. We’ve barely laid the foundation yet, so we have a lot of work to do. And yes, you might break a fingernail in the process.
            -Community building is important. Building our own institutions is important. Street activism is important. Trolling, shitposting, postering has it’s merits too. All of these tools have proven successful for other movements. Why throw any of them away?
            -There are numerous reasons why WN movements of the past have failed. The main one is poor branding.
            – “I’m open to suggestions on how to deal with the antifa problem” I don’t suppose you have any suggestions of your own?

          • “The only one who is making this about masculinity is you. ”

            That is of course obviously false and all anyone has to do is read the comments in which these words are used by multiple commenters: “manly” “courage” “stand up” etc. We also see the childish tactic of imputing moral failures on the opponents.

            Apparently, the antifa tactic is working perfectly: plenty of ostensibly pro-white people are taking the bait and mimicking antifa, thus have becoming as easy to dismiss as antifa.

            As for my suggestions, I’ve already given some. I said stop shooting at bullets and go after the organizers. Incidentally, that is EXACTLY how the $PLC became rich and powerful. They did not show up and “counter protest in MUH STREETS” – they carefully and craftily bankrupted their enemies, appropriated their property, demonized them in the media and then even set up fake groups to sucker others into repeating the same mistakes again.

          • Johnny Fash

            Well we didn’t counter protest, ANTIFA did. Nobodies saying we go to the next gay pride parade or womens march and counter-protest. I don’t think that would be an effective strategy for us to take at this time. The reason this protest isn’t getting much news is because it is an incredibly bad look for antifa and the leftist establishment in general by extension.

            SPLC exist in a world where egalitarianism, womens rights, gay rights, anti-racism is the norm. It became the norm through the counter culture and protest movement of the 60’s. Now, we’re the counter-culture. You don’t think the protest marches they held had any effect on the mainstream acceptance of things like civil rights, womens rights, gay rights, anti war etc.?

          • “sends out the message that we won’t be intimidated by these goofs.”

            So it’s really a feel good exercise – they people promoting this keep using the same language: “antifa” “strength” “manly.”

            No strategic thought whatsoever, it’s simply reacting to antifa – antifa set the agenda and we’re supposedly to blindly “fight” them because this makes of feel “strong” and “manly.” That’s … interesting.

            ” Failure to do so on our part will get us relegated to marginal irrelevancy.”

            Good god, the opposite is true. Turning yourself into a “protest movement” that has cutesly nicknames like “Based Stick Man” and is indistinguishable from antifa MAKES you marginal and ineffective.

            This is really the best you can come up with? “We must be the Fa to the Antifa, we must do everything the Antifa does – they have long haired hippies so we must have skinhead. They have signs and chants, we must have signs and chants. The only way to be a Real Man is by copying Antifa.”

            What’s next? Uniforms and costumes?

    • Yourhighness

      What if the tactic is AltRight showing up at more anti-war protests and making more appearances, instead of less? I think there is another protest tomorrow in NYC somewhere, and it’s a women’s anti-war protest. That could be interesting. I don’t know if you guys are aware, but NY is low on men, especially manly ones and AltRight is low on women… just sayin. Build the coalition. Now is our time.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      You’re wrong on this one……

      Going to the Streets peacefully…….

      Showing our Faces and Protesting peacefully……..

      This wasn’t a KKK Rally……

      If we allow Antifa to make us Fear taking to the Streets…..

      ……then we LOSE….

      If you’re Scared to go to the Streets…….

      ……then be Scared…….

      But, a lot of us aren’t…….

      We want to take the Alt-Right to the NEXT LEVEL…….

  • unpaidpundit

    Antifa are on the wrong side of history. Races deserve their own homelands.

  • Rascal

    Well done. I wish I could have been there. Too long of a drive on such a short notice.

  • Green Evening

    Great job by Richard and Mike. Great spirit and courage by everyone there. I’m proud of the principled stand the AltRight is taking against intervention in Syria.

