Welcome Back, Mr. President!

It has been so long!

The Republican establishment is back in charge in Washington. I had almost forgotten what that sounded like. Is Mike Pence the real president now?

Note: I’m not going to totally black pill you. There’s still hope!

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  • Quit being idiots and just admit it. We have been had all along. Trump was a self professed liberal democrat for a long time, he hails from NYC and was seen as the poster boy for the greed of the 80’s. He declared bankruptcy 4 times and was bailed out by his dad or Wall St bankers. The guy overall is a failure, but with tons of bravado. Supposedly there is a two hour transcript of him talking with Bubba over the phone the day he declared his candidacy. The guy was a neocon plant all along, and us pathetically desperate goobers fell for it. The psychological impact alone for the neocons is worth all the gold stockpiled on the planet. The only thing people had left was hope, and now that is being crushed. Total surrender is in the cards. The neocons and the CIA are total masters at group psychology, that is how they can give people the illusion that they are free. I almost didn’t vote this past election like I passed in 2012, but the specter of Hilary winning got me to change my mind a week before the election. Now I know there is no bother with doing that anymore. People are going to tune out of politics altogether and just focus on surviving. The Deep State is all knowing, all powerful. We have to learn to deal with it on a micro level.

  • Could be wrong, but I don’t see Trump ordering a ground invasion of Syria. Syria action yesterday was a one-time opportunity to change the media narrative away from Russia nonsense. Pretty low risk, all things considered, but super high visual impact. Perfect media manipulation opportunity that he probably learned from Bill Clinton, back in the late 90s.

    Media can’t go back to Russia nonsense now and so Trump can move on.

    Priorities still remain intact.

    • How old are you? They are exploring a “political process” to remove Assad. So we will be talking about why we are not at war in Syria indefinitely until we are at war with Syria. There is no removing Assad without war, so as long as we are committed to removing him then we are moving towards war. The “political process” is just the MSM selling war to the public and then afterward selling sob stories about monster Trump’s Syrian atrocities and how awful an idea war was.

      • Could be wrong, but I’m skeptical that it goes any further than the cruise missiles. Trump learned this trick from Bill Clinton, who did the same thing in the late ’90s. Launch some cruise missiles, change the media narrative.

        They warned the Russians, who warned the Syrians. They must’ve known that would happen.

        This was all bark, very little bite. On balance, a win for Trump.

  • Does everyone have to have approval by when they post their comments here? Or is it just me?

      • I got banned from the World Socialist Website for using the J word in conjunction with international finance. You would have thought they would have let it slide.

  • Trump is helping Israel expand. First, Syria must fall. Second, the Palestinians will be sent deep inside Syra to establish their homeland. Third, Israel will expand and take over the present Palestinian areas adjacent to Israel. Fourth, if Israel can massively increase its Jewish population, it will expand more into adjacent parts of the former Syria as it seeks living room.

    Trump has turned into a tool of Israel.

  • I wouldn’t worry about this airfield strike that much. Just hope Gorsuch goes through to the Supreme Court while the Dems and Cucks are preoccupied with yet another useless, unnecessary, wrongly-caused, and poorly-orchestrated conflict in the Middle East.

      • Could it be it was just delayed? I used to find that when I’d reply in a thread via the ‘notifications’ sidebar that it wouldn’t show up in the main version of the thread for quite a while, maybe hours, I forget. No shenanigans, just delay and the problems of distributed systems.

  • Remember people Trump was opposed to getting involved in Syria and Obama did it anyway. So Trump is now in a position where had Obama not got us involved there, Trump wouldn’t be in the position he is now so what did he do? He bombed a small ass depot that did no real damage to Assad and that made no threat to Russia’s military interests in the region.

    Trump wants to work with Russia and he can still do this EVEN IF Assad is removed because I can practically promise you if the “freedom team” or whatever they are calling it can get Assad removed politically, Russia will be the one with the LAST WORD on his replacement.

    • Your idea could pan out. But as it stands we are on the verge of another mid east war with no benefit for the American people. Sure lets wait a few more days for the dust to settle to see what the Iranians, Syrians, Russians and Chinese decide to do.

  • A year from now nobody will remember yesterday’s missile strike, but we WILL remember those who abandoned Our President like rodents fleeing a loud noise.

    • It is still to early to determine what is going on here. People are jumping the gun big time. I definitely don’t support this move, but we don’t fully know what is behind it. Remember, this guy told his supporters at a couple of his rallies: “the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited”.

      Listen to this speech. He also calls out the “racist, sexist, xenophobic” garbage.

      He’s totally blowing the lid off globalism here. This is a throwing down of the gauntlet. He didn’t have to say any of this. Don’t count him out yet. Criticize this Syria move, by all means, but the reaction has been too hysterical.

  • We all need to be Honest……

    We used Donald Trump……..

    We all knew his Flaws……

    People who claimed he was Pepe the Kekistani God Emperor should stop smoking so much Weed…..

    He was a Democrat his entire Life….

    He was born and raised and lived in NYC his entire Life…..

    He wants to Win……

    He’s a Businessman…….

    He has Ego/Narcissism issues…

    He wants to be Popular and Liked……

    But, he also cares about America…….and the West……

    He’s wasn’t lying when it came to Immigration/Borders……

    ICE is deporting Illegals……

    He is planning to build a Border Wall…..

