Will Trump Gas His Presidency Over Syria?

Here is Richard Spencer’s take on the madness and déjà vu of the last 48 hours:

  • Krafty Wurker


  • Charlie Primero

    President Trump is baiting the Lying Press into a war frenzy.

    The killshot P.R. move will come after they are 100% committed.

    Stop gobbling black pills. This is like the 5th time he has pulled this trick on them.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Or Trump turns out to be a buffoon and goes into Syria. The Deep State is harder to handle than Lyin Ted and Little Marco.

    • steel_pepe

      Not the 5th time he’s started a war though.

      • Charlie Primero

        Not any time.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein
  • Fred

    Look, man, just to early to make any calls on Trump. Do NOT underestimate Trump. What if this is diverting maneuver to gas Gorsuch through the Senate? Gorsuch is more important long term.

  • Yourhighness

    It’s begun.

  • Nothing_Much

    He just fucking gassed his presidency, I’m feeling absolutely disgusted..

    Time for annuda shoah?

  • Cam

    It’s like “Edge of Tomorrow” — how do you break out of the loop?

    • Alex Harris

      Stop watching all Hollywood movies, especially “mind-benders”. A lot of people on the Alt Right talk about the need to cease engaging in degenerate behavior. There is another word for that. Repent.

      • Cam

        Edge of Tomorrow’s not that bad, if I recall. No faggotry, no miscegenation. Decent story actually. Until we have our own platform’s a decent movie rental’s going to have to suffice.

        • Alex Harris

          I’m not saying that particular movie contained much degenerate behavior, I’m saying it was a “mind-bender” in the sense that is plays with your sense of time, logic, and such. Stuff like that or Nolan’s “Inception” is probably not good for your frame of mind. I used to love those types of movies, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they are quite harmful.

          • Cam

            I wasn’t that into it, really. It’s not a bad flick, especially if you’ve read the book, “All You Need is Kill” by some Jap guy.

  • Sir Richard of Wales

    (((they))) want war and the goys will fight it.

  • Ike35

    Will he? He just did. All Alt-Rightists off the Trump Train. JUMP! NOW!

    • Alex Harris

      Voice your strong objection to this particular move, but don’t completely disavow him yet. If the war escalates, and/or he cannot deliver on anything domestically, then disavow.

  • Stephen

    It’s time to dump Trump.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Alt Right must lead the Anti-War Movement. It must own it. Progs embraced globalism and did NOTHING while Obama destroyed Libya. And Progs said and did NOTHING while US aided Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in sending, funding, and arming Jihadis, Alqaeda, and terrorists in Syria.

    With the Anti-War movement all but dead in the West, the Alt Right has a huge opportunity to pick up the Peace banner and own it. Alt Right’s message must be that nationalism = peace while globalism = war.
    And Alt Right must soberly — unlike Mel Gibson who was prone to drink too much — lay out the case that many wars since the end of the Cold War have been instigated by globalist-Zionists who will do ANYTHING to bolster Israel, damage Iran, destroy Syria, and bring down Russia.

    All sides have pretty much given up on Anti-War stance. Trump made some anti-war noises during the election, but he caved to Zio-con demands.

    So, the Anti-War banner now belongs to any side that will pick it up, raise it high, and wave it.

    • Micene

      That’s why a march against war in Syria is important.

    • sane whiteguy

      But what can we do?

      I made the calls, wrote the e-mails.

      White patriot Americans, White Americans on the right just don’t do anti war protests very well or at all.

      • Gubbler Chechenova

        That must change, even if gradually. Change of habits sometimes takes time. But over time, it can happen if we work at it. It’s like quitting smoking. It takes time.

      • Alex Harris

        “We support our troops, that’s why we don’t want them dying in pointless, fraudulent wars.”

  • ereimenoym

    Welp, I guess the honeymoon is over.

  • Kevin Fulsom