Rex Tillerson: “Steps Are Underway” To Oust Assad

It took less than a hundred days for neocons to infiltrate and capture the Trump administration and transform it into the ¡Jeb! administration:

“Russia should reconsider its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad in light of the apparent chemical weapons attack that killed more than 80 people and “horrified us all,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday.

Asked at a press conference whether the U.S. would lead an international coalition to oust the Syrian leader, Tillerson replied that “those steps are underway.” He said there’s no role for Assad in Syria’s future and reiterated his contention that “information supports” the U.S. claim that the Syrian military was responsible for Tuesday’s bloody attack.

Tillerson spoke hours after a Kremlin spokesman said Russian support for Assad in his brutal, six-year struggle to retain power is “not unconditional.” The Kremlin has made similar statements in the past but remained Assad’s most crucial military ally. …”

We voted for President Trump because we didn’t want anymore W. style neocon wars and regime changes of “evil dictators” in the Middle East. It was a bait and switch. I’m man enough to admit it. I was duped. I believed President Trump when he said over and over again in the campaign that we would have a different foreign policy. We’re getting the Lindsey Graham foreign policy.

In hindsight, I was right to be extremely skeptical of Trump’s Cabinet picks. He packed his Cabinet full of generals, globalists, neocons, top donors, Wall Street insiders, #NeverTrumpers, True Cons and corporate CEOs. He even engaged in nepotism with Jared Kushner. Now those people have seized control of the Trump administration. They’re going to steer us into the very same disastrous foreign wars that we would have gotten if Marco Rubio or Lindsey Graham had won the presidency.

Note: Suddenly, Paul Wolfowitz is back and calling the shots on American foreign policy.

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  • Rex will do anything to jack up oil prices, even destroying half of the Middle East. I can only imagine he owns a chunk in XOM plus other oil and gas related equities.

  • If Assad goes, it will also be the end of Trump. Trump won’t get another term as president. No one will support him for re-election. The altright will no longer be with him.

    • Trump will be left with the neocons, who weren’t even loyal to him. The Alt Right and Alt Lite are already hammering Trump hard.

  • Fug, this is spot on analysis.

    I had the same feeling when Trump filled his cabinet with all the wrong people, but I gave hime the benefit of the doubt. If Trump engages in Syria, it will confirm are original fears that Trump has been defeated from within.

    • He was an establishment candidate, like Bernie, even though they both spoke against the wars, from the beginning. So he’s not a traitor as much as he was good at lying to people & winning their support on a fraud.

  • If you were duped into believing that Trump has firm principles, I don’t have any sympathy for you. I voted for Trump for one single reason: he’s better for Whites than Clinton would have been.

  • Just a stupid excuse for the U.S. to do the bidding of Israel in getting rid of Assad so Syria can be partitioned to include a homeland for Palestinians. I’m a big supporter of Trump, but this crap is straight out of that dipshit George Bush’s playbook.

    Also, Trump seems to be listening too much to Kushner. Not smart.

  • Welp, looks like the “1488ers” were right again. Even if this all stops now, damage has been done. IF he actually topples Assad it is over.

  • Poor Trump – this is the end of the ’17D Go’ interpretations, and, probably, just retroactively seeing him as a clumsy if smart, loudmouth out of his depth.

  • Tillerson looked like he was choking on those words. He was red in the face. It’s OK, Rex. We know it is hard to lie with such chutzpah.

    (((America))) is a mad, rabid dog begging to be put out of its misery. (Metaphorically speaking only.) (((America))) has declared that yet another leader of a sovereign nation has “no place” in his own land, based on one minor, completely nonsensical and counterproductive (from Assad’s point of view) alleged attack. The war has been going on for about 6 years, and it was winding down. Assad has Putin’s support, and he has had Trump signalling a non-interventionist stance. Why on Earth would Assad suddenly decide to start “breaking international law” at a moment like this?

    This is just laughably, transparently nonsense. Unfortunately, it will be a tragi-comedy.

    • Darting eyes always means the person feels insecure. They are often looking for escape routes to talking to you. This is what the illusion of choice come down to. Reminds me of Obama & Hillary, who were opposed to the wars only to be hypocrites like Trump. But had anyone come to power, from Hillary to (the anti-establishment but for the establishment candidate Bernie) they would have done the same thing, it’s obvious that elect a representative democracy is an unproven form of government not just in the USA, but everywhere else as well.

  • “It took less than a hundred days for neocons to infiltrate and capture the Trump administration and transform it into the ¡Jeb! administration”

    Correction: it took 100 days for Trump fans to admit they were willingly duped by neo-con Trump, his neo-con family, the neo-con “alt light” and Trump’s neo-con handlers.

    I don’t want to say “we told you so” – actually that is not true, I do want to say that. “We told you so.”