  • Cam

    Need a bigger megaphone. I’ve got a ThunderPower 1200 if you’d like to use it. Might be the most powerful megaphone on the market, but it eats C batteries. You need a lot of C batteries.

    Let me know if you need it, I’m in Fairfax, Virginia.

    The wimpy megaphones don’t make the cut.

    • I’ll buy him one and a backup if he puts my name on them.

      I don’t ask much.

      • Cam

        The one I have is just sitting in my closet; rarely used. Have used it once, at an anti-Obama protest back in 2012.

        It is loud AF and intimidating AF. Even has a siren on it.

        Am happy to deliver it to the NPI office in Arlington or Alexandria, wherever it is. Won’t be supplying any batteries, though. That’s up to the users.

        • Do you know if they work well with rechargeable batteries?

          • Cam

            Never used it with those. If I recall, it used two cycles of C batteries, over two hours. That’s about eight C batteries per hour. Good ones, Duracells.

            I would probably work with rechargeables, but maybe not for very long. I haven’t tried it myself, but it supposedly works with 12V power sources as well …

            A little more info from someone else …

  • Jarod

    Ahah well that was fun. Apparently protecting white interests and being anti-war makes us evil. Incredible.

    Also, don’t run Richard; Don’t ever run. If you can’t arrange heavies to shield you, don’t go. Running looks pitiful.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      I trolled Enoch on Twitter that the Antifa would show up, and like clockwork they did….

    • Yourhighness

      Next time: Getaway car!

  • “To conclude, I might caution against the advice given by some in our
    movement that we should ‘take the fight’ to Antifa, or attempt to engage
    them once more on the streets. By doing so, we would validate their
    existence once more, and run the risk of again placing ourselves on the
    margins. Without compromising our values, we should continue to push as
    deeply into the mainstream as we can, and especially focus on forging
    links with Trump voters, Brexit voters, and right-leaning citizens
    throughout the West. As the Left continues to wail at its losses, it
    will continue to lash out indiscriminately. This will be to our benefit.
    For our part, we should focus on improving our security, while allowing
    the Left to show its true face to the people. Our priority is winning
    cultural influence and political power, not confronting small numbers of
    social effluent.
    ” — Andrew Joyce, Radix Journal, “Antifa: An Obituary” January 26, 2017

    • Yourhighness

      That’s a good point, but as someone won over from the left, I can tell you, we should build the coalition from both sides. Richard himself has various views and we need to get them out there, intellectually. What about public debates or round table discussions with Richard and 2 or 3 other people with varying opinions and on different topics regularly, throughout the year? He deserves a higher caliber platform other than arguing with gutter punks in the street. He’s too good for that crap. But at least more people know his stance. Youtubers are talking about it. Good branding, I guess.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      We have the Right to Protest in the Streets……

      We need to be able to have the Numbers, Organization and Manly Strength……

      … facilitate that……

      No one respects a Wimpy Movement on the Internet…….

      The TOO is the Intellectual Vanguard…….

      But, we need to expand beyond that……….

      Soldiers are also necessary…….

      We need Thinkers, we need Soldiers, we need Managers, we need Organizers……….

      Or we can just post comments online……..

      ……wait for some Revolution……..

      ……and think somehow we’re making some huge difference……

      I joined the Alt-Right because the Left celebrated Richard Spencer being attacked in the Streets…..

      The fact that Richard had the Ballz to go out there……

      …..and then dust himself off afterwards and do interviews and record videos……

      ……..with a Black Eye and without backing down…….

      ……….made me respect the Alt-Right and want to join it and defend it……..

      • Yourhighness

        Yup. The punch and how he handled won me over as well. You know what he said the day after, when someone in the media asked him if he was ok? “I’m fine,” he said, “I can take a punch.” Tell me that’s not the most perfect thing a true man can say after getting punched and publicly mocked? Incredible. I have a media background and I was impressed with his savviness. His after-punch comment got very little traction because no one expected him to be that cool, and his comment did not go mainstream.

