Reality Calls – Kevin MacDonald

Tara McCarthy talks to Kevin MacDonald about the Jewish Question and Europe

Tara McCarthy
the authorTara McCarthy
Tara McCarthy is the host of Reality Calls, a podcast dedicated to making Western Civilization great again. Tara is also the co-host of the show, Virtue of the West.


  • So I showed up here awhile back when you dummies were saying, “Single Payer is the best option for helping the white man.” And I predicted the end of the Alt-Right because of it.

    Because we all know how Government Programs are designed and implemented to help white people. Look at what they’ve done for us to this point!!!! Awesome.
    So I’m back just wanting to make sure I’ve got this right:
    -So we are demanding Single Payer Health Care.
    -Bannon’s out, we’re good. Sessions recused, we’re good. Gorsuch blocked (for now) and we’re cool. Flynn gone, super. Nunes recused and it’s peachy.
    -The Democrats were busy committing suicide awhile back and we were on the precipice of forcing the media to talk about felonies in the Obama White House. So naturally, Repubs had to rush out and step on their Pee Wee’s like they always do and publicly demand a vote on Healthcare… which was just Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Redux.
    -3 Judges just seized power for 230 years held by the President. And we’re good.
    And now….
    -Let’s have another war!!!!!
    Alright kids!!! Let’s go make a difference out there!!!!!
    That Alt-Right is some dangerous barbecue.
    Keep up the great work. You do have cartoon frogs.
    (Oh, and Trump signed a bill allowing them to track and sell all your browser history. Good luck with all that. Maybe Heartiste will write another thesaurus inspired Encyclopedia on how to score chicks in response to this.)

  • At 4:10, Prof. MacDonald ironically says “If people don’t want to hear what you are saying they call it a conspiracy theory.” I hope he thinks about this the next time he dismisses a conspiracy theory. You have to spend time learning the facts of a conspiracy theory and not just dismiss it based on the assumption that officials and the media could not possibly be lying.

  • Around 3:00, they talk about how the “conspiratorial” aspect of the JQ puts people off. Prof. MacDonald says that conspiracy-minded people think that every major event is a conspiracy, including plane crashes. This is not true. Speaking as one of those conspiracy-minded people, I have not heard much about conspiracies involving plane crashes, aside from 9/11 and the deaths of a few politicians. We conspiracy minded folks do base our inquiries on facts. The difference is that we give greater weight to some facts than mainstream-minded folks like Prof. MacDonald (in the context of conspiracies). Mainstreamers dismiss anything that does not jibe with official accounts. They cannot believe that official accounts could be based on lies, told by co-conspirators at various levels of any given conspiracy. We conspiracy-minded folks have become aware of enough glaring inconsistencies in official accounts to realize that there must be conspiracies behind many major events, including many terrorist attacks and mass shootings.

    I was a mainstream-minded person (on the subject of conspiracies) until about five years ago. I do not believe that I am not mentally ill. (If I were mentally ill, would I be able to write so many coherent comments like this one?) I don’t accept every conspiracy theory without question. I realize that there is lots of disinformation out there. I say disinformation, not misinformation, because I am convinced that most of the invalid conspiracy theories out there are created by shills and agents, whose purpose is to taint valid conspiracy theories.

      • That’s not what he was saying at all.

        Stop exaggerating. What I typed is almost exactly what he said.

        Subjectively, there is no clear distinction between “morally unacceptable” and “false.”

      • You are exaggerating. It is part of what he was saying.

        If someone refuses to believe something because it is morally unacceptable to them, they do not admit to themselves that this is the reason. They tell themselves that the thing they disbelieve is false. Thus the distinction you are trying to make does not really exist, as far as subjective beliefs are concerned.

        • Wrong.

          Whites are instinctively concerned with universal morals.
          Non-Whites are instinctively concerned with tribal morals.

          That’s the difference between White and non-White thinking.

          • To the extent that this is true, it doesn’t make any difference. What I wrote is still true. No white will say “I refuse to believe in X because it is morally unacceptable.”

          • You are wrong because that’s exactly what Whites say in great numbers especially when it comes to White racial self-interest.

          • You are mixing things up. You keep saying “you are wrong” and backing up your assertion with brief comments that don’t prove anything. I don’t want to continue this discussion.

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