Neocons Beat War Drums For Intervention In Syria

If you haven’t heard the news, the neocons are agitating for a new war in Syria:

“BEIRUT, Lebanon — One of the worst chemical bombings in Syria turned a northern rebel-held area into a toxic kill zone on Tuesday, inciting international outrage over the ever-increasing government impunity shown in the country’s six-year war.

Western leaders including President Trump blamed the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and called on its patrons, Russia and Iran, to prevent a recurrence of what many described as a war crime.

Dozens of people, including children, died — some writhing, choking, gasping or foaming at the mouth — after breathing in poison that possibly contained a nerve agent or other banned chemicals, according to witnesses, doctors and rescue workers. …”

At the UN, Nimrata Haley went so far as to hold up photos of dead children to get a kneejerk emotional reaction and and to threaten an outright unilateral American intervention:

“UNITED NATIONS—Nikki Haley, the new (or “fresh,” as she’s often described here) American Ambassador at the United Nations had been seen by Turtle Bay insiders as more of a star politician than detail-oriented diplomacy wonk.

That may have changed Wednesday, when Haley acted as the president of the UN Security Council for the month of April at a moment of major international crisis. In an emergency session, she hinted that America could act unilaterally if the council failed to meaningfully address a horrific and deadly chemical attack in Syria.

She also inserted a particularly poignant paragraph to a proposed council resolution. If adopted by the 15-members, that provision could create a world of trouble to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and particularly to military officials responsible for the attack at Khan Shaykhun, an area in the southern part of Syria’s Idlib province. …”

The New York Times just published a new article by Russell Goldman called “Assad’s History of Chemical Attacks, and Other Atrocities”:

“In six years of war, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has overseen a campaign of carnage, turning an enormous cache of deadly weapons against the very people they were presumably stockpiled to protect.

In a campaign to crush rebels and jihadists, Mr. Assad and his allies have relied on tactics that go far beyond the norms of modern warfare to kill many thousands of Syrians. Here are the ways they have done it. …”

President Trump condemned Syrian President Bashar Assad in a press conference. We’re being railroaded into a new war in Syria by the neocons with lightning speed:

Note: I’ve heard credible reports from Ramzpaul and The Ralph Retort that YouTube is demonetizing their videos opposing American intervention in Syria for not being “advertiser-friendly.”

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  • Guys, this is 4D chess from the God Emperor. Increasingly bloody wars in the ME are going to MAGA! Thank God we listened to our great alt-right e-celebs: what heroes they are! (((TRS)), the Daily Stormer, Return of Kangs, Amren: thank you all for Making America Great Again. Some people were skeptical – they said “watch out for foreigners in high places”, they said “don’t trust greasy-looking types with unpronounceable names”. What bigoted killjoys, those skeptics. Good thing we ignored them. Good thing we relentlessly attacked guys like Rand Paul; it would have terrible if he had been nominated, amirite? Don’t worry guys, Kushner is on the case: Chateau Hard-on told me he’s a true Alpha male so everything is going to be fine.

  • For all idiot Cucks and Neocons, I have one thing to say: The conflict with Russia, cold or hot, will only accelerate the destruction of the USA.

  • But the United States Government does not show pictures of all the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties from it’s bombing in it’s war on Iraq.

    I wonder why…

  • Seems like Trump will need a serious brain infusion to stay away from the made-up conflict in Syria and an unnecessary direct confrontation with Russia and Iraq.

  • The (((neo-Cons))) want Assad to fall so they can partition Syria and stick the Palestinians there. This is not in America’s interest. It only benefits Israel so thay can expand into Palestine.

    • Evolver, hello. If you are the same person who engaged a certain “(((Aron)))” on the Hatewatch blog who claimed to be a retired military veteran and who insulted you and your service, you should know that he is a 30 yo insurance salesman from Boston MA. I read the conversation but could not comment because I have been banned there. As a fellow veteran, I thought you should know the truth about him.

  • Gas attack has markings of a false flag or a simple mistake in bombing a warehouse that the rebels were using for making gas. Not a cause for the U.S. to get involved.

