Welcome to Amerikwa – Enjoy a Pepsi

Where Mammon meets Dildolech.

Welcome to Amerikwa, where late stage capitalism meets cultural POZ.

For those of you who did not bring your barf bags and were not able to stomach the entire commercial, I will summarize it for you: Kendall Jenner drops everything she is doing during the middle of a photo shoot to join a protest (surely against Donald Drumpf) and along the way she grabs a Pepsi. She then confronts one of the riot police and hands him the Pepsi. The officer drinks the beverage, the crowd cheers, the world is saved. So brave. Thank you Kendall Jenner for saving the world. Oh, I forgot to mention that during the commercial, a Muslim woman in a hijab captures the whole thing on camera. Once again, so brave, so multicultural, so progressive.

The ad has since been pulled by Pepsi since it has received massive backlash from the left of all places. They are upset that Pepsi is trivializing the struggle of groups like BlackLivesMatter. They say the ad really “missed the mark”. However, I disagree. This advertisement encapsulates modern day America perfectly. Sorry leftists but this is the future you chose.

For years now, leftists have been raising Hell to demand that American corporations become more socially conscious. Well, Mission Accomplished. With the exception of a corporation or two selling their Chicken Sandwiches of Hate, most American corporations have completely signed on to all left-wing social justice causes.

Libertarians are right about the market. Someone will always find a way to meet the demands of the market. If you build it, they will cum… but I digress. Even Noam Chomsky predicted that eventually capitalism would become “anti-racist”. What better way to ensure the largest amount of consumers? Less discrimination = more consumers = more profits.

And don’t we folks in the Alt Right know that if we do not hold the right opinions, the failed Marxist revolutionary turned corporate HR director will pay us a visit to talk about our suspicious internet activity. Also, isn’t it interesting that the only people having their political opinions silenced by corporations are people in the Alt Right? Meanwhile, you can bitch about how oppressed gay people are and someone will probably give you a medal.

We now see the divergence of the Old Left and the New Left. The Old Left railed against corporate cronyism in favor of workers rights while the New Left was more interested in fighting for left-wing social issues like feminism, multiculturalism and the LBGT agenda. For quite some time, these two forces were united in their struggle against the evil capitalist cishet White supremacist patriarchy. However, the New Left has since become the very bourgeoisie that they used to fight against. There is nothing more bourgeois than some queer corporate CEO wearing a #StayWoke T-shirt while meeting with Deray McKesson, the leader of BLM. Meanwhile, good ole boys in the local teamsters union are being left behind by their comrades.

What is to become of these leftists who are more concerned about economic justice, worker’s rights and a robust welfare state to ensure that no one falls through the cracks? Can you rail against crony capitalism and international finance while simultaneously signing on to the same cultural agenda? Can you have your cake and eat it too?

The goal of capitalism is to turn us all into interchangeable cogs in a globalist capitalist system. Isn’t it interesting that since the great civil rights movement of the 1960s, where women began entering the workforce and we opened our borders to the third world, that the wages of the working class have been unusually stagnant? Who would’ve thought that radically increasing the size of the workforce would have such an impact on wages??? Surely, these mega corporations have no incentive whatsoever to constantly advocate for mass third world immigration to increase the supply of workers.

It also turns out that diversity correlated with stronger levels of union unattachment. I thought diversity was our strength? Well it is a strength for someone and it’s not the workers. What’s more important though: blue collar jobs or trans-inclusive restrooms. That’s what I thought. Checkmate bigots.

Even when the magical Negro-in-Chief, Barack Obama, was given a carte blanche by the American people in 2008 to bring about massive economic reforms, all you got were some corporate bailouts of the automobile industry and a healthcare bill which forced you to buy health insurance from a major insurance corporation. But hey, at least gay marriage was made legal.

Oh Bernie Bros, where art thou? Are you expressing your impotent rage on social media about Drumpf? Do you find yourself nodding your head in agreement with Le Current Year Man, John Oliver, about the Cheeto-faced despot occupying the White House? His show is on HBO, right? HBO is owned by Time Warner, you know, the multinational corporate media conglomerate worth tens of billions of dollars. Surely, they don’t have an agenda, right? Of course not! (LOL)

Leftists find themselves at the interesting intersection of where Mammon meets Dildolech – where materialism, global capitalism and consumerism meet hedonism, decadence and ethnomasochism. Where virtue signalling can be channeled towards increasing corporate profit margins. God Bless Amerikwa!

Are you a socially conscious SWPL with patrician tastes? Go see the hot new Hollywood blockbuster Get Out – a scary thriller with miscegenation! While you’re at it, enjoy yourself an ice cold Pepsi (Who knows? You may save the life of the next Skittles Martin). After the film, hop on your iPhone 7, open up the Snapchat app and take a selfie with your fag Whopper from Burger King. What better way to show that you hold the right opinions than to have them sponsored by multinational mega-corporations?

