The Trump Betrayal

I see Richard is also up late and digesting the news:

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of


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  • Trump may have killed the alt right, but what the alt right stands for will never die

  • Spencer is right when he says it’s like the attack of the bodysnatchers. Trump had been saying to to attack Syria in 2013, and he really seemed genuine during the campaign. I find it hard to believe that he was playing some sort of long game. Did Kushner/the neocons find that blackmail the MSM insisted the Russians had? Did Ivanka really just tug on his heartstrings? Was the pressure too much for him? Does his loyalty to our (((bestest friend ever))) outweigh his loyalty to his supporters?

    I’m really at a loss for what happened.

  • Donald Trump is not being controlled.

    I just don’t know how he was persuaded….maybe a financial argument was put to him.

  • had i been as eloquent, i would have said every word that richard just said in the video above. i am now down for blood. i want to live not one more day is this filthy dog shit we call ‘our country’, america. we, at the command of our boss, israel, have become the most murderous and criminal creation ever to plague the world. if russia decides to preempt this filthy sewage we call the US, my only fucking question to them is “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?”

  • Perfectly express why we need an alt right party and attempting to co-opt the GOP will never work

  • I don’t think this is really that big of a deal. Did we really think we were going to get through an entire presidency without a few bombs? Of course this is a terrible decision, but If this gives him leverage on domestic policy than I’m fine with it.

  • Richard asks why it seems like we are in a time warp, with Trump ditching his “America first” promises. We already knew that Trump’s views on foreign policy were inconsistent, since he criticized Obama and Hilary on Syria and Libya while talking tough about Iran. The main surprise, therefore, is that instead of provoking a conflict with Iran, he starts out be provoking a conflict with Syria.

    Why do so many things, like the attack on Syria, not make sense? We should not expect that the truth will be dished out to us in the mainstream press. It seems like Bannon’s demotion has something to do with the latest developments in Syria. But what about the broader question? What about the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses? Who gets the politicians and the mainstream media to line up behind these outrages? My suggestion, again, is to not expect the answers to be spoon-fed to you.

  • I share Spencer’s frustration about the intervention in Syria, but I don’t think his analysis is correct about the Neocons infiltrating and taking control of Trump’s administration. Trump has pretty much shut them out, which is why they’ve consistently opposed him. The trouble isn’t the with Neocons, but with the Kushner faction overpowering Bannon. Kushner is a Democrat and I’m sure he doesn’t support a border wall, restricting the inflow of refugees, deporting illegals or de-funding sanctuary cities. I’m sure he’s bigger globalist than Clinton. However, once the Kushner wing prevails it essentially neuters Trump’s nationalism, and if Trump cannot be a nationalist then his presidency is pointless; he is unable to complete his agenda and win the support of the American people. With his nationalist agenda neutered, or at least watered-down, he simply defaults to generic Republican policies, namely, war and yapping about “humanitarian” crises.

  • I voted for Trump and I would vote for him again over any of the other Republicrat candidates. However, he is not our guy and never has been. Furthermore, his management style may be ill suited to the presidency.

    If he were, somehow, to implement all the things he talked about during the campaign, a huge number of his supporters (and our potential supporters) would happily go back to sleep. I know many like that and some are friends.

    We all have to realize, as Richard said, ”the cavalry is not galloping to save us.” Whatever Trump does or doesn’t do, we should be thinking beyond him and after him. There is no reason to fall in love with the fellow, or feel betrayed by him..

    • Yeah. Our enemies spent two thousand years plotting our destruction. The least we can do is be patient whilst we rebuild it.

      And keep a sense of humor.

    • Exactly, he is a one term one and done President. His candidacy is just a bump in the road. Did we think the sjw brainwashed scum would just go away. We will be fighting them in the streets within ten years or sooner.

  • Weev advises all screeching _Former_ Trump Supporters to “Put on your big girl panties”.

    • Weev is a bought and paid for Israeli Shill.
      They are out in full force today claiming 4-D Chess
      and BOMB BOMB BOMB

    • Hey the Andrew Anglin/weev style trolling was great fun during the election, but this is serious business. If you still want to post naked anime girls and cartoon frogs , you’re free to go back to the (((Daily Stormer.)))

      The adults are talking.