  • What’s the strategy? Goal? What does the US hope to accomplish? How is toppling another ME leader in the American people’s interest? How many American troops need to die for revenge against a couple dozen Syrians? Are we sure the facts are accurate? Do we want another Iraq? Should we not investigate? What harm to America has this done?

    Questions that will never be asked by journalists.

  • I said it countless times over the last several months and I’ll say it again:

    Trump will be NeoCon is less than 2 years. Put any kind of real faith in him to change the direction of the country that will be beneficial to pro-Whites and you will most assuredly be disappointed. He is/was a battering ram meant to knock down the establishment door so real Nationalists and pro-Whites could make an entrance.

  • Trump basically ran his campaign on a promise to do all of this nonsense. He is an ultra-Zionist being advised by ultra-Zionists and promoted by ultra-Zionist media. The Alt-Right simply chose not to listen to what was literally being said and done in the open.






    Of course I tried to warn you all, but then, I’m a Person of Colour so who would listen to me?

    The price of blocking the TPP to spite Asians and the price of building a wall to spite Hispanics, is that ultra-Zionists get to attack Syria again while the same ultra-Zionists are already funding ‘rebels’ to undermine it in the first place, and then later the ultra-Zionists get to undo the Iran deal (or as they like to call it, “Obama’s Iran deal”, because putting the word ‘Obama’ in front of anything just really makes idiotic normies want to reverse whatever that thing is) and send your sons and daughters to fight and die in Iran.

    Tell me, is it looking like it’s worth it? Is that arrangement looking like it’s worth it?

      • I’m implying that you went from bad to worse and that America should not be saved. In fact, America’s attempt to ‘save itself’ has simply hampered everyone else’s attempts to defeat the Zionists.

  • I have been urging people to be on the alert since the election: “We got him elected, now we must make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid…”

    It now seems we have failed. More wars for Israel. Israel would love to get rid of Assad (and then Iran of course), and are for sure the main culprit behind all the propaganda against Assad. There are only two choices here: Trumps is either ignorant (completely surrounded by advisers who couldn’t care less about the US…) or he is as corrupt as his predecessors (since A. Jackson).

    Trump may build the wall, he may end those terrible trade deals and so on…but if he thinks that those great actions somehow will lead us to accept that Israel runs the foreign policy of the US, he is very much mistaken.

        • Yeah, Hillary would have been way worse for our interests. She didn’t even try to hide the contempt she has for working class white people. I’m still glad she’s not president right now. Trump was never /our/ ideal candidate but the best choice we had.

        • Then I hope you can understand why anti-American stances are the most logical choice for those of us who are interested in struggling against Zionism but who simultaneously aren’t interested in waiting for the Americans to figure out how they are going to extricate themselves from the absolute mess they’ve found themselves in.

          One has to also take into consideration that the arrival Trump possibly signifies the creation of a new political dynasty in the US as well. Next they will want to run Ivanka Trump as the first Jewish US president, and then after that they’ll want to try Barron Trump. Watch and see. None of that looks like it’s a way out of the problem.

          • It doesn’t. What I am saying is — to put it crudely — ‘Death to America’, which is my actual stance in 2017. It’s the only reasonable stance remaining, given the situation as it is.

            Just it should not be paraded around on a banner or anything.

            Supporting some array of America’s geostrategic opponents, or sabotaging America in general by advocating deliberately ‘bad’ policy preferences as though they are ‘good’, is the only viable option remaining.

          • If “Death to America” is your stance, then you’re not much further away from an ideal administration with Trump, whether you’re comparing it to a Bush, Obama or Clinton administration. The difference is that Trump helped to embolden White America to stand up for itself and use Nationalism as a rallying point. If you don’t see that as a better option, then why are you even here?

          • No. All of the others you mentioned would have been technically more ideal than Trump, as they all would have presided over the dilution of the economic power which the United States has held since 1945, insofar as they all supported massive offshoring.

            Think of it like this. Trump’s ‘#MAGA’ plan, aims to draw economic power back into the United States (through protectionism), the United States being very same jurisdiction which has been captured at every level by the American-Jewish lobbyist community. ‘#MAGA’ thus bolsters American-Jewish power in a real measurable sense.

