The Stockholm Terrorist Attack is Only the Beginning

Daniel Frändelöv AKA Conrad from Norse News joins Henrik to discuss the Stockholm terrorist attack and the denial surrounding the reality of open borders in Sweden.

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  • It would not surprise me if the perp gets nothing more than 2 weeks probation. Because: It’s not his fault he hates us, it’s ours for not being diverse, inclusive, and multicultural enough. Perhaps the Swedish leadership needs to bring back Barbara Specter.

    • Spot on.
      In 1000 years when archeologists and historians are studying the remnants and ruins of Western Civ. they will conclude that its downfall was seeded and began when women were allowed to vote.

    • Keenly observed. Let’s think what has happened in America because woman were given the right to vote? Prohibition, civil rights/welfare, and abortion. To speak like trump three total disasters.

  • Good thing my kids live in the countryside but then again the traitors among us are making sure to spread the mud menace into the villages and countryside. The one thing that gets me about these terror attacks is why do they always kill average people? How hard would it be to target the political leaders and oligarchs? I mean if they bleed maybe they will wake up but as long as it is just pawns being killed they wont ever change.

  • Every happening makes me hate the apathy of the boomers more and more.

    What has to happen for these people to wake up?

    • The Boomers betrayed their children and grandchildren for a pocket full of silver and a cheap whore. Then again, not everyone from that generation is to blame but only the zeitgeist. Let’s kill the zeitgeist but spare the people.

  • I mean — who didn’t see this coming? If only more Swedish men had worn pussy hats, they could have prevented this. Fight Sweden! Fight damn you!

  • I don’t understand why American alt-righters are worried about Europe. They are still 90% white and they have a huge ‘skinhead’ movement along with more mainstream alt-right groups like the Identitares. Both are openly active in direct action and politics. When the phase change in European politics happens things will get very hot very fast for all the ‘refugees’ and I suspect that suddenly Syria will start looking like a great place to live.

    Here in the US we’re down to 65% white and when Richard holds a polite conference of ideas, Dindus show up and block the doorways. We have no mass street movement and even Trump is constantly talking about how school vouchers will turn the blacks into middle-class whites with darker skin.

      • On point there,white european birth rate averages at 1.3,something the left conveniently ignore when denying white genocide in Europe is happening through replacement migration of fast breeding non-whites who marry younger & have more kids….You only have to look at any schoolyard in any major western European city to see how quickly the demographics are going to change…factor in family re-unions for new fakeugees swarming in now & whites under 30 will be the minority in many parts of western Europe by 2020.

        • Not only that, but not all of those births to white mothers are from white fathers. If the mixing ratio is, say, 10%, then you have to reduce the 1.3 figure by 10% (ie 1.17). As time goes on, mixing is more likely to increase rather than decrease. In the biggest American cities mixing (as a proportion of births to white mothers in a given year), now runs at 20-25%. Contra Chadwick’s rosy prognoses, concern is absolutely warranted.

          • Well I think we all agree it will be either ethnic cleansing or an end to whites in Europe. I just think the odds of ethnic cleansing are much, much higher than generally acknowledged. It will take some sort of crisis event to start but once it does the elites will be powerless to stop it.

          • I’m just not so sure about that. It would require maximal moral indignation, but the problem there is that not all non-whites are equally offensive. Obviously muslims are prime candidates for cleansing – I doubt anyone would argue against that – but after that the picture quickly gets (pardon the pun) muddied. Blacks would be another obvious candidate, but my guess is they would have more defenders than WNs predict. Other non-whites are even less offensive still – their presence just doesn’t stir indignation the way muslims’ and blacks’ does. So to me, this would seem to throw a spanner in the works of any wholesale cleansing effort.

          • But if Europe cleansed the Muslims and blacks, that would solve the current problem of low birth rates in terms of demographics, would it not? I’m not worried if we have a generation or two of slow population growth or even decline, its the replacement by non-whites that I find disturbing.

          • Well, if you get rid of blacks and arabs, that potentially still leaves a whole lot of indians, asians, mestizoes that whites can (and increasingly do) mix with. Precisely how much of a problem it would be would depend on the numbers involved (low numbers, smaller problem; large numbers, huge problem). Getting rid of those two most troublesome (and in many countries, most populous) groups would obviously go a long way to solving the problem, but my feeling is that until there is widespread public acknowledgement that race-replacement is occurring and is an issue that demands serious attention there won’t be any actual, long-term solution.