Just remember this leftists, you can’t fight against corrupt global capitalism while simultaneously lining their pockets with more corporate profits. You can’t fight “The Man” when you are “The Man”.

Sadly, most of the leftists who read this will not abandon their retarded cultural agenda because they would rather live under corporate oppression than appear to be racist, xenophobic or Islamophobic. Can you blame them though? They no longer chant “Down with the Bourgeoisie!” because they are the bourgeoisie. They are just doing what is in their economic self-interests. They have abandoned the working class to virtue signal, alongside corporate America, about how much they love Black people. So brave.

So, what’s it going to be leftists? Are you going to join the sole authentic resistance movement of our time? Or are you instead joining your pseudo-resistance to virtue signal:

Choose wisely and remember: #StayWoke®©

Charles Lyons
the authorCharles Lyons
Charles Lyons is the Chief Administrative Officer of Arktos Media.


  • Hey, so its complicated. I think its important that we note, this publication is making money, tons of money, off of confusing its readers. The goal of the AltRight seems to be slamming the so-called “left” as a bunch of idiots who just want to fight for the sake of fighting. I’m not convinced. There are tons of people who disagree with capitalism from all sides of the political spectrum- libertarians, Christians, right-wing separatists, leftists. In the past 4 decades, the owners of large corporations have enjoyed a tripling of gains, (see article below) while the 99.99% of (at least in the US) citizens have seen stagnant wages, not because more people (women and immigrants) are working, but because more profit is going to the owners and share-holder. The US IRS can verify this for you. It’s not an opinion, its a reality. The tax-laws were eased by a succession of presidents and congress, it was not a partisan thing, it was a lobbyist thing. The rhetoric, not fact, presented in this article is meant to drive you deeper into your current perspective. Try reading a book instead of a propaganda tool. I thought this website would be more interesting and balanced. I’m pretty sad to see that this is how the AltRight is treating our people, like we are mindless yes men who will cheer for their rhetoric without actually understanding the deeper issues.

  • The pop star, celebrity who best symbolized the transformation from Old Left (fight for the legitimate rights of the working class) to New Left – embrace globalism, every trendy Left cause that comes down the pipe, dress down like a hippy, yet live in the most expensive home, on the most expensive street, in the most expensive city in the world was….

    John Lennon, ex Beatles pop music star – married to Leftist full time activism Yoko Ono.

    The Song “Imagine” best typifies this world view – imagining the entire world uniting as won, without (traditional European) religion, without loyalties to any nation, or any people and also without any….


    “Imagine” was written and performed by John Lennon and Yoko at the time they were living in the Dakota on Central Park West.

    Probably my favorite John Lennon song was “Watching the Wheels go Round and Round” – written ~ 1979 when John Lennon explained that he simply had given up on Leftist politics that he frankly didn’t have any plan or program on how to save and unite the entire world and he preferred to spend his time baking healthy bread and hanging out with his young son. John Lennon did though, say a few positive things about Margaret Thatcher.

  • Let’s take this deplorable “W’ and hope Pepsi wastes more cash on dumba$$ boomerLARPing commercials and then pulling them after BLM or some other SWPL pets proclaim themselves offended– and in need of restorative donations.

  • A mischievous apolitical friend alerted me to this ad. So I watched it. And although it clearly is a technical success on several levels, I, of course, wanted to hang pretty well everyone in it. Twice. When I told him, no surprise, how much I hated it, he laughed and said that he felt his day was now made, because Lena Dunham hated it too, so now she and I have a venn. Some days ya gotta smile as the looney parade goes by.

  • Gee you missed the whole forest with that ax to grind. The Bolshevik Revolution was funded by Wall Street. The Revolution is Televised every single night. The Bernies and Hills are all corporate brands. Bernie is just too old to sell anymore. Karl Marx is so old. BLM and Rainbow Monkey Viruses are the new suck.
    Get a fizzy caffeine sugar pop, and remember to have a Hate On with that. This message is brought to you by Madison Avenue schtick with a brown face and a whore. Do want fried green politics with that?

  • I think one indication of the attitude of the Old Left will be the upcoming French elections. If Marine Le Pen and and Emmanuel Macron go into the second round, will the Front Gauch endorse Marine Le Pen? She is considerably to the left of Macron on most of the traditional Labor issues. Macron is basically a creature of the banks. With a Front Gauche endorsement, there is a chance that she might win.

  • That was powerful. If I was a leftist, I’d be so ashamed after reading this article. Then again, having the capacity for self-reflection would pretty much exclude one from being a modern day leftist.

