Donald Trump Is Now “The Leader of The Free World”

I’m going to be extremely blunt:

“The Trump administration has had a rocky start. There was the defeat on Obamacare, staffing the departments has been far too slow, the National Security Advisor lasted only three weeks, there has clearly been infighting in the White House staff, and there have certainly been too many tweets.

But that 75-day break-in period has just ended, and the Trump administration can truly be said to have started only now. The president has been chief executive since January 20, but this week he acted also as Commander in Chief. And more: He finally accepted the role of Leader of the Free World. …”

The Alt-Right doesn’t believe in the concept of the “Free World.” We didn’t vote for another “Leader of the Free World.” Instead, we voted against being the world’s policeman. We voted against the West’s human rights dogma. We voted against the burden of the US Empire. More than anything else, we voted against the endless foreign wars in the Middle East that have been raging since our childhood because we wanted nothing to do with that quagmire.

I repeat … we wanted absolutely nothing to do with that quagmire and especially fighting regional wars on behalf of “our allies” like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., etc.

Let me ask the Leader of the Free World a question: why the hell should we care about the Free World? Did you see the terrorist attack in Sweden this morning? That’s what we really care about. That’s the problem we elected you to solve. Whether it is the UK, Sweden, France or Germany, the leaders of the Free World are incapable of protecting their own citizens.

We’re not on the same side as Angela Merkel or Mark Rutte in any “Free World.” In fact, many of us in the Alt-Right are banned from entering Theresa May’s United Kingdom. We’re banned because we have the audacity to point out that our countries are burdened by a worthless political class that is unified around causes like Western suicide and firing Tomahawk missiles into Syria as a demonstration of their “moral superiority.”

Give me a break. I’m tired of the moralizing of a failed political establishment which has no sense of loyalty to their own people and who are actually at war with their own people. Regime change should begin at home in the “Free World” in Europe and North America, not in the deserts of Iraq or Syria because of “human rights” or “democracy.”

Hunter Wallace
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