            And yes, you’re quite correct that population decline itself is not necessarily problematic, as long as it not accompanied by race-replacement.

          • Concern indeed & more of a sense of urgency about addressing it.Mixing is a huge problem not just in terms of red-pilling our fellow whites as to why it matters but also in terms of the necessity of re-migration to remain racial majorities in our own countries….25% is not good at all & I have to admit the UK is probably on a par with that figure if my eyes are not deceiving me.

          • Ultimately, mixing, not immigration, is what will cause white racial extinction. Far, far, far too few people grasp this though. It’s considered unseemly to even broach the topic. Alt Right articles never even hint at it – probably for fear of seeming to take a lurid interest in the subject matter. Even people who do understand the point often dismiss it as unimportant, since it’s all going to take place in some imagined distant future (as a matter of fact we’re going to feel the effects in our own lifetimes). The only hope is that if whites begin to care about their racial well-being and survival, they’ll begin to take an interest in the actual requirements of preserving it.

          • I agree,it’s not as prevalent an issue as it should be…,is telling people not mix too fashy?…idk..freedom of choice & all that(however messy or muddled it gets?).
            It was actually discussed on This is Europa’s last pod & they had some good ideas for rebutting the anti-white mentality which is undeniably a factor in high mixing rates…..If everyone mixes there will
            be no more “diversity ” so the idea that anything or anywhere is
            “too white” is patently absurd…..I often wonder how many whites who fall for the diversity ruse realise just how few we are in numbers globally compared to the “minorities” they are virtue signalling for.
            The Institutions of MSM,Education & Government have been working on this for decades using the manufacture of consent technique….we will not have time as a luxury to deconstruct their narrative in ‘the current year’ or is it ‘the eleventh hour’?.

          • Calling non-whites “minorities” is the ultimate inversion of reality, I know.

          • Certainly,although getting women to identify as “minorities” too when they are the majority sex by a couple % is pretty slick… that just leaves us with the roughly 4% total white males left on the planet as the chief global oppressors…can you feel the privilege lol?

    • Sweden doesn’t have as much as 90 % Whites anymore. Furthemore, most of those who have not registered anywhere – and we have a big number of them, are not White.

      • I tried talking to a friend from Iceland about how I hate this liberal globalization nonsense and his response was “Well we’re living in the age of the Internet, everything is blending together!”.
        Sometimes I honestly think high IQ makes people retarded.

        • Higher intelligence mixed with modern “education” creates people who think the world runs on abstractions rather than practically, prejudice, and selfishness.

          • Exactly!…I think Savitri Devi was ahead of the curve with this quote:
            “Sincere thought,real free thought,ready in the name of superhuman authority or of humble common sense,to question the basis of what is officially taught & generally accepted is less & less likely to thrive….it is we repeat by far easier to enslave a literate people than an illiterate one,strange as this may seem at first sight & the enslavement is more likely to be lasting”

        • A recent study found that higher IQ people are more easily fooled. They are so convinced that they have great analytic capabilities that they fall for things more easily than others.

          • Not just a recent study. US Naval Intelligence did a study during Vietnam to figure out who would crack under captivity and discovered people slightly above average intelligence can basically rationalize anything to themselves. The officers and NCOs were most likely to give up intel to the enemy and the grunts who could barely make it into the service based on aptitude tests were more likely to simply robotically spit out name, rank and serial number over and over again as they were trained to do.

            I’m willing to bet Stockholm Syndrome is also more prevalent a phenomena among the slightly above average as well. The State and community college demographic.

        • I’m pretty sure they have the internet in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan etc. They don’t have terrorist attacks.
          I wonder why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • I know the Swedish mentality well. I speak their language and lived there for 10 plus years (praise God I got out). The thing with the Swedes and Nordics is you have to convince them of the righteousness of their actions and beliefs. That is how they operate. They are Puritans at heart. They don’t get the complexities of life and all its hypocrisies. Simple minded people you might say. And I may add, the parts of America settled by Nordics and Northern Germanics are similar. Being of Craicher origins I see right through their bullshit.

        • I’ve noticed that as well from the nordics I know. Being a mixture of Italian, Afrikaner, English, and Baltic my beliefs were always defensive and pragmatic.

    • Except that they’re doing it in every White nation.

      Canada is high on the list of White Genocide targets.

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