            The best way to have prevented that from happening would have been by ‘killing America’, by creating economic frameworks which would allow American economic power to be diffused and scattered all around the world into other jurisdictions through offshoring, so that productive capacity and the power to set borrowing and lending preferences would be moved to other locations in the global periphery and semi-periphery where world Jewry is not concentrated.

            In other words, the most efficient way to ‘kill America’, and thus, to kill American Zionism, would have been to always support whichever political tendency or candidacy was closest to the naked position of say, the CATO Institute.

          • I see. So your ideal is a scenario where [White]Americans are more destitute and subservient to explicit Globalism, while also being inundated with anti-White media and propaganda?

            Okay, so how does that help White Americans become more emboldened to push back against anti-White policies? All you’ve insinuated is that “kill America” will magically cure the world of all its ills, but you’ve failed to state exactly how this helps White America or even Whites in other parts of the globe? Most of Europe is even more burdened with politically correctness and anti-White policies than here in America.

          • Well, I’ll break my response into four parts. It won’t be too detailed since this is the comments section after all.

            United States:
            White America would be in a pretty bad position, and I cannot claim to have an answer for what they should do. Self-balkanisation and ethnic segregation of the US territory might be the only way out for them in such a case. It would be a sad outcome, but every other possibility has been bypassed and things have reached the worst stage possible. They’re just in a bad position.

            A release of the American economic and financial grip and further offshoring and selling-off, would be helpful for the parts of Europe which have seen a dearth of investment, namely parts of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Balkans.

            When people think of offshoring and selling-off, they often think of Asia, but Asia is not the only destination that would benefit from this. Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans are locations that can be explored as well.

            I can’t imagine that anyone would seriously argue that people like Poles, Hungarians or Albanians ‘cannot be trusted’ with economic power that is placed within their legal jurisdiction. They can certainly be trusted. These countries — much like Asian states — have relatively responsibility governments and have not adopted Jewish diaspora into the ruling class. I just can’t see any reasonable complaint that White Nationalists would have about that.

            Regarding ‘political correctness’ in Western Europe, yes, that would have to be dealt with separately, because that solution to that particular problem does not directly flow from ‘killing America’.

            I didn’t say that ‘killing America’ would solve every problem. ‘Killing America’ would solve the problem of global developmental imbalances and the problem of American Zionism continually hijacking the world’s strongest military as a global battering ram for Israel. It wouldn’t solve the problem of say, Angela Merkel being chancellor of Germany. That has to be solved by Europeans actually organising forms of ethno-nationalist politics to go up against the establishment as they have been trying to do in recent years.

            Australia and New Zealand can exploit a future trade dispute between the United States and China (which will be initated by Donald Trump of course) to attract economic investment toward themselves. Australia and New Zealand have the easiest economic stance, but they may encounter a defence conundrum as they may need to depend on American collaboration a lot less.

            Australia and New Zealand can also provide a trade ‘look in’ for the United Kingdom via bilateral FTAs between those countries (which the UK is totally ready for now, seeing as Brexit is happening), as Australia and New Zealand also join RCEP and later on, FTAAP.

            South Africa:
            It has to have it’s own category. It’s an actual basket case. Secession and walling-up of a White homeland in South Africa via a race war of secession, or evacuation of all White peoples from South Africa, are the only two real long term viable options. Waiting on the UN to wake up to the scale of the genocide threat posed by the ANC is a non-option.

          • That’s a lot of writing that doesn’t really address the questions asked of you. How would “not voting for Trump” have gotten everyone(White people in particular) closer to this magical, mythical place in time and space where America dies and “Self-balkanization and ethnic segregation” is a forgone conclusion? How is “killing America” achieved at a faster pace when both Democrats and Republicans get their marching orders from the same Globalist power structure? Why would I want White people in America to embrace off-shoring and other globalization ailments when the ones being hurt the most in the process would be White Americans?

            The only thing you really get when you drive White people to destitution is a lot of broken and poor White people who hardly have the power to defend themselves and their immediate family, let alone put up a realistic defense against Globalists who are attacking from all angles. Your rationale is more akin to anti-Whites purporting to dismantle “White Privilege” than it is a logical conclusion based on facts and past history. In other words, you’ve built your entire argument on conjecture, not reality.

