Reports: Bannon Argued Against Syria Strike

So, this is pretty much what we all suspected:

“Two sources close to Bannon told me the former Breitbart executive chairman argued against the strike — not because of its questionable constitutionality, but on the grounds that it doesn’t advance Trump’s America First doctrine. “Steve doesn’t think we belong there,” one Bannon ally told me. Bannon’s position lost out to those inside the White House, including Jared Kushner, who argued Trump needed to punish the Assad regime. …”

It is Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs, pushing aside the #MAGA people in order to start new wars on behalf of Bibi Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson.

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  • The whole question/issue of foreign loyalties needs to be reexamined and relegislated. The U.S. Can NOT have anyone involved with government who is not 100% loyal to America. None of this dual citizenship, 50%-50% bullsh*t. AIPAC and every other organized Jewish lobby group need to be disbanded and made illegal. They are lobbying on behalf of a foreign nation. Money needs to be completely removed from political campaigns and made irrelevant. Campaigns should be publicly funded, with equal funding to both candidates.

  • Bannon should have argued both points — that an attack on Syria requires a congressional declaration of war, and that Syria is really none of our business.

  • #Firekushner indeed . Keep it going so Trump knows we do not want the little Israel First and Ivanka being friends with all Dem establishment running things ! Insanity .. it is NOT representative of Trump policy unless he is lying all the way .

  • *Scratching Head*
    Assad and Russia have proxy pawns and paid MERCs “ISIS” on the Ropes.. The Syrian People overwhelmingly love Assad and Assad Loves them.
    Assad is Secular, No IMF Debt, No Central banks, Has Oil, Has well educated population on Petro Dollar.. AND..
    ISIS literally cuts the hearts out of victims and eats them.
    Now ask yourself.. Who used this gas and why?
    If not a White Helmets complete fake…

  • We don’t even know who was responsible for the release of sarin. There are three possibilities:

    1. Assad ordered it, using stockpiles he had supposedly already given up, knowing full well that this would turn America and the entire world against him.

    2. It was as Russia claims — Syria bombed an ISIS weapons cache that happened to contain gas weapons, and sarin was unintentionally released.

    3. It was a false flag operation — some entity opposed to Assad released sarin while Syrian jets were bombing the area, knowing that it would be blamed on Syria. The anti-Assad entities include Daesh, Al Qaeda, Israel, and America’s Deep State.

    All of the mass media and now Donald Trump jumped to the conclusion that it was case #1, even though the other two cases are actually more likely. After this and Ryancare, Trump’s judgement is leaving much to be desired.

  • I believe Trump will pull through and outshine any puppet thus far. I believe we are going to win,win win!

  • the fact that zionist kushner was pushing this disastrous move should be highlighted in all msm reports. he needs to be drummed out of the white house pronto.

  • It appears that family may be Trump’s undoing. There are reasons for rules against nepotism in business and elsewhere.

    • Here I was thinking that he needed his own version of Bobby Kennedy. It is odd that a man like Trump’s favourite child converted to a new ethno/religious identity. I guess he never really gave her a solid one.

  • Am starting to think this was a pretty good move by Trump. It was a relatively low-risk move, that had a high “visual impact” and completely changed the media narrative.

    He comes out a winner on this by virtually eliminating all of the former angles of criticism (muh Russia and so forth) and things like “boots on the ground” are such a hard sell that no one’s going to be convinced.

    This could turn out to be pretty damn genius.

    Now if he could just find a way to shut Nimrata Randhawa up, we’ll be good.

  • Oy Vey! America first? What’s that? Doncha know Americans exist to serve the chosen ones? Whatcha think you’re doing with this self determination non-sense?

  • It’s a Sad Day……

    But, the Alt-Right still exists……

    The Alt-Right was always Beyond Trump……

    • just watched Gavin McInnes trying, again, to nail down what the alt right is in his Webel vid.

        • I’m a strong advocate for “no enemies among the nationalists”…but this guy… sure makes it hard to live up to that motto.

        • Many of us have adopted the ethical position of never criticizing other Whites and White groups that put Whiteness before all else. This keeps White haters from fragmenting us.

          McInnes should consider adopting this ethical position.

          Unfortunately, in the above video he takes a typical defensive and weak tack of essentially saying “Boy, if you think I’m a racist and a neo-Nazi and a White Supremacist you should look at these other guys.” Pitiful.

  • If this is true, Bannon is right. This does not line up with America First. Maybe Israel First ( (((Jared Kushner))), I’m looking at you). Looking on the bright side, Hillary would have attacked Syria, Iran, Russia, & maybe Lebanon for good measure; so it could have been worse.

    • we’ll see

      Conservatives were more willing to resist Obama than they were Bush.

      If Drumpf can neuter conservative resistance his military interventionist program could be quite broad. Check out the change in mindset at Conservative Treehouse.

      We are in trouble if Trump goes full Kushner.

  • It’s time to accept that Trump is not “our man” in the White House. Nonetheless, he may prove to be useful in regard to other issues.

    This intervention in Syria may also have a silver lining for the altright in that it can be used as a recruiting tool. Many white liberals are liberal in the sense that they see a role

  • We should have known better when he was filling his cabinet with Never Trumpers, Zionists, and Neo-Cons. It really was predictable when you look back on it and I’m not one for playing this schizophrenic 4D chess card incessantly without anything to back it up. Even if it was it wouldn’t make the action any better by sacrificing your own integrity to further an agenda.

    I guess accelerationism is really the only choice we ever had.

  • Who is Jared Kushner? Who was Jared Kushner’s father and what is the relationship between the Kushner family, Chris Christie, the other former governor of New Jersey, the Manhattan reconstruction post-9/11 and all those “Middle Eastern men” caught driving around with bomb residue in the vans?

    All that information has been public knowledge, on the record, discussed in the mainstream media for the last 15 years, but for some odd reason no one wanted to discuss this for the last two years as Trump was starting his campaign.

    Well some of us were waving our hands around and trying to warn people but we could only do so much.

    • Our support for Trump dragged the regular guy into the fire of leftist hatred. Period.

      That couldn’t have been accomplished without what we did.

      Some of us knew full well Trump would do things like this but supported him anyway to further alt right consciousness.

      We achieved that. I think it is much better having Trump in there betraying his campaign promises than having a Jeb presidency where he didn’t have anything to explain regarding actions like this.

      Hopefully, if this continues, we can explain why Trump is doing this to the tea party and alt lite types.

      They will want answers and only we have them.

  • Bannon, and the much maligned by many on the altright, Reince Prebius are on the way out the door according to numerous news reports.

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