        • I like Weev, but I disagree with him on this one. 100% shilling. “After everything Trumps done for us?” WTF has Trump done for us? We got him elected, and he stabbed us in the back in his first 76 days.

          • Only three months into his Presidency:

            * Killing off Obamacare

            * Gentile on the Supreme Court

            * Stopping the Climate Scam

            * Reversing course on support for LGBT Faggotry

            * Defunding NPR & PBS

            * Bringing jobs back

            * Started process of The Wall

            * Reactivated ICE deportations

            * Exposed the Lying Press for what they are

            * Travel Bans started

            * Reduce U.N. funding

            * Reigning-in the EPA

            * Massive increase in Pedo arrests

            * Carson to HUD

            * Exposing Obama wiretapping

            * Kept Hillary out of the White House

            That’s off the top of my head, and I don’t even follow the news.

          • ….and off the top of my head is syrian missile strike and potential WW3. and btw–i see more mexicans here in florida than before.

  • Just watched as much of the BBC fake news as I can tolerate and all the usual suspects from Theresa May herself right on down to little Timmy Fallon (the Nobody’s Nobody) have come out in support of President Trump’s actions.
    One tiny glimmer of just the hint of a possible silver lining, the leader of the unholy alliance of washed up Marxist and radical Muslims that calls itself the Labour party has condemned the action as unhelpful, that should at least serve to further weaken his position with the bulk of the parliamentary Labour Party.

  • The big question remains, what did this attack on Syria accomplish in the way of positive outcomes for White Americans?

    • Required the Pentagon to order more Tomahawk Missiles from the Defense Industry……..dominated by White Employees…

      Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…


      • That’s about it…just more of our tax money up in smoke. I’m going to have to look up the cost of a Tomahawk?

  • Screen-shot the names of every traitor who screeched complete renunciations of President Trump yesterday.

    Add them to your list of Fair Weather Friends who cannot be trusted.

    • At least you have Jeb Bush, Clinton, McCain and Lindsay Graham on your side.

      Good luck with that second term.

      • Good luck with Cultural Marxists eventually gaining an American Supermajority due to your Ideological Adolescent Immaturity….

  • Come on guys…we still have each other! and that makes me feel pretty good. We should all realize that our network, our pure grasp of the issues and our similarities make us a special group. We are young. We are just starting.
    We are a family. The left knows this and hates us for it.
    Let our family quietly network and take it back from the sleepy normies.

  • Isn’t there something in the UN charter about launching unprovoked attacks on fellow members States. I believe they have a special term for it something like War Crime perhaps
    This day will live in infamy, the MOTS day massacre when President MOTS (More Of The Same) came out.

  • Is the Alt-Right a One-Issue Movement?

    What about Trump’s Economic Policies?

    I have to Work Hard for a Living……

    I was not born into Wealth…….

    I am in the Working Class……

    Yes, I’m disappointed by the Neocon Mistake yesterday…….

    But, to just abandon Trump…..

    ….is shortsighted…..

    Don’t any Thought Leaders in the Alt-Right have any Empathy for those of us in the Working Class?

    Trump’s Economic Message appeals to us……

    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs are GOOD for White America…….

    No White Men or Women lost their lives in the Bombing of Assad’s Airfields…….

    Yes, Trump committed the Cardinal Sin……..

    But, how did White America suffer from the Bombing of Assad’s Airfields??…..

    Abandoning Trump and allowing the Cultural Marxist Left to devour and destroy him……

    ……is shortsighted…..

          • Like I said…

            You’re a Sociopath…..

            The Worst the European Gene Pool has to offer….

          • Now, you can run along back to supporting Trump and Netanyahu, and acting like you are the centre of the universe and that all the rest of us need to defer to your petty needs and wishes.

            The people of the world are not going to stand for it. We will absolutely send you to hell for what you people did this morning.

          • What is the White Working Class™ (aka, the cancer) going to do? Whine some more about your insignificant jobs, as though the world you are wrecking on behalf of Israel is supposed to care about your job?

            Your argument is basically, “Yes, Trump is a Israeli tool just like many people predicted, but he provides the government-cheese privileges for the White Working Class, so that makes everything okay and so Trump should be supported more.”

