No Regrets

I’m not sure why so many people are surprised:

“President Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian regime in response to a chemical weapons attack has made him abnormally popular with the elites who inhabit the swamp he campaigned against. MSNBC’s Brian Williams hailed video of the strikes as “beautiful,” and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria identified this as the moment when Trump became president.

But it has been a bitterly disappointing turn of events for some of his most ardent supporters in the white nationalist alt-right movement and in adjacent political circles, who have supported Trump from the beginning of his campaign and who were enthralled by his promises to not get involved in Middle East conflicts.

The strikes, and the about-face they represent in terms of Trump’s posture towards the Middle East, reveal a White House showing less-than-full devotion to the movement that formed the ideological backbone for Trump’s election. …”

The Alt-Right is only staying true to its identity and values.

We started out by opposing George W. Bush, the Iraq War and mainstream conservatism in the early 2000s. Hence, the name “Alternative Right.” Among other things, it was an alternative to endless wars and Freedom Fries and Jonah Goldberg columns and all that other nonsense that we grew up with in high school and college. In 2008 and 2012, we supported Ron Paul and made a point to not show up in the general election and vote for John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump was supposed to be different. He promoted himself as an “America First” nationalist who was against humanitarian interventions in the Middle East. That’s why we all voted for Donald Trump instead of Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. The calculation we made was that even if he ended up betraying his own stated “America First” platform, he was still a better choice than Hillary Clinton and by pushing those ideas into the “mainstream” he would open the door for someone else to move into the vacuum and pick up the mantle of nationalism.

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  • Trump is still allowing immigration law to be enforced, and did manage to get a constitutionalist judge appointed to the Supreme Court. Aside from that, he’s proving no better than Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.

  • This is slightly incorrect. The alternative Right was not birthed in the early 2000’s. It is indeed a reaction to Bush’s failed wars and globohomo interventionism, but it was not birthed in the early 2000’s. The Alt Right was born in the late 2000’s and was articulated by Paul Gottfried and then refined and made popular by Richard Spencer. It did not exist before then. I’m 47, I remember the Iraq war vividly. It was the of Age of Stupid. Fully 75% of Americans believed Saddam had wmd’s. Everyone was for the war; those against it were vilified. It was such an unbelievably stupid time in American history that I almost can’t believe it. Anyway, there was no alternative Right at this time. There was only neoconservatism, otherwise known simply as conservatism. Not until Paul Gottfried in 2008 spoke of an alternative right did an actual alternative exist. In 2010 Richard Spencer created alternative Right dot com. The rest you all know. Hope this clarifies things.

  • if trump becomes a humiliation, then the everyone will become hard-left PC because Trump is the anti-PC president. FML we’re screwed

    • “Hard left PC” will be open bolshevism, only with the racial angle added in this time for added chaos and destruction.

  • Trump’s victory proved that we were right: that White America is more nationalist than any big politicians are allowed to be. While (((mainstream media))) often considers Ronald Reagan borderline fascist, White America is more fascist than he ever was.

    Trump’s betrayal proves that obeying the rules of ZOG doesn’t work. Trump was an alignment of stars that rarely happens, and even he turned out as a neocon puppet.

    So now we, and millions of Whites who had previously given up, know two things:

    We have great numbers on our side.

    The path to victory is a revolutionary one.

    Hail victory.

  • The conversation on The Atlantic is interesting. It’s funny to see bloodthirsty Zionists screaming for war while at the same time trying to pretend to be “moderate to liberal Democrats.”

    It looks like many people on the internet are starting to notice all these wars in the Middle East only benefit one particular apartheid state in Palestine – and no one else.

    Their mask is slipping – I urge everyone to assist in the process.

    • Absolutely. There is a huge opportunity to explain what is really going on to both the left and the ‘right’.

      When cognitive dissonance occurs is when we step in and provide the clarity.

      Sure, the medicine won’t go down pleasantly at first. But they will not be able to unhear the argument and it will plant seeds that bear fruit longterm.

      Just like it did for all of us.

    • Their mask is slipping, but you don’t want to see their true face. Better to get people to turn away from them, rather than attack them directly. You can’t fight a bottomless pit, all you can do is fall into it.

  • This will not stand. They need to send in the inspectors. They crossed the Line of Death. They need to end their WMD program. A No-Fly Zone has been established.
    Please clap.

  • Reports are that Bannon and Prebius are on the way out the door. Sessions can’t be far behind.

    • Ok well he’ll do his 4 yrs and we all have egg on our faces them. The twin is already abandoning. We need a literal Hitlers to save this fucked up world

  • For those of you who don’t believe in false flag attacks, what do you think the recent “gas attack” in Syria was?

    • A video with kids with their eyes closed. That is all I see.

      I also see an endless parade of people I know are horrible liars telling me what to think, what to feel and what ‘we’ have to do about it.


  • Ron Paul’s right-libertarianism was the true opposition to ZOG. Although we failed to get him nominated, due to the vile treachery of a certain greasy rat named Reince Priebus, we did manage to advance somewhat in the GOP. We gained seats on the executive boards, we gained seats in the state assembles, we even gained a few seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and two seats in the Senate.