            I heard the same thing about a scenario where a black guy winning the Presidency would split the country along racial lines and destroy America within a few short years. Didn’t really happen that way, did it? Eight Years of Obama and the US war machine is just as jingoistic as it was a decade or two ago.

          • Well, I think I did address it, I’m basically saying that my aim does not involve helping America to become ‘great’ again.

            Additionally, you should’ve been able to gather from my answers so far that I don’t think the world is actually suffering from globalisation, but rather I think the world is suffering from a lack of globalisation — in the sense that we need to attain a multipolar world but we do not yet have such a world.

            Naturally, I can completely understand your aversion to this idea, because since you are a White American you are not going to just let that happen because some outsider has asked you to, since you would indeed be hurt the most by doing so.

            My contention however is that the rest of us need to support other countries in bringing about that multipolar world by hook or by crook, because unless the rest of us can actually defeat America then we cannot survive. So from your perspective I would be ‘a globalist’ in effect (insofar as that means taking economic power out of America’s jurisdiction and moving it to other jurisdictions), whereas from my perspective you would be ‘a defender of American hegemony’. The two stances are completely incompatible on the ground.

            The article that you and I are commenting under is an immediate example of this. If Donald Trump decides to go to war against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria on behalf of Israel, I will absolutely be supporting Syria by whatever means necessary.

            I would even want to support to a hypothetical Chinese attempt to undermine the US by supporting re-examination of the legality of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at the UN level, if something like that were to become necessary so as to keep the White House’s attention divided and their demographic stability under pressure ( ).

            If that outlook would cause White Americans to call me ‘anti-White’ at that time, then so be it. It would simply be a necessary part of opposing Zionism. It would simply be a case of doing what has to be done.

    • This isn’t about being a war “for Israel.” It’s about American politicians wanting to puff out their chests and swagger around town by using military intervention as a surrogate for physical prowess. For SJW Leftists, it’s about finding meaning in life by fighting for the poor innocent victims.

  • This attack screams false flag. Assad is winning. Why would he use chemical weaons against civilians? It gains him no military advantage and risks foreign intervention. I hope Trump is just talking tough and has no intention of intervening in yet another Mid-East civil war, but I fear the worst.

    • It’s 2013 all over again,it would make no sense for Assad at all, then or now,most of us who’ve relied on alternative media since then know how this works by now….we’ll see if Trump is genuine about CNN & the fake news narrative now I guess.

  • We are so not going down this Neocon road again. Glad to see we are all in agreement on this.

  • I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but if Trump escalates the conflict in Syria I am officially off the Trump train. This is not what people voted for. America First!

    • I agree. It’s not exactly hard to see through some the scams that opponents are running against the Administration. Would Al-Qaeda kill their own people? We know they would. If anything happened at all that is. The fact that the White Helmets film won an OSCAR! tells us how cleverly and effectively the Islamist lies are being sold to the world.

      • Well, that was Obamas strategy. I had hoped that Trump was going to align with Putin and Assad, “bomb the shit outta Isis”, re-stabalize the region and then we could start cleaning Kebabs and Nogs out of Europe. Now it’s looking like we can expect more of the same bullshit.

        Honestly, I’ve been black pilled on Trump since he started announcing his cabinet picks. The Dems and Cucks are going to continue to filibuster and prevent any kind of Muslim ban or wall from happening, so essentially any good Trump might do for us will be marginal. A couple extra low skilled manufacturing jobs isn’t going to MAGA. Rivoluzione Facista is probably the only solution to this and I’m not holding my breath on that. We need more than just shitposters and edgelords and the Alt-Right isn’t there yet.

        Listen to Varg I guess. There are no political solutions. If you can do so buy land, learn to do permaculture, stock up on weaponry and prepare for the collapse.

    • Let us hope that if Bannon is thrown out he goes back to Breitbart and redirects it in an anti-Trump direction. The luegenpresse is already jeering over his removal. Let us hope Trump has some sort of plan here, because if this is what it looks like it’s a full on betrayal and the whole Trump movement was for nothing.

