Thirsty For Multiculturalism

This is disgusting:

“How will we heal the divisions in American society today? Is there a single, capitalism-friendly solution for creating peace and understanding in our country?

Pepsi has an idea: a can of soda, with a Kendall Jenner twist.

The company’s new ad manages to achieve a startling level of tone-deafness by casting Jenner — yes, Kim Kardashian West’s younger sister — as a high-fashion model who bravely whips off her blond wig to join a throng of protesters and ultimately bridge the divide with white male police.

Thing is, it’s hard not to compare the imagery from the commercial with that of an award-winning photo taken last year of a woman and police at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge, La. But more on that later. …”

It looks like I won’t be having another Pepsi.

I’m serious. I’ve already given up Starbucks, Nordstorm and Honey Nut Cheerios over the years. We need to compile a comprehensive list of brands to boycott which are hostile to our community.

Update: Pepsi has pulled the ad for “trivializing Black Lives Matter.” You shouldn’t be drinking Pepsi anyway. It’s bad for your health. It’s also against your values.

  • rick rage

    Boycott these white-hating companies:

    1) Kellogg’s
    2) Frito-Lay
    3) NetFlix
    4) Anheiser-Busch (Budweiser)
    5) Starbuck’s
    6) 84 Lumber
    7) MSM (Jewish news media)
    8) ESPN (Jewish sports media)
    9) Disney
    10) Target
    12) Pepsi

    These companies spit on White Americans. Let’s spit back!

    • Albionic American
      • WarPoet

        This is an OK ad. It’s a black family enjoying their local peasant cuisine. Today, all we see is interracial lovers or families or faggots in our ads.

        Campbell brand soup ran that faggot pedophile ad last year and I’ve completely boycotted them since.

      • Newfoundlander

        I don’t see the problem with the ad. It is a homogenous, monoracial black family that look to be a cut above the ghetto trash. Nowadays it would probably show a mongrelized family and have some anti-white message as a finishing touch.

    • Robert Bruce

      Damn, I guess I have to forgo my Doritos!!!!!!! Liberal bastards!!!!!!!!

  • Martel Mosley

    A comprehensive and regularly updated list of companies to boycott would be most welcome Hunter.

    • Alex Harris

      You need to also be checking all your food products (and some other kitchen items) for kosher certification symbols (there are dozens of different ones).

  • How about not linking to anti-white publications like the LA Times? You can use one of the archive services to prevent them from getting ad revenue. Online “hews” companies like the LA Times are far more economically susceptible to boycotts than a company like Pepsi.

  • Vlad le Putin

    Agreed. We need to keep a running list of anti-white companies. Add Sam’s Club to that list, the CEO said the lack of diversity in the board room triggers her or some shit. She’s not only anti-white she is anti-men

  • Jimmy Flounderello

    Is Lone Star Beer pro-white?

    • Charlie Primero

      I live in Texas and don’t know any white people who drink it.

      • Jimmy Flounderello

        Is it the favorite brew of Mexicans?

        • Charlie Primero

          I honestly don’t know anyone who drinks Lone Star. It’s kinda weird that they stay in business.

          Most Mexicans I see at the grocery store are getting Budweiser or Natural Light.

          • Jimmy Flounderello

            I see Lone Star up here in Mass., so maybe they stay afloat through interstate business.

          • Charlie Primero

            That may be it. I admit part of the reason I like Samuel Adams is the carefully created “Patriotic Yankee Small Craftsman” image of the brand. 🙂

          • Jimmy Flounderello

            Sam Adams makes some good brews. So does a Boston brewery called Harpoon.

  • Yourhighness

    That commercial makes me want to move to another country and bomb this one. All the yuck.

  • Robert Bruce

    They really are trying to push Kendall Jenner at all costs. She just is the younger, prettier version of Kim K. She is into black men as well, which is probably why they want to push her.