    Enter Drumpf and the poor pathetic alt-right. Rather than assist the few brave souls who were actually fighting the enemy, you joined the enemy and fought against us. Rather than appealing to the glorious Anglo-Saxon heritage and our ancient rights and liberties as found in the Constitution, you fell in to clownish “fascism” and looks huwhite to me nationalism. You attacked classical liberalism, the natural political philosophy of the historical American nation, and promoted greasy, foreign Moldbuggery. You allowed an oily, lying Brandeis professor to define our identity as Americans. (“Albion’s Seed” is garbage)

    The alt-right is done. You were wrong, not only about Drumpf, but about pretty much everything. You assisted foreign infiltration and domination. You insulted the good women of this nation who knew full well that Drumpf was a disgusting piece of filth. You alienated potential allies with ill-considered, hateful rhetoric. Repent and reform, there is still time.

    • Is this post satire? Pretty good if it is.

      Have you seen who makes up the libertarian movement these days? Have you actually assessed the infrastructure of the movement that promoted Gary Johnson and worships taco bell? Is there even a viable right wing libertarian party left? Sorry friend, but I will never be putting an faith in classical liberalism ever again.

    • 1.) As for Ron Paul, a broken clock is right twice a day. We agree with non-intervention, but that isn’t because we are opposed to “the state.”

      2.) The Ron Paul Revolution degenerated into the clusterfuck that is Jeffrey Tucker and and CATO. I want nothing to do with libertarianism.

      3.) Classical liberalism isn’t the “philosophy of the historical American nation.” If you knew more about history, you would know the Founders were inspired by republicanism, which isn’t the same thing. They disagreed with Adam Smith.

      4.) Albion’s Seed is correct.

      5.) The Alt-Right isn’t done. Far from it, we got off the Trump Train at exactly the right moment, which is why we will inherit many more of his followers.

      6.) Libertoonism will remain marginal and irrelevant as it always has been.

      • 5.) The Alt-Right isn’t done. Far from it, we got off the Trump Train at exactly the right moment, which is why we will inherit many more of his followers.

        As they say about comedy, timing is everything. Which in a way is somewhat tragic irony in that context, since Trump has gone from a comical gut punch at the establishment to being an unmitigated disaster who now personifies what we all voted against.

        Some of us did try to emphasis that Trump should be used for what he’s worth and then quickly cast aside like he will cast all of us aside. A New York billionaire just isn’t going to see the world in the same way that the working class population will. He’s a slave to his own vanity and privileged lifestyle.

      • 1) We do not refer to Dr. Ron Paul, the august statesman and valiant warrior for Liberty, as “a broken clock”. “The state” is ZOG, and anyone not in vehement opposition to ZOG is a traitor, full stop.

        2) Nobody even knows who Tucker is. Our leaders are those few good men who are standing against the neocon foreigner Drumpf and his zio-fascist agenda: Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash etc.

        3) Classical Liberalism is certainly our natural national political philosophy. The word “Freedom” derives from from one of our ancient tribal names, the free Frisians. The love of Liberty was written in our hearts by our Creator, and any loyal American, of the true blood, will fight for Liberty ’til the day he dies.

        4) (((David Hackett Fischer))) slandered our nation and sowed the seeds of division amongst the true sons of this land.

        5) It’s very difficult, but now is the time for the alt-right to eat humble pie. You supported Drumpf, that was a serious error. The alt-right is now a laughing-stock, for good or ill.

        6) “Liberty and Independence forever!” – Davy Crockett

        • And your beef with Fischer is that he does not support your totally insane, fantasy of a pure and undiluted English Puritan America?

          Albions Seed is most certainly correct as is Craicher Culture: Celtic Ways in the Old South.

    • You are right about classical liberalism – our actual (white/European) heritage vs. the idiot “Fascist” LARPers. Ron Paul was a good man that in a previous generation would have made a great President. You are also right about Trump, the greasy New York City shyster and his Mossad family values.

      But you can’t deny that the libertarian “movement” of 2017 is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

      We need a racially realist, unapologetically pro-White classically liberal movement. Forget Trump, the best we can do is expose the nefarious Israelis handling him behind the scenes (Jared Kushner for one) for the rest of his one term and have some people waiting in the wings for next time.

      Politics is downstream from culture so our actual job is meta-political, not political at this point.

    • Ron Paul lost because libertarianism is a biological predisposition, and only around one fifth of Whites fall anywhere in that spectrum.

      Get out of your house and actually talk to people and *listen* to what they actually say.

      Most people want leaders. The need is ingrained in their DNA. They will never want the freedom you desire. You can pursue libertarianism on a micro-scale, or you can pursue change on a larger scale. Pursuing libertarian change on a large scale is futile.

    • We can always count on Lolbertardians to be counter-signalling autistic White cuckolds. You never let us down!

  • Let’s see…
    Thesis: America First
    Anti-thesis: Dead baby pictures
    Synthesis: Full Neocon.

    Well…maybe. It’s too early to see if he has gone full neocon, as opposed to eyewash neocon. Let’s see what happens to Bannon in the next few days or weeks. And if the wall…goes anywhere…and if deportations actually do increase (ICE arrests do NOT mean the arrestees necessarily get deported).

    But yeah, the Trump Train looks like it’s headed off the cliff…I’m hanging on the Alt-right car’s platform, gettin’ ready to jump.

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