KulturKampf – Homer’s Iliad

The KulturKampf crew talk about Homer’s Iliad

  • Ike35

    Welcome back fellas!

  • Tim Steve

    Glad you lot are back!

  • Charles Martel

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    Only three episodes are enabled at present. Glad to see the content back up! Superior quality discussions.

  • Charles Martel

    Outstanding analysis!

  • Bantz Henriksen


  • Laguna Beach Fogey


  • Johnny Fash

    Glad to see Kulturkampf back.

  • Solorcus

    Excellent to hear Kulturkampf again. Any place were the rest of the episodes not on soundcloud can be found?

    • TitusFlaviusCaesarAugustus

      Sadly we had to scrap some of the episodes from season 1 due to doxing concerns but the majority of the older episodes can be found on our soundcloud page.

      • Solorcus

        Damn….Great episode though. Looking forward to the odyssey. I would love to hear your guys take on Milton.

        • TitusFlaviusCaesarAugustus

          We’ll be doing Milton and Dante in a few months 🙂