            And so there is yet another example of how White Centring is disgusting. You have the temerity to call me a ‘sociopath’ because I don’t care about your job, meanwhile you are the one claiming that air strikes against Syria are ‘okay’ because no White person lost their lives on Assad’s airfields.

            I guess if I’m a sociopath for not caring about your job, you must also be a sociopath for not caring about the entire country of Syria and all countries that have economic interests there.

            What is even the point of introducing the word ‘sociopath’ to the conversation? It is meaningless.

            These airstrikes have only helped and assisted Ahrar Al-Sham, Tahrir Al-Sham, and ISIL. But you don’t think that’s the problem. You think I’m the problem.

          • We beat Omega Male Chincs Azzes like yours……

            …in less than 5 seconds….

            That’s what we do Wimp….

          • First you come out with this stupid comment:

            The Worst the European Gene Pool has to offer…

            And then when I correct you on my ethnic origin, you come out with this stupid comment:

            We beat Omega Male Chincs Azzes like yours……

            Does it take effort to be as stupid as you are? Look at who you are actually responding to before you formulate your comments. Every time your attempted insults go wide of the mark, you just look stupid.

            I’m Asian and female. I do podcasts and articles at from a ‘British-Asian perspective’. It’s in my profile. Use your eyes.

            You are basically displaying the precise kind of drunken idiot American jingoist behaviour I’ve been talking about for months now. It should have been obvious to you that I am canvassing around comments sections of the Alt-Right websites to find out what you think of Trump’s airstrikes on Syria.

            You’re a pretty popular account around here it seems, and you are just presenting yourself as one of the examples of the tendency I’ve been warning people about all along. Are you finished supplying me with quotes, or would you like to continue?

            What are your feelings about Bashar Al-Assad? Do you agree with Rex Tillerson’s idiotic assessment of the situation?

          • I don’t care who you are or what you are. I could care less about your job. I have nothing in common with you.


          • Excellent, you are quite right that we have nothing in common, because we are enemies — militarily, economically, and socially.

            I’ll do something fun and unprecedented now, though. Would you like to come on the Majorityrights podcast? Sunday, 09 Apr 2017, at 15:00 GMT?

            You can be our ‘Alt-Right guest’, and you can represent that ideological tendency in whatever way you see fit. You complained earlier that Alt-Right opinion-leaders aren’t showing ’empathy’ for your perspective, but I am perfectly happy to let you air your views and propagate them.

            It would be as useful for galvanising your side as it would be for galvanising mine, as it would ensure that both camps would come away hating each other more than ever. There is no downside to that. I’m openly inviting you from a comments section. You should accept, if you’re not a coward.

          • Contact Richard Spencer…

            Hunter Wallace….

            Kevin MacDonald…

            Nathan Damigo….

            Lana Lokteff…

            Tara McCarthy….

            Plenty of Others….

            I’m sure you can find a Range of Opinion…

            Thank you for the offer though….

            Regarding Israel?

            I wish the Zionists would leave our Politics alone…..

            The Neocons are not good for America….

            I don’t agree with Tillerson….

            I want the Syrian Conflict to End
            to End the Refugee Migrant Invasion of Europe….

            Assad is causing some of the Migrant Invasion….

            I don’t want him removed though…

            I want the Migrant Invasion to End and for America to get the Hell Out and stay the Hell Out of the Middle East…

            How that happens?

            Contact one of the Alt-Right Ubermensche Leaders….

            I’m just a Stupid and Drunken Jingoistic Working Class American….


          • When you say “Trump supporters”, you mean… anyone who thought Trump would be a better option than Clinton? Sure, there are millions of those. People who thought Trump to be a substantive individual of respectable character and ideal presidential temperament? You won’t find many of those with IQs above 130, and that’s​ coming from someone who voted for him.

          • Who had a respectable character and ideal presidential temperament?

            Bill Clinton…

            Barack Obama….

            George W Bush????

            Yeah, how did that work out Genius?

            Higher IQ is Negatively Correlated with Common Sense….


          • Britain is a pretty nice country in my experience, and recently things have been going very well.

            For example, it has been re-confirmed that the Royal Air Force IS NOT going to follow your deplorable American-Jewish-Turkish-Qatari hobo coalition into Syria.