    He tried the Travel Ban 2X……

    He’s not Perfect……

    This is American Politics……

    Expect to be disappointed……….

    • Compromise is one thing. Turning a 180 and stabbing your supporters in the back is another. We voted for Trump because he was going to put America first. We should have known it was Israel first, all along. The same neocohens who want “Greater Israel” also want open borders for the US and all White countries, so I wouldn’t expect a border wall or travel ban, either. Sessions is honest, at least, but his efforts will continue to get stymied by leftist judges and cuckservatives. And I don’t think getting a muh constitutionalist Supreme Court justice is going to salvage anything, it’s just a return to status quo before the assassination of Scalia. This is not American Politics, this is ZOG Politics.

  • The Left got campaign to sting Trump’s vanity by talking about “President Bannon.” I suggest that when we refer to the President, we call him out by his REAL name, President Jared Kushner.

    This is going to be a one-term presidency that will probably be terminated early due to impeachment. Trump walked right into the trap. This kind of stupidity should be painful. He has lost all respect.

    • There was no “mistake” and there was no “trap.” It was obvious to everyone from the beginning that Trump was a reliable proxy for Likud and that he was being promoted by the Israel lobby.

      He wasn’t “fooled” by anyone, he is doing exactly what he was sent to do.

      But hey it was real funny when he called Rosie O’Donnell fat! Ha ha take that libtards!

    • In reality it is the opposite. We are the only ones with a loyalty to any “people”. Our own.Trump has used us and our people.

  • May I suggest we stop calling him Trump and instead uses the name PINOCCHIO? It seems much more suitable, since he is both a puppet and a liar. I believe it’s a good idea to use a well deserved nickname when making our point of view.

  • It should have been a sign to us all that Trump is incompetent when he brought his daughter and her husband into his inner circle of power. What kind of a real leader, what kind of a man brings not only a woman but his own daughter in? Could you imagine a real leader like Putin doing that?

    We got jewed again.

    On the bright side when the tiger is worn out and we bring out the dagger to end his life, many more of our people will have woken up to the Jewish menace to not only us but the entire world.

      • If Kushner doesn’t want to get called out for the rat that he is, he should leave the government. Screw him, and your feelings.

      • No, Trump would be the Kushner scapegoat. They want to cause a world war AGAIN so they can blame “ebil whitey” and “ebil nationalism” AGAIN. Then they can make the world cry out for “no more wars” and offer their solution to war: blend all the races and cultures away into one worthless, characterless, nondescript mass, which they will then rule over as “gods”, doing whatever they want and taking whatever they want. They will probably rule from some part of the Earth that will become completely unknown/forgotten to the rest of the world. Most Americans can’t even find their own state on a map anymore. How easy would it be through the TV, “education”, and a censored internet to completely make a whole region of the world magically “disappear” from people’s consciousness? That rambled a bit.

          • They’re at the center, but it is in everyone. Get your nose in a KJV Bible, repent, ask Christ for forgiveness, don’t put faith in anyone or anything but Him to get you out of this mess. Become obedient to what is written. Stay away from Churches that are preaching ANYTHING that doesn’t come out of the Bible, and don’t fall for these “updated” versions of the Bible.

  • What really kills me is that Trump was convinced to start this war by the liberal cat lady “muh pictures of gassed Syrian babies” style of emotional manipulation and propaganda. Can you imagine Putin, or any competent statesman for that matter, making foreign policy and geopolitical decisions on that basis? Perhaps we should show him some pictures of Syrian kids whose fathers Trump killed in the tomahawk missile strike. That should get him back on our side.

    • Come on, he`s supposed to be a businessman. I`d even go as far as to write it all down as macho posturing before meeting Putin – if Bannon wasn`t ousted. Now that is a clear indicator of neocohens taking control.

    • What I’m about to say is absolutely folk-tier, rando, but have you noticed that Trump’s gestures are very feminine? Limp wrists I’m thinking about. Well, it could be that he’s a sentimental, squishy, feely type. After all, he sentimentalized the Dreamers being here.

      Too of course, I don’t think he’s a deep thinker. May be smart, sure, but he seems swayed by every little thing, eg Obama’s birth certificate (now I happen to believe it /was/ fake, cf Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pieces on youtube – but at the time it wasn’t proven). I think he’s impulsive (woman-like) and listens to whatever is near him, and, who’s near him these days? Not Steve Bannon, alas.

      • Sheriff Joe said he was going to prove and had proof about Obama’s Birth Certificate but never showed it. It was coming up time for Sheriffs elections and I said to myself he was going to use that to win. I get all kinds of Spam emails asking me to donate to him. Hell no he should have done what he said he was going to do.
        You comparing Trump and Obama? Obama was the limp wrist Sissie and his husband Micheal that were in for 8 years. Sorry if I misread you. Trump is doing everything by the book Obama ran around congress on over 100 things

      • He is an unstable person psychologically, at least. He really is a joke of a national leader. For us, a tragic one.

    • “Putin’s a killer”
      Trump: “You think we’re so innocent?”

      The man did not cave in because of dead baby pictures. Whatever the reason, that isn’t it.

      • It doesn’t really matter what the reality is here. The message he wanted to send is that a picture of a crying niglet will send him into a teary fit and he will flail out with missiles to assuage his emotional pain. If he wanted to paint what happened as something closer to reality he should have done so. The official narrative from Trump himself is he boo hoo’d over some gas babbies and he needed some way to fix his hurt feelings.

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