    • None of this is surprising.

      But you had to support Trump if you had to make a choice.

      With that being said…

      What is your prize for saying “we told you so?” Do you recieve it today or everyday throughout his presidency?

  • This article and the rest of the hysterics on twitter is pure concern trolling. All my comrades on the Alt Right seems to have taken the black pill on these latest developments. There are only two things to watch to decide for yourselves if it’s as bad as the commentators are saying. Watch Trump’s joint press conference with the King of Jordan. And Watch Tillerson’s remarks. Tillerson didn’t say the US would *lead* an international coalition to oust Assad. He said we would take a leadership role in *assembling* an international coalition.

    In Trump’s remarks with the King of Jordan, he said Jordan is known for two things: its “hospitality” and its “fierce fighters.” He immediately went on to say they have agreed to take in more refugees (who will be sent home afterwards) and also do the heavy lifting when it comes to fighting ISIS.

    Trump is not as malleable as some seem to have convinced themselves these last two days. He’s going to foist the responsibility to defeat ISIS onto states like Jordan. Then, as Tillerson stated in the same press conference referenced above, *only once ISIS is defeated* will it be time to talk about “regime change” in Syria. Which would probably come down to Russia installing some other based Christian leader to head Syria so that Assad can retire a very rich man.

    He never wanted to lead in the first place. He was an opthalmologist in a former life.

        • What is left to say, if after 6 years of being unable to move Assad by force, who has solidified the support of most of his own people & all the people neighboring Syria like the Palestinians, Jordanians & Lebanese. It’s clear Assad’s establishment will stay. Other than the Syrians & the people of the region, the US also does not have the support of it’s own citizens. The US faces a Vietnam style quagmire even before it has directly engaged, not WW3 with Russia. Meanwhile the nature of The USA, UK, France & Germany along with other western democracies not changed at all with Trumps election, they oppose Secular Leaders & Support Anti-Secular Extremists (which Trump will deny like Bernie does, because they are the establishments anti-establishment candidates) which they create, seek to impose in power & maintain in power. It’s not complicated at all & has not been difficult to see for the last 50 years since they have been doing this 24/7/365. The W. Bush, Obama, Trump failures will have given the US & western Allies an entire generation of squandering resources & failing in implementing their unspoken agenda. The old fashioned way of doing things, based on dirty tricks, is backfiring & undermining US aims & support among its own citizens.

    • Charles, For all appearances they’re cheering on another dupe. Why aren’t they putting these resources in throwing out the scum who are infecting our mosques? There are thousands of people in every city who know just who the salafists and MB operators are. Why aren’t they looking at what’s happening there are looking to our own house to see to it this doesn’t happen here

  • Let us wait and see but I agree with Hunter, the tone coming from Rex and Trump is no good. However, before they start making threats toward Assad, they need to carefully think over the options available to Assad and his Iranian, Russian and Chinese backers. This will not be another Iraq or Libya type situation. Syria has legit air defense and will use them if given the green light from Moscow. The US is only used to fighting 3rd world armies with no proper air defense.

  • What are these people actually thinking? He’s openly contemplating war against a secular militarist? In exchange for what? Al-Nusra who pledged loyalty to ISIS? Turkey which has instituted brainwashing of the next generation of Turks? This is not good if trump is not completely lying.

    • He can “think about” military strikes all he wants as long as doesn’t do it. I still believe in a 4-D chess move here that maneuvers Trump closer to Russia.

    • Pissing off and pissing on your support base in the process of lying is not the act of a very smart man. Either Trump is a moron or he’s not really lying about his about-face on Syria and views on meddling in the affairs of foreign nations. Definitely not an “America First” kind of posturing.

  • Even if Assad used chemical weapons, he did nothing wrong. Using conventional weapons to kill thousands is no problem, but if 50 people die in a chemical attack, that’s beyond the pale. I’m sure Assad is so stupid, and those 50 civilians are so important, as to risk everything he’s gained in the past year just to kill them with banned weapons he turned over to Obama.

    • It’s much more likely that this was the “brave freedom rebels” supplied by the CIA who wanted to create a situation like this.

        • Well those are who we would have to leave in power if this happened. I don’t doubt there are other winners (a huge propaganda victory for ISIS and Al-Qaeda).

    • Let us all hope you are correct. Living in Greece the prospect of one more flood of migrants nearly throws me to panic! The problem though is that WWIII may start if the USA attacks Syria!

        • They’ll awaken and then what? Take 10 or more years to get their minds and bodies in shape for what they must do?

  • Trump disciples were warned months ago. For whatever reason they decided to ignore the writing on the wall. Giving Nikki Haley a job was one of the first clues that Trump’s campaign rhetoric was mostly hollow promises.

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