          • Good. I hope they fire you. Why should we care about your job since you have expressly stated that you don’t give a flying flip about ours?! What audacity. Now go away.

          • You don’t even know what my job actually is, I have no intention of telling you, and I didn’t ask you to care about it. But I can assure that I will never be fired from it. At least, not in the way that you think.

            Perhaps the only time I’ll be ‘fired’ is if Al-Qaeda, or Mossad, CIA or the FSB, or some other kind of annoying people come and kill me.

          • That’ll be the number of Alt-Right listeners we’ll be left with after I’ve finished causing massive offence to everyone.

            For example, Majorityrights once upon a time had Kevin MacDonald on a podcast, this was long before I had joined the team though. He’s never coming back because I’ve written articles critical of his pro-Trump stance, and it’ll be obvious that I’ll metaphorically drag MacDonald through a hedge backward if he’s in any interview that I happen to be present for.

          • Keep dreaming. The only way we will ever go away is if you kill us, which by your exchange with Depeche Europa, it seems (calling him your enemy and all) like you would be willing to do so. I thought you were the peaceful tolerant ones.

          • Tolerant? Have you visited their countries of origin? Tolerance doesn’t exist there. Xenos (where the host and his INVITED guest have to be courteous and treat each other fairly and with respect – Xenos doesn’t exist where she came from . Xenos is something Africans and Asians exploit to invade and occupy European countries. That’s why when they reach any kind of numerical advantage, they rearrange the country to suit themselves and establish hate speech laws.

            Miss Thang, I invite you to visit the history of Troy to determine how our ancestors treated invited guests much less the uninvited who violated the laws of Xenos. Don’t you dare to presume to come into our countries, suck off our benefits sneer at our working classes, demand special treatment and then lecture US about tolerance. Get lost.

          • Yep, there’s the usual lecture about Xenos. I know all about it, I really don’t care. Maybe rather then complaining about Asians, you should try addressing the Israel problem and then I’d be able to take you somewhat seriously.

          • Nice change of subject. But I will stay on topic. Opportunistic aliens like you abusing the Laws of Xenos. You don’t care about Xenos on this board, because you can’t leverage it to your advantage here. I imagine you squeal like a stuck pig about “xenophobia” any time the average Briton gets a bad case of self-preservation so that rich Britons who benefit from your scab labor establish more tolerance police to enforce “hate speech” codes on them. And your tribe is working day and night to simultaneously disarm us and impose the same crap here.

          • I didn’t change the subject. The subject was Zionism. You changed the subject to ‘how Asian professionals are abusing Britain’s hospitality’, a problem which literally doesn’t exist and serves only as a rhetorical distraction. You simply made it up.

            But I’ll address it anyway.

            You imagine that I ‘squeal’ about xenophobia in Britain. I don’t, since I do not face that from Britons. When I said “I don’t care”, I meant that I really don’t care. I supported Brexit. I contributed to the Leave campaign on purpose.

          • No wonder the little nip bitch has such a sour demeanor. I’ve hated ALL of them going back to old Vieatnahm movies. Not to mention I worked at a Gook restaurant and delivered to them all over. Talk about dirty disgusting filthy sub human standards. The health department could shut all of them down. Of course the health department shuts down the white owners

          • I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either. In fact, I have lots of respect for them. The people I detest with a purple passion are the Chamber of Commerce lobbyists who bribe the Republican whores … Paul Ryan, I’m looking at you to let them in and the Democrat traitors to use them for votes.

            Back in the Gilded Age, a Robber Baron famously said, “I don’t care where I get my labor. It can be a White, or a Negro or a Chinaman or a jack ass for all I care.” As long as it’s cheap (my comment).

            Cheap, scab labor is the White Man’s Kryptonite. The problem with White corporations who only care about the next quarter is that “Labor of Color” isn’t the bargain they think it is. These people are no fools, they know they are being exploited and the price they quote up front is only the installment payment. They intend to get the rest later on and they do, with interest. Welfare benefits, free medical, food stamps, free housing which is paid for by the White working classes.

            Then the big enchilada. Once their numbers get big enough, they vote out the traitors who let let them in and replace them with one of their own. Who can blame them? Why would they trust these guys when they themselves have personally benefited from how these whores betrayed their own?

