Jay Dyer – Disappointment of Trump Submitting to Neocon Pressure

Jay Dyer from talks about Trump folding to pressure from the deep state and the neocons over Syria. Is this it for Trump?


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  • Lucy Lipinska

    Donald Trump has finally showed his true colours.

  • The whole Alt-Right-o-Sphere seems to be freaking out with disgust at Trump’s “betrayal”. This reaction is too hasty. The administration has executed a smart political move that accomplishes several objectives:

    (1) a red herring thrown for the rabid progs and neocons to chew on;

    (2) undermining the Russian-influence narrative;

    (3) a gesture to the world of American power to surprise militarily, yet with NO CHANGE IN GENERAL POLICY ON SYRIA – NO WAR FOR REGIME CHANGE.

    The latter is Tillerson’s explicit statement. And it seems entirely reasonable to me that Trump followed this logic when making this decision.

  • Rhino23

    No. Maybe trump was a neocon all along. I’m tired of the line: Oh Trump is really for us but yielded to pressure.