        • katebushfan66

          he’s a gentleman .. and he’s also an excellent strategist.

        • ))) Depeche Europa (((

          100% Agreed, Brother…..

  • blackacidlizzard

    The first thing the alt-right did in response to Israel First traitor Trump was to stage a protest in DC inviting all who oppose war with Syria to join.

    The first thing the anarchist leftists did was to try to shut down the first protest against a Republican war.

    Anyone who thinks this was anything less than a brilliant outcome for our people needs to get their head checked.

    Hail Spencer. Hail victory.

    • katebushfan66


  • Clytemnestra

    Awesome. Kudos to Richard Spencer. You guys looked great and maintained control. I noticed how that big bully kept targeting the shortest, smallest protestor. What a coward!

    Walls, Not Wars was a great chant. Also need to add: JOBS Not Wars.

    I spent Friday, burning down the lines, raising hell over this to my Congressional Rep and both Senator’s offices. They are all Republican. And I predicted that they just gave the Democrats a nice big Anti-War issue to campaign on less than two years from now. And to stop being such war hawks.

    • katebushfan66

      I am loving it.

  • Sam Cru

    Step 1 – take shower
    Step 2 – get haircut
    Step 3 – join Alt-right
    Step 4 – oppose war

    • katebushfan66

      Step 5 – pour a stiff drink
      Step 6 – plot your next move

  • Churchillian

    Excellent work. I think the message has to be taken to the streets. When the EDL circus comes to town here in the UK, that resonates more with the potential working class vote than Nigel Farage’s tweets ever could. And it gets a different kind of media attention, what with all the attendant fights and chaos. I don’t think Richard should be present though — too much of a lightening rod.

  • WR_the_realist

    The radical left are now globalists so of course they favor war.

    • katebushfan66

      antifa aligning with islam is likely the saddest display of submission there could be in the west.. they’re gonna be crushed first.

  • Katachthonios

    Too little, too late. The Alt Right is responsible for acting like girly cheer leaders for Trump, and now cry like a teenage brat dumped on prom night. Can’t you whip up a cartoon frog to fix the error? Only a few weeks ago the American frog brigade was so proud off it’s influence over the White House. Where did this alleged influence go? Why protest when your frog cartoons possess so much ‘meme magic’! Can’t you just sacrifice a virgin nerd to Kek and suddenly elect a new ‘God Emperor’ as the Alt Right so lovingly called Trump a few weeks ago?

    • Johnny Fash
    • Jarod

      What? It’s helpful to us to sink Trump and force White people further right in search of solutions to problems that haven’t gone away.

      Now run along little faggot; Your mind is too small to play this game.

      • practicallyperfect

        Answer me honestly what do you think this promoted? Protesting is fine but who ever Katachthonios is he is right that this garnered no attention at all that I can find in the press. The biggest benefit I can see is that it railed up our own. I was excited initially but that faded as more more serious concerns came to the fore.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      The Gay Porn sight is <——- that Way……

      The Alt-Right helped put Donald Trump into Office…….BIGLY……

      And we will pull our Support if he violates his Promises……

      We're not going to support Neocon Open Borders Globalism……..

      That's Anti-MAGA……

      We have the Brains, Courage, and Spine to admit when we're Wrong…..

      ….and move in another Direction……

      You seem Jealous of us……

      Go find your own Tribe……..or join us if you're White and not a CUCK…….

    • Rascal

      I would love to know more back ground on a person that is capable of writing a comment like this.

    • katebushfan66

      hey now… alt right-y are notoriously uncooperative.. that’s their beauty.. and strength

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    The Alt-Right has the Constitutional Right to Free Assembly and Free Speech…….

    If the Majority of the Alt-Right is Scared in Exercising our Constitutional Rights on the Streets…..

    ……then, we’re not a Robust Movement……..

    We need to let go of our Online Egoic Personas and see what we’re really made of in Reality……

    Richard, Mike, and the Team did that on Saturday and MUCH RESPECT TO THEM…….

