KulturKampf – Homer’s Iliad

The KulturKampf crew talk about Homer’s Iliad

the authorKulturKampf
Kulturkampf is a podcast dedicated to the preservation and promotion of European philosophy, literature and high culture. We here at KK believe that our struggle is first and foremost a cultural one and for us to achieve victory we must have a more complete understanding of our people's hearts and souls. We strive to better understand ourselves as a people and to perfect our hatred of modernity. The opera isn't just for our grandparents, Hegel isn't just for crusty academics and Goethe isn't just for the Romantic at heart. These are our cultural heirlooms, they are the products of our civilization and they ought to be cherished.


  • Excellent to hear Kulturkampf again. Any place were the rest of the episodes not on soundcloud can be found?

    • Sadly we had to scrap some of the episodes from season 1 due to doxing concerns but the majority of the older episodes can be found on our soundcloud page.

  • It seems like you haven’t enabled all of your tracks to be included in your RSS feed. Not to worry though – this can easily be changed. Just go to your track on SoundCloud, then click the small pen icon under the waveform – this will bring you into the track’s “edit” mode. Under “Permissions”, you can choose to “Include the track in RSS feed”. Once you’ve saved this change, it should show up in your RSS feed, and consequently be pushed to our RSS readers.

    Only three episodes are enabled at present. Glad to see the content back up! Superior quality discussions.

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