  • It’s possible that Trump sent his tweet out to finally kill the whole Russian narrative. With this new thing, the Russia nonsense appears to have now ended, completely. So, perfect timing to move on.

    • It’s natural for Alt Right to get that way, since the old guard never expected anything anywhere near as positive as Trump, the new guard is just now feeling its way, and neither has ever tasted anything close to political success.

      Trump is a lot more astute to the magnitude of the task and the difficulty of its accomplishment than almost anyone gives him credit for. To cite but one small proof: there is NO way that reference in his first speech of his first full day in office, at CIA, was anything but a promise to drain the swamp: “We have to get rid of the columns, you understand?”

      For good insights into Trump’s moves, try:

  • As far as Trump is concerned, this is just a low-cost way to cool off some neocons. I doubt much will come of it.

    • Also allows him to finally put the Russia nonsense behind him. Perfect timing on his part. Liberal narrative on Russia dying away, he just killed it. Now we move on.

    • That’s my suspicion. In any event, if Clinton were in the WH, we’d probably already have intervened. As someone with very few expectations (and a generally low opinion) of Trump, I can only hope that he stumbles upon the right answer here: bluster tactically, but do nothing substantive in actuality.

  • Putin will blow American jets out of the Syrian sky with S-400 Anti Aircraft if Trump acts like a cowboy and goes into Syria half cocked. This has a very REAL chance of turning into a dangerous Korean War type proxy conflict with Russian and American fighter pilots dogfighting in Syria.

    What I think will actually happen: More War Drum beating from Haley and the Neocons, a Showdown at the UN to set up a No Fly Zone which Russia AND China will veto after this chemical attack is debunked, concluding with a dangerous game of international brinkmanship and chicken between Trump and Putin. In the end, Trump will stand down, America will do nothing, and he along with the United States will be greatly embarrassed and ridiculed on the international stage. The Russo-Chinese alliance will strengthen, leaving America without any Great Power ally.

  • What does Trump’s close friend, the man whom he endorsed and did TV commercials for, the leader of the country of his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, have to say?

    “Israel Strongly Condemns Syria Chemical Attack, Calls on World to Intervene. Netanyahu says international community should act to remove all chemical weapons from Syria, says it highlights Israel’s need to ‘protect itself’; minister: Israel must lead world to end massacre.”

  • Apparently Trump isn’t nearly as smart as many of us originally thought. He just gave air to a complete bullshit neocon wet dream. Assad had the most to lose by doing something like this. Everything was going his way and now all of a sudden he wants to stick his dick in the fan! I find that hard to believe.

    • This can be easily debunked unlike Iraq in 2003. We don’t have to rely on the Legacy media for our news. Social media can quickly kill this retarded claim that Assad gassed 70 Syrian 10 miles behind the front. America will probably be intransigent and call for a Syrian No Fly Zone Security Council Resolution. However, Russia and China won’t be convinced and will veto any Syrian action, Russia will debunk this false flag before the world.

      If Trump tries to go in like a cowboy to Syria, Putin will eat his launch with all the battle tested hardware he has stationed already in Syria. Aircraft carriers are also sitting ducks and Putin can probably sink one if he so chooses.

      • I certainly hope you’re right. When Trump said he’s changed his mind on Syria, that really wedded him to doing something stupid over there. Which if he does would be much worse than these stupid Russian conspiracy rumors that none of his supporters believe anyway. Hopefully like you say, alternative media will debunk this nonsense so Trump can “change his mind” again.

  • To the neocons, every country, every situation is a vital American interest. The neocons believe that the U.S. should spend whatever it takes in blood and treasure to micromanage the world.

    It would have been bad PR for Trump not to have condemned the use of chemical weapons, but he has not made a definite commitment to intervene in Syria. Let’s hope he doesn’t. I take heart from the fact that Trump recently met with the President of Egypt, and praised him, something that Obama had refused to do. So far, Trump appears to be a practitioner of realpolitik in foreign relations. In the past, Trump has seemed to understand that nation building and social engineering are futile in the Middle East, and the Muslim world in general.

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