            They know damned well that there is always more scab labor out there and they will be damned if they will be replaced, displaced, disenfranchised and dispossessed like the White working class was. Let’s watch how little they care about being accused of xenophobics when that happens. They’re no fools.

          • I would indeed be willing to do so. There is nothing peaceful or tolerant about Asian states, fighting is what we do, and I thought that had been made abundantly clear a thousand times over.

            If you keep supporting the hyper-Zionist Trump, then obviously I am going to advocate antagonistic positions against you.

          • I will support whomever I please as I deem fit and I don’t need your permission, Miss Thang. Spare me your self-righteous, disingenuous Anti-Zionism. Where have you been all these years and I mean when the left was in charge of the “Israel Problem?” Nothing ever changes in MY country and the country YOU OCCUPY but the names and faces funneling money, weapons and military support to Israel. Left or right, they got into office promising that they would stop it and it not only didn’t happen, but it got worse.

            Where the Israel Albatross is concerned, voters only get more of what they voted against. I’m disappointed and disgusted but not the least surprised that the Syrian Crap happened, but at the speed that it happened. It looks like the more determined a politician starts out to keep that promise, the quicker he is railroaded into breaking it.

            And before you talk about how the country YOU OCCUPY has opted to bow out, I will point out that they have been ALLOWED to bow out. Just like France and Germany got a free pass on Iraq. This is George Dubya Dufus and Iraq all over again, but on methamphetamines and steroids this time. The Usual Suspects want to make an example of Trump so that no one in MY country or the country YOU OCCUPY tries anything like this again.

            Within six months or less “evidence” is going to be “found” to confirm what we already know; that this is a false flag which will not implicate the only country who benefits – Israel, but the White House which doesn’t. All these leftist peace activists will emerge to resist the evil Trump and the Democrats will then run against the Republicans as the Anti-War Party with the media egging it on as usual.

            Which is how we got stuck with Barak Obama. Who didn’t keep a single promise and would later ice the cake by taking out Khadaffi and flooding Europe with more “rich, vibrant diversity,” like yourself. Oh joy. At least, Hillary, to her credit, didn’t lie that she would have done exactly what Trump did. “We came, we saw, he died, Bwahahahah!” But no one is supposed to notice or remark on that.

          • Where have I been all these years? What, would you like a travel itinerary of everywhere I’ve been since 2005?

            You know I’m not going to be giving you that, right?

            The rest of your comment has no relevance to me whatsoever, and seems to just be your attempt to frame me in a way that is easier for you to complain about.

          • The only travel intinerary of yours that interests me is the one that involves permanently leaving the country YOU OCCUPY with a one-way ticket back to your country of origin. Then I’ll be happy to throw you a nice big, fat Bon voyage party.

            When you bust the balls of the left as gleefully as those of the right where it involves the Israel Problem, you’ll be credible to me. Otherwise, talk to the hand, because the face don’t give a damn. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

            As for my complaints, they are totally valid. Other than trying to change the subject, you have not refuted a single one of them. There is a little thing known as reciprocity. You want courtesy from me, you better damned well show me not only some, but a lot! Xenos only extends to invited guests, not invaders or occupiers.

            I am sick and tired of people breaking into my country, suing to get into my neighborhoods and my schools, demanding protected status, expecting special treatment, and lecturing me about my Whiteness annoys them. Getting all bent out of shape because I don’t kiss their behinds hard enough. You can go home. I wish I had a country without alien squatters I could call my own. If this is “White Privilege,” you can have it. Done.

          • You’re still accusing me of random stuff that has nothing to do with me. You’re outraged about things that have nothing to do with me and which have not even occurred. I criticised the left hand side of your spectrum when it was doing things that were untoward, and now I’m criticising the right hand side of your spectrum when it’s doing things that are untoward.

            But since you are on that right hand side and you want to defend Trump the literal super-Zionist, you have to deflect by acting outraged about the fact that it’s an Asian woman who is making that criticism. How dare I criticise your country!?


            Regarding Bon Voyage parties, when I eventually retire into being yet another socialite with boring stories to tell, I won’t need a Bon Voyage party because where I’m going would be one gigantic party until it becomes background noise.