  • Also I lol’d the other day when a Jacobin writer on Twitter suggested toning down the identity politics and focusing more on the economic concerns of the working class and got shat on by a bunch of shitlibs, non-whites and even some Antifa accounts.

    For as dysfunctional as the Alt-Right can be on occasion, the LARPY internet left seems way worse.

    • They are WAYYY more functional than the alt-right. Their articles are actually well-researched, they come from good universities, have potential to actually change things and get in office, etc.

      • Lol they are only better researched in the sense that they parrot information cooked up by agenda driven leftist think tanks. Also, as this article points out they ARE The Man, so of course they get into office and change things. They run every major institution in Amerikwa. It’s all theirs. They own it all. The “good” universities included.

  • The thing that should be emphasized is that basically the class struggle types (including many of the Bernie Bros) stand no chance against transnational capitalism and it is a system that is alienating and brutalizing everyone except the wealthy. They need to let go of gay dogma and Marxist pretenses.

    The problem with this is that there is no alternative. The GOP is not the worker’s party. It is not a nationalist party, even. It is a feckless corporatist party that uses “muh free market” shibboleths to justify economic policies harmful to whites and open borders, appeals to Christianity (Judeo-Christian) shit to get Christians to vote for them, and appeals to nationalistic tribal impulses and their sublimation to get people to fight for ZOG.

    America has never had a real nationalist party. Nationalists who consider the nation an organism and their people extended family have no issues with taking care of them, even if that means through “socialistic” policies. Nationalism and a local socialism go together quite nicely. Had there been a working example of these sorts of healthy communities and a system like that, or a party seriously proposing them, there is a good chance we wouldn’t have so many idiots buying into idiotic ideas like worldwide class consciousness.

  • Princess Mudshark is leading other Mudsharks (1:45) in a revolution against her people. They stand with POCs, Muslims, and the Turd World in their Jewish revolution. That’s the message of Pepsi.

  • The true nature of SJWs, antifa, and the so-called “Resistance” was best summed up in Richard Spencer’s very apt aphorism:

    “They are not Truth speaking to Power. They are Power, Speaking.”

  • Pick up a back issue of The Nation magazine from the early ’90s and you’ll see that the old Left was quite concerned about corporate co-option. As the Clinton years wore on, the globalists/corporatists took over.

    Unions have been a crock of sh*t my entire working life (1985-present), they seem to exist as slush funds for Democrats, and the only time they go to bat for someone is when a woman, minority or sodomite is disciplined for incompetence. That means the hard working and competent just have to work harder, to carry the dead wood.

  • So True, Charles…….

    So True……

    Everything has been Reversed…….

    But, the Inertia is on Our Side…….NOW……

    Let the Red Pilling take Effect…….

    Let the Alt-Right be a Big Tent of Disaffected Whites…….

    We don’t need a Singular Philosophy……..

    We need to be a Refuge……..


  • It is wierd how many Leftists still haven’t figured out that they have won and keep talking about fighting The Man, when as you pointed out they are The Man. I would take a guess that there are several reasons.
    1. They have grown up on the Narrative of being the Resistance and are still stuck on the the glamour of the image.
    2. The Brave New World doesn’t look like the one that was painted by the Marxist ideologues so they see the giant, wealthy corporations and don’t know those corporations are on their side.
    3. Like Alexander having conquered one empire, they can’t stop fighting and press on to new campaigns; gays, trans, immivaders, and so on. Next polyamory, pedophilia, extermination of Whites, whatever. Fighting is all they know and it defines them.
    4. They hear gunshots on the battlefield and get all fired up thinking the battle is still going on. They realize realize that the shots are just their own troops walking around finishing off the wounded and prisoners, and dropping grenades into any bunkers where the last holdouts

    • The reality is that not many leftists who are important still talk about fighting “the man.” Maybe if you live in the middle of nowhere, and “the man” in your area actually is conservative, the liberals talk that way, but liberal urbanites most certainly do not.

  • Pepsi and Coke have been going down the yellow brick road of multi-culturalism since the 1970’s. Remember, that 70’s jingle, buy the world a Pepsi, or was it a Coke?

    • I remember the psychedelic “magic carpet ride, magical snow white carpet riide, such a way to go etc” – Coke or pepsi early 70s. Must have been totally off our trolley back then!

  • This is awesome, maybe now the left can stop pretending that they are on the side of the people fighting the establishment, capitalism and so on. Fight Trump, support multinational capitalism, and oh – have a pepsi, filled with sugar and no vital nutrition, just like the left.

  • Liberalism and Marxism have their roots in the French Revolution. Remember the liberté, egalité et fraternité? It’s now coming together: Fremason’s liberalism and jewish Marxism.

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