Third Rail – World War REEEEEE!

This week The Third Rail crew dives deep into the Syrian swamp, what it means for the movement, and wonders if there’s any way Trump can unfuck himself now.

  • Albionic American

    We need an #OvenMittRevolution to put a stop to Jewish hijacking of our government.

  • Geiger

    I hope this podcast does not offer opinions that are different from what I get from my television. If it does that means everybody is crazy and needs psychological help from my Uncle Morty Nussbaum.

  • Geiger

    Fake gassing makes fake American Hitler drop bombs on Fake Syrian Hitler while ((($omeone))) laughs (((their))) @$$ off.

  • hondo

    Maybe – maybe …. much ado about nothing.
    What war?
    A 60 million photo-op display designed for a larger global audience, and a live-fire training exercise (overdue).
    Personally, I’m waiting for a more detailed AAR and damage assessment report.
    Yeah, I could be wrong – but I’m not jumping ship yet.

  • Geiger

    Remember guys…

    Not all arabs are like that when they are in western countries…

    But all arab leaders are like that in arab countries…

  • Ike35

    The new #1 show on the TRS Radio Network! Spectre is off the fuckin chain! Good stuff fellas.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Trump is like the Pakleds from Star Trek

  • Donald Cuck

    One of them says he doesn’t understand why Japan attacking Pearl Harbor meant that the US should go to war against Germany.

    Germany declared war against the USA.

    (The USA was already engaged in an undeclared war against Germany.)

  • rick rage

    excellent discussion. felt like i was part of it. more.