    That was the first Alt-Right Street Protest in My Memory…….

    …..and it was Successful…….

    Just because Richard ran for Safety mean NOTHING…..

    Navy Seals, Green Berets, and other Special Forces routinely run for cover or retreat to a Better Position……

    It’s called having an Intelligent Survival Warfare Mindset……..


    • katebushfan66

      I feel like I’m at the karaoke machine when your shit comes on the feed

      • ))) Depeche Europa (((


  • practicallyperfect

    So we poke at the hatchlings and ignore the fight that is going on for Rep. Tom Price’s seat in Georgia?
    Not to be a wet blanket and before anyone starts shrilling at me that we are not establishment republicans let us remember this war is not over. The people in Georgia need to hear our message. After thinking about this since yesterday, I have to wonder what was the purpose of this act and where are our heads at? Yes, yes Alinsky says you have to make this fun, but while a small group of you make some noise and have your fun I wonder about the long term plan. Are we wasting the wind at our backs? I worry that the lack of more serious plans is indicative of the long term strategy. Please point me in the direction to whom, what, when, and where I can spend my efforts.

    • Yourhighness

      I say we build the coalition. Spencer needs airtime on reputable platforms. I am with you. We need to go long game. He needs to be at debates and roundtable discussions with high quality, read: no antifa, attendants. I have some ideas but I don’t know who hash things out with. Plus I am getting my ass kicked in a Masters program so I can’t spin wheels all day without a good game plan.

      • practicallyperfect

        Agreed about Richards role. I don’t live in DC and it feels as if what we have currently is a very loose confederation of random acts. We do as Depeche Europa said, need managers and organizers. Good luck with your Masters hopefully it is something you can use to the movements advantage.

        • katebushfan66

          no ya don’t its decentralized ya dummy.. stick with the script .. will ya.. for now .. I’m just doing INGSOC stickers around the town

          • practicallyperfect

            I would agree with you, however the growing ranks of the newbies will want to have something they can easily identify with. Listening to Millenial Woes Orange Alert summed the up the attention span of the republican voter very well. They are easily distracted with bread and circuses. Keep putting up the stickers at least it lets them know we are there.

      • katebushfan66

        he’s doing it already.. alt right alt media… tis bitchin [anyone else find it deeply satisfying listening to Richard Spencer talk about Trump waving his dick around… too much winning]

    • katebushfan66

      I think Jim Goad has that one in hand.

  • SLCain

    Check out red-bandanna guy making with the pugilistic moves.

    • katebushfan66

      *cue kung fu fighting moozic*

      • SLCain

        I liked the original Carl Douglas version better:

  • Yourhighness

    If I could titty-fuck this entire thread, I totally would

    • Just be sure to use protection whatever you do. There’s been a nasty rash going around Trumpland that we haven’t identified yet. We think we know how it’s being spread, but we’re aren’t certain.

      • katebushfan66

        there’s a cream for that… same stuff works on diaper rashes…PENATIN .. parents know this shit .. you’re welcome.

    • katebushfan66


  • katebushfan66

    antifa lying on the ground = winning.

  • katebushfan66

    posted at Pegida Canada this week… take it to them knowing they’re witless fucks…

    • Johnny Fash

      lol almost NONE of these groups are Fascist except maybe Canadian Association of Free Expression. Jewish Defense League? Do these people think before they print this stuff?

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      The Rebel Media??


      Rebellious in Canada……

      In America?


  • katebushfan66 .. cucks and their propaganda [also shared at Pegida Canada this week ]

    • D8532110

      Exterminationist literature, obviously.

  • Purchasing a portable PA system would be a good idea, here in the UK they’re not overly expensive.

  • Simon_in_London

    Spencer vs the Antifa –

    (Prompted by that big fat Antifa’s resemblance to a LoTR troll)

  • Fred

    Soros and/or others sponsor Antifa with millions of USD. Alt-Right does not have anything close to that. That’s the only thing which emboldens Antifa. There is no ideology, nothing else.