            Well, providing you people don’t get us all killed, or worse yet, bankrupted (see, there is a fate worse than death), in a stupid Iran war or something.

          • So happy for you. Seriously. I wish you well as long as where you’re going involves returning to your country of origin and staying there. Asian culture is so nice. All that feng-shui and stuff. Feeling homesick, yet?

            I also frequent the left-leaning sites of disingenuous White liberals to see what POV I can fathom that doesn’t involve massive cognitive dissonance and I have never seen you there busting their balls as gleefully as you have been here. But as a courtesy, I’ll take your word that you did criticize them … mildly.

            Sorry I went off on you, but Whites like me have been dealing with non-stop criticism, every waking hour since the sixties. The natural reaction is mine. Most people are just too polite (or afraid) to ask aloud, “If we are that bad, WTF are you doing here?”

            Normally, I just try to find whatever increasingly smaller, less marginal “safe space” of mine I can find to decompress and drive on. That is what I plan to do once I cool off and calm down. Because I am all too well aware that I am in no position to do much about it NOW. I am a frustrated isolationist and this inevitable betrayal coming so fast and furious made you in all your smug sanctimony the last straw that broke this camel’s proverbial back.

            You are familiar with Rudyard Kipling’s White Man’s Burden? Well, I for one, have never had any interest in taking it up. I want to drop-kick that sucker to the curb, as far away as possible.

            You think I am wrongly conflating the Afro-Invasion of European homelands with Zionism, but I am convinced that I am right. The Zionists are holding power by dangling the carrot of EMPIRE under the noses of our elite who are too stupid to realize that the baton is already in the last relay of being passed to China. I Because that is the only regional power that will be left standing after Russia and America go to war over Syria.

            Assuming there is any remnant left of the USA by the time this farce is over, I only hope I live long enough to find out what The Yellow Man’s Burden entails once China goes online as the dominant superpower in 2030 or is it 2035? Hope you have as much fun with your burden as we have with ours.

            In any case, if you are sincere in your claims of wanting to understand our POV, then I respectfully suggest you refrain from the lectures and simply ask your questions courteously. Then and only then will I answer them courteously.

          • “Majority Rights” from a “British-Asian perspective.” Good God. The entire West has lost its ever loving mind. The British went balls to the wall against the French, Spanish and the Germans for centuries only to surrender their country without firing a shot to Asian and African invaders. Too bad the Germans don’t have a time machine so they could have told Hitler and his crew to just get a tan so that the British would hoist the white flag. This is not only disgusting but beyond bizarre. I guess it’s true that whom God would destroy, He first drives insane. British-Asian.

          • Hilariously enough, a tan would not help. They could’ve just thrown the Gurkha Rifles or one of the Burmese battalions at them, or maybe the Dogras or the Jats, much like in the First World War when all of those people were thrown against the Turks.

            Contrary to the idiotic American conceptions of history, Britain has had that kind of interface with Asia for centuries, and so the spectacle of tanned people (as you like to say) carrying the British flag while killing some other group of tanned people from a different place, is not new. It’s old. But whatever.

            It’s always interesting though how almost 100% of conversations I have with the Alt-Right will ultimately degenerate into some American furiously attacking ‘British-Asian’ as a concept, while ignoring the actual problem of the Israeli lobby which has fully inundated the United Sates government.

            The problem is not me being Asian.

            The problem is you and your pro-Israel pandering.

          • Again, you are being disingenuous and self-serving. What about the stinking Israel Albatross ever changes but the neck of the leader on which it is hung?! We have lurched from right to left and back again since 9-11-2001 to end American Zionism with no success.

            George Dubya Doofus got in by promising a “humble foreign policy.” That’s code word for isolationism, baby. Then we were “attacked.” It was blamed on Bin Laden. What should have been a short, surgical strike to take out Bin Laden exploded into the Iraq War.

            Obama ran as an Anti-War candidate. Let’s review his promises. Did he shut down Guantanamo? After declaring victory, did he completely withdraw from Iraq? Did he refrain from attacking LIbya? Did he just leave the Syrians to their own devices?

            Trump ran as an Anti-War candidate promising to get along with Russia. Well we see how that worked out as here you are in all your self-righteous hypocritical glory to hector and lecture us. Where were you when Obama and HIllary were doing it. What was your answer to “We came, we saw, he died, bwahahahaha?!”

            Oh yes, you were back in the country YOU OCCUPY, bitching about xenophobia and enforcing “hate speech codes” on the indigenous British working classes. So, sit down and shut up.

          • I’m never disingenuous, but I am definitely self-serving.

            You ask me where was I on the day that Hillary said “We came, we saw, he died”, the day they killed Gadaffi? I was opposing it, obviously. In fact, I personally lost money on the day that event happened.

            I also was not in Britain when it happened. I was in Hong Kong, for reasons that I don’t need to explain to you.

            Back then, Americans got upset with me and called me ‘anti-American’. Now, Americans (eg, you) still are upset with me, but now you add ‘anti-White’ onto ‘anti-American’. This nonsense is never going to work on me.

            Your country is the problem. You should be the one to sit down and shut up.

          • Thank you for admitting that you are self-serving. Finally, an honest conversation about race.

            And yes, YOU are part and parcel of the Zionist problem. The reason the Usual Suspects encourage White countries to be flooded with Non-Whites is that there are no homogenous White countries to oppose Zionism.

            In the last century, Germany lost, because they were forced into fighting a two-front war. In the previous century, France lost, because of the same thing. White Western Europe is losing any war because, though they won’t admit it, they are also fighting a two-front war from Asia and Africa and YOU are just another one of the Asian shock troops, Miss Thang.

            You come here, jumping up and down, screeching about how my country is the problem. Great. Let China handle this. But then I suspect China already is. I find it very interesting how China … which would have great leverage over my country, considering China holds all our debt isn’t putting a screeching halt to this. But then if Russia and America come to ruin over another pointless war on behalf of Israel then only China would benefit.

            I’d love to read your thoughts on that one. But another vacation to Hong Kong might be in order. Hong Kong is a lovely place. You should consider making it your home.

          • It’s not an admission, it’s a statement. I’m a racialist, race actually matters, and I know full well that I am not the same as you.

            Regarding your American Zionism, the people who stand to lose the most from the repercussions of your actions are actually East Asian economies. If you end up in conflict with Iran that would disrupt the oil supply in the Middle East and send oil prices skyrocketing. This would deeply harm Asian economies and constrain the ability of Asian developing economies to carry out internal adjustments and expand social services. As a knock-on effect, it would attenuate wage growth and attenuate the number of new consumers who can afford to buy manufactured products. The economic drag would be felt right across SAARC and ASEAN+3.

            I am not part of the problem. I am part of the solution to a problem your country — the US — created, and me and many others have been actively supporting normalisation of western relations with Iran for years.

            For you to say that I am ‘part and parcel of the problem’, is frankly absurd.

          • Sorry I didn’t see this before I fired off another volley. I will calm down now.

            No one wants conflict with Iran less than I do. I am beyond pissed right now, because I have young relatives in the military (because our disastrous trade policies have imposed what amounts to a de-facto economic draft in my country) and I had no desire to see them slaughtered on the steppes of Russia or in some Mideastern hell-hole.

            Thank you for letting me see the picture from the East Asian POV. I can see where any disruption of oil would kill your economies which are just about to take off. Historically, I think you are probably at the point where the USA was just prior to the War Between The States.

            That is where the American industries could get along just fine by selling their own products to their own people.

            As someone who prides herself on her own nationalism, I totally sympathize with your position.

  • Great anniversary. 100 years since another bastard did the same: Got elected selling a no war stance to the people, and then just after the election…complete betrayal.

    No matter what the fool does now…trust is lost forever as far as I’m concerned!

    • Very true. Even if he does an complete 180 and goes back to being the Trump we all wanted I’ll never believe a word he says again.

  • Trump reminds me of Widukind, the leader of the Saxon Rebellion who, in the end, bent the knee to Charlemagne and converted to Christianity. But while Widukind converted to save the Saxon people form extermination at the hands of the Franks, Trump did it so that Kushner and Bibi would pat him on the head and declare him best goy.

  • It’s hard to sleep when your leader betrays you. The Alt-Right just filed for divorce.

    Trump needs to the right the ship immediately or it’s all over. Trump, GOP, and the country is finished if we go to war with Syria

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