Former Presidents John McCain and Lindsey Graham Call For Airstrikes On Syria

John McCain ran for president in 2008. He lost so badly that Indiana voted for Obama. Lindsey Graham ran for president in 2016. He got 0 percent of the vote:

“Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Thursday called for an international force to ground Syria’s air force following an alleged chemical weapon attack by the regime of President Bashar Assad.

They said Assad’s air force is responsible for chemical weapon attacks and the U.S. military and its allies could disable it “quickly, precisely, decisively” and control any escalation of hostilities.

“The United States should lead an international coalition to ground Assad’s air force,” McCain and Graham said in a joint statement Thursday. “This capability provides Assad a strategic advantage in his brutal slaughter of innocent civilians, both through the use of chemical weapons as well as barrel bombs, which kill far more men, women and children on a daily basis.” …”

You would think the GOP would have received the message.

President Trump has spent the last three years running against a neocon foreign policy. We all voted for Trump because we didn’t want a Syrian war and Syrian refugees. Now, we are still getting Syrian refugees anyway and Trump is being stampeded into a new war in Syria:

“(CNN)President Donald Trump has told some members of Congress that he is considering military action in Syria in retaliation for this week’s chemical attack, and recognizes the seriousness of the situation, a source familiar with the calls tells CNN.

The source said the President had not firmly decided to go ahead with it but said he was discussing possible actions with Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Trump is relying on the judgment of Mattis, according to the source. …”

Steve Bannon has been demoted from the National Security Council and replaced by Rick Perry. Trump is surrounded by generals, warmongering neocons, True Cons, #NeverTrumpers and Wall Street insiders. Jared Kushner is whispering in his ear and telling him to betray his base.

It’s not looking good, folks.

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  • McCain and Graham have to be defeated. These two nutcake neo-Cons are terrible for the USA. They are Israel Firsters and will send White Americans to die for Israel.

    And, this Syria business is all about getting part of Syria so the Palestinians can be sent there to let Israel boot the Palestinians out of their present land so Israel can expand there.

    Israel doesn’t much care which Arab country the Palestinians are sent to live in, but Syria is the easiest to take over at this time because the other Arab countries are playing footsie with the U.S. to prevent Israel from taking over part of their countries to use for the Palestinians.

    This gas business is a false flag to whip up war fever in the U.S. It’s absurd to think Assad would use gas, when the results would be what we’re seeing now. There was no reason for him to use gas.

    One has to wonder if any of our or Russia’s spy satellites spotted any false flag jets taking off from Israel to drop gas bombs on a place that is hardly a serious military objective and where civilians were sure to be found.

  • C’mon, guys. Let’s all calm down, take a deep breath. Let things sort out a little bit.

    In the meantime, I’m retiring to my study with a bottle of bourbon, and a revolver, for a night (not sure how long) of Russian roulette.

    See you tomorrow, maybe.

  • The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

    Trump is a long time asset of the Likud party of Israel. He spend the entire 8 years of the Obama administration peddling Likud talking point about Iran and Obama’s Secret Muslim Birth Certificate. This appealed to the dimmest Republicuck conservatives who complained that Liberals and Muslims Were The Real Racists.

    So Trump asked his media guy to listen to Republicuck talk radio and find him three issues he could run on. They came back with 1) Obamacare 2) Common Core and 3) illegal immigration. His long announcement speech had all three but the only one that anyonw cared about was illegal immigration. So Trump ran with it. He came up with a really nice visual that dim-witted conservative Republicucks could understand: “a wall” (just like Israel’s!)

    Now that he won he doesn’t have to suck up to his idiot base anymore so he’s going full neo-con. Why does this surprise anyone? It’s ok – the Alt Right took the opportunity to organize among Trump fans and build an independent, serious political coalition that can survive after Trump – it’s based on real issues, not just Trump fanboyism and stupid anime cartoons of Trump and Pepe the Frog, right?


    • He’s driven purely by his ego. With that in mind, the Right needs to perpetually exert social pressure on him to follow up on what was ostensibly his agenda as a candidate.

      Facebook trends, YouTube videos, Twitter… whatever it takes.

    • “The Alt Right took the opportunity to organize among Trump fans and build an independent, serious political coalition that can survive after Trump – it’s based on real issues, not just Trump fanboyism and stupid anime cartoons of Trump and Pepe the Frog, right?


      Well, if Trump disappoints us all in Syria, I suppose you have hit upon what might be a silver lining.

  • Well, if anything like that is implemented, there never was a true choice in the first place. I hope this gets stalled or stopped. One thing though is true: Trump is definitely failling even for the most basic promises to his base.

  • Trump was necessary to break the media stranglehold and perception that the White working class didn’t matter anymore. Now that people see how their support and targeted energy/enthusiasm can be an effective tool against Hollywood, Mainstream Media, anti-White Leftists, Globalists and all of the money, power and influence they wield against us, they’ll be more inclined to support true rebels and Nationalists.

    The key is to hold Trump’s feet to the fire and make him work hard for every ounce of praise, while being very quick to throw tons of his own BS right back at him. If I walk into a room and it smells like fart, I’m blaming Trump. We only deserve the types of leaders we are willing to tolerate. I’m just not willing to tolerate another NeoCon, or a guy who